20 Best Zyro Website Examples For 2024

Updated Sep 1, 2023.

Do you want to build a personal or small business website to boost your brand’s visibility and woo potential clients? Are you interested in redesigning your existing website to a faster and more responsive web design?

Zyro is one of the best website builders that provides users with eye-catching templates, an AI content creator, and many amazing easy-to-use tools. Despite being one of the cheapest website builders in the market, Zyro is great for building creative and feature-rich pages.

This article covers the 20 best Zyro website examples you can draw inspiration from when designing your own site.

Let’s get started.

1. Millaw Kids - Zyro Website Example
Source: Millaw kids

Millaw Kids is a children's brand set up with one goal in mind, making kids comfortable and free. Owned by a mom of two, the Millaw Kids website takes time to welcome visitors with a hero image of kids rocking the Millaw brand. 

The soft mercury color background of the hero image helps to bring out the beauty of the Millaw brand. A four-column layout displays the Millaw collection on its site, with the names and price tags visible beneath the image.

2. Stounson - Zyro Website Example
Source: Stounson

Steven Mollett, otherwise known as Stounson, is an artist and musician mixing neo-expressionism and pop art in his art pieces. This online shop displays a YouTube video from one of his vlogs bordered by two cover images of his latest works. 

The header text menu at the top of his homepage stands out in its Persian Blue color font. I love how this Zyro website uses extensive white space under its colorful images to give it a unique web design.

Open Bar Ghetto Gourmets is particular about promoting health and happiness through its uniquely tasty condiments. An image of the OBGG family taken in front of its kitchen building takes center stage, welcoming visitors to its online store. 

The Shop call-to-action button also stands out amid all the smiles and poses in the background in its black-and-white color scheme.

A nice touch from this website’s design is the inclusion of images of specific meals with text reviews from past customers that serve as glowing testimonials. 

I love how the Open Bar Ghetto Gourmets’ contact form and events calendar complete the unique and beautiful web design.

4. Fantasy Farms - Zyro Website Example
Source: Fantasy-farms

Fantasy Farms are nationwide Direct Stores Delivery experts, growers, and distributors with a strong partnership with FedEx, helping them reach wide destinations. 

A flower-based company, the color green appears everywhere as visitors access the Fantasy Farms’ Zyro website, visible from the leaves and the CTA button. 

As site visitors scroll, the Fantasy Farms’ website treats them to a virtual gallery of its products, displayed in a two-column layout.

Chris Felguerias is the founder of Get Hands Dirty, a small business built on the ideology that the universe is yours to make. Choosing black and white as predominant colors for her site, Get Hands Dirty displays plentiful CTA buttons on a Supernova-colored background

Beneath a dark-themed image of Chris welcoming visitors to her site with folded arms, the Gets Hands Dirty social media icons take a centralized position. 

The footer section is a world on its own, displaying icons, logos of partners, and payment platforms alongside an Instagram feed gallery of her small business page. 

6. Baltic Blades - Zyro Website Example
Source: Baltic blades

Paulius is the artisan behind every exceptional knife you find on the Baltic Blades Zyro website, embodying artistry and self-expression. The Baltic Blades web design is similar to a blog site, displaying plenty of information-rich text over a plentiful white space.

Logos of brands that supply Baltic Blades with its various products are displayed on its home page, with each logo icon leading to its full range of products. There is a Messenger-powered chat feature that communicates with potential clients.

7. Shelps - Zyro Website Example
Source: Shleps

Shelps offer comfort for your homes and work with their handmade hand-knitted products designed by amazing senior ladies. Carefully chosen visual elements thrill visitors on the Shelps Zyro eCommerce site, offering quality and luxury. 

As part of its user-friendly features, Shelps displays feedback and a messenger-powered chat feature pinned on its home page. 

Shelps' website displays attractive photos of its product in a three-column layout close to its footer section. Each image opens a separate product description page displaying extensive details about the product when clicked. 

My Dream Malta describes itself as the best go-to option for private excursions, activities, and creating perfect memories in Malta. A travel-based business brand, My Dream Malta uses its Zyro website as a central hub to build its online presence. 

I love how My Dream Malta’s pages offer subscription forms at strategic points, allowing the brand to continue to expand its client base. There is a Messenger-powered chat feature and a WhatsApp feature that provides visitors a means to communicate with the brand. 

Tilly Rose is a professional photographer with a unique niche for creating memories that tell an endless story. A full-time creative, Tilly Rose uses the Zyro website builder for her business website design, choosing one of its simpler and more attractive templates. 

I love how she displays some of her photographs in a centralized three-column layout on her business website homepage, treating visitors to her online gallery. 

There is a customizable zoom icon that replaces the traditional mouse cursor and increases the layout of photographs when clicked on.

10. Isla Solan - Zyro Website Example
Source: Smartitss

Isla Solan is a professional wedding photographer with over ten years of experience capturing lasting memories of people’s special days. A full-width image of a couple kissing under the veil unveils Isla’s website to visitors, welcoming them into her world of photography. 

This Zyro website uses two sets of navigation features, one visible at the top, and the other embedded in high-quality images displayed on her homepage. Her social media icons are centralized and pinned to the footer section of her website, within reach.

Melinda Thompson is a content writer with a team of professionals at Budding Reader aiming to create extra-easy eBooks for budding readers. 

A child-based eBooks publication company, the Budding Reader Zyro website is designed to capture the attention of the younger generation, its target audience. 

Bold colors, animated images, and bold typography are some of the design elements visible on Budding Reader, helping it create a visually appealing look.

12. Let’s Hair - Zyro Website Example
Source: Lets hair

Agne is a freelance hairstylist and the name behind the Let’s Hair brand, a business offering beautiful hair to its clients. This modern small business website displays two sets of header menus, with the second being more pronounced in its bold black font and CTA buttons.  

A full-width image of one of her clients using Let’s Hair products on a Quill Grey background is the site’s hero image.

13. Gud Renders- Zyro Website Example
Source: Gud renders

Gud Renders is an architect passionate about visuals and visual aesthetics with a keen eye for minimalism with some sharper accents. One of the best Zyro website examples, Gud displays his entire portfolio extensively on his minimalist website in a full-width layout. 

This Zyro website displays a soft color scheme with the entire site oozing class. The homepage features compelling text over every image, with a labeled View call-to-action button revealing more about each image.

14. A Day Off - Zyro Website Example
Source: A day off

A Day Off is a creative studio serving up the tastiest films through high-quality photos and video content that helps upgrade small businesses and their campaigns. 

One of the best Zyro website examples, A Day Off sticks to displaying text-based content on its solid white background as its opening content. 

Saving the best for the last, a Vimeo-powered animated video is displayed beneath the text-based opening content, immediately capturing the visitor’s attention. I love that you can find plenty of high-quality images and videos in the Work section of its home page.

15. VideoCamp - Zyro Website Example
Source: Video camp

VideoCamp is a video production and creation team offering high-quality video production services, including, script writing, filming, editing, and post-production. 

Founded by Vitalis Mika, VideoCamp has an enticing online presence displaying quality images and videos that enhance its site’s user experience. 

The footer section is home to the contact info of VideoCamp, displaying its social media icons in black and white on a solid white background. YouTube videos and a demo reel from the VideoCamp portfolio are easily accessible from the home page.

Monika Rimiene is an interior designer with her Zyro website serving as her personal website where she showcases her latest interior design and styling projects. 

A lover of solemn designs, Monika opts for an earth-toned background for her website, sticking to a consistent color scheme. 

This portfolio website displays attractive photos of some of her past works, poised to leave a lasting impression on visitors as they scroll. I love how she links to items that earn her commissions, visible in a four-column layout.

Illuminated Goodies offers aesthetic designs that illuminate businesses, headed by an island tech chic and digital designer based in Orcas Island, Washington. This Zyro website displays feature-rich design elements adding spice to its plain and straightforward website design.  

I love how the Illuminated Goodies website displays its Contact US CTA button on a black background between two images.

18. I Am Rabbani - Zyro Website Example
Source: I am rabbani

I Am Rabbani is home to Ali Rabbani, a stylist working in advertisement movies, fashion, music videos, and many more aspects of the entertainment industry.  A costume designer by profession, Ali’s website offers links to his online shop visible as bold text. 

Scattered all over the I Am Rabbani Zyro website are images, animations, and art stuff linked to Ali, taking all the attention on this site. This Zyro website displays Ali’s work in a three-column layout, accessible from the homepage.

Household Name is an extensive business brand offering a wide range of services including promotions, advertisement, content creation, and sponsorship. A fully versatile brand, Household Name is one of the simplest Zyro website examples in terms of design.

Full-width images serving as background images are all over the homepage, with each image linking to a service the Household Name offers. 

I love how Household Name’s services are accessible from the Learn More CTA button in white or its fixed header menu pinned to the top.

20. Faisca Pizza - Zyro Website Example
Source: Faisca pizza

Faisca Pizza describes itself as the successful outcome of the clash between traditional pizzerias and its modern counterpart. A Pizza-based brand, Faisca Pizza does not shy away from its brand identity, as it combines mouth-watering photos of Pizza all over its site pages. 

Placed centrally and taking all the intention is a full-width image from its mouth-watering photos of its Pizzas sure to leave visitors salivating. 

Displayed over the large image are navigation headers on a white background leading to pages that display even more appetizing photos.

Zyro Website Examples FAQs

What is the Zyro Website Builder Used for?

The Zyro website builder is an easy-to-use platform that makes it easy for anyone to create a professional website or online store. 

Can I Create a Business Website with Zyro?

Yes, you can create a business website with Zyro. Zyro’s eCommerce platform and website builder are designed with user-friendliness in mind. With no prior coding knowledge, you can create a business website with Zyro in minutes. 

Is Hostinger Website Builder the Same as Zyro?

Although they share a close relationship, it is important to note that the Hostinger website builder and Zyro are two entirely different platforms. The Hostinger website builder focuses on offering various web hosting plans, while Zyro is an extensive website builder. 

Can I Make an Online Store with Zyro?

Yes, Zyro is a top eCommerce website builder that allows you to build a powerful online store without needing so many technical skills and experience. Zyro’s ready-to-use templates make it easy and convenient for you to get your online store running in minutes. 

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