The 59 Best Nonprofit Websites To Get You Inspired

Updated Sep 17, 2023.

The nonprofit sector has over 10 million nonprofits globally. Whether you are running a nonprofit or planning to launch one, you need to build a strong brand identity that stands you out from the competition.

Building a high-quality and responsive nonprofit website is a huge advantage. Some of the benefits include boosting your online presence and making it easy for interested sponsors to check out your brand.

You don’t need to hire web designers to help you develop a beautiful, fast-loading, and responsive website. The best nonprofit website builders like Squarespace and Wix can help you build your own nonprofit website from scratch or redesign an existing one.

This article covers the 59 best nonprofit website examples that serve as a guide and web design inspiration when designing your own site.

1. HERoines - Nonprofit Website Example
Source: Heroines

HERoines is on a mission to give women a place to grow while assisting them in developing essential life skills. 

The full-width image of a seated woman in the site's hero section accompanied by the text “The Focus is on HER” captures visitors’ attention. I love the consistent use of vibrant colors and high-quality images, the main themes of this nonprofit website design.

The Shine Movement is a volunteer-run reality show on a mission to spread inspiration through meditation, food, music, and community. This nonprofit website sticks to a centralized layout for its site’s content, displaying video content stacked up in a separate section.

Photos from The Shine Movement are visible in a centralized four-column layout display, adding color to the site’s plain white background. The CTA buttons stand out in their black-and-white color scheme, easily recognizable on the plain white background.

3. GlamourGals Foundation - Nonprofit Website Example
Source: Glamourgals

GlamourGals Foundation comprises young teen volunteers helping bring a sense of community into the lives of residents living in senior homes. 

An aesthetically pleasing nonprofit organization website example, GlamourGals Foundation boldly displays the Raspberry Pink color throughout its homepage. 

Volunteers' stories are visible in a centralized three-column layout in bold colors, designed to foster a movement of teen leaders. Logos of top brands the foundation has featured in are visible in a centralized layout on a plain white background. 

Travel with a Purpose is a grassroots group that donates school supplies, children’s clothing, and shoes to less fortunate kids in New York and around the world. 

One of the top nonprofit organization’s website examples, several animated and interactive features direct visitors to and around the Travel with a Purpose website. 

A hamburger menu is visible at the side of the homepage, revealing the site’s navigation features. You will find bold colors displayed over the homepage, serving as background colors for separate sections.

The Single Parent Project is dedicated to providing support, stability, and community for single-parent families. One of the prominent examples of a good nonprofit website, The Single Parent Project uses interactive elements to engage supporters on its site. 

Customized two concurrent dots are visible as visitors hover across the site’s homepage, serving as the site’s mouse cursor feature. I love the use of the Flame color from The Single Parent Project’s logo as the site’s predominant color.

Innocence Project of Texas is a nonprofit organization relying on the support from community members to free the innocent and reform criminal justice practices. 

One of the best nonprofit website designs, Innocence Project of Texas uses the Pale Blue Lily color from its logo as its site’s background color. 

Typography is one of the top interactive features on the Innocence Project of Texas website, using stylish fonts that keep site visitors engaged. Noticeable are the site’s CTA buttons filling up with color as the mouse cursor hovers over them.

7. Dreams Have No Boundaries - Nonprofit Website Example
Source: Dhnb

Through numerous teachings on varying topics and the staging of career seminars in Bangladesh, Dreams Have No Boundaries aids students in developing within their communities. 

One of the best nonprofit websites, Dreams Have No Boundaries, is visually appealing with artistic features like handwritten letters, equations, and lines on display. I love how the images on display have a contrast effect that works well with the bright background colors. 

The Word From Our Children area, featuring framed quotes and pictures of children in a slideshow format, is one of my favorite parts of the website.

8. Golden Apple - Nonprofit Website Example
Source: Golden apple

By increasing the pool of diverse educators through its scholar and accelerator programs, Golden Apple hopes to significantly contribute to addressing the teacher shortage. 

This charity website displays several slideshow pictures of its programs and joyful faces taking center stage.

CTA buttons and the top header menu on the Golden Apple nonprofit website are unique, using a Cadmium Yellow color scheme. Visible in the footer section are distinct navigations and icons linked to social networking pages, displayed in a black-and-white color scheme.

9. PL+US - Nonprofit Website Example
Source: Paidleave

The nonprofit group Paid Leave for the United States aims to secure paid family and medical leave for every American worker. 

PL+US showcases a picture of a man holding a child as its hero image. This top nonprofit website example stands out with its captivating images. Visible is bold typography in primary black-and-white font colors, encouraging site visitors to keep scrolling. 

Visitors enjoy the scrolling parallax effect on this charity website, which makes them want to explore further.

Know Your Rights Camp is a nonprofit organization with a mission to advance the liberation and well-being of Black and Brown communities. The hero section displays a black-and-white image of people taking a stance with their hands up in solidarity. 

Pinned to the side of the homepage and visible throughout the site’s homepage are multiple CTA buttons standing out in a White and Deep Carmine Pink color scheme. Website visitors enjoy a centralized display of relevant information that ensures they stay up to date.

Girls Who Invest is an all-female nonprofit organization tasked with changing the investment management sector by increasing the representation of women in leadership and portfolio management.

One of the great nonprofit websites, Girls Who Invest displays the organization’s mission in bold white fonts over the hero image. Displayed in a slideshow format are engaging photos of women succeeding in the investment management sector, serving as social proof.

The background of the CTA buttons on the Girls Who Invest website is always Peruvian Green, matching the color of the organization's emblem. 

Female for Tech is a nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering more women in technology, thereby reducing the gender gap in the sector.

A great nonprofit website example, Female for Tech uses the Ripe Plum, Pink Lemonade, and Rich Maroon colors from its logo in its web design. 

The header menu's font color is Pink Lemonade, consistent with the background color for the multiple CTA buttons uniquely positioned on the website’s homepage. 

I adore the display of upcoming events in a slideshow, guaranteeing relevant information is easily accessible to site visitors.

13. The Foodbank Project - Nonprofit Website Example
Source: Foodbank

The Foodbank Project, which Lucid founder Galen King began as a side project, is now a fully operational online store where anyone can donate groceries. 

Site visitors are welcomed by the high-quality hero image capturing two happy people stacking up groceries.  The Donate CTA buttons are consistent on the Foodbank Project website, leading site visitors to its donation page. 

I love how this nonprofit organization explains the complete procedure of gathering donations and sharing them alongside animated images for added effects.

14. Water4LifeMoz - Nonprofit Website Example
Source: Water4lifemoz

Water4LifeMoz is a nonprofit organization committed to giving water and sharing Jesus with those who thirst. One of the top nonprofit organizations' websites, Water4LifeMoz displays its organization’s mission boldly in white fonts over a clear water hero image. 

Another top web design feature visible on the homepage is a sideward Donate CTA button leading to the site’s donation page. A parallax scrolling feature is noticeable as site visitors scroll through several full-width background images throughout the entire website.

Motley Zoo Animal Rescue is a nonprofit organization offering specialized care to people and animals. One of the top nonprofit sites, Motley Zoo Animal Rescue encourages visitors to help raise awareness for its cause through its bold design elements. 

The background image for the whole homepage of the Motley Zoo Animal Rescue website is a picture of six puppies curled up together. 

Visible over the hero image are five CTA buttons in a vertical layout on Golden Bell backgrounds, each headed and revealing separate information sections.

16. Adam Smith Institute - Nonprofit Website Example
Source: Adam smith

One of the foremost think tanks in the world, the Adam Smith Institute works to advance neoliberal and free market theories through analysis and educational initiatives. This top nonprofit organization has a website that prominently features its content.

New website visitors can access upcoming events, news stories, and blog pieces from the homepage, guaranteeing a positive user experience.

Visible as the site’s primary navigation feature is a hamburger menu opening vertically and revealing navigation texts on a striking Rhino background.

17. Waste Not - Nonprofit Website Example
Source: Waste not

Waste Not creates sustainable food systems that help people and the planet flourish through innovative partnerships that eliminate food waste and hunger. 

This good nonprofit website example alternates between different font types to encourage visitors to scroll through its homepage. 

A bold Donate CTA button is visible on the sticky header menu, leading directly to the Waste Not donation page. The color scheme for the CTA buttons is consistent throughout the site, displaying texts in White over a Coral-Pink background.

18. Oscar Mike - Nonprofit Website Example
Source: Oscarmike

Creating a clear way for disabled peers, hosted by injured warriors, for injured veterans, Oscar Mike is one of the top nonprofit organizations.

Welcoming site visitors are high-quality photographs, serving as the site’s primary navigation features, visible in a three-column layout. 

A search feature is visible on the right-hand side of the sticky header menu, helping visitors with easy access. The number of visitors and new transactions are regularly updated for visitors at the bottom of the homepage, acting as social proof. 

Operation Enduring Warrior is an American non-profit organization created by veterans to empower wounded police enforcement and military veterans. 

One of the top nonprofit websites, Operation Enduring Warrior treats visitors to a video of the processes involved in the background of its hero section. 

Visible over the hero video is the Operation Enduring Warrior logo and its goals in White fonts. Icons leading to social media are visible in White pinned to the right-hand side of the homepage, linking directly to its social media platforms.

20. Brag - Nonprofit Website Example
Source: Bragusa

Brag is a nonprofit organization that trains and educates people of color for executive leadership positions in the retail, fashion, and allied industries. The Slate Grey background color visible on Brag features a full-width half-body image, taking center stage in the hero section. 

At the top of the Brag website are social media icons and a hamburger menu adorned in White, adding a unique touch to the web design. Beneath the huge Donate Now CTA button over the hero image are logos of payment processors Brag accepts. 

21. RU4Children - Nonprofit Website Example
Source: Rru4children

RU4Children fights global poverty by concentrating on problems relating to it that affect women and children. Welcoming website visitors to its website is a black-and-white full-width hero image with its mission statement displayed over it in bold White fonts. 

On the RU4CHildren website, the CTA buttons are uniform and feature readable texts in white over a Blaze Orange background. 

Beneath the hero section is a display of locations RU4CHildren are currently involved in, alternating between texts and circular-shaped images.

Furry Friends Shelter is a nonprofit shelter that takes in unwanted cats and dogs and cares for them until they are prepared for adoption. 

One of the special nonprofit organizations, the Furry website’s hero section displays a full-width slideshow of the image of a specific dog in its care. 

Attached to the hero section is a donation form, prompting website visitors to make a difference and support its cause. The CTA buttons on its website stand out in a White and Butterscotch color scheme.

23. Bloom - Nonprofit Website Example
Source: Bloom

Bloom follows its mission statement, which calls for fostering comprehensive community and economic development in developing nations while concentrating on rural and suburban Africa. 

Visible on the Bloom charity website is a fixed anchor menu feature easily accessible as circle dots on the home page. These dots aid users in navigating the homepage's various parts. 

The Bloom website design adopts a distinctive strategy by enclosing its home page in a solid line of Halloween Orange color. I love how the background color of its CTA buttons, which were inspired by its logo, is similar to Halloween Orange.

Power for Parkinson's offers free online and in-person fitness sessions for those who have Parkinson's disease and the people who care for them. 

A brand based in the non-profit sector, its nonprofit website design is consistent with the use of the Medium Prussian Blue color from its logo. 

The centralized header menu uses the Medium Prussian Blue logo color, revealing hidden texts via a drop-down menu feature when the mouse cursor hovers. I love how the hero image has a visually appealing look, highlighted in a faint Medium Prussian Blue color.

25. Veterans Legal Institute - Nonprofit Website Example
Source: Vetslegal

Veterans Legal Institute offers low-income, homeless, and active-duty military personnel free legal counsel. The intended message of this nonprofit organization's website is helped by a happy hero image of a young soldier carrying a young girl. 

Logos of organizations that actively support or accredit it for financial transparency are visible in the site’s footer section, serving as social proof to prospective donors. 

An accessibility icon is visible and pinned to the bottom left-hand side of the homepage, allowing website visitors to make changes to the site’s layout.

Hoffman Hope House has a charity website that gathers money to support groups that assist trafficking victims and spread awareness about human trafficking. 

A compelling and deserving cause, the video background is touching and features clips of the struggles that human traffickers encounter.

A framed clip of a woman sobbing is visible over the site’s hero video playing in the background, adding a personal touch to its web design. Strong writing and videos are the recurring themes used to spread the message on this website.

27. KaiVelo Foundation - Nonprofit Website Example
Source: Kaivelo

Leading bicycle charity KaiVelo Foundation in California has a clean and contemporary website design that supports its mission. Through its women's and youth programs, KaiVelo focuses primarily on the development of young people by supporting youth and women riding.

The KaiVelo Foundation nonprofit website is minimalistic, sticking to a direct approach in making its point on the home page. Bold typography and high-quality pictures assist in conveying the essence of KaiVelo.

I love how the KaiVelo Foundation website alternates between images and texts in detailing the community programs it offers on a Teal Green colored background.

By promoting the needs of local fishermen, the Maine Coast Fishermen's Association seeks to improve the sustainability of Maine's fisheries. I love how the logo for the Maine Coast Fishermen's website extends into the image taking center stage in its hero section. 

The Marine Coast Fishermen's Association website maintains the Marine, White, and Halloween Orange hues of its emblem in its nonprofit website design. Visible are blurred full-width background images displaying two CTA buttons in Blue over them.

29. IVECA - Nonprofit Website Example
Source: Iveca

Intercultural Virtual Exchange of Classroom Activities (IVECA) is a center for International Virtual Schooling, offering support to all levels of schools and universities worldwide. This good nonprofit website uses structured content to make it easier for visitors to navigate the page. 

One of the five hues from the IVECA's logo is Crystal Blue, which dominates the website's colored content. A  Let's Chat feature is visible and pinned to the homepage, inviting users to chat with an online chatbot

A nonprofit organization called Doctors Without Borders provides aid to those suffering from armed conflict, disease epidemics, disasters, and lack of access to medical care. 

Doctors Without Borders has one of the well-structured nonprofit organization websites, using a bold font to convey its message. The ArtyClick Red hue from its logo adds to the visual appeal of this site, adding color to the predominantly black-and-white web design.  

Visible in the footer section in bold numbers is information about the fundraising campaigns that the brand is involved in.

31. International Rescue Committee - Nonprofit Website Example
Source: Rescue

The International Rescue Committee assists those in need during humanitarian disasters, assisting them in surviving, recovering, and rebuilding their lives. Welcoming visitors is a full-width hero image of happy school children, adding a personal touch to its web design. 

This nonprofit website employs bold typography, and animated and high-quality photographs to tell its distinctive message. Visible is a slide presentation displaying refugee tales from all across the world on a Chalky background.

32. Red - Nonprofit Website Example
Source: Red

Red is a non-profit organization collaborating with well-known businesses and individuals, providing goods and experiences that combat the injustices that allow pandemics to flourish. 

A champion of justice, Red decides to forward its right goal online by using a straightforward non-profit website design. The excessive display of Red is visible throughout the site’s homepage, visible as background color and texts in various shades. 

Logos of businesses that Red has collaborated with in the past are visible in a separate section on its homepage.

Campus Bound Scholars is a non-profit organization committed to mentoring and assisting its target audience of first-generation college students. The colors White, French Blue, and Bright Cerulean from its logo make up the colors of its web design. 

I love how Campus Bound Scholars presents success stories of recent graduates as video material over a vast Bright Cerulean background. 

Visible on the homepage in a centralized layout is the latest from its blog with CTA buttons attached, prompting site visitors to read more. 

34. Team Rubicon - Nonprofit Website Example
Source: Team rubicon

Team Rubicon unites the skills and experiences of military veterans with first responders to rapidly deploy emergency response teams where needed. The hero section displays its content on a Cardinal-colored background, consistent with one of its logo colors. 

Educational resources are visible in a three-column layout beneath the hero section linked to the Team Rubicon blog page. A volunteer and donate CTA button is visible at the right-hand side of the site’s sticky header with background colors consistent with its logo colors. 

35. Charity Water - Nonprofit Website Example
Source: Charity water

The Charity: Water website is consistent with its web design, sticking to a centralized layout for its site’s content. Full of high-quality images, the online donation form appears prominently in the hero section.

I love the display of stories from the team in a three-column layout on the site’s homepage, each linked to the organization’s blog page. Visible on the homepage is a screenshot image of top fundraisers leading the change with their generous online donations. 

36. Underdog International - Nonprofit Website Example
Source: Underdog

Underdog International is a unique charity that aims to positively impact one million children and dogs by 2025. Consistent with its website design, the header menu displays header texts in the same black-and-white color scheme as the site’s CTA buttons. 

A chat feature with a dog emoji is pinned on the homepage, urging visitors to chat with an Underdog via a chat and email functionality.

Displayed in a three-column layout on an ArtyClick Amber-colored background are numbers telling the organization’s impact on dogs and children.

37. Lonely Whale - Nonprofit Website Example
Source: Lonely whale

Lonely Whale spearheads impactful global movements to raise awareness and offer alternatives to problematic plastics for the future of clean seas. Visitors enjoy the colorful video playing in the background of the hero section, taking all the attention on the site. 

Below the hero section is a display of the site’s content using bold typography that catches visitors' attention. Wavy and slanted lines add to the design elements, combining to add an artistic mark on the site’s web design. 

Hungry For Life envisions a world transformed by a global movement of compassion and justice, evidenced by the eradication of needless suffering.

The header menu on the site reveals hidden information on a full-width Congress Blue background using a drop-down menu feature. 

A full-width map feature is visible on the site’s homepage with locations where the Hungry For Life organization is involved distinguished by Congress Blue markers. 

Consistent with the Congress Blue color from its logo are the multiple CTA buttons, adding a unique touch to the site’s layout.

39. Callisto - Nonprofit Website Example
Source: Callisto

Callisto’s mission is to use technology to empower survivors of sexual violence, envisioning a world where survivors are supported and empowered. Different shades of blue are visible on the Callisto website, prescribing a soft color scheme to its website design. 

Visible in a slideshow format on an extensive Pale Aqua-colored background are testimonials from anonymous survivors, serving as social proof. 

I love how the Callisto website alternates between full-width images and Pale Aqua-colored backgrounds to display its site’s content.

40. Care - Nonprofit Website Example
Source: Care

Care leads the way to a better life for the world’s most vulnerable people, helping save lives and defeat poverty while fighting for women and girls. The hero section serves as the site’s announcement feature, displaying an urgent cry for help from the latest happenings. 

You can’t miss out on the latest News and Stories section that is visible beneath the hero section in a centralized three-column layout. Visible is the Papaya Orange color from the Care logo, standing out as one of the site’s key design elements.

41. We Testify - Nonprofit Website Example
Source: We testify

We Testify is an organization dedicated to leadership and representation of people who have abortions, investing in abortion storytellers to help shift the narrative. 

Welcoming visitors to the site is a display of several hands all over the hero section, adding a unique touch to the site’s web design. 

A FAQ section is visible on the site’s homepage providing visitors with ready answers displayed on a bold Royal Azure colored background. 

Visible on the homepage in three-column layouts is a display of the organization’s latest updates and press clippings, all on bold-colored backgrounds. 

The BeLoved Atlanta website is aesthetically on lock, displaying bold colors that complement the image of three ladies locking arms in the site’s hero section. 

One of the top nonprofit organizations, BeLoved Atlanta is transforming Atlanta into a healing hub by supporting brave women on their path to freedom. 

You can’t miss out on the image excerpts from its Instagram page displayed in a centralized four-column layout on a Bean-Red colored background. 

I love how the BeLoved Atlanta website alternates between texts and images in making its site content engaging to website visitors. 

43. Reach Church - Nonprofit Website Example
Source: Reach church

Reach Church is a family of churches united by a common mission, vision, and values, empowered to creatively engage their context with the Gospel. The hero section is unique combining several design elements to keep the user’s focus on its web design. 

Shapes and slanting backgrounds are visible all over the Reach Church website, complimenting the bold colors and adding to the site’s visual appeal.  

A centralized two-column display of images is visible above the footer section, each linked to separate sections on the webpage. 

Designers For Climate is a nonprofit organization that drives climate action through effective storytelling. Like its mission, this nonprofit website tells a story, displaying interactive elements that invite visitors on a unique journey. 

A customized animated mouse cursor is visible over the Designers For Climate website homepage, among its long list of design elements. 

The fixed hamburger menu is noticeable in the site’s sticky header menu, revealing navigation texts and social media icons on a Bean Red background. 

45. DigDeep - Nonprofit Website Example
Source: Digdeep

DigDeep through its research and community-led projects aims to close the water gap by bringing clean, hot, and cold running water to American homes. 

One of the top nonprofit organizations’ websites with a straightforward design, DigDeep uses bold typography to pass its message. 

Consistent throughout the site are its CTA buttons in an Azure and White color scheme. Visible in a black-and-white color scheme are logos of top brands that have featured DigDeep, serving as social proof to potential donors.

46. Dressember Foundation - Nonprofit Website Example
Source: Dressember

Dressember Foundation is a community of international advocates using fashion and creativity to help end human trafficking. The Indian Yellow logo color from its logo is a vital part of its site’s web design, visible as text and border lines for its CTA buttons. 

Logos of brands Dressember Foundation has been featured in are displayed in bold colors on a separate section of the homepage, serving as social proof. Visible in a four-column layout are the causes Dressember is linked with, displayed in the logo’s Indian Yellow color.

Ambassador of Impossible’s mission is to restore children’s self-confidence and encourage them to dream about their tomorrow. Visible in the hero section is a display of the organization’s mission in white with a CTA button that invites visitors to play a video. 

I love the placement of the CTA buttons using a bold Carrot Orange and White color scheme. You can’t miss the online donation form attached to an aerial view image, listing the donation CTA buttons in a centralized two-column layout.

48. The Father's House BEYOND Campaign - Nonprofit Website Example
Source: Beyond

Welcoming visitors to this nonprofit website is a full-width video feature that blends with the shades of Blue displayed, adding a unique touch.

A bold sliding text feature is visible in White fonts on the Beyond website homepage, officially welcoming visitors to the site. You can’t miss out on the progress indicator feature that takes visitors on a unique website design journey. 

49. FutureMap - Nonprofit Website Example
Source: Future map

FutureMap is a nonprofit organization partnering with other organizations, offering support and uplifting young people in their early careers. Two CTA buttons stand out on an Orange Peel colored background, prompting visitors to identify who they are, visible in the hero section.

I love the display of logos of FutureMap’s partners in a centralized slideshow layout on a plain white background. 

Sticking to the site’s centralized layout is a listing of the organization’s impact with bold numbers backing up the facts.

Global Health Innovations is a nonprofit organization using existing technology to implement new and existing treatments to improve people’s overall health. A donation form is visible over the site’s hero section, prompting visitors to donate with just a few clicks. 

You can’t help but love the anchor menu feature distinguished by a vertical display of circular dots that is visible and pinned to the homepage. 

There is a listing of areas where Global Health Innovations have ongoing efforts displayed using bold white fonts in a centralized layout. 

Viral Positivity is a non-profit organization offering support to healthcare workers, uplifting them to the status of real heroes in society. Full of animated elements, the chosen soft color scheme on its website makes its website visually appealing. 

You will find logos of brands associated with Viral Positivity in a uniform Violent Violet and beauty Bush color scheme, visible in a moving slideshow.

There are wavy motion lines separating sections on the homepage, adding an aesthetic touch to the web design.

The Beauty Foundation for Cancer Care is on a mission to help inspire courage, strength, and confidence in those affected by cancer. Like its name, the Beauty Foundation for Cancer Care website takes a beautiful approach to its minimalistic website design

The Warm Pink color of the Beauty Foundation for Cancer Care logo warms the site’s homepage, adding color to the site’s plain white background. Visible is a display of the organization’s impact using numbers to help tell a unique story. 

The Working Cat Project is a network of property owners willing to provide a haven for at-risk cats. Welcoming visitors to its site is a full-width image of a cat in its hero section, helping put into perspective what the organization is about. 

A success stories section is visible on the homepage in a three-column layout, displaying images of cats and texts on an Oriental Pink background. 

You can’t miss out on the four-column display of images that serve as the organization's news and recent placement section content. 

One World Health has a vision rooted in its twelve years of experience working alongside local communities for the best possible access to healthcare. The hero image spreads across the homepage, linking to other sections on the homepage in a mystical dark blue color scheme. 

Beneath the hero section is a display of information in bold White and Lemon fonts, each linked together by a thin White vertical line. Visible is an irregular shape with images displayed in a slideshow format as visitors scroll through the homepage.

Charlottesville Police Foundation is an independent nonprofit focused on building bridges between local communities and the police. 

In a bid to key into the organization’s mission, this nonprofit website’s hero section displays an image of police officers relating cordially with the community. 

You can find the list of the services Charlottesville Police Foundation offers displayed in an image slideshow on a Hippie Blue-colored background. Users get to navigate through the slideshow with circular arrow icons placed on both sides of each image on display. 

The Global Warming Mitigation Project is helping decarbonize the planet by activating and accelerating effective climate solutions. A sliding text feature is one of the site’s top interactive elements, displaying texts in bold black fonts. 

Quoted texts from notable captains of industry are visible on the site’s What People are Saying section as White fonts over a cloudy background image. 

There is a section that displays key numbers, one of the Global Warming Mitigation Project marketing tools designed to invite visitors to join the cause.

57. Literacy Inc - Nonprofit Website Example
Source: Lincnyc

Literacy Inc. is an advocate for children’s literacy, committed to ending the literacy crisis.  A nonprofit organization with a unique web design, the Literacy Inc. website displays the Midnight color from its logo over its site’s images. 

The first feature that catches a site visitor's attention when scrolling through the homepage is the parallax scrolling feature. Alternating between images and texts, the Literacy Inc. website encourages visitors to join its community programs. 

Feed The Hungry’s mission is to feed the poor and hungry, empower the church, and share the hope that comes through Jesus Christ. A straightforward design is the theme of its website design, displaying bold typography and well-arranged content throughout. 

The Cadmium Orange color from its logo is visible as a background for select sections and CTA buttons, adding color to the plain white site’s background. 

The displays of bold donation numbers on the site’s homepage help visitors put a numerical perspective on the brand’s fundraising efforts.

59. Daisy Camp - Nonprofit Website Example
Source: Daisy camp

Daisy Camp is known as one of the most reliable options for assisting ladies going through divorce to build growing lives. White spaces are visible on both sides of the homepage due to the site’s web design, which uses a centered layout to display its content. 

The homepage of Daisy Camp's website has a ton of features including access to its Workshops and Podcasts. There are testimonials from past clients that serve as social proof displayed extensively on the site’s homepage on a Rum background.

Best Nonprofit Website Examples FAQs

What is a Nonprofit Website?

A nonprofit website is a platform uniquely designed to connect your organization with potential patrons who support your cause. Similar to a charity website, the main aim of a nonprofit website is not to sell products but to raise money for a particular cause. 

What are the Best Website Builders for Nonprofit Websites?

Squarespace and Wix are among the best website-building options for creating nonprofit websites. They provide you access to website-building tools and attractive nonprofit site features that help you create your own website. 

What Features Should a Nonprofit Website Have?

Every nonprofit website should have a modern and mobile-friendly design, an online donation form, and clear CTA buttons to encourage visitors to check out its additional resources. Using distinctive design elements helps make your nonprofit organization’s web design attractive to visitors. 


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