Best Funeral Websites of 2024 | 24 Inspiring Examples

Updated Feb 19, 2024.

Do you run a funeral business and struggle to attract traffic to your site? Are you looking for creative inspiration from other sites to help you create the best funeral website that converts?

Although 81% of funeral homes have an official website, many don’t use it as a marketing channel. Only 5% of funeral homes run a blog! (FuneralOne Blog)

If you want to dominate the funeral industry, you need a beautiful funeral website that contains engaging content to attract and convert visitors.

You can hire a professional web designer to create a stunning funeral website or use a custom website builder. The best website builders like Wix and Squarespace provide state-of-the-art funeral website templates for creating beautiful and mobile-compatible sites.

This article explores the 24 best funeral website examples you can use as inspiration when building your own funeral website.

Let’s get started.

1. ynn Funeral Home - Best Funeral Websites Example
Source: Wynnfh

Wynn Funeral Home offers various services using the expertise of competent and trained professionals. I like how this funeral studio website uses a bright color scheme featuring white and blue to make the website design consistent and stunning.

As you explore further, there’s a “Send Flowers” segment with a dark-blue “View Services” CTA button for families wanting to express their sympathy using flowers.

There is an email-required subscription field on the dark-blue-colored footer for any grieving family that requires daily support messages.

2. Benta’s Funeral Home - Best Funeral Websites Example
Source: e-bfh

Benta's Home was founded in 1928 and has consistently helped several families in their difficult times. I like the “Learn More” wine and white colored card that pops up displaying images of Reverend DR Calvin O Butts III smiling. 

The “Recent Obituaries” segments display lovely images of their previous work which is a source of social proof for this funeral home. 

Unlike most businesses, this funeral home website has a wine-colored footer featuring a mega menu for a seamless exploration of this site.

Haisley Funeral and Cremation Services has consistently served several families for over 40 years. I love how this site welcomes visitors with a high-quality image of the sun setting on the ocean in the hero section. 

The sticky navigation bar contains the logo and the hamburger menu that encourages exploration.

You will find an “Explore our location” segment that displays the image of a map and the several locations where you can find Haisley Funeral Home.

Moth Funeral Homes provides a variety of cremation services and gardenia funerals. This web designer used a single column to display clickable high-quality images with a zoom-in and thumbnail effect. 

I like the “Send Flower” option on an image for any family who wants to leave condolences using flowers.

Unlike other funeral home websites, this site uses a dark green and white color scheme giving it a refreshing modern design look. The green and white CTA button in the footer adds credibility to this site and builds trust in the brand among customers.

Chapman Funeral Homes is a privately owned and run business. Although most funeral websites usually add testimonials to flaunt the quality of services, Chapman Funeral went further to display its five-star rating per review.

I love how the white-colored footer features this site's social media icons and a phone number for clients to call.

This great website offers affordable cremation services and has a transparent ‘click here to start an online arrangement’ CTA button for interested customers.

Dooley Funeral Home was founded in 1857 by Andrew Schilb. This funeral site's hero section displays a high-quality image of a house in a field and a bold ’honor and remember’ font on it. Clients can click the black-colored ‘View our services’ CTA button to explore.

I like how this site uses a dark green sticky navigation bar with links to other pages of the site for seamless exploration. As you scroll, you will find a white and green “Get in Touch Form.”

Harter Funeral Home is owned and run by a family focused on offering top-notch services to families in their community.

This funeral home welcomes loved ones into the site with the short video of a butterfly on a flower in the site's hero section. I like how it uses the parallax scrolling feature with a butterfly image in the background to give this site a relaxing feel.

You’ll find three logos at the base of the green-coloured footer including the NYS Funeral Directors logo which adds credibility to the brand.

Affordable Cremation Services is a family-owned funeral home business committed to helping Simcoe and Gray Counties and their neighboring areas.

This funeral website has a clean design and primarily uses colors like white, sky blue, and green. I love how the sticky drop-down navigation menu features links that direct visitors to other pages.

The dark-colored footer contains the contact details of the funeral business and uses a logo as social proof that BAO licenses it.

Tulip Cremation is the country's biggest online direct cremation provider to comfort its clients with the best resources and quality services.

This mobile-friendly website has quite a modern look. The home page has a white sticky navigation bar with links to any helpful resource potential client families may need.

As you scroll further, you will see a yellow “Instant Quote” CTA button on the left side of the navigation bar.

10. CFS - Best Funeral Websites Example
Source: Runcfs

CFS is a company dedicated to offering funeral homes the most efficient websites in the funeral business. This funeral home website design features catchy motion graphics in the hero section. 

Visitors can quickly find more funeral home website designs in the stylish “view designs” card that pops up.

The “Why Choose Us” section displays a short video for visitors to watch and learn more about the funeral home website. You should include a search function when building your own website just like this great website featured in its footer.

Washington Cremation Centers is a company that specializes in offering affordable cremation services to families. This funeral site’s hero section welcomes customers with a soothing high-quality image of a still river surrounded by tall trees.

I love the horizontal display of the cremation services price plan and their unique features for potential clients to choose their preferred plan. 

Washington Cremation Centers has several email-required forms and a brown ‘Contact Us’ CTA button at the site's base.

Bland Brumback Funeral Home is a business dedicated to handling funeral pre-arrangements for families. This funeral home website uses high-quality images of houses on its homepage to remind visitors of its primary aim. 

You’ll find a black-coloured footer that displays information about the business like the addresses, emails, and phone numbers.

I like how the ‘Recent Services’ section displays images of past obituaries and a dark brown subscription button for customers to stay updated.

13. ATX Cremation - Best Funeral Websites Example
Source: Atx cremation

ATX is a company that values human life and offers excellent and affordable cremation services. This funeral site has a white sticky navigation bar with a drop-down menu and three green CTA buttons for visitors to explore and take action. 

There’s a “What Our Customers Say” section containing customer reviews which increases credibility and social proof. At the base of the home page, you’ll find an “Our Service Area” segment featuring a map showing the various locations of this company.

14. Gathered Here - Best Funeral Websites Example
Source: Gathered here

Gathered here is a successful company that is committed to preserving cultural practices. This funeral home site welcomes visitors with an illustration displaying an extended family hanging out to cheer up their loved ones. 

I love how the webpage features ample use of white space for visibility and the white sticky navigation bar that houses the “gathered here” logo.

What distinguishes this website design from other funeral website examples is the FAQ segment that gives families more details about the funeral services they offer.

Cremate Me Now is dedicated to serving families of Queen City and its neighboring areas. I like how the hero section showcases a catchy high-quality image in a slider formation to boost interaction.

The “Show Your Support” segment encourages clients to send flowers to any loved ones having a difficult time. You can’t miss out on a green-colored “Shop Now” CTA button for interested customers.

I love how this funeral website uses a single-column style to display clickable high-quality images for a seamless exploration.

Wiles Remembrance Care has been in business for over thirty years, successfully serving their community by offering memorial and cremation services. In the hero section of the site, there are alternating top-notch images, such as a relaxing image of wildlife.

This funeral site uses a parallax scrolling feature with peach-colored roses as the background design that gives the webpage a calm and relaxing feel. I love how this website design uses a stylish color scheme of dark green and white.

Peach Tree Cremation Services was founded in 2012 and has served over 5000 families. This funeral website welcomes visitors with a high-quality image of a dog and cat in the hero section, emphasizing the importance and value of pets. 

As you scroll further, you will see several images of lovely pets in significant aspects of the page, including clickable images with a thumbnail effect.

I like how the dark-colored footer features their hours of service, relevant contact details, and a brown-colored “Call us” CTA button.

Wendt Funeral Home has one of the best funeral home website designs. I like the attachment of the gray-colored navigation bar to the header of this funeral website. You will find the funeral home’s logo and two white CTA buttons on the navigation bar. 

I like how this funeral home website strategically displayed several stunning images and videos to make it more engaging and exciting for clients. 

You can’t help but notice the sticky “Hi There” form with a light brown ’Send’ CTA button that pops up on the home page.

Taylor Theller is a thriving funeral business that supports families during challenging times of losing a loved one. One fascinating thing about this website design is the consistent use of multiple wine-colored CTA buttons at different positions.

There are several images with a zoom-in effect and a thumbnail feature for loved ones to tour this funeral website effortlessly. This funeral website features several logos of reputable brands on the dark-colored footer to add credibility and make families trust more.

Highlands Funeral Home’s website uses a transparent navigation menu with links to help visitors explore this site seamlessly. The content includes the link to the obituary’s page for visitors who want to organize a loved one’s obituary.

Just below the hero section of the homepage, you’ll find lovely images with an individual transparent ‘Learn More ‘ CTA button with a hover effect for interested clients. I like how the wine-colored footer displays relevant information on the funeral website.

Alden Harrington Funeral Home offers services like cremation services and memorial services in a memorial park. The use of a primary color scheme of ‘Royal blue’ and white gives this website a unique but striking look.

I like the ‘What People Are Saying Segment’ which contains several reviews. You can’t miss out on a Royal Blue-colored ‘Review Us On Google’ CTA button for customers that serves as social proof.

There is a Royal blue colored ‘Download Now’ CTA button with a thin white border for customers to download the free pre-planning checklist.

Wichmann Funeral Homes was founded by Mr Louis Wichmann in 1898. The white sticky navigation menu of this funeral website is attached to the green-colored header which contains their contact details.

I love how the hero section displays circular images of houses with their Motto written boldly. Just beneath the motto is a transparent rectangular ‘View our services ‘ CTA button for exploration of their various funeral services.

This funeral website uses a two-column grid to display images of their current obituaries and a search function at the top right corner.

23. Heart of the Valley Cremation Services - Best Funeral Websites Example
Source: Hov cremation

Heart of the Valley Cremation Services is locally owned and they serve Fox Valley by offering excellent yet affordable cremation services.

The “How Can We Help You” segment displays lovely high-quality images with individual thumbnail effects and a write-up underneath each of them for further details.

I love how the white-colored footer uses a mega menu with links to other pages of this funeral website. You will find the company’s logo and a subscription field on the right side for families interested in receiving grief messages.

W.LCase is a family-owned company that started in 1881 as a small business. I like how this site uses an eye-catching image of a flowing river surrounded by trees to welcome victors.

This funeral website strategically displays its main aim on a white background with a high-quality image of joined hands signifying unity on the right side. Above the dark-colored footer is a Google map image and an ‘Explore Our Locations‘ slip.

Best Funeral Website Examples FAQs

Is the Funeral Industry Lucrative?

Yes, the funeral industry is lucrative and has a lot of potential because death care is considered a recession-proof profession. Funeral home spending remains relatively constant even during times of economic downturn. If you are thinking of going into the funeral business, you are up for a fun and life-changing ride because it is a profitable niche.  

How Do I Market My Funeral Services?

Some reliable tips you can use to market your funeral services include creating a professionally designed logo that will make your business stand out and shine, building a useful and informative website, using direct mail marketing, making an emotional connection, knowing your community, advertising online, showing off your staff, and content marketing. 

What Should the Best Funeral Home Websites Contain?

The best funeral home websites contain important info above the fold, easy navigation, a standout headline, a scannable subhead that intrigues, build trust with video, primary calls-to-action, uplifting colors, benefit-driven copy, engaging images, social proof through testimonials, easy-to-read typography, and helpful resources.   

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