21 Best Tailor Website Design Inspiration For 2024

Updated Dec 1, 2023.

Every tailor business needs a strong online presence to showcase their crafts, promote their designs, and attract global opportunities. Whether you are just starting your tailoring business or have some experience, owning a high-converting website can be a game-changer.

Many successful tailoring businesses leverage professional websites to boost brand visibility and enhance their credibility. If you want to compete and enjoy a good degree of success, having an outstanding portfolio website is crucial.

You need the service of an amazing website builder to achieve this feat. The best website builders like Squarespace and Wix offer the best-converting templates with a seamless building process.

This article explores the 21 best tailor websites that provide top website design ideas and inspirations you need to get started.

Let’s dive in.

1. Tailors’ Keep - Best Tailor Website Design Inspiration Example
Source: Tailors keep

Tailors’ Keep is a locally-owned tailoring brand that offers the best designs of bespoke suiting, custom shirting, and made-to-measure suitings with the highest quality materials. 

This elegant tailor website displays stunning modeled designs and grids of bespoke suits that create an irresistible first impression. I love how the website design uses sleek fonts and visible white spaces for a well-organized viewpoint.

Interested visitors can use the header navigation to explore the various services of the brand without hassle. The Lookbook section gives visitors a clear view of its passion-fueled crafts.

Daniel & Lade is a London-based men's bespoke ready-to-wear retailer. Like most home pages, its web design employs a fixed header menu. The menus feature a 3D platform that allows you to access their pattern draftings, following a “design, visualize, and measure” sequence. 

Other valuable design elements include typography, simple designs, social proofs, and a general site map. Prospective clients can use the “Book An Appointment CTA,' social media links, and contact forms to connect and make a purchase.

Duchess Clothier opens with a hero shot that embraces a non-sticky header, overshadowing a portion of the hero section. You will find several designs overlaid with stylish fonts and a touch of animated effect that enhances the simplicity of web design.

This tailor website uses a blocky patterned background to convey the grids of collections and a dark slate-gray color to display its finesse expertise. The descriptive CTAs and a responsive map supplement the interactions of elements and users’ experience.

Alma's Alterations of Brighton Website unfolds with a full-width image that advertises its brand as a tailoring brand. Apart from the intriguing hero shot on display, there are sleek fonts, seamless navigations, and brownish-orange CTAs that enhance the engagement of visitors

Notably, this website design embeds credible features like a tailor's portfolio, distinctive by visible white spaces. Adding a brief introduction and customer reviews to its web content builds an impression of credibility and professionalism.

One thing I love about Alma’s website is its insistence on appealing visuals and balance in color schemes.

Rory Duffy is a magnificent handcraft tailor academy that offers courses in bespoke menswear, waistcoat making, lady's jacket making, and men's bespoke trousers.

One memorable design of the Legacy Tailor Academy is the attention-grabbing loop that prompts you to take action.

Rather than using the question-and-answer FAQ type, Rory Duffy uses a pop-up to invite visitors to its FAQ platform. This tailoring website integrates students' testimonials, introductory sections, video collection, and Instagram feeds to create a good positioning.

Tailor Made London is a tailor store for the modern man that delivers custom-made outfits designed with the best of British and Italian customization. This fashion brand uses its tailor website to reflect its commitment and quality-oriented personality.

You enjoy a YouTube video embed overlaid with white-colored typography that takes a tour of its value-added services. Taking the top center position on the video frame is a dimmed lettermark logo and white font navigation bar, responsive with a hover effect.

As you explore the website, you will find a digitalized process of their design crafting and blog posts, overwhelming you with an intense feeling of quality. I love how Tailor Made London integrates testimonials as part of its marketing strategy, accessible via a slider.

7. Paoloni - Best Tailor Website Design Inspiration Example
Source: Paoloni

Paoloni uses one of the best tailoring websites with simple designs online to capture a timeless trend of tailored design. The homepage embraces a monochromatic color scheme that sharply displays every element of design.

You can’t miss the perpetual aesthetics and the refined contemporary view of the brand displayed over the hero section via a slick slider. Website visitors can use the View Product CTA to shop and catch several custom designs.

The footer provides a newsletter subscription form for first-time site users while featuring different payment options at the right end of the page.

Astor & Black is a custom-tailored brand that embraces high-quality materials to provide an exclusive suiting experience. 

Instead of the regular header position, this stunning web design substitutes with a white font hero header that adds a matchless perception to the website designs.

This tailor website is neat and classically designed, employing a parallax effect to unfold the various sections of the web, each following an in-line CTA. There is an online shop and descriptive CTA that specifically advertises its need for suiting professionals.

9. Anatoly & Sons - Best Tailor Website Design Inspiration Example
Source: Anatolys

Anatoly & Sons is a high-profile men's fashion brand that provides a range of made-to-measure clothing and other ready-to-wear fashionable materials. This tailor website has one of the best homepage design examples with attention-grabbing visuals that will surely get you glued.

Like most website design, Anatoly uses a fixed header to set an array of elements that showcases its best services, brand journals, and big events.

Every visual element across the web follows a category with specified headlines and clutter-free CTAs that command a line of action. This tailor website comes with an affordable one-stop-shop and leverages social proof for legitimacy

10. Kerber - Best Tailor Website Design Inspiration Example
Source: Kerber

Keber uses an elegant tailor website to fully demonstrate its tailoring business by using its web page as an effective catalog.  Apart from the interactive elements of the header, the search bar is a simple shortcut creating a user-specified experience. 

Unlike other tailoring website designs, Keber gives rich details of its shipping policy and its value-added services on the site's plain white background. First-time customers can use the footer section to check the payment methods and get links to their social media platforms.

11. High Society - Best Tailor Website Design Inspiration Example
Source: High-society

The High Society tailoring website displays simplicity and relevance. Welcoming visitors is a standing image of a model on an extensive dark cloudy background with an underlined white font CTA. This call-to-action button allows potential clients to schedule an appointment.

Beneath the hero section is a brief introductory section centered on a black background, followed by the vertical layout of curated bespoke designs. While those minimalist designs are fascinating, the social media feed thumbnails add a touch of attraction.

Germaine Joseph is an Australia-based tailor brand that serves a made-to-measure personalized experience. The first element that catches your attention on this page layout is the auto-sliding images that showcase several models gracefully representing the brand.

On the hero image, you will notice the brand name, white-colored CTA, and sequence of non-sticky navigations that help you focus on the details you need. I love how this stunning website complements the luxury and quality-prioritized narrative of the tailoring company.

Unlike most tailor websites, German Joseph features a one-stop shop to display its best designs of made-to-measure clothing. Prospects from all over the world can click on a choice of design custom to either buy or add to the cart.

13. Taylor Stitch - Best Tailor Website Design Inspiration Example
Source: Taylor stitch

Taylor Stitch is a shirt clothing company responsibly built for the long haul. The first noticeable element on this website is an unbeatable discount advertisement for its unparalleled craftsmanship.

Visible throughout the tailor's website is the visual order that displays its clothing categories and new arrivals. A scroll past the arrivals is a video embed and the latest dispatch section that embraces white space and image sliders to promote coordination.

Featuring on the white colored background footer are useful navigation like about, support channels, links to several social media platforms, and a mini affiliate portal. This portal allows buyers to save rewards for their next purchase.

14. Balani Custom Clothiers - Best Tailor Website Design Inspiration Example
Source: Balani custom

Balani Custom Clothiers is a world-class rated professional tailor with multiple nominations as one of the world’s best clothing brands in the fashion industry. He tells this with the display of his rankings by reputable organizations like CNN and FORBES at the top page.

The designs of this legacy tailor website are equally awe-inspiring. I love the use of parallax scrolling to reveal every ounce of its elemental designs. Balani Custom Clothiers sticks to heavy metal themes and images as backgrounds.

Visitors can explore the sticky header menu to access useful web components like blogs, contact forms, and the elegant lookbooks of the brand.

15. Mos Mosh - Best Tailor Website Design Inspiration Example
Source: Mosmosh

Mos Mosh is a renowned tailoring brand headquartered in Denmark. This revolutionary brand applies its knowledge of elegance and professionalism in creating a grand tailoring website. 

Distinctively, the brand prominently displays elegant models that proudly boast of its custom designs. If you hover around the image, it creates an illusion of a moving image due to the animation effect employed.

Similarly, this tailoring website emphasizes a hassle-free user experience and seamless layout of elements, making the web components stand out. Visitors can use the picture thumbnails to connect on social media or subscribe to their newsletters.

16. Lansky Bros - Best Tailor Website Design Inspiration Example
Source: Lansky bros

Lansky Bros is one world of fashion that provides designs that help you shop like a king and dress you like a rockstar. The homepage is colorful and embraces a handful of navigations.

This tailor website serves as an eCommerce site with features like wishlists, varying clothing materials, digital products, featured products, and price lists. 

Search bars are open for easy navigation. I like that Lansky uses the footer to give details of its office locations and highlight the web elements.

Nichola Joseph prides itself as Chicago's best bespoke suit and custom wedding tuxedos brand. The brand explicitly narrates this with the big images of models in the hero section. 

While the hero shot uses slick sliders, the hamburger navigation bar is your quickest route to exploring every aspect of the web.

You can't help but love the view of this web content, starting from “How It Works”, to the media recommendations, down to the measurement illustration. The Instagram feeds on display add an enticing outlook to the entire web design.

18. 1701 Bespoke - Best Tailor Website Design Inspiration Example
Source: 1701 bespoke

1701 Bespoke uses the idea of a one-pager to create an elegant website that commands due respect. I like how the brand effectively shows that you can never go wrong with bespoke in your wardrobes.

The scrolling effect reveals how the web maximizes white space to avoid cluttered navigations. Client reviews on display, sleek typography, prompt CTAs, distinct FAQ sections, and structured contact forms serve as inspiration for a unique tailor website.

19. Bruce Baird - Best Tailor Website Design Inspiration Example
Source: Bruce baird

Bruce Baird's website adopts a minimalist design that employs a unique dark-green color scheme and sliding clothing designs that put your eyes at rest. The top left of the homepage keeps a vertical layout of navigations that explores the in-depth services of the brand. 

While the footer uses the same color scheme as the homepage, it showcases the operating hours, brand logo, office address, contact information, and social media links.

20. Hall Madden - Best Tailor Website Design Inspiration Example
Source: Hall madden

Hall Madden’s tailor website opens to a clean and neat homepage and uses a seamless layout to reveal every element in the space. The site’s header features a wordmark logo at the top left with the drop-down menus at the top right.

Distinct features of the menu include the login that allows for customers' personalized experience and a shopping cart that facilitates the purchase of a product.

The use of a clean layout strategically organizes the suits, pants, and shirts in good light, giving you a feel of an eCommerce shopping experience. I love how Hall Madden uses video embeds and FAQs to answer prospect's curiosity.

21. Yacoubian Tailors - Best Tailor Website Design Inspiration Example
Source: Yacoubians

Yacoubian Tailors is a made-to-measure brand and tailor store in Chattanooga, Tennessee. This tailor's website is clean, mobile-friendly, and alterations-free, such that no element of design is displaced or compromised.

One standout feature of this tailor store is that customers can choose to shop by brand or tour the clothing section before reaching a buying decision. You can't help but notice the hierarchy of new arrivals and its consistent use of gray-blue and white color schemes.

Best Tailor Websites FAQs

Do I Need a Website for My Tailoring Business?

An ultra-modern tailor website serves the purpose of an online portfolio and an automated eCommerce store that showcases your expertise and legitimacy. Regardless of your achievement levels, leveraging a standard tailor website gives you publicity and exposes you to global opportunities.

What are the Best Tailoring Website Builders?

Some tailoring website builders that afford you with best elegant designs and hassle-free templates include Squarespace and Wix. They employ adequate positioning to give you the best digital presence and set you above your competitors.

What is the Difference Between a Designer and a Tailor?

Oftentimes, both words are mistakenly used interchangeably. However, the difference is that a fashion designer is a knowledgeable professional who crafts new clothing patterns and styles. A tailor is an embroiderer whose specialty lies in sewing and alterations of designs.

What are the Best Tailoring Websites?

There are several great tailoring websites in the online space. Nevertheless, Maharaja’s Gents tops the list with its fashionable and value-packed website that provides more inspiration and designs you can integrate while building your website.

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