13 Inspiring Student Portfolio Examples

Updated Aug 20, 2023.

Are you searching for the best ideas to design your student portfolio website or convert your physical portfolios into digital ones? With a well-designed portfolio, your chances of impressing potential employers are higher.

Designing a student portfolio doesn’t have to be a time-consuming and expensive task. You can create the best portfolios without spending a fortune by learning from the best student portfolios and using website builders like Squarespace and Wix.

This article covers the 13 best student portfolio website examples you can use for inspiration and to make the designing process seamless.

Let’s get started.

1. Kantwon - Inspiring Student Portfolio Example
Source: Kantwon

Kantwon is a computer science Ph.D. student and instructor at Georgia Tech. This student website page is full of fun and interactive elements like high-quality images, emojis, visual arts, engaging text, and a bright color scheme. 

His portfolio’s content features his past work experience and personal touches to attract potential clients and employers. 

My personal favorite is the inspirational Youtube section and his case studies that got published. With these contents, he has a higher chance of convincing potential employees that he is up to any task given to him.

2. Elena Chaikin - Inspiring Student Portfolio Example
Source: Elena chaikin

Elena Chaikin has a bachelor’s degree in fiction writing from Columbia College, Chicago. She loves and has a deep understanding of fields like advertising, branding work, and illustration.

The first catchy element which is a self-reflection of Elena Chaikin is her illustration. In addition, the parallax scrolling effect makes navigating through her website fun and adventurous.

Her one-page student portfolio website focuses on all her projects by displaying them in a two-column grid-like format. Each project layout has an image and title for easy identification.

3. Akshita Verma - Inspiring Student Portfolio Example
Source: Akshita verma

Akshita Verma has one of the best student portfolios with information about her learning journey and work samples in various fields.

Her student's website displays eye-catching images and vital information about her achievements in the classroom and beyond. I love how she uses bright colors and stylish fonts to give her website that fun and feminine vibe. 

Using a horizontal navigation bar and multiple CTAs to showcase her projects and help visitors to gain knowledge about her is brilliant.

4. Dayla Baron - Inspiring Student Portfolio Example
Source: Dalya baron

Dayla Baron is a graduate student at the Tel Aviv University Astrophysics Department. Her course centers around active galactic nuclei and their role in galaxy evolution. She works on machine learning algorithms and their application to astronomical datasets. 

The home page welcomes visitors with a stunning high-quality photo and a brief introduction that focus on her personal and academic life.

I love how she arranges her content, academic projects, and professional experience, in organized sections with clear headers and citations to aid easy identification.

Lauren Sheldon loves graphic design and she is a visual communicator currently living in Savannah.

Her home page has a minimalistic, clean web design with stylish fonts and an engaging writing style. She welcomes visitors with a brief introduction about what he does, eye-catching foggy gray letters, and her love for graphic design. 

The hero section features two call-to-action buttons that link to the contact and portfolio page. You can use the contact form at the button on the page to reach Lauren Sheldon.

6. Eva Zaharakos - Inspiring Student Portfolio Example
Source: Eva zaharakos

Eva Zaharakos is a product design student in Detroit Mi, with a minor in art history and interests in CMF, sustainability. As an art student, she loves creating cool art and uses her portfolio to display her creative process and final results.

I love how she uses her homepage as a showroom for her project. The content is displayed using a vertical layout in a thumbnail format linking to other pages. 

Potential employees can access her resume and LinkedIn profile through the sticky navigation bar at the top of the site.

7. Kayla Padilla - Inspiring Student Portfolio Example
Source: Kayla padilla

Kayla Padilla is a bright student studying Finance and Management at the University of Pennsylvania. Beyond academic work, she loves having fun, and her career interests center around tech, sports, and music.

Her portfolio website has multiple pages that contain necessary information about her skills, projects, and resume which potential employers find valuable.

The home page features a slideshow of inspiring quotes for her idols. I like how she uses a bright color scheme which includes white, nice blue, and rock blue as its dominant colors.

8. Mingxi (Sissi) Wu - Inspiring Student Portfolio Example
Source: Sissi wu

Mingxi (Sissi) Wu is studying Information Science at the University of Michigan and is in love with UX Research and Design. Her student website has a minimalistic design with an eye-casting hero picture of Mingxi at the beach to create an aura of fun and excitement. 

I like how she uses her website to display her best work in UX Design and Research. Interested visitors can use the transparent navigation bar to check out professional online portfolios by clicking on any of the links at the top of the site.

Lauren Hung is a product designer, maker, and sketcher and a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University. She designs for human connections through multimodal experiences.

I love how she displays her best projects below the introduction section, making it easy for visitors to explore the site productively.

The black-colored site footer features links to her resume, email, and Linkedin pages which display information about some of her projects.

10. Roxine Kee - Inspiring Student Portfolio Example
Source: Roxine kee

Roxine Kee is a creative writer that specializes in web3, creativity, and the creator economy. This student website portfolio features a stunning picture of Roxine Kee with a friendly text about who she is and what she does.

Visitors can use the user-friendly navigation bar to access various aspects of the website. Interested visitors can click the white-colored CTA to subscribe to her newsletter.  

There is a sea of text that features content about her student progress and where she is presently in her skill level. 

11. Marino Franulovic - Inspiring Student Portfolio Example
Source: Franulovic

Marino Franulovic is a digital enthusiast who loves technology and marketing. He specializes in digital marketing, no-code, and automation. 

With the hamburger navigation bar visitors can visit various aspects of this website to gain more insight about his various projects. I love that he uses a two-column layout to display content about what he does.

I love how the testimonial section features heartwarming reviews from clients that have worked with Marino Franulovic. This element is important in establishing his credibility and building trust among potential clients and employers.

Lacie Dague Haarmann has a bachelor's degree in art with a minor in marketing from Eastern Illinois University. She is a skilled and passionate freelance graphic designer with various projects to display her expertise.

I love that her portfolio page has a clean and colorful design layout with stylish and engaging text which makes every element stand out. You can contact her seamlessly by clicking the desert sand-colored call-to-action button. 

The page features a testimonial section that contains positive customer reviews for credibility purposes.

13. Onyekachi - Inspiring Student Portfolio Example
Source: Onyekachi

Onyekachi Nwabueze is a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University. She studied at the Human-Computer Interaction Institute of the School of Computer Science in 2021.

She has a very interactive website with cool, welcoming animation, motion graphics, and high-quality images. I love the way the hero images change when you scroll.

As a product designer, she showcases her collection of groundbreaking achievements, learning processes, and the projects she is working on. 

I love how she uses black and white backgrounds on her multi-page website to give it a sophisticated and adventurous vibe.

Best Student Portfolio Websites FAQs

What are Student Portfolios? 

Every student portfolio displays the learning process. A student portfolio is a detailed collection of a student’s works and projects compiled over time to showcase a learner's progress, skills, and achievements. Professional student portfolios will contain project work samples, case studies, and complicated assignments.

What are the Best Digital Student Portfolios?

Various digital student portfolios are engaging and inspiring, but not all of them will top the chart. Here are some outstanding digital student portfolios you should consider, Kayla Padilla, Mingxi (Sissi) Wu, Akshita Verma, Kantwon, Elena Chaikin, Onyekachi, Dayla Baron, and Lauren Sheldon portfolio.

How Do You Create a Student Portfolio?

Creating a student portfolio is not as difficult as it sounds. Here are some steps you must follow to get the perfect portfolio website. Determine the purpose of the portfolio, create an evaluation plan, organize the portfolio, select the portfolio content, your resume, a personal statement outlining your professional goals, and recommendations and testimonials from credible sources.

What are the Best Student Portfolio Website Builders?

The best student portfolio website builders are Squarespace and Wix. These website builders have various features such as custom templates, drag-and-drop options, and site-building tools. With these features, you can seamlessly create a state-of-the-student portfolio website that's sure to grab the attention of potential employers. 

What Should You Include in a Student Portfolio? 

The content of a student portfolio depends on the type of portfolio a student wants to create. You can add various work and project samples, eye-catching photographs, writing pieces, reflective journaling, artworks resume, social media links, book covers, and self-assessment content.

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