Best Bluehost Websites of 2023 | 19 Inspiring Examples

Updated Sep 1, 2023.

Do you want to start building a website for your personal or business needs but don’t know where to start? Are you looking for the best and super fast web hosting platform to host multiple websites? Do you want to migrate your existing WordPress blog to a better web host?

Bluehost is one of the best web hosting services recommended by WordPress. You can use Bluehost’s beginner-friendly website builder tool to design a visually-appealing WordPress website.

This article covers the 19 best WordPress blogs and sites built with Bluehost you can draw inspiration from to create yours.

Sneaker Politics is a fashion retail brand offering clothing items from other big and notable brands on its Bluehost website. A top eCommerce online store, Sneaker Politics offers more than just sneakers, diversifying into other top and in-demand clothing choices.

The header menu in the Sneaker Politics business website is well designed, combining both texts and images to reveal its different categories. You can’t miss out on the chat icon offering online support and access to its FAQ section.

2. Courts - Bluehost Website Example
Source: Courts design

Courts uncomplicate the uncomplicated by helping to create, evolve, and grow brands by delivering creative marketing solutions that resonate. A top-tier company, Courts displays distinctive features that make it one of the best Bluehost websites. 

A nude man covered in creative covering on a nude color background welcomes visitors to Courts’ Bluehost website. Beneath the image are the success stories of some of Courts’ past clients displayed in a two-column layout, serving as the site’s client testimonial section.

Rooster Marketing is a performance-driven full-service marketing agency with one of the best Bluehost website examples. This marketing website is predominantly black-and-white, displaying black legible texts on an extensive white background. 

A promotional video welcomes visitors to the Rooster Marketing Bluehost website, the first media content seen on its homepage. 

Listed beneath the site’s welcome section is a list of some of the successful projects Rooster Marketing has been involved with, serving as social proof to potential customers. 

I love the contact features visible on the Rooster Marketing site, opening up a subscription form in a black-and-white color scheme

4. Epic - Bluehost Website Example
Source: Snow

Epic treats its customers to over 41 destinations for them to choose from in finding their perfect ski and ride destinations. One of the best websites hosted on Bluehost, Epic uses a simple and centralized layout for its site content. 

The header menu on the Epic site is extensive, displaying navigation headers alongside a search feature and a cart icon. Epic’s list of destinations is visible on its home page in a five-page slideshow format.

Another nice touch is the inclusion of video recordings taken from its resorts, maintaining the same slideshow structure as its destination listings.

Ranch Retriever Puppies is a family-owned and operated multi-generational farm and ranch with a major focus on raising retrievers. Images of retrievers are at the heart of the Ranch Retriever Puppies Bluehost website, with slideshow images serving as the site’s hero images. 

Beneath the hero image slideshow are two sets of navigation headers, with the first plain text with a drop-down menu feature. The other is navigation links embedded in images of retrievers, conforming to the brand’s identity.

6. Mari Suzuki - Bluehost Website Example
Source: Mari suzuki

Mari Suzuki is a food lover with a vision to create a world where everyone achieves and stays at their ideal weight, health, and happiness. One of the best Bluehost websites, Mari’s Bluehost website is easily accessible, using her name as her site’s domain name

Her food blog is one of the best Bluehost blog examples. I love how she displays YouTube video content, appetizing images, and animation on her site. Easily visible as imagery is a front page image of her Kitchen Wizard Flexiples book, an Amazon bestseller.

Social Scenes Photoboth announces itself as Southern California’s premier photo booth rental, with the text in bold white over its hero slideshow images

You can’t miss out on the two CTA buttons in Aquamarine Blue and Cadillac Pink backgrounds that prompt users to take action. Icons, and texts in an Aquamarine Blue and White color scheme tell the story of what Social Scenes Photobooth is about.

8. Hayah Beauty - Bluehost Website Example
Source: Hayah beauty

Hayah Beauty believes that looking good should be easy, offering users a hassle-free hairstyling and barbering experience. Opting for a single-page website design, the Hayah Beauty Bluehost is straightforward, leaving little room for scrolling. 

Two white CTA buttons stand out over an image of the interior of the Hayah Beauty shop, prompting users to book now and find their style. You can find social media icons and contact information in its announcement section above the header menu. 

9. Bustle - Bluehost Website Example
Source: Bustle

Bustle is the premier digital destination for young women, creating relatable and impactful dialogue through its extensive Bluehost website. 

Displayed extensively over the Bustle website are articles across different niches, with header texts distinguished in the Bustle’s Portland Orange color

The menu header at the top of the homepage reveals hidden information, listing out niches in a vertical layout. There is a search feature that makes it easier to locate specific articles. 

Satori is a British graphic designer with an avid passion for all things inspired by creativity, focusing on logo designs and brand identity projects. A seasoned design professional, Satori’s Bluehost website is a great example of a visually appealing website design. 

Taking center stage in a full-width layout are some of Satori’s designs directly from his online portfolio displayed in a slideshow format. The logos of each image design are centralized over the images. 

Adding color to the Satori Graphics Bluehost site are colorful images from Satori’s portfolio displayed in a two-column layout.

Women’s Leadership Network offers friendship, support, and direction, helping women around the world belong to a trusted sisterhood. The word trusted is underlined in the site’s Carmine Pink color, signifying the resolve of this brand to build trust. 

The CTA buttons in the sisterhood Bluehost site stand out in its Carmine Pink colored background. There is a search feature aiding easy navigation on the site, found in the header menu.

12. Vlogger Gear - Bluehost Website Example
Source: Vlogger gear

Vlogger Gear is a team of creative experts that provides the best gear guides, reviews, and resources to help people master the art of YouTube and vlogging. This Bluehost website is one of the best Bluehost blog examples, with a simple web design. 

Taking center stage on the Vlogger Gear Bluehost website are three centralized article cover images, with links to each article displayed underneath. Articles for different sections maintain the same centralized three-column layout, displaying links alongside.

13. Wes McDowell - Bluehost Website Example
Source: Wes mcdowell

Wes Dowell is a web strategist helping business owners clarify their message, generate more clients, and amplify their profits. Using bold statements and colors for its CTA buttons, Wes designs its website like he is having a real conversation with site visitors. 

He offers free resources to potential customers, a nice strategy to turn site visitors into loyal customers. Free video masterclasses and starter kits are the free resources users have access to on his Bluehost website. 

BandA Tech Solutions provides technology consulting and IT-managed services solutions for small businesses in West Michigan. A top-tier technology-based firm, potential clients' gaze is fixed on the hero video playing in the background. 

The Pickled Bluehood and Fountain Blue color scheme on the BandA Tech Solutions Bluehost website is outstanding, giving its site a visually appealing look. 

I love how the services section is unique, flipping over and revealing hidden information when the mouse cursor hovers.

Skin + Joints is a diverse, multidisciplinary team of frontline healthcare providers coming together to explore fresh, authentic, and snappy conversations with leading clinicians.

Displayed extensively in a five-column layout is a list of guest experts on the Skin + Joints podcast channel, alongside their images and specialization. The CTA button urging users to view more about the guests is consistent in its French Blue color background. 

I love the inclusion of a podcasting listening feature that allows site visitors to listen to the podcast's latest episode directly from the homepage.

Conservation Pays help to conserve water in the best possible way. An eco-friendly brand, Conservation Pays sticks to the natural colors of water for its web design, displaying Hercules Blue and Dark Cerulean colors

A wavy line feature is visible on the Conservation Pays site, imitating the waves visible on the sea. I love how the Conversation Pays displays logos of partners in a two-row horizontal layout on a separate section on its site.

The Western Farm Show is the Midwest’s best indoor farm show, with hundreds of exhibitors, and acres of things to do and see. A black-and-white half-screen image takes center stage on its site, displaying the date for its next show over it. 

The Leafy Green color from the Western Farm Show is visible throughout the site as a background for CTA buttons and its social media icons. 

I love how logos of some of the Western Farm Show sponsors appear on a white background in a four-column layout. 

18. Bump SEO - Bluehost Website Example
Source: Bump seo

Thomas is a freelance SEO specialist and the brain behind Bump SEO, a brand specializing in helping businesses stay relevant in a competitive world. The Bump SEO website is unique in its bold predominant logo color of Strong Blue

You will find slanting lines on Bump SEO that add a unique touch to its bold web design. Colorful logos of top clients take up significant space on its website in a centralized three-column layout.

19. Slash Monk - Bluehost Website Example
Source: Slash monk

Slash Monk prides itself as a one-stop destination for small business owners, corporates, and startups with a live text feature. One of the best Bluehost website examples, the Slash Monk site sticks to the Flame color from its logo as its site’s predominant color. 

The logo icon of a monk takes center stage over its live welcome text. Pinned to Slash Monk is an arrow navigation icon and a WhatsApp chat feature designed to improve the experience for old and new customers.

Best Bluehost Website Examples FAQs

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Bluehost is a domain-hosting provider helping you register, renew, and protect your personal information about your domain name. With Bluehost hosting, you get access to flexible hosting plans and one free domain name. 

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The Bluehost website builder integrates with WordPress, allowing its customers to make a professional website and customize and publish it with WordPress.

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The Bluehost website builder has quick-start smart templates that help users build their own site quickly and efficiently. Blluehost’s HTML templates offer customizable themes you can draw inspiration from to create your own website. 

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