Wix Ecommerce Stores: 26 Inspiring Examples (2024)

Updated Aug 13, 2023.

Do you want to create a profitable online store or are you wondering why your present eCommerce site is not converting sales? The best eCommerce stores have stunning and visually-appealing web designs that contribute to their success.

Most online shoppers are not fans of seeing the same web designs over and over. They want something new. It will be unwise to stay with the same boring design you had when you started your eCommerce business.

Wix is one of the best eCommerce website builders you can use to start a fresh or grow an already-existing eCommerce site.

This article covers 26 popular Wix sites you can use for inspiration when creating or redesigning your online store.

Let's get started.

1. Fine Frenchie - Wix Ecommerce Store Example
Source: Fine frenchie

Valeria Krasavina is the mastermind behind the success of Fine Frenchie. The website's concept was inspired by her French Bulldog Rabby.

I love how she uses high-quality pictures for the hero images with pink as the store’s main color scheme. The arrangement of the images follows a grid layout format which helps to put things in order. 

Fine Frenchie is fun and engaging due to the application of motion graphics and illustrations in various angles of its pages.

2. Hors-D'œuvre - Wix Ecommerce Store Example
Source: Hdoeuvre

Hors-D'œuvre is a popular French creative studio that focuses on creating clothing and apparel that appeals to sport and fashion lovers. The vintage basketball game video with the clothing motion picture effect is one of the most engaging elements on the pages. 

Site visitors are likely to get intrigued by this element and will decide to click the gray-colored “Discover the History” CTA button.  

Visitors who want constant updates about the latest designs or want to explore the store’s social media pages can check out the site’s footer.

3. Izzy Wheels - Wix Ecommerce Store Example
Source: Izzy wheels

Ailbhe and Izzy Keane are the mastermind behind the inception and success of Izzy Wheels. This online store stands out from other Wix eCommerce examples because it centers around inclusivity and bold self-expression of people using wheelchairs. 

Izzy Wheels features a sticky header that makes it easy for potential customers to navigate across separate pages to have a proper experience of the store.

For the sake of social proof and building trust, the site features logos of big publishers and other authorities on its page,

Coal And Canary Is a candle company founded by Amanda that focuses on creating high-quality, hand-poured candles. 

This stunning website features a mind-blowing hero section featuring an image slider which does an excellent job of engaging visitors. I like how the store encourages its happy customers to share their experiences via an integrated reviews and ratings section.  

You can use the Instagram feed and newsletter signup form to get constant updates about the story's activities. The footer contains a language switcher which is a way to promote diversity and reach a larger market.

Evolve Clothing Gallery's web design features a sticky top bar, which makes visiting the product galleries like playing in the park.

Instead of using a regular search bar, Evolve clothing gallery applies a microphone feature for better search and a more effective way to engage visitors. I love how the hover effect makes scrolling across the product pages fun and engaging. 

The white background and product carousels do an excellent job of making the unique style of this cloth shop pop and intriguing for customers.

6. Celia B - Wix Ecommerce Store Example
Source: Celiab

Celia Bernardo is the sole founder of the Spanish fashion brand CeliaB. The idea behind this store resulted from the need to create a personal website where she sells clothing designs inspired by her travels across the globe.

This eCommerce site has a search bar and a floating live chat widget to ensure potential customers have a great time shopping. 

CeliaB’s website features various eye-catching design elements such as high-quality images of clothing items. I love the background video features models wearing colorful and sophisticated clothing to grab customer attention.

James Bleakley is the founder of Black Sheep, a bicycle-based eCommerce store that offers high-quality bicycles at an affordable price. The first catchy element of the page is a high-resolution image of a bicycle with the caption “In Bikes We Trust”.

I love how the hamburger menu icon makes it possible for potential clients to explore Black Sheep’s extensive range and purchase products of their choice. 

You will find Facebook and Instagram icons at the side that you can use to explore Black Sheep’s online profile for closure.

8. Zelie for She - Wix Ecommerce Store Example
Source: Zelie for she

Zelie for She is a great example of an empowering fashion eCommerce store. The first element that got my attention is the whooping 25% flash sales banner as the first picture on the homepage.  

This eCommerce website gives attention to the product description by using a full-screen layout and large-high-quality photos to grab visitors' attention. There is a clean footer with outlined columns and a newsletter subscription form. 

I like the sticky icons that are stylish and encourage visitors to visit their online profiles.

The transition from the parallax hero video to the parallax image is mind-blowing and emphasizes sophistication and elegance. I like how the white background brings out the beauty of the shop page. You can't miss out on the beauty of the various colorful images. 

Interested visitors can check out Hair Comes The Bride site’s blog section to get tips and tricks to ensure you always have a good hair day. The site’s menu bar makes navigation seamless across the various pages by featuring a search.

10. OGI Eyewear - Wix Ecommerce Store Example
Source: Ogi eyewear

OGI Eyewear is a Minnesota-based eyewear label popular for making beautiful and trendy eyewear designs. 

The most intriguing element of this online store is the try-on feature. Potential customers can have a glimpse of what they will look like with glasses on with this feature which makes the platform customer friendly and engaging.  

I like how the various Illustrations and vivid colors on the online store make the page fun and lively. The product collections section has nice filters and displays various eyewear collections in a double-column layout format to aid seamless navigation.

11. Sticky Lemon - Wix Ecommerce Store Example
Source: Sticky lemon

Sticky Lemon is a Wix-powered eCommerce store that sells adorable accessories for kids across different age groups.

The first catchy element you will observe when you visit the home page is a large slider of product images with cute kids having fun. 

My personal favorite is the embedded video that auto-plays various kids wearing a product of this Wix store example and looking happy and lively. Check out the Instagram feed section with lightbox functionality to explore more content about Sticky Lemon.

Simone De La Rue is the sole founder of Body By Simone, a Los Angeles-based fitness and lifestyle brand.

I like the homepage image featuring six beautiful ladies looking excited and striking different poses. Below this image is a stunning picture of Simone De La Rue and a short bio about her and how she started her brand. Visitors can check out the embedded videos for workout tips.  

The white background is a major element on this Wix eCommerce platform because it makes every other element visible, especially the stylish fonts.  

13. Eterna - Wix Ecommerce Store Example
Source: Eterna

Eterna is a luxury Swiss wristwatch brand that has been in existence since 1856, and it is still in vogue to date. The brand’s website uses a black background to ensure that all the details in the display section are visible and makes the site look elegant and sophisticated. 

I love how the images on the slideshow tell a story about this Swiss watch and display luxury and eye-catching goods. The watches on display are clickable, leading to more information about each watch.

14. Fresh Prints - Wix Ecommerce Store Example
Source: Fresh prints

Fresh Prints is a fashion business run by alumni and student entrepreneurs. They produce inspiring products like, sweatpants, T-shirts, limited edition prints, jeans, and more. 

This Wix online store features advanced filters that help you find the products you need in various categories based on design or price. I love how this feature makes the customer's shopping experience fun and seamless.

Visitors can trust the brand due to the reviews from top organizations like Facebook, Google, and Yelp. In addition, the brand features the logos of brands they partner with to boost social proof and credibility.

Copper & Brass is an online stationery store that sells paper goods featuring beautiful illustrations of Black people and popular characters.

I love how the website displays the hero image in a slant format to express their unique creativity. Site visitors can begin transactions without wasting time using the live chat widget in the bottom right corner to contact the sales team. 

This eCommerce site has an average store rating and a whooping 294 positive customer reviews of their online shopping experience for social proof.

16. Bikinis Poly - Wix Ecommerce Store Example
Source: Bikinis poly

Bikinis Poly is a sustainable handmade swimwear company designed in México by surfer Poly Sierra. You can use the floating live chat widget at the right side of the product page to make inquiries and begin transactions. 

Visitors can enjoy the short documentary featuring various people wearing Bikinis Poly’s swimwear and having fun at the beach. 

The sales section displays its product in a single-column layout with call-to-action buttons on each product for potential customers to take action. 

Seven Gram Caffe is an independent catering business that offers delicious cookies and coffee. This eCommerce website welcomes you with high-quality pictures, delicious cookies, and eye-catching gift packs with black colored CTA buttons for you to make your order.  

I like how the black background slider displays various articles and recognition of Seven Gram Caffe’s published achievement. Visitors can use the drop-down menu to access the contact page and FAQ page to get detailed information about the business.

18. Bonsie - Wix Ecommerce Store Example
Source: Bonsie

My favorite aspect of this eCommerce store is the big hero video with a CTA button that reacts on hover to make it clickable and engaging for visitors. 

You cannot ignore the animated pictures and motion graphics from various angles of the site giving the site a fun and friendly vibe.

The secret of the success of most online stores is the quality of customer testimonials and backing from authorities. Bonsie’s customer review section is full of amazing remakes and high ratings. The page features logos of major companies that endorse their products.

Angel Gregorio is the proud owner of Spice Suites, a fashion-inspired company that sells unique spice blends.  

The first thing that got my attention on arrival is the use of vivid colors to make the site’s content pop. In addition, the parallax scrolling effects are among the elements that spice up the store.

Angel Gregorio does not waste time before displaying a lovely high-quality picture of herself with stunning clothes in the “Best Dressed Kitchen” section. I love how engaging the over-effect on the “Shop Now” CTA buttons is.

Vivi et Margot offers French-inspired products for everyday use, such as bathroom accessories, jewelry collection, soaps, and more,

This website design features an elegant combination of white and a neutral color between gray and olive green to give the store a sophisticated outlook. 

The search bar and the live results/recommendations feature makes it easy for interested visitors to locate items they want to purchase.  

I love how the website homepage displays elegant typography with stylish fonts and minimal photography to avoid the page being distracting and crowded.

Malco Wall Shop is a Solothurn-based startup that offers customizable, affordable, and sustainable wooden letters. This online store has an outstanding minimalist design loaded with cute baby pictures that will surely excite visitors and get them smile as they scroll. 

I like how the hamburger navigation bar feature gives this e-store a different outlook and makes it easy for potential customers to move across pages. The testimonial section features a slideshow that allows you to view sweet customer reviews.

22. Monk & Anna - Wix Ecommerce Store Example
Source: Monka nd anna

The first catchy element is an elegant looping background video of a model showcasing Monk & Anna’s special clothing collection. As you scroll, you will discover various high-quality images in different sections featuring the company’s branded products on display.

I like how the website uses stylish fonts to express its content across various pages. With the navigation bar, visitors can move across different page categories such as Bags, Kids, Stationery, Accessory, and Gift Cards.

Zemil Jewelers is a Florida-based jewelry store with a revenue of about five million dollars. The first element that gives me chills and excitement is the undeniably elegant monochrome color scheme that makes this page stand out among Wix stores.

Another catchy element that I find intriguing and can grab visitors’ attention is the embedded informational videos about various sophisticated and luxury jewels.

I love how the site uses large fonts in various aspects for visibility's sake, and applying a five-column layout for the display is brilliant. 

24. Lucky’s Market - Wix Ecommerce Store Example
Source: Luckys market

Lucky’s Market is a food brand that provides natural and organic food at affordable prices through its online and onsite outlets. The most intriguing aspect is how the content is stylishly written in a humorous tone to boost engagement and get visitors to make orders. 

I love how the site features a “Shop Now” call to action button at the top of the pages with an over-effect. This visible position encourages visitors to jump right into shopping without wasting time doing other things. 

25. Linen Chest - Wix Ecommerce Store Example
Source: Linen chest

Linen Chest is a fully furnished one-stop shop for every decoration-related item for your living room, kitchen, or bathroom. 

This Wix store's example features a simple magazine-like layout with image-filled sections to give visitors relevant information about various products. Potential customers can use the search bar to find various items without breaking a sweat. 

I love how the site features an easy-to-navigate website design that will encourage customers to make purchases seamlessly.

Body Fit Training is a fitness brand that offers group strength training and is dedicated to ensuring people stay healthy and fit. 

Watching a background video on the site of people working out is a trigger to get your workout kit and hit the guy. You can use the sticky header to seamlessly navigate across various aspects of the site to get more information and make necessary purchases. 

I like how the homepage has a full description of various workout plans to help visitors find where they fit in before they enroll.

Wix Store Examples FAQs

Is Wix Good for Building an eCommerce Site?

Yes! Wix eCommerce is a fully furnished solution for people who want to set up an online store or sell their products through their own site. With Wix’s top-notch design elements, you can create a state-of-the-art storefront that represents your brand.

Does a Wix eCommerce Website Cost Money?

If you want something good then you have to pay for it. This principle applies to Wix eCommerce website examples. Wix has business and eCommerce plans that are as low as $17/month and as high as $34/month. These plans come with web hosting, a free custom domain name, a free SSL certificate, and a drag-and-drop website editor. 

Is the Wix Website Builder Better than Shopify?

Shopify is an excellent example of a great website builder but Wix offers its users a higher level of control over their website thanks to its unique features. Wix has over 500+ state-of-the-art online store templates and zero transaction fees for using third-party payment gateways. Compared to Shopify, Wix has cheaper eCommerce plans to get you started.

Can You Make an Online Store with Wix?

Yes! You can make an online store with Wix. Wix website builder offers over 500+ professional online store templates across various fields and industries. These templates are optimized to fit the needs of different store types such as beauty, electronics, food, clothing, and health.

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