16 Amazing Duda Website Examples You Need To See

Updated Sep 1, 2023.

Are you a small business owner looking for inspiration to design a beautiful and feature-rich website that attracts your target audience? Do you want to build websites for personal or business use or sell courses and organize online classes?

Duda is one of the best website builders that startups and business owners use to create scalable websites that support their business needs.

You don’t need to hire a web developer to build your website even if you have zero web design experience. Use Duda to create a professional and visually-appealing website that attracts visitors and turns them into loyal customers.

This article covers 16 amazing Duda website examples you can draw inspiration from to help you create yours.

1. Legacy Homes of Idaho - Duda Website Example
Source: Legacyh

Legacy Homes is a luxurious home brand helping people achieve comfort and luxury through its range of luxurious offerings. This modern website’s design oozes luxury, visible from its hero content video, displaying some of its modern and smarter home choices. 

Site visitors are treated to the entire Legacy Homes’ process of designing a home, using bold and unique fonts. I love how this Duda website example displays beautiful images of its home design options in a three-column layout.

Japan Mobility offers full-service relocation support, helping simplify relocation for people wanting to start a new life in Japan, including creating a bank account. A service-oriented business, the website design of Japan Mobility falls under the smarter website designs. 

Taking center stage and serving as the site’s hero images are several images that speak a thousand words, displayed in a slideshow format.  

Deep Carmine is the predominant color on this Duda website example. You will find this color as the background for CTA buttons and bold navigation features over the hero images.

Medallion Foods is a food-based brand offering excellence in pasta through Welna’s 3-minute spaghetti products. Giving credit to Welna, the Medallion Foods website displays logos of Welna and Medallion Foods side-by-side on the left-hand side of its fixed header menu. 

Icons leading to Medallion Foods' social media pages are visible at the bottom right corner of its extensive hero image, easily recognizable in their white colors.

4. Stacey Naglie Photography - Duda Website Example
Source: Stacey naglie

Stacy Nagile is a branding photographer with a well-structured Duda website design using clear CTA buttons to distinguish between her personal branding, headshots, and brand photography.  

A unique color scheme that blends well with the high-quality multimedia content displayed makes Stacy’s photography website visually appealing. 

The arrangement is the standout feature that makes Stacy’s website one of the best Duda website examples. I love the categorization of her images based on specific categories makes locating images easier on her site.

Evolved Habitat offers simplified home automation, helping people install powerful home automation and smarter security systems. On the ultimate list of the best Duda website examples, the Evolved Habitat website is a great example of a user-friendly website. 

A logo stamp from Lutron is imprinted over the full-width hero image of one of Evolved Habitat’s homes, adding a legit touch to its website. CTA buttons are another top feature that are easily recognizable on this site, in their Rose Madder background color

Also pinned to the home page is a chat widget, linked to Evolved Habitat’s messenger-powered chat platform.

Kozyra Construction prides itself as Central and Western Massachusetts’s most reliable and trustworthy custom modular home builders, displayed as texts over its hero image. 

The full-width image of one of its houses is overshadowed by the white bold text that steals visitors' attention. I love how the Kozyra Construction company logo color, the Pitcon Blue serves as the background color for select sections and all CTA buttons. 

There are testimonials from past clients displayed in a centralized two-column layout, serving as social proof.

Diamond Peak RV Rentals is one of the locally-owned small businesses that provide its customers an enjoyable RV experience, showing commitment to providing the best-in-class services. 

A top Duda website example, the Diamond Peak Duda website treats visitors to beautiful virtual tours, with its hero video content taking center stage. Visitors pass through a virtual tour that provides an engaging and fun experience right from the site’s homepage. 

A slideshow of high-quality images serves as the background for different sections with Chrome Yellow CTA buttons displayed alongside.

Implant Center of Miami provides dental implant services to its patients for $1,789 visible on a clear white background. This dental website is one of the best Duda website examples with a beautiful website design for its business needs.

A hero image of a dentist smiling with the city of Miami colorfully lit in the background is the official welcome for visitors. Visible on the home page is an accessibility icon and a Messenger-powered chat feature designed at improving the overall user experience.

9. Fire Wings - Duda Website Example
Source: Fire wings

Fire Wings offers over 20 different wings flavors with beer on tap, and a Pepsi spire machine to cater to its in-person customers. Running delivery-based services, this web design prompts users to click on its Order Online CTA button in a Cardinal and Black color scheme

The mouth-watering video content serving as the hero video does just about the trick to capture visitors’ attention. There are several mouthwatering images visible on its home page. 

A fiery effect black background is visible on its Just Wing It section, displaying alongside the Fire Wings’ social media icons and separate navigation texts. 

10. KLEVR - Duda Website Example
Source: Klevr.events

KLEVR is a company fully passionate about organizing events for its clients with a team of event coordinators expertly trained in turning dream events into reality. 

A company solely relying on team collaboration, the KLEVR Duda website is designed with the cohesion of several design elements.

Multiple flashy colors forming straight and gradient formats is the standout design element on this Duda website, thrilling users with a beautiful design structure. 

Visible on the homepage are bold numbers beneath the logos of top brands KLEVR has been associated with, helping boost the brand’s image.

11. Zero Wasted - Duda Website Example
Source: Zero wasted

Zero Wasted is a brand centered on helping people shop for ethical, zero-waste, and plastic-free products that have no negative impact on the planet. 

An eco-friendly brand, the Zero Wasted website wastes no time to provide visitors with access to its resources and product offerings

Arranged on the Zero Wasted website are its product categories in a four-column layout, with a search feature that makes it easy to search through them. You will find Zero Wasted shopping guides in a centralized three-column layout.

New Haven Painters is a team that adds color to the world through its extensive interior and exterior painting services. A brand based on colors, the New Haven Painters incorporates the Orange color in different shades into its website design. 

Beneath the hero image of the New Haven Painters family are logos of the top brand it has worked with, serving as social proof to potential customers. There is an extensive testimonial section displaying plenty of kind words said about the brand.

Arbor Vision is a licensed tree service providing comprehensive tree care with the goal of happy, healthy, and flourishing trees. An image of a forest serves as the hero image of the Arbon Vision website, sticking with the brand’s identity. 

Images of the Arbor vision team and its CTA buttons add color and bring its site to life. Arbor Vision’s header texts and navigation texts use the recurring Orange and Yellow shade theme on the website.

14. Paintball Explosion - Duda Website Example
Source: Pbbomb

Paintball Explosion is Chicago’s premier paintball theme park offering fun that revolves around paintballing. Sticking to its brand identity, the Paintball Explosion website displays the ArtyClick Slime color as its site's predominant color, visible throughout the site. 

An accessibility icon is pinned and visible in the middle of the left-hand side, allowing users to make adjustments to the site’s design.

Armor Shield Exteriors is Connecticut’s leader in full-service roofing, roof replacement, and roof repair. This contractor website oozes quality, displaying bold colors and high-quality images throughout the site. 

I love how Armor Shield Exteriors displays its texts in bold and cool fonts, making its content a joy to read to visitors. There is an accessibility and chat feature that helps make the experience on the site worthwhile for visitors.

16. Umi Care - Duda Website Example
Source: My umi care

Umi Care offers support you can count on, as is boldly displayed on its website’s home page through its in-home postpartum doula support. 

Choosing a soft color scheme, the Umi Care website displays an image of a mother and a baby over a Deep Lavender color background as its hero image. There are icons leading to the Umi Care social media platforms with a text urging visitors to share the page.

Best Duda Website Examples FAQs

Is the Duda Website Builder Better Than WordPress?

WordPress and Duda are both great website builders with both having an edge over the other in certain areas. While WordPress offers more flexible and customizable options, Duda offers a more user-friendly interface and pre-built templates. 

Does Duda Host Websites?

All websites designed using Duda as its website builder platform are hosted on Duda servers, provided by Amazon Web Services with a 99.99% guaranteed uptime. 

What are the Best Duda Websites?

Legacy Homes, Umi Care, Medallion Foods, Arbor Vision, Fire Wings, and a host of other examples listed earlier are some of the best Buda Websites examples. 

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