28 Best Travel Website Design Examples for 2024

Updated Feb 11, 2024.

Are you aware that an improperly designed travel website can alienate potential customers and hinder user experience?

In an era where user accessibility is paramount, neglecting proper website design can be costly. The best website builders like Wix and Squarespace provide you tools for creating visually stunning and accessible travel websites.

Just as ADA compliance is crucial for inclusivity, travel websites must prioritize aesthetics and user-friendliness.

This blog post covers the 28 best travel website design examples that serve as inspiration to elevate your travel website appeal and user experience.

Let’s get started.

Big Adventure Travel Company has a website design urging you to live the world, not just see it. Above the fold, a dynamic carousel showcases destinations, people, and travel vehicles, igniting excitement for your next trip, perhaps even to the Hawaiian Islands. 

The white background offers a clean canvas for easy access to information, complemented by a rectangular call-to-action button urging you to experience the world.

Scrolling down, find Instagram and Facebook icons, fostering seamless social media connection. The company’s phone number and email address are conveniently in the footer for quick and direct communication.

Along Dusty Roads, curated by Andrew & Emily, unfolds the beauty of a life filled with travel on its website. Above the fold, a clear picture of a desert captivates visitors, displaying mastery in taking photos.

With a white background providing a crisp canvas, the website showcases outdoor activities through a card layout, combining captivating photos with detailed descriptions of different locations.

For those inspired to follow their journey, a prominent purple box invites visitors to connect with Along Dusty Roads on Instagram. This travel website has social proof, encouraging others to join the community of travel enthusiasts.

Champlain Tours beckons travel enthusiasts with stress-free global experiences, day trips, and short-term excursions, standing out among the best travel agency websites. 

This tourism website design, adorned with a calming color scheme of Chatham blue and white, creates an inviting digital space that encourages visitors to explore.

Navigating the site is effortless, thanks to a sticky menu bar and a clever logo that doubles as both the home and refresh button. The thoughtful addition of a sign-up box invites engagement, allowing users to sign up for tour updates.

Bella Vista's website design boasts captivating picture backgrounds that dynamically change as visitors scroll down, incorporating enticing design elements to entice travelers. 

This travel blog now includes a chat widget at the bottom for seamless communication with customer care, making the experience more personalized.

A sticky menu bar remains readily accessible as users explore the site. The thoughtfully integrated form simplifies the booking process, allowing travelers to register check-in and check-out dates effortlessly.

Bella Vista is user-friendly for those who want to plan and book accommodations through this well-designed travel website.

5. Pack Up + Go - Best Travel Website Design Examples
Source: Pack upgo

Pack Up + Go is a travel website tailored for spontaneous exploration of the US. With a jacked ice, black, and white color scheme against a clean white background, Pack Up + Go is one of the design examples.

Engage seamlessly with the travel experience by subscribing to their newsletter through a strategically placed pop-up box. 

The black curved edge call-to-action button boldly says book your vacation, inviting users to embark on a journey with simplicity and spontaneity. 

Pack Up + Go design harmonizes visual appeal with user-friendly features, making it a standout choice for those seeking adventure and surprises in their travels.

Classic Travel Connection transforms vacations into extraordinary experiences. I love the use of a clean white background as a canvas for a carousel of high-quality pictures above the fold, showcasing enticing destinations.

Engaging visitors effectively, social media icons on the menu bar connect users with the broader travel community, fostering user engagement.

This travel website integrates a live chat widget, allowing users to interact and inquire about various aspects of their journey.

This stunning web page goes beyond showcasing destinations, ensuring every visitor finds the information they need for a memorable vacation experience.

7. Poe Travel - Best Travel Website Design Examples
Source: Poe travel

Poe Travel positions itself as an easy and rewarding approach to booking through travel advisors. The light coral, white, and black color scheme against a clean white background sets an inviting tone. 

High-quality pictures showcase popular destinations, while the inclusion of city guides distinguishes this website from other travel platforms.

The bottom-of-the-page map helps visitors locate Poe Travel, enhancing user experience. Beyond a mere booking platform, this website is a trusted travel advisor, providing services and valuable insights into various cities and sought-after destinations. 

8. Earth + Ocean Travel Co - Best Travel Website Design Examples
Source: Earth-ocean

Earth + Ocean Travel Co specializes in crafting memorable experiences for destination weddings, groups, honeymoons, and retreats.

This travel website invites users with a high-quality aerial view of a beach above the fold, setting the stage for an enticing exploration of vacation spots. 

I love how the web design features a white background and clear pictures of multiple attractive locations, helping simplify the traveler's decision-making process.

Social media icons on the menu bar connect visitors to a broader community, enhancing engagement with this travel-centric platform.

9. The Sofia Log - Best Travel Website Design Examples
Source: The sofia log

The Sofia Log is a website capturing the essence of Sophie's diverse passions. I love the Jasmine white and black color scheme as it complements the clean, clear pictures, showcasing high-quality photography and emphasizing a thoughtful web design.

This travel website footer features social media icons, allowing visitors to stay connected with Sophie's adventures. A strategically placed pop-up form encourages engagement, requesting email addresses for newsletter subscriptions.

Enthusiasts receive regular updates and enjoy high-quality images from this sailor, ballerina, pyromaniac, and environmental scientist's salty soul.

Chasing Buffaloes And Beyond is a website narrating the explorations and adventures of a travel-loving family with its brand's story through stunning photos. The card layout on this website elegantly showcases pictures of the locations this family visits.

A clean white background invites visitors to join their journey. I love the strategic placement of social media icons at the bottom of the page. These social media icons ensure easy connectivity.

There is a captivating large picture of nature above the fold that captures attention and reflects the significant investments in creating a visually engaging travel experience.

A Way Abroad, the ultimate resource for women dreaming of a life abroad, stands out with its thoughtfully designed travel website. 

The white, orange, and pale Robin egg blue color scheme creates a visually appealing backdrop, complementing the artistic picture of a happy traveler. 

Navigating the site is easy with a sticky menu bar, ensuring visitors seamlessly explore the content and resources A Way Abroad offers.

This travel website design captures attention and caters to the needs of those seeking information and inspiration for a life abroad.

Home Sweet Home's travel website offers potential customers a welcoming and visually appealing experience. An old restored farmhouse against a clean white background suggests a blend of authenticity and modernity, creating a visually pleasing contrast. 

There is a helpful map that assists users with trip planning. This travel website has a white background and clear pictures, enhancing the user experience. 

Home Sweet Home ensures that visitors can easily reach the destinations they offer by providing all of their contacts on the footer.

Sea Breeze Panormos perfectly blend classical Cycladic style with modern functionality. This tour company website communicates an authentic island feel with whitewashed walls and stone elements. 

The white background provides a clean canvas, while the sticky menu bar ensures easy navigation. Additionally, the social media icon widget remains fixed, allowing users to stay connected as they scroll down. 

An embedded map enhances user experience, helping them locate Sea Breeze Panormo's beautiful properties. 

This travel website ski

Milk + Honey Travels, experts in individual, inspired, and imaginative travel, present their expertise through a website designed for seamless exploration. 

Against a clean white background and black text, beautiful photos capture key information, enticing visitors with glimpses of destinations like African safaris.

Strategically placed on the header, social media icons facilitate easy connection, inviting users to delve into a community of like-minded travelers. 

This travel website design, adorned with high-quality pictures, invites exploration. A rectangular Contact Us CTA button makes it effortless for visitors to embark on their personalized journey with Milk + Honey Travels.

All-Inclusive Vacations Search is a seasoned travel agency with over 30 years in hospitality. This travel website design is for seamless international travel exploration. 

I love its white and bright orange color scheme and sticky menu bar, creating an inviting landing page. 

This travel website uses a white background that enhances readability. The transparent call-to-action buttons, urging users to call us now, reflect a commitment to accessible and personalized service. 

I love how the graphic design ensures a user-friendly experience, guiding visitors through the wealth of expertise All-Inclusive Vacations Search brings to travel.

16. The Berlin Storyteller - Best Travel Website Design Examples
Source: Private-tour

Dennis Behnke, The Berlin Storyteller, invites prospective travelers to explore Berlin through the carefully crafted design of this website. 

The navy blue and white color scheme exudes sophistication, complementing high-definition pictures of iconic locations in Berlin. 

I love how this travel website design incorporates a sticky menu bar and a striking navy blue call-to-action button, directing visitors seamlessly to the available tours. 

This user-friendly platform ensures a smooth experience for those seeking private tours in Berlin, focusing on simplicity and visual appeal.

17. Grand Forest Metsovo - Best Travel Website Design Examples
Source: Grand-forest

Grand Forest Metsovo travel website beckons visitors with eye-catching photos showcasing the natural beauty and its connection to the hotel. The high-quality and clear pictures provide a vivid glimpse into the charm of this destination. 

This travel website design includes a sticky menu bar for easy navigation. A hamburger menu on the menu bar helps with additional options, linking to other parts of the website. On getting to the homepage, a strategically placed pop-up box unveils exclusive offers.

World of Wanderlust invites you to embark on thrilling adventures and explore travel destinations across the entire continent. 

This travel website design, characterized by a clean white, black, and brown color scheme, creates an elegant and inviting atmosphere. 

A sticky menu bar ensures easy navigation, allowing users to browse through captivating travel stories. World of Wanderlust prioritizes user engagement by featuring a pop-up box with an email field. 

By inputting your email address, you can join their mailing list, staying connected with the latest travel updates, destination highlights, and exclusive offers from the travel agent.

The Bucket List Family is a great website where a white background sets the exact feeling for an immersive experience.

Above the fold, stunning images paint a vivid picture of their global adventures, while high-quality pictures throughout the site bring their family travel journalism to life.

This travel website is a visual delight, offering more than just information. With social media icons neatly placed on the footer, users can easily connect and share the captivating journeys of the family.

Immerse yourself in The Bucket List Family, where a seamless blend of website design and stunning images makes every virtual visit an enchanting travel experience.

Aperture Tours, specializing in professional photography guided tours, showcases its expertise through a website designed for all levels of enthusiasts. 

Against a clean white background, this site presents clear, good-looking pictures of locations arranged in an engaging card layout.

Aperture Tours proudly displays logos of magazines and TV stations it features in, spanning many industries. 

This travel website offers almost half of its tours in diverse locations, including the vibrant landscapes of live Africa, making it a reliable guide.

Under30Experiences welcomes young travelers with a vibrant parsley, white, and pink color scheme at first glance. 

This travel website design plays a huge role in travel accessibility, featuring a pop-up box offering a discount, and encouraging visitors to visit exciting destinations. 

With a thoughtful chat widget and a unique logo serving as the homepage and refresh button, this travel website creates an engaging and user-friendly experience. 

Pictures of different locations and descriptions are in the card layout, making it easy to understand which locations the visitor is looking at.

Get Your Guide, connecting millions of travelers with unforgettable experiences worldwide, offers a vibrant website design. 

As visitors scroll, catchy animations engage, helping potential customers understand the depth of available adventures. 

Against a crisp white background, a royal blue curved CTA button invites exploration, encouraging others to join this dynamic journey. 

The Portland Orange, white, and royal blue color scheme creates a visually appealing backdrop for travelers to embark on their next unforgettable experience.

Jon’s Carmel Market Cooking Class and Food Tour takes you on a cultural journey with its website design. The white and Persian red color scheme and a clean white background create a visually inviting homepage. 

Clean, clear pictures and a sticky menu bar enhance the user experience. Personal stories are woven into the photos, showcasing the unique touch of this mother-daughter photography team. 

A video on the homepage features the Israeli mentality, offering a dynamic preview of Jon's immersive culinary experience. This website beautifully captures the essence of the tour through its thoughtful design elements.

24. Bouteco - Best Travel Website Design Examples
Source: Bouteco

Bouteco travel website, a purpose-led non-profit consultancy, showcases trusted sustainable luxury travel content. As you scroll, high-quality images of different locations unfold, inviting exploration with captivating visuals. 

A transparent rectangular CTA button encourages users to explore Bouteco loves, guiding them through the commitment to authentic and greenwash-free storytelling of the website. 

Users can easily find contact information, a newsletter sign-up, and social media icons on the footer, enhancing engagement with this platform dedicated to sustainable travel experiences.

25. Inward Travel - Best Travel Website Design Examples
Source: Inward travel

Inward Travel Experiences is a travel website example that showcases a dynamic design. I love how this homepage immediately captures attention with a compelling video above the fold, featuring enthusiasts immersing themselves in invigorating cold water activities. 

This company’s logo cleverly serves as both the home and refresh button, adding a touch of seamless navigation to this tourism website. 

A practical sticky menu bar enhances user accessibility, staying fixed as visitors explore the diverse offerings. This travel website has a prominent green rectangular-shaped CTA button that beckons users to take action.

Richmond Hills is a travel website that invites exploration of vibrant offerings, spotlighting great restaurants and captivating entertainment. 

This travel web design features a soothing palette of pale olive green, sky blue, and light tan, creating an inviting atmosphere for visitors.

With a user-friendly interface, this travel site boasts a sticky menu bar, ensuring easy navigation while exploring the diverse attractions. 

The clear pictures complemented by simple text font enhance the overall visual appeal, providing an enjoyable experience for users discovering the charm of Richmond Hill. 

Selective Potential, home to blogger Tieka, offers an excellent example of a travel website design. Against a clean white background, potential customers can easily navigate through Tieka's Michigan lighthouse adventures. 

Social media icons on the menu bar encourage engagement, while a brown curved shape CTA button, inviting users to read more, enhances the overall user experience. 

Explore with Tieka and discover the beauty of Michigan lighthouses through this thoughtfully designed platform.

28. Echo Fitness - Best Travel Website Design Examples
Source: Echo-fitness

Echo Fitness goes beyond conventional exploration by focusing on nutritional options and functional fitness, emphasizing their vital role in sustainable overall health. 

This web design uses a crisp white background and a calming color scheme of white, sky blue, and black, providing a visually soothing experience for visitors.

Whether you want to visit Australia or explore the travel industry, its social media icons are conveniently on the menu bar, encouraging users to connect and stay updated. 

The clean and clear pictures throughout the site enhance its aesthetic appeal and serve as a visual guide. This travel agency website offers a unique blend of fitness exploration and sustainable well-being.

Travel Website Examples FAQ

How Do I Write a Travel and Tourism Website?

To create a compelling travel and tourism website, focus on showcasing unique things visitors can experience, separate yourself from other websites with your own unique storytelling, and craft content that helps potential customers understand the destination's allure.

What are Tourism Websites?

Tourism websites are platforms with eye-catching photos to entice visitors to discover interesting locations and attractions. These sites often provide information on language exchanges, offering a comprehensive guide for travelers.

What are the Best Website Builders for a Travel Site?

Wix and Squarespace are excellent website builders for a travel site, offering diverse site features that effectively communicate unique experiences. Whether you are a mother-daughter photographer team or an individual adventurer, these platforms provide user-friendly tools to build your own travel site.

What Should I Include in a Tourism and Travel Site?

Craft a comprehensive tourism and travel site by including captivating destination descriptions, vibrant visuals, travel itineraries, and user-friendly navigation for a seamless visitor experience.

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