19 Best Model Websites of 2024 | Inspiring Portfolio Examples

Updated Sep 30, 2023.

Do you run a modeling agency and need a website to display your fresh-faced talents to the world? Are you an independent model needing an eye-catching portfolio to showcase your best works to visitors and prospective employees?

Designing a beautiful model website doesn’t have to cost you a fortune or require vast coding knowledge. Use the best website builders like Squarespace and Wix that provide stunning templates and easy-to-use tools to start building or redesigning your dream model website.

This article explores the 19 best model websites you can use as inspiration and guide to design your own site.

1. Karlie Kloss - Model Website Example
Source: Karlie kloss

Karlie Kloss is an American supermodel, entrepreneur, and philanthropist supporting the next generation of designers on Project Runway. This top model portfolio website sticks to a centralized and clean layout for her web design. 

Pinned to the right-hand side of the homepage and bordering the centralized hero image of Karlie, are social media icons in a black-and-white color scheme. Consistent throughout her site’s homepage is a black-and-white color scheme, one of its web design's distinctive features.

Erica Lauren is a model and style influencer with a professional web design for her modeling portfolio website. Welcoming site visitors to her site is a slideshow display of several full-width images, serving as the site’s hero images. 

Displayed over the hero section is a clear CTA button distinguished in white, standing out on her site and urging visitors to view her model portfolio. 

Easily visible are four centralized social media icons at the bottom of the landing page, linking visitors to her various social media pages.

Caitlin Christine is a content creator, model, and cosplayer creating a name for herself in the competitive modeling industry through her carefully crafted model portfolio. 

One of the top modeling portfolios, Caitlin's portfolio website displays her extensive modeling portfolios using a minimalistic website design. 

Welcoming visitors to her model portfolio website is a full-width animated image taking center stage in her site’s hero section. Beneath the hero section is a colorful slideshow display of animated images, opening up a full-width display of the images.

4. Lola Chel - Model Website Example
Source: Lola chel

Lola Chel is a full-time, internationally working, and multi-agency represented professional model and model coach with widespread experience working with top brands. 

This top model portfolio website extensively displays high-quality images from her modeling portfolio with white space dividing each column. The CTA buttons on Lola’s portfolio website are consistent, sticking to a black-and-white color scheme. 

I like how Lola displays YouTube videos of herself and her work, each linked directly from the homepage and adding color to the white background. 

Laura Oliveira Granja is a model and content creator with one of the straightforward single-page portfolio site examples in black-and-white. Site visitors get hooked on the full-width black-and-white hero image of herself, inspiring other models and designers.

Two CTA buttons stand out over the site’s hero image, linking visitors to her modeling and blog page. Pinned to the homepage is a chat feature in black and white, serving as Laura’s online communication channel.

6. Kayla Arianne - Model Website Example
Source: Kayla arianne

Kayla Arianne is a beauty and fashion model with a portfolio website to showcase her personality and serve as her online branding tool. One of the top modeling portfolio websites, Kayla’s website uses a consistent Green White colored background. 

The site’s header menu is fun, using interactive elements to attract visitors’ attention, centralized at the top of the home page. 

I like how Kayla splits her hero section into three columns, displaying different styles of herself in each section, and matching the site’s background color. 

Jaydelyn Cearra is an aspiring model based in New Orleans, Louisiana with experience in art, fashion, editorial, and print. This top portfolio website displays minimalist design elements, sticking to a straightforward website design. 

Displayed extensively over her site’s homepage are stunning photos of Jaydelyn stealing all the attention on her site. Users experience infinite scrolling as they get to the bottom of the homepage, as the site loads more stunning images. 

Michelle Carney is a model and actress based in Los Angeles, California, with a simple website design for her actor portfolio website. 

A full-width hero video of Michelle lying on a beach takes all the attention on her site. I love how the video playing in the hero section immediately catches users' attention, standing out as the site’s only interactive feature. 

The header menu is the site’s primary navigation feature displaying text in black on a plain white background.

9. Barbara Lim - Model Website Example
Source: Barbara lim

Barbara Lim is a model, artist, illustrator, and author with a professional website serving as an inspiration to upcoming professionals. 

The hero section of her model portfolio website is unique, dividing the section into two, one displaying her name and the other her centralized image. 

Barbara treats visitors to an uneven display of photos from her model portfolio, displayed in a four-column layout. Displayed on the home page in a centralized six-column layout are image excerpts from Barbara’s Instagram page, adding color to the site.

10. Opal Models - Model Website Example
Source: Opal models

Opal Models is a top modeling recruiting firm treating visitors to a four-column display of its models on the site’s plain white background. The Opal Models logo is bold on the homepage in black and white, dividing the site’s header menu into two sections. 

There are social media icons displayed at the left-hand side of the logo, each linked to the Opal Models social media pages. To the right of the bold logo is a search feature, helping visitors find their way to the site. 

Kristina Smolyar is a model, influencer, and UGC creator who welcomes visitors to a centralized hero video as her site opens. 

Displayed throughout her home page are high-quality images of Kristina’s work, taking center stage on her plain black-and-white model portfolio website.

You will find logos of top brands Kristina has collaborated with displayed in a moving slideshow in a separate section on the homepage in black-and-white. Pinned to the homepage are social media icons and a hamburger menu easily recognizable in black-and-white.

12. Kites Models - Model Website Example
Source: Kites.pixpa

Kites Models scout, place, and manage models’ careers in India as well as in all major fashion and commercial model markets in the world. One of the top model portfolio website examples, the Kites Models website is minimalistic with a simple website design

Displayed extensively on the home page in a four-column layout are black-and-white images of its models around the world. Beneath the hero section are social media icons and a share feature, prompting visitors to share the platform's links.

13. AURAA - Model Website Example
Source: Auraa.in

AURAA is a leading platform for clients and talents in the entertainment industry. One of the top model portfolio website examples, AURAA’s website is unique, displaying its projects extensively on the homepage in a four-column layout.

Pinned on the homepage is a WhatsApp widget in the customary green and white colors, linking customers directly to the brand's WhatsApp platform. Visible are testimonials from past clients in a three-column layout, serving as social proof to potential clients. 

Chanelle Renee is a nationally accredited professional commercial/print model, actor, and creative director with a top umbrella organization under her name. Her website welcomes visitors with a hero video of herself with an Explore CTA button displayed over it. 

Displayed as background images throughout her model portfolio website are full-width images of herself and her work visible in black-and-white. The sticky header menu serves as the site’s primary navigation feature, linked to other sections on the homepage.

Ashley Jang is a London-based photographer interested in creating imagery that captures moments of candid, raw beauty, and subconscious memories. 

An arrow icon pinned to the bottom right-hand side of the homepage serves as one of the site’s navigation features, directing visitors to the top. 

I love how she displays an infinite number of her work on the homepage in a consistent three-column layout, adding color to the plain white background. Each work displayed reveals the name as the mouse cursor hovers, a nice touch. 

16. Xiaomei Wei - Model Website Example
Source: Meimei model

Xiaomei Wei is a realtor and published fashion model with her photos featured on magazine covers, including Lucy’s, Elegant, and Archive magazines. Her beauty model website is minimalistic with a straightforward website design.

Wei’s beauty model website displays icons linked to her socials and eCommerce platforms at the right-hand side of the header menu. Consistent on her website is the display of her work as black-and-white and colored images, visible in a five-column layout.

17. Alicja Models + Events - Model Website Example
Source: Alicja events

Alicja Models + Events has one of the cleanest website designs in the model portfolio industry, with a unique dark theme attached to its website. Welcoming visitors is a full-width video display, helping visitors with an idea of what the brand is about. 

Black-and-white is the recurring color theme on the Alicja Models + Events website, incorporated into all sections on the one-page website.

I love how the Alicja Models + Events website lists its projects beneath the hero section in a centralized layout, using black-and-white images as background.

Victoria Togoe is a Liberian editor and beauty model driven by her passion for helping people and taking fascinating pictures. A clean model portfolio website, Victoria’s website displays a soft color scheme throughout the site. 

Divided into different sections, Victoria displays unique full-width images of herself as background images for different categories of her work. Visitors enjoy a parallax scrolling effect as they move through the sections. 

19. Marie Sixtine - Model Website Example
Source: Marie-sixtine

Marie Sixtine is an online store offering a wide range of clothing collections to customers. The website design of the Marie Sixtine website is accommodating, prompting visitors to explore the page from the slideshow of images in the hero section. 

A cookies icon pinned to the bottom left-hand side of the homepage gives visitors full control of the site’s cookies settings. I love how the Marie Sixtine website is consistent with its CTA buttons, easily recognizable on the eye-catching colored backgrounds.

Best Model Website Examples FAQs

What Does a Model Portfolio Website Look Like?

A model portfolio website is a platform for aspiring and professional models to put their modeling careers on display and attract potential clients. Every model portfolio website should include sample shots and curated examples of previous work, serving as your online portfolio. 

Do You Need a Website to Boost Your Modeling Career?

Networking and building your brand are important steps a professional model needs to create an online presence for its modeling work. While agents take a huge part of the work in helping book jobs, having a website draws a prospective client to your modeling work. 

What Makes a Great Model Portfolio?

A great model portfolio uses the right variety of images and a nice color blend that encourages visitors to check out your modeling work. Through your model portfolio, you create a narrative about who you are as a model, your brand, and where your professional career is headed.  

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