Weebly Websites: 32 Inspiring Examples (2024)

Updated Aug 16, 2023.

Creating the best web design is no easy task, especially if you have little or no experience or coding skills. Instead of trying to learn coding or spending a fortune hiring web developers, the easier and cost-efficient alternative is to use a website builder.

Weebly is one of the best website builders for creating different website types with no programming experience. You can use Weebly to create blogs, personal websites, online business websites, eCommerce sites, online portfolios, and simple landing pages.

This article covers the 32 best Weebly websites you can use to create beautiful websites for your web design, personal, and online business needs.

1. Howl Goods - Weebly Website Example
Source: Howl goods

Howl Goods is a maker and purveyor of quality apparel and soft goods made with natural, durable materials intentionally for its clients. This Weebly website example displays a full-screen image of its workshop, with a CTA button prompting users to get directions. 

I love how Howl Goods’ Weebly website doubles as an online store by displaying its featured collection in a three-column layout on a white background. Including pricing in the visitor’s local currency powered by its location feature gives this website a personal outlook.

2. Whiskey Ball - Weebly Website Example
Source: Whiskey ball

Whiskey Ball has a mission to bring the artisan science of jumbo ice spheres into the home without needing expensive machinery. A full-width image of a Whiskey ball dipped in a cocktail glass takes center stage on the Whiskey Ball’s website. 

Beneath the hero image is an As Seen Section displaying logos of top brands including CBS and Fox News to help instill confidence in the brand.

Ready Desk provides comfort to its customers, offering them ready-made and customized standing desks that make desk jobs comfortable. This Weebly-powered website prescribes comfort and calm, using soft colors for its text on an extensive all-white background

I love how Ready Desk’s Call-to-action buttons stand out in its Folly background color. There is a chat feature with a message awaiting visitors, allowing them to ask and get prompt replies to all their questions.

Basecamp is based in Iceland, with its strength in its locally based team of bookers and guides with enough experience with the terrain. You can’t help but love the Basecamp website’s background image which is a natural fall from Ireland, tempting visitors to continue scrolling. 

The reviews section on Basecamp’s website is its hook feature, displaying slideshow videos of some of the finest locations Iceland has to offer. Visitors are bound to get lost in the video while focusing on testimonials text in white-colored font.

5. KikoPlastic - Weebly Website Example
Source: Kiko plastic

KikoPlastic is the custom domain name of the Weebly website of Kiko Rodriguez, a versatile artist and graphic designer. The header menu at the top displays the brand’s logo on the left, navigation buttons, and the Instagram logo on the right. 

I love how the colorful illustrations of Kiko Rodriguez steal all the attention as visitors scroll through his Weebly site, displayed in a three-column layout. The name of each piece becomes visible when the cursor moves over an image, a nice touch from the website owner.

Dharma’s Yoga Wheel is unique and specially designed to match the contour of the spine, aiming to assist in back bending exercises. Quite similar to its product, Dharma’s website breaks every law, opting for a simple website design

A hero image of the product in use takes center stage on Dharma’s website, with a CTA text prompting visitors to check out its store. Dharma’s website is flexible with its typography, alternating between small and large texts for its website content.

My Personal Trainer Website was set up for one purpose, to help personal trainers build better websites. Water Blue is the predominant color on this website, visible everywhere, including as the background color for its CTA buttons. 

A great example of a professional website, My Personal Trainer Website boasts of having the trust of over 800 personal trainers to build their websites. The client testimonials section displays top reviews from personal trainers in a slideshow format.

8. BPAC - Weebly Website Example
Source: Bpac

The focus of user attention on the Brighton Performing Arts Center website is its hero video displayed on its home page. Treating site visitors are carefully combined behind the scene clips of performances, and rehearsals, giving visitors a show to watch. 

BPAC’s website homepage provides information on pricing, upcoming events, and a photo gallery via its Pumpkin Orange-colored texts containing links to other pages. The footer section displays a navigation section and icons that link to BPAC’s social media pages.

Tampa Bay Kitchen is among the top Weebly restaurant websites examples, providing people with a means to sell their specialty foods prepared in their kitchen.

A home for farmers market vendors, Tampa Bay’s kitchen website is simple, displaying a four-image slideshow of delicious images as its hero image. The header menu is the only navigation feature on this single-page website.

10. Keke’s Breakfast Cafe - Weebly Website Example
Source: Kekes

Keke’s Breakfast Cafe is dedicated to providing a hometown dining experience for people in the city via its outstanding handmade breakfast meals. Straight to the point, Keke’s Breakfast Cafe’s website displays all its information within reach to its audience. 

Site visitors are greeted with a hero image of one of Keke’s homemade meals. The headers serve as navigation, as the website design only accommodates one-touch scrolling on the home page. 

Visible on the homepage are three icons embedded with links leading to Keke’s social media pages.

11. Rachel Brenke - Weebly Website Example
Source: Rachel brenke

Rachel Brenke is a multi-faceted entrepreneur, business strategist, and intellectual property attorney, always pushing for the win. Her website displays her personal and professional sides in a predominantly black-and-white color scheme.

This Weebly website is a good example of a quality website design built with its audience in mind, with arrow icons helping users navigate her site.  

Rachel’s website alternates between black and white for its font and background colors, making its content easy to read and catchy to her site visitors.

Chris Guillot designs her website, Merchant Method, to talk about money. A pop-up announcement feature asking visitors to take a quiz to find their retail success style is what greets visitors on its landing page. 

A pin-like icon is visible on the bottom right-hand corner of the homepage, allowing people to change the site’s cookies settings. I love its Featured By section displaying images of its top clients in a divided gallery layout.

13. Cori Jacobs - Weebly Website Example
Source: Cori jacobs

Cori Jacobs is an art illustrator with a header menu feature on his website providing visitors with direct access to his blog. Full of illustrations, Cori’s website uses a three-image slideshow as its hero image, showcasing his love for color and delight. 

Jacobs's Freshly Made section is home to his Instagram feed, displaying images and videos in a three-column layout. With his Instagram account linked directly to the website, users have access to the number of likes and comments each post gets from the homepage.

14. YST Tuning - Weebly Website Example
Source: Yst tuning

YST Tuning delivers the highest quality services and repairs, providing auto services and maintenance that guarantees the smooth running of the cars in its care. 

The Supernova-colored circular dot is YST Tuning’s website navigation feature, taking users back to the top of the homepage when clicked on. 

Arranging its content images based on its different service categories, YST Tuning has a general gallery for all its work, displayed in a four-column layout.

15. Curbside Compost - Weebly Website Example
Source: Curb compost

Curbside Compost ensures a reduction in waste and pollution by collecting food scraps from residential and commercial locations. This website’s hero image makes its message clear, showing rich soil amidst some farm tools, with a CTA button employing visitors to buy soil now.

Just beneath a numbered How it Works section, Curbside Compost backs the information displayed with a video detailing how the whole process works. There is a “What People Are Saying” section that displays extensive reviews in a slideshow format.

16. Petamorphosis - Weebly Website Example
Source: Petamorphosis

Debbie Lewis is a certified animal behavior consultant working with humans and their canine companions to change unwanted behavior. Through her Weebly website, Petamorphosis, Debbie displayed a locked-in image of herself and a dog as the site’s hero image.

Petamorphosis displays paws as logos, adding their artistic print to the Weebly site’s design. Choosing a straightforward website design, Petamorphosis displays an upward pointing arrow icon, serving as the site's navigation feature, taking users back to the top.

Le Van Xuan is a licensed tour guide based in Vietnam, specializing in tours around Ho Chi Minh City, Cu Chi tunnels, the Mekong Delta, and parts of South Central Vietnam. 

Tour with Xuan displays a three-column centralized hero image taken during one of his famous tours. 

Alternating between images and video for his site’s content, Xuan devotes a whole section of his homepage to displaying some of his YouTube videos. Visitors can watch the videos directly from the site by clicking the play button

Guide.fi offers its customers a memorable experience in Helsinki. Like its trademark, happy faces, happy clients, Guide.fi displays plenty of happy faces on its Weebly website. 

This tourist website has a unique structure and layout, making it stand out among other Weebly examples. The navigation bar is just below an aerial-view image of Helsinki, serving as the site’s hero image, taking a different approach to its website design.

19. SmartFox - Weebly Website Example
Source: Smartfox

Louise Bunyan’s SmartFox stands out as one of the best business websites built with Weebly. Ireland’s top LinkedIn training expert for sales and job seekers, Louise replicates those qualities that took her to the top in her business website design. 

The color Ruddy Brown is visible all over the site, as background colors for CTA buttons and the clients' testimonial section. You will notice the Ruddy Brown color is the color of the fox on the website’s logo. 

I love how Louise’s site displays the logos of her clients, serving as social proof to potential customers. 

Total Solutions provides several outsourced services, including accounting, PEO, marketing, payroll, and HR services, helping clients run efficiently. 

This business website displays its services in a circular white layout, with texts and illustrations in the center, just below its hero image. 

Total Solutions offers a chat feature on its website, providing ready help to visitors' questions. The Lapis Blue background of its header menu adds its effect to the drop-down menu displaying hidden information.

21. Form Fitness - Weebly Website Example
Source: Form fitness

Form Fitness prioritizes its client's comfort, motivation, and results, transforming traditional gym experiences into what its clients look forward to every day. This fitness website displays the most motivating video that helps visitors easily connect to the intended message, comfort. 

Including a FAQ section is a nice touch, providing pre-determined answers to all potential questions a potential client may ask. I love how the Form Fitness website alternates between Pale Aqua and Bluish colors, the two colors on its logo.

Burgundy Viscosi is a Seattle-based artist, with her website an art piece on its own. One of Weebly’s beautiful website examples, Viscosi goes over and beyond in creating a website that immediately grabs any user's attention. 

A hero image of Viscosi’s painting is what welcomes users to her site. There is no shortage of lines and colorful pieces on Viscosi’s Weebly website, with plenty of eye-catching elements visible to the eyes.

23 Flaming Pear Software - Weebly Website Example
Source: Flaming pear

Flaming Pear Software electrifies images with unique graphics by providing creative plug-ins for Photoshop. 

True to its brand’s image, Flaming Pear Software’s website displays trees illuminated by several colors as its hero image. From the hero image, potential clients know what the brand offers, a top-notch marketing strategy. 

I love the Supernova color used as the background color for its CTA button framed from the burning pear in Flaming Pear Software’s logo. 

ListenFirst is the premier social media analytics platform offering customers effective knowledge on unlocking social insights, optimizing social media marketing, and maximizing social media ROI. 

This Weebly website treats visitors right from its home page, displaying slideshow images of some client testimonials, aiming to build trust from the onset. 

The two icons at the bottom corners of the homepage are amazing features. One allows users to change their cookies settings and the other a chat feature.

Nick Fusedale is a creative director with a simple and unique one-page website for the bulk of his work. In terms of aesthetics and visual appeal, Nick’s website displays only large images in a slideshow format as his site’s hero image. 

You can’t help but notice how Nick’s website navigation bar is on the left-hand side, bordering the slideshow of hero images. This style is different from the usual structure of many Weebly website examples. 

The navigation menu displays multiple categories, displaying more examples of product images when clicked on. 

26. We Talk Money - Weebly Website Example
Source: We talk money

We Talk Money is one of the top websites built with Weebly, offering financial advice for a stress-free retirement. This financial website uses bold typography for its website texts, ensuring visitors do not overlook crucial information. 

I love how We Talk Money displays logos of top financial brands it has featured in to serve as social proof and build credibility. We Talk Money is rich in high-quality images and video content that centers around the money theme.

27. Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary - Weebly Website Example
Source: Ofsds

Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary provides lifetime homes and cares to senior dogs, focusing on those with medical problems and disabilities. This pet website displays a full-screen image of a dog putting on a yellow shade, an attractive catch.

Four icons leading to Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary's social media pages are centralized and pinned to the bottom of the site’s homepage. 

Overall, the Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctaury’s website is user-friendly, displaying easy navigation and helping users find their way.

Ina Road Church of Christ's website is welcoming, displaying a text asking users to come as they are and a YouTube video attesting to the church’s love for people. An intriguing thing about the video content is that users get a chance to play it directly from the site’s homepage. 

Serving as the background to display its hero video content, the church’s website uses an ArtyClick Deep Sky Blue and Bright Aqua color scheme.

Castle Hill Resort and Spa aims to provide its clients with the usual experience in Vermont, offering accommodation, fine dining, and a castle hill spa. 

Slideshow images of its facilities serve as the hero image, with a feature allowing users to pause the slideshow by clicking the pause icon

There is a calendar with two columns for check-in and check-out in the right corner to prompt users to check out its rates. I love how the accessibility feature allows users to make changes to the website layout. 

30. Seek Thermal - Weebly Website Example
Source: Thermal

Seek Thermal offers cameras that capture and convert the world of heat around them into images, useful for solving everyday problems invisible to the naked eye. Taking center stage on its website is an image of its FirePRO X, with a slash in price of $200. 

The CTA buttons on Seek Thermals website are well placed, with the red buttons prompting visitors to purchase products from the brand.  I love how all the cameras displayed have images on their screen, providing users with an idea of what it does and what to expect.

Welcoming visitors to the Caribeans Coffee Shop and Organic Chocolate factory is a faintly illuminated image taken during one of its chocolate production processes. 

The header navigation bar starts from the bottom of the homepage and finds its way to the top as users scroll through the homepage. Unlike the header navigation bar, the Caribeans' social media icons follow users around the site, going up and down, creating a catchy effect. 

32. Young Marine Explorers - Weebly Website Example
Source: Yme bahamas

The Young Marine Explorers’ mission is to create a world where coastal communities are prosperous, safe, and live in harmony with nature. This Weebly website’s hero image displays an image of five people fully geared and ready to make an impact on the world. 

Young Marine Explorers is one of the best design examples that Weebly offers. I love how it uses a centralized layout to display its content. The choice of an extensive white background makes the text and other design elements easily visible to visitors.

Best Weebly Website Examples FAQs

What Big Companies Use Weebly?

Many big companies and online stores choose Weebly because it offers easy-to-use building tools, a rich library of templates, and extensive features. Some notable big brands that use Weebly are The Box Bros, Eyeconic, Helzberg Diamonds, Radley London, California State University, and Chairigami.

Does Weebly Still Offer a Free Website?

Yes, users can access a free Weebly site with a free domain. However, the catch is your site will be completely covered in Weebly ads, and you won’t be able to sell online with your free branded Weebly domain name and website. 

What is Weebly Good For?

If you are looking for an easy-to-use platform, offering simple to implement drag and drop features, then Weebly website builder is your best bet. Weebly helps users create and publish beautiful and mobile-responsive websites, blogs, and online stores. 

How Many Free Websites Can I Have on Weebly?

Anyone can create as many as 10 free Weebly sites on the same account. However, if you want to upgrade your free Weebly websites to premium plans, you will have to pay for the different websites separately. 

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