42 of the Best Startup Websites to Inspire Your Own

Updated Sep 25, 2023.

Every startup needs a well-designed and user-friendly website or landing page to attract traffic and sales and stand out from other businesses. Your startup website is one of your best marketing tools to show potential visitors what your brand does.

Designing a start state-of-the-art startup website involves testing and experimenting with different web design elements and placements to get your desired result.

You don’t need to be an expert in web design or hire a professional to design a great startup website. The best website builders like Squarespace and Wix provide you with templates and easy-to-use tools to design your own site.

This article explores the 42 best startup website examples where you can learn multiple web design lessons even if you are new to web design.

1. Cinera - Best Startup Website Example
Source: Cinera

Cinera’s mission is to revitalize the significant screen experience outside the movie theater, allowing movie lovers to enjoy movies with the highest quality and comfort. This excellent example of a great website stands out in the full-width display of its latest product. 

Attracting site visitor's interest is the visually engaging color scheme serving as background for different sections on the home page. 

I like how the entire Cinera website displays all the specifications of its products extensively on the home page, within reach of its target audience.

Upstate Laundromat is a modern, upscale laundromat based in Greenville, South Carolina on a mission to change the laundromat experience. One of the best startup website designs, Upstate Laundromat sticks to a centralized layout for its site’s content. 

An extensive FAQ section on a separate section on the homepage provides visitors with ready answers to potential questions. You can’t miss the Google-based reviews from past clients that serve as social proof to potential clients. 

3. Minna - Best Startup Website Example
Source: Drink minna

Minna is a tea brewing company focusing on using GMO-free health ingredients, with no added sugar or sweeteners. This top startup website displays refreshing images of its canned products extensively in its hero section, serving as a refreshing hero image. 

Throughout the site’s homepage, Minna displays eye-catching graphics of its products as its top social media marketing strategy. I like how the Minna website design is innovative, using the color of its product cans as a background for each product displayed on the homepage.

4. V-Labs - Best Startup Website Example
Source: V labs

V-Labs creates virtual meeting enhancement tools to help businesses and remote teams bridge the gap between the virtual and the physical world. One of the top startup website examples, this visually appealing website attracts visitor attention with colorful shapes. 

The entire V-Labs website homepage features dots and colorful shapes on its plain white background, one of its elegant themes. I like how the V-Labs website alternates between images and colorful shapes, making the home page engaging to site visitors.

5. TinySeed - Best Startup Website Example
Source: Tinyseed

TinySeed’s mission is to multiply the world’s population of independent, self-sustaining startups, helping startups find their feet early. One of the best startup websites, TinySeed welcomes visitors with several video backgrounds stacked up in its site’s hero section. 

The entire TinySeed website sticks to an extensive Ebony Clay background with shaped dots displayed over the homepage, adding a nice touch. 

I love how the client testimonials section sticks to the same design structure as its home page, with images divided by a Light Olive Green line.

6. KeyNest - Best Startup Website Example
Source: Keynest

KeyNest offers secure and simple key exchanges for Airbnb hosts, serviced apartment operators, and estate agents. The hero section displays two sets of keys, each linked by a long arrow line, providing a brief overview of what the business is about.

A chat feature in the logo’s Green-Blue color is pinned on the site’s homepage, serving as the site’s online communication channel.

You will find logos of clients and brands that endorse KeyNest in separate sections on the homepage, displayed in a centralized black-and-white color scheme.

7. ADYOUNEED - Best Startup Website Example
Source: Adyouneed

ADYOUNEED is in the business of helping its clients create powerful ads from its easy-to-use platform. One of the great startup website examples, ADYOUNEED provides users with an online experience of its platform. 

A centralized header menu is pinned to the homepage, displaying menu options to help visitors easily navigate the site. Displayed are stacked-up testimonials from past clients cut across the brands' social media platforms, serving as social proof.

8. Loom - Best Startup Website Example
Source: Loom

Loom is on a mission to bring video messaging to the world, empowering everyone at work to communicate more effectively wherever they are. This beautiful startup website uses the Meteorite color from its logo as its site’s predominant color. 

Responsive images and high-quality videos are the recurring theme of the Loom website design, making every one of its website visits worthwhile. 

Displayed beneath the hero section is a black-and-white moving slideshow of logos of top companies that chose Loom, a top marketing strategy.

9. Apothekary - Best Startup Website Example
Source: Apothekary

Apothekary believes in a better way to heal, empowering a more natural way of life through vetted herbal remedies, holistic education, and personalized telemedicine. 

One of the best startup websites, the Apothekary website announces its latest offering via a colorful slideshow in its hero section. 

A soft color scheme is visible throughout the site’s homepage, making the site’s content more engaging for website visitors. I like how Apothekary categorizes its products with a search feature displayed as text in the sticky header menu for easy access. 

10. Minta - Best Startup Website Example
Source: Minta

Minta is an all-in-one automated creative platform for your store marketing goals, helping build the future of creative marketing using generative AI. 

A centralized “Start for Free” call-to-action button stands out in the site’s hero section, surrounded by social media icons with varying colored backgrounds. 

You will find logos of well-known brands that trust Minta displayed in a centralized layout, adding color to the plain white background. I love how Minta displays testimonials from past clients in a slideshow, serving as social proof to potential customers.

11. January - Best Startup Website Example
Source: January

January believes every day is a fresh start, getting healthy is a team sport, and small steps add up to big change. This great website displays images of the app’s capabilities, providing visitors with an idea of what the brand is about. 

Beneath the hero section is a black-and-white display of logos of top brands January has been featured in, helping build confidence in the brand. Testimonials of past clients displayed on a black-and-white color scheme stand out on a full-width appetizing image background. 

12. PlayHT - Best Startup Website Example
Source: Playht

PlayHT is an AI voice generator with realistic text-to-speech, helping its users generate AI voices that are indistinguishable from human voices. This great startup website example uses a predominantly dark theme for its web design, with a clean user interface.

Texts in White fonts on a black background give its site’s web design a black-and-white color scheme, consistent with the message icon pinned on the homepage. I love how the Dark Mint Green color of the logo adds color to the mainly black-and-white website design. 

13. Vaayu Tech - Best Startup Website Example
Source: Vaayu

Vaayu Tech is the world’s first automated carbon software for retailers to measure, monitor, and reduce their carbon footprint in real time. 

One of the best startup websites, the Chartreuse color stands out on the site’s consistent Pale Slate-colored background, the site’s top selling point. 

Logos of top brands that trust Vaayu Tech and companies that have featured the brand are visible in Chartreuse-colored circles, surrounding texts in black. I like how each section links with the next, treating visitors to a user-friendly website design. 

14. Consolto - Best Startup Website Example
Source: Consolto

Consolto is on a mission to help freelancers and small and medium businesses thrive in a hyper-competitive business world unfairly stacked against them. One of the best startup websites, the Consolto website displays a soft color scheme throughout its home page.

A centralized five-column layout display of Consolto’s advanced features is visible on the site’s consistent White Smoke-colored background. A Let’s Talk chat feature pinned to the homepage serves as the site’s online communication channel. 

15. WOXO - Best Startup Website Example
Source: Woxo

WOXO provides its users with a set of technological tools and widgets, that allow them to create professional content and build their digital presence. 

One of its startup website design's consistent features is its clear call-to-action buttons, standing out in their Lavender Indigo colored background. 

Displayed on a separate section on the site’s home page is a vertical listing of game-changing features in WOXO’S arsenal, alongside eye-catching images. 

I like how there are circular and bubble-like shapes at different points on the homepage, adding an aesthetic touch to the site’s centralized web design.

Knapsack is a Squarespace-certified website builder offering its customers the best design experience its experienced team can provide. This great startup website example treats visitors to a preamble of what to expect from their own business website. 

Standing out and attracting visitors' attention are high-quality images and a soft color scheme, giving its site a visually engaging look. Easily distinguishable are the site’s call-to-action buttons standing out in the logo’s Pale Carmine color.

17. Hire Runner - Best Startup Website Example
Source: Hire runner

Hire Runner connects people with inclusive companies, helping businesses add the people their team needs. This small business website example uses a minimalistic web design, displaying minimal aesthetics. 

A Find Talent call-to-action button takes center stage in the site’s hero section, standing out in its Persian Indigo background on the site’s plain white background. 

The footer section background is consistent with the site’s sticky header menu displaying navigation texts and social media icons. 

18. MonetaGo - Best Startup Website Example
Source: Monetago

MonetaGo uses world-leading innovation and cutting-edge technology to provide fraud detection and prevention solutions for global finance and trade ecosystems.

One of the top startup website examples, MonetaGo displays the Congress Blue color as the site’s predominant color.

Beneath the hero section is a slideshow display of logos of industry bodies and partners MonetaGo works with, helping build the brand’s online presence.

I love how MonetaGo displays testimonials from past clients on the site’s homepage in a slideshow format, with arrow icons helping with navigation.

19. Dropps - Best Startup Website Example
Source: Dropps

Dropps is a company offering environmentally friendly and toxic-free household cleaning products to its customers. This great startup website example uses a modern website design, displaying the Blueberry Blue color as the site’s predominant color. 

The call-to-action buttons on the Dropps website are consistent with the site’s predominant color, displaying a unique font over a Blueberry Blue colored background. I love how the testimonial section displays before and after images to give visitors a clearer view. 

20. Feastables - Best Startup Website Example
Source: Feastables

Feastable is one of the best catchy website examples with a great startup design that makes it stand out among other small businesses. Welcoming visitors is a colorful slideshow of images showcasing creativity and bold designs from the hero section. 

The color scheme on the Feastables website is beautiful, displaying different shades of colors throughout the site’s homepage. Bold typography is another design element that makes its web design unique, sticking to bold font colors. 

21. RightMessage - Best Startup Website Example
Source: Right message

RightMessage helps its clients segment and survey their visitors, sync, and deliver fully personalized experiences across their business websites. 

The entire RightMessage website is a great example of an educative platform, displaying content that helps shed light on the brand’s mission. 

Attached to the bottom of the hero section are black-and-white logos of companies that RightMesage has worked with on a White Smoke background. 

Displayed above the footer section are colorful logos of brands RightMessage integrates with on a Grey-colored background. 

22. Cameo - Best Startup Website Example
Source: Cameo

Cameo is a platform that connects fans with their favorite stars, providing access to thousands of celebrities and sending personalized video messages. This great startup website sticks to a dark theme for its website design, making its site’s content more appealing. 

Displayed are text-based and video reviews from past clients, helping visitors visualize the platform better. I like how Cameo categorizes its website, displaying images of popular professionals to headline each category.

23. Brooklinen - Best Startup Website Example
Source: Brooklinen

Brooklinen aims to deliver simple, beautiful, and high-quality home essentials at a fair price. One of the best startup websites, the Brooklinen website incorporates its goals into its web design, sticking to a simple and beautiful website design. 

A soft color scheme is visible as visitors scroll through the site’s homepage, making the high-quality images of products more appealing. 

Brooklinen’s site arrangement is one feature that makes it stand out, making it easy for visitors to locate specific items via a search feature. 

24. Attentive - Best Startup Website Example
Source: Attentive

Attentive prides itself as the world’s leading SMS marketing platform, helping businesses send smarter campaigns, leading to faster conversions, and higher ROI. 

A chat feature serves as the site’s online communication channel in a black-and-white color scheme consistent with the site’s call-to-action buttons. 

I love the display of excerpts from the Attentive blog page on the homepage in a three-column layout, with animated images capturing visitors’ attention. I like how the Attentive alternates between font types, making the site’s content more engaging to read.

25. Primer - Best Startup Website Example
Source: Primer

Primer is a platform created to assist ambitious kids in unlocking their potential through learning at their own pace and focusing on their passion. 

One of the best startup websites with a straightforward website design, the centralized layout in the hero section leaves white space all around. 

Visitors and users get access to extensive information that makes Primer different, aiming to convince them to apply and enroll. Helping put perspective are videos from students and parents displayed in a three-column layout, serving as social proof.

26. Blok Watches - Best Startup Website Example
Source: Blok watches

Blok Watches is a top kiddie watch brand offering handsome, accurate, useful, and barracuda-proof watches. This great startup website example welcomes visitors to a colorful full-width slideshow of some of its watches in its hero section. 

Attached to each slideshow display is a clear call-to-action button on a Sapphire background, consistent with the site’s other call-to-action buttons. 

An Instagram-linked section is visible in the site’s footer section, standing out on a Sapphire-colored background.

27. xMoney - Best Startup Website Example
Source: Xmoney

xMoney prides itself on the world’s digital payments network, offering a unified gateway to the future of payments. Welcoming site visitors via the hero section on a colorful Daisy Bush background are bold numbers detailing where the brand stands on contact sales. 

Beneath the hero section, the xMoney website displays several informative sections easily distinguishable by the Daisy Bush background on the dark-theme homepage. 

I like how the xMoney website does an excellent job of showcasing the brands' services using a stacked-up interactive feature on the home page. 

28. BlueReceipt - Best Startup Website Example
Source: Blue receipt

BlueReceipt is a technology company building conversational infrastructure for brands and supporting businesses in creating a simple hub for their marketing automation. 

A top startup brand with an exciting website, BlueReceipt displays tech-related content throughout its site’s home page. 

The ArtyClick Deep Sky Blue and White colors from its logo are the basis of its website design, easily recognizable as the background color for call-to-action buttons. Easily visible are testimonials from past clients displayed in a boxed four-column layout. 

29. Shortcut - Best Startup Website Example
Source: Shortcut

Shortcut helps its clients unite planning and development in a single experience with tightly integrated Docs, issue tracking, sprint planning, and roadmap features. 

The hero section of the Shortcut startup website is welcoming, with a colorful display of the brand story using texts and screenshot images.

Logos of modern software teams are visible in a separate section on the homepage in a moving slideshow format. Consistent throughout the site’s homepage is the Mirage-colored background, making the site’s content more appealing to site visitors.

30. Krochet Kids - Best Startup Website Example
Source: Krochet kids

Krochet Kids exists to empower people to rise above poverty, with its products serving as a means to spread the good word of hope and empowerment. 

This beautiful startup website welcomes site visitors with a half-width hero video of a child rocking one of the brand’s products. 

Beneath the stacked-up hero section is a display of the brand’s products in a four-column layout on a plain white background. Consistent on the site’s homepage are CTA buttons in their black-and-white color scheme.

31. Realworld - Best Startup Website Example
Source: Realworld

Realworld is on a mission to simplify adulthood with the firm belief that life is a journey that should not be embarked on alone. One of the great startup websites, Realworld treats visitors to a soft color scheme, consistent throughout its website design. 

Fun animations add to the aesthetics of the Realworld website design, giving its site a fun and interactive look. I love that the client testimonials section displays boxed quoted texts from past clients on an extensive Bondi Blue background.

32. Saie - Best Startup Website Example
Source: Saie

Saie creates products formulated by experts, backed by industry secrets, and made for beauty fans everywhere. 

You can’t help but admire the image and video excerpts from the Saie Instagram page displayed in a horizontal slideshow layout. The Periwinkle Grey color is the default color for Saie site’s background, some CTA buttons, and the sticky header menu. 

I love how the Saie website attaches reviews to each of its product offerings, allowing visitors to make informed and guided choices.

33. Patch - Best Startup Website Example
Source: Patch

Patch is a modern startup that works relentlessly to understand the levers that scale climate solutions and then goes out and builds on them. 

You can find the latest from the Patch blog on the site’s plain white background in a three-column layout, each linked directly to the blog page. The Patch startup website design makes its CTA buttons stand out in the Halloween Orange-colored background. 

I love the site’s sticky header menu, revealing hidden navigation texts alongside images using a drop-down menu feature

34. Promly - Best Startup Website Example
Source: Promly

Promly is a social ecosystem built to help users find their voice, connection, empowerment, opportunity, and support, all in one place. The site’s hero section displays several framed profile images from its website, adding to the design of the colorful hero section.

Beneath the hero section is a scan me feature that allows visitors to download the Promly app directly from the site’s homepage. 

Displayed all over the homepage are bold-colored section backgrounds on the site’s all-black background, adding color to the dark-themed website design.

35. Marlow - Best Startup Website Example
Source: Marlow

Marlow offers its customers comfort and adjustability through its one-for-all and all-in-one pillow offerings. The Elf Green color from its logo is a vital part of its startup website design, serving as the site’s predominant color.

The CTA buttons and select sections on the Marlow website display the Elf Green color as its background color, consistent with the site’s color theme. 

Beneath the hero section is a black-and-white display of the brand’s logos that Marlow has been featured in, serving as social proof. 

36. Unboxable - Best Startup Website Example
Source: Unboxable

Unboxable is a predictive hiring AI offering users a means to reverse their hiring funnel in 7 minutes. This beautiful startup website is consistent with its site’s background, sticking to a dark-theme website background.

A cookies icon is pinned on the homepage, giving visitors control of the site’s cookies, displayed in a black-and-white color scheme. Visible are several interactive elements treating visitors to different design elements as they scroll through the site’s homepage.

37. Winden - Best Startup Website Example
Source: Winden

Winden is building banking products and services to support the next generation of entrepreneurs. This simple startup website takes a modern design approach for its web design, displaying several interactive features.

You will find logos of entrepreneurs and businesses that trust Winden with their online banking needs displayed in black-and-white on a Ghost White color background.

I like how the Winden website homepage links each section with thin lines, adding a subtle touch to the site’s Ghost White background.

38. Reasonal - Best Startup Website Example
Source: Reason

Reasonal believes AI can make supply chains more efficient and simpler, delivering exceptional results, uplifts, and savings through accurate forecasts. This great startup website uses a minimalistic website design. 

The CTA buttons on the Reasonal website are consistent, and visible in a bold Lightning Yellow colored background. I like how Reasonal displays its content, leaving plenty of white space from the site’s plain white background.

39. Churn Buster - Best Startup Website Example
Source: Churn buster

Churn Buster is a deliberately small and fiercely determined startup business committed to serving eCommerce companies in the most impactful ways. This top startup website uses a straightforward web design, displaying bold typography

A chat feature is pinned to the homepage in a blue-and-white color scheme, serving as the site’s online communication channel. Displayed in unique sections on the homepage are quoted texts from the top company CEO, serving as the brand’s client testimonials.

40. Corebook - Best Startup Website Example
Source: Corebook

Corebook is on a mission to ensure that by 2025, fixed-format PDF brand guidelines will have become a thing of the past. This modern startup website is aesthetically pleasing with several eye-catching graphics and animated elements that capture the visitor's attention. 

The consistent all-black background gives the website a dark theme, making the colorful design elements more appealing to site visitors. I love the slanty fixed menu text at the left-hand side of the homepage, serving as one of the site’s top navigation features. 

41. Remotion - Best Startup Website Example
Source: Remotion

Remotion is a top LinkedIn ads agency delivering measurable, scalable, and repeatable results from growth-phase startups to IPOs. Colorful interconnected pipes link the dark-themed hero section with its Who We Are section, one of the site’s aesthetic design elements.

An animated color wheel takes center stage on a black background on the homepage, displaying testimonials on both sides as visitors scroll. 

I love the display of colorful logos of top B2B tech companies on an extensive white background in a four-column layout, serving as social proof.

42. Stamped - Best Startup Website Example
Source: Stamped

Stamped is a review and loyalty platform for eCommerce, helping brands establish credibility by building trust and giving customers a voice. One of the best startup websites, Stamped takes up a modern design to display all the details on its site’s home page. 

I love the display of customer testimonials in a slideshow format, each display linked to a black-and-white logo underneath. Displayed in a moving slideshow are boxed logos of top brands Stamped integrates with, helping guarantee customers about its services. 

Best Startup Website Examples FAQs

What Should I Put on My Startup Website?

Your startup should have a clear value proposition, clear call-to-action buttons, a bold headline, quality and compelling images, customer testimonials, and additional links among others. 

What Is a Startup Website?

A startup website is a platform for small businesses and established companies to reflect online what makes their brand stand out. It is an effective marketing resource and a cost-effective tool for informing customers about your brand and promoting your small business

What are the Best Startup Website Design Trends to Copy?

Scrolling effects, drag interactions, search engine optimization, and structured and kinetic typology are among the long list of design trends to emulate for your own startup website. Implementing several or all of these design trends helps build a good startup website that boosts your company’s online reputation. 

How Should a Startup Website Look Like?

A startup website should have a clean-cut design and minimal site structure, helping a potential customer focus attention on the business's big ideas. Keeping a startup website simple yet eye-catching ensures visitors' attention goes beyond the aesthetics displayed throughout the site to the content. 

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