Marketing Portfolios: 31 Inspiring Examples (2024)

Updated Aug 25, 2023.

Are you a digital, content, social media, email, affiliate, or SEO marketer? Creating a catchy marketing portfolio will attract and impress potential employers, boost your revenue, and increase your influence in the marketing world.

Designing a visually-appealing marketing portfolio website is easy with the best website builders like Squarespace and Wix. You can seamlessly build your ideal marketing portfolio by checking out beautiful marketing portfolio examples and using the best templates.

This article covers the 31 best marketing portfolio website examples you can use as inspiration to create a marketing portfolio for your corporate or personal brand.

Let’s get started.

Bailey Cargill is an expert in social media marketing, management, and content creation with over six years in her field. 

This great marketing portfolio website has a minimalist design with high-quality images and bold text fonts. The hero section has Bailey's stunning black-and-white picture with her name and social media links at the base of the page.

Bailey Cargill's portfolio shows a collection of top organizations' logos she has executed successful marketing projects for. This element is sure to incite an immediate interest in potential clients.

2. Garrett Ramos - Marketing Portfolio Example
Source: Garrett-ramos

Garrett Ramos is a social media and content marketer who also offers photography and videography.

The white background helps to keep every element in sync and gives the portfolio site an elegant and professional outlook. You can use the sticky navigation bar to access various pages in this marketing expert online portfolio.

Once you arrive on the webpage, there is a short yet razor-sharp introduction and Garret’s stunning pictures that will help make potential employers feel welcome. His target audience can use the newsletter form to contact him for marketing-related services.

Jordyn Brenner is a creative director at Amazon Studios popular for creating innovative, effective, and award-winning marketing campaigns that appeal to customers and boost viewership.  

I love how her marketing portfolio website home page features a catalog of her best work in a grid-like format and a thumbnail effect. The white spaces make all the elements of the page pop and engage.

The site’s footer features a link to her dedicated contact page, social media cons to her Gmail and LinkedIn profile.

Mark Pendolino is an expert digital marketer with more than eighteen years of experience working with companies like PTP, Smartsheet, Microsoft, Fujitsu, and Parsons Brinckerhoff. 

This great example of a marketing portfolio website that leverages the compelling power of copywriting to convince potential clients to click the “Contact Me” CTA.

I love how he uses a zig-zag layout to display his projects and text, explaining their features with black-colored CTAs.

5. Sjs Portfolio - Marketing Portfolio Example
Source: Sjs portfolio

Steve Siegel is an expert in online marketing that takes a decidedly customer-centric and holistic approach to the market.

This marketing portfolio website has a clean and elegant design layout with high-resolution pictures in specific areas and engaging text. Interested clients can use the live chat features to reach Steve Siegel and make inquiries. 

I like how the parallax scrolling effect makes exploring the web page fun and engaging. Potential customers will be blown away by the contents and arrangement of the service section, compelling them to take the next step in contacting Steve.

6. Brad Lace - Marketing Portfolio Example
Source: Braddels

Brad Lace is a creative marketer that focuses on luxury and automotive marketing to the right target audience. 

This portfolio design layout has a modern outlook with various high-quality vehicle images in a grid-like layout with a thumbnail effect. Potential clients can click on any of the images to access a separate page that features content about that project.   

The webpage is divided into two separate pages which are the portfolio and contact page. Visitors can use the navigation bar to access these pages or visit the site’s footer to access Brad Lace’s social media profiles.

Laura Treacy Portfolio makes an amazing first impression with professional images of past projects in a grid-like layout. Each thumbnail leads to a separate page that contains details about them, and pictures to get visitors confident about Laura’s work.

Right at the top of her homepage, you will see a user-friendly navigation bar that makes exploring various aspects seamless.

The site’s footer features a short biography about Laura Treacy’s experience as a skilled digital marketer. I love how the text content is in large fonts which makes it easy to read and understand.

8. Gari Cruze - Marketing Portfolio Example
Source: Gari cruze

Gari Cruze is an associate creative director and copywriter with a track record of digital marketing success.

I love how his portfolio page is structured in a nine-column layout design with high-quality images on each thumbnail. Interested visitors can click on any of the thumbnails to get more insight into their project of choice. 

He uses straight and stylish fonts to present the content on the navigation bar. The menu bar has a sticky feature that makes it possible for visitors to visit other pages from the top of the button on the homepage. 

9. Vibe Copy - Marketing Portfolio Example
Source: Vibe copy

Vibe Copy is a marketing agency that combines the all-around expertise of James Schlesinger in helping his clients generate worthwhile leads.

I love how his portfolio webpage features high-quality pictures and engaging text that's sure to convince visitors to click the black-colored call-to-action buttons.

He has a trophy section where he displays logos of favorite clients like Hape and Tottenham. I love how he uses a slider to display client testimonials with a stunning picture for authenticity.

Emily is a skilled freelance copywriter and content strategist that has a track record of working with top organizations. 

I love how the design layout features bright colors which give the web page a fun and friendly vibe, making it easy for potential clients to feel welcome. The dominant colors include white, cloud burst, and bean red.

As you scroll further, you will see a large number of clients' logos which is proof of Emily’s credibility as a skilled and effective digital marketer.

11. Ubiquitous - Marketing Portfolio Example
Source: Ubiquitous

Ubiquitous is a marketing agency that uses influencer marketing to help its clients reach a new market base such as TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube.

I love how the site features various high-quality pictures of celebrities that significantly boost trust and credibility. These images also perform the role of a client's testimonials.

You will love how the site displays multiple images of top organizations that are Ubiquitous clients. The case study section helps to convince potential clients about the agency's ability to create campaigns that drive positive results.

Michal Eisikowitz is the brain behind Michal Eisik Media, a boutique copywriting agency. The catchy elements that give this marketing portfolio web page a unique outlook are Michal Eisikowitz’s sunning picture, bullet point headlines, and Blue Hosta-colored CTA. 

I love how the bright colors give the website a fun, lively, and welcoming vibe. The dominant colors are white, aqua haze, flamingo pink, and black.

Potential customers can view the testimonial section to find out what people are saying about Eisikowitz’s skills. You can’t miss out on the beautiful Neptune colored “Schedule A Call” CTA button that attracts your attention.

Matthew Bullard is based in Fayetteville, North Carolina. He majors in marketing, product, and organization branding process, and graphic design.

This minimalistic website has few texts, high-quality images, and still and motion graphics that give the web page a fun and engaging vibe. The thumbnail effect makes it possible for visitors to access various deeper insights into the work samples. 

I love the user-friendly navigation bar that features social media icons and links to multiple pages. The site’s footer features a min-menu bar which makes exploration worthwhile.

14. Branex Agency - Marketing Portfolio Example
Source: Branex

The first catchy element on the Branex Agency web page is an insightful background video with a marketing-related message. You can use the live chat widget to have a quick talk with the officials of this award-winning web development and marketing agency. 

Below the hero section, you will find detailed information about the agency's activities, services, and functionalities in a friendly and engaging fashion. 

This clean website design features multiple eye-catching and attention-grabbing elements like still and motion graphics, moving text, and CTAs.

15. 345 Marketing - Marketing Portfolio Example
Source: 345 marketing

345 Marketing is a top online marketing agency that offers services like demand and lead generation, video and web development, and video and web development.

The hero image is a stunning picture of the agency’s team looking sharp and enthusiastic. This image helps potential clients to feel a lot safe when doing business with the agency because they can put a face to the brand.

I love how the website uses engaging text and graphic designs in the About section that's sure to grab interested visitors' attention.

16. SnuggleMud - Marketing Portfolio Example
Source: Snugglemud

SnuggleMud is a marketing agency that offers services like SEM, SEO, Design, brand strategy, social media marketing, email marketing, website development, and content creation.

I love how the catchy hero section features a white-colored “Get Started” CTA and a light bulb image with polka dots on its sides. As you scroll down, you will love the heartwarming biography that tells the company’s origin story.

The “Recent Work” section features a slider displaying various mind-blowing marketing-related content such as pet videos, animation videos, and high-quality images.

Droplet is a true full-service agency that offers all restaurant marketing services to help businesses reach their target audience seamlessly.

The hero section welcomes visitors with a visually appealing slider that features various food items and engaging text. You can use the hamburger navigation bar to explore the juicy aspect of the webpage and check out several projects.

I love how the black background makes every significant element like texts, icons, and high-quality images come alive. Visitors can submit their contact details in the newsletter section.

18. Mozie Sozo - Marketing Portfolio Example
Source: Moxie sozo

Mozie Sozo has 20+ years of experience offering online marketing services to beverage brands. You will love the colorful and punchy slideshow in the hero section that displays various clients' work. The projects section uses an unequal grid layout to display their best works. 

The navigation bar has a sticky feature and links to separate pages that contain content about the marketing agency and its services and operations. You can use the search function to locate items on multiple pages of the site.

Normandy Solutions is a boutique agency that cooperates with businesses to help them grow their client base.

The homepage page image is a full-width picture of a beach with a tree trunk and a min-slider of text displaying the agency’s services. Normandy Solutions features an underlying call-to-action button that links to the contact page.

I like how the project section uses a three-column layout to display past projects with high-quality image covers and engaging titles. The dominant colors on the webpage include pestle, white, and casal.

20. Tie the Knot - Marketing Portfolio Example
Source: Media-56

Tie the Knot is a digital marketing agency that helps wedding vendors such as photographers, venues, or florists to generate wedding leads.

The testimonial section features heartwarming customer reviews that will boost popularity among potential clients and increase credibility. I like how the home page features an insightful Youtube Video in the hero section that’s an introduction to the brand's services.

Below the hero section is a well-put-together services segment that contains the brand's services and how interested customers can take advantage of them.

Shirene Chehrazi’s portfolio website welcomes visitors with her stunning picture and her credentials as a senior marketing manager. 

Potential customers will love how interactive the hero section is because it features a short bio and two call-to-action buttons that lead to her portfolio and resume page. 

Reaching Shirene is easy because the site’s footer displays her phone number, email address, and three social media icons that link directly to her accounts. The site has a bright color scheme with its dominant colors including white, oyster pink, misty rose, and light coral.

22. Marisa Mott - Marketing Portfolio Example
Source: Memott work

Marisa Mott is a digital marketing boot camp graduate and a freelance designer.

This marketing portfolio page starts with a really strong tagline, emphasizing her specialty which she pairs with a happy illustration of herself. All these elements are designed to convince visitors to click the yellowed-colored “View Work” CTA.

Her brand’s logo is in the center of the navigation bar, making it easy for visitors to reorganize the page they are on. The menu bar features five unique social media icons visitors can use to reach apart from the contact page. 

23. Nightingale - Marketing Portfolio Example
Source: Nightingale

Nightingale is a progressive marketing and communication agency with a knack for helping their clients achieve their marketing-related goals.  

This marketing portfolio’s welcome page is predominantly black-colored with a background looping video of blue bird-like motion graphics. I like how the navigation bar is twofold, featuring a hamburger and a vertically structured menu.

You will find a transparent “Press” call-to-action button at the top of the site which transports interested visitors to a separate page loaded with positive reviews.

24. Fantasy - Marketing Portfolio Example
Source: Fantasy

Fantasy is a digital marketing agency that designs digital products and services used by billions globally.

I love how the first catchy element on the website is a well-put-together background video that captures various heartwarming contents. The sticky navigation bar has a hamburger menu feature that pop-up when visitors click and offers links to other pages on the website.

As you scroll further, you will see various engaging content like the below posts, and a contact form to assist interested clients in reaching the company seamlessly. Fantasy’s dominant colors are red, black, and white.

25. Victoria Nikolaeva - Marketing Portfolio Example
Source: Vnmedias

Victoria Nikolaeva is a games industry digital marketing manager with a strong digital marketing portfolio that will grab visitors' attention.

The hero section has a beautiful picture of Victoria and below it is a list of all the marketing services she offers. Visitors can feast on content for the layout of her recent blog post at the site’s footer.

I love how the elements of the site work together to ensure potential clients are convinced about Victoria’s ability to deliver on every task she gets.

Elizabeth Harmon is an experienced Social Media Consultant who specializes in helping ambitious small businesses use organic social media to boost productivity.

She welcomes visitors to her own marketing portfolio website with a stunning nature-themed image and the attention-grabbing caption “Are You Looking For Support With Your Social Media Strategy.” This caption serves as bait to reel in potential employers seamlessly. 

Her website is a perfect marketing portfolio example with a bright color scheme. The dominant colors include casal, pearl bush, pinkish brown, and soft amber.

Hive Creative Group is a great example of a full-service design and marketing agency that offers services like branding, website designs, and media marketing.

The portfolio site has a colorful web design layout with brightly colored still and motion graphics, icons, and call-to-action buttons. I like how the site features logos of past employers and vivid cerise-colored client list CTA.   

I love how the aqua island colored footer displays vital content like contact address, personal brand logo, links to social media accounts, and a newsletter form.

28. GK Creative - Marketing Portfolio Example
Source: Gregka plan

Greg Kaplan has close to forty years of experience in the marketing world. His career spanned all advertising platforms like email marketing, content marketing, and social media marketing.  

Kaplan’s marketing portfolio has a modern design with high-quality images, engaging text, and a parallax scrolling effect that makes exploring the web page fun. 

The homepage has two content sections that feature his marketing portfolio and photography details. Each section has a black-colored call-to-action button that leads to separate pages where he displays different projects for potential clients to see.

29. Michael Antolak - Marketing Portfolio Example
Source: Mantolak

Michael Antolak is a marketing professional who has mastered each stage of the marketing and sales process. His online marketing portfolio welcomes visitors with a rainforest-themed hero image in its background with the brand logo at the center. 

Below the hero section a short introduction of Michael’s work and a white colored “See My Work” call-to-action button. Clicking this button will lead you to the portfolio page. Navigating this marketing portfolio website is fun and seamless via the sticky menu bar.

30. Denise Rick - Marketing Portfolio Example
Source: Denise rick

Denise Rick is a graphic designer, marketing professional, digital strategist, Cinematographer, and brand enthusiast 

The hero section features a catchy image of a well-arranged office space, engaging text about Denise’s services, and a transparent “Contact Page” call-to-action button. Visitors can explore separate pages on the web page via the sticky navigation bar.

I love how this marketing portfolio website features various visually appealing content. These contents include high-quality images, motion graphics, a Youtube video with a services page link, and company logos for credibility purposes.

31. Maya Francis - Marketing Portfolio Example
Source: Maya francis

Maya Francis is a Washington, D.C based skilled writer, digital strategist, editor, digital marketer, R&B adlib, and brand identity creative. She has a good understanding of how the conventional market works.

Her home page features a list of marketing samples of successful projects and top clients she has worked with across different fields and niches. This element helps to boost credibility and trust among potential clients and employers.

Visitors can use the navigation bar to access multiple pages to have deep insight into Maya Francis's skill level and capabilities.

Marketing Portfolio Examples FAQs

How Do I Create My Own Digital Marketing Portfolio?

Creating your own digital marketing portfolio to feature your projects and attract clients is not difficult. Here are some steps you must follow in creating your own portfolio: pick a website builder, design a killer homepage, create a strong ‘about' page, showcase your best work, and include your contact details for the potential to easily reach you.

Do You Need an Online Portfolio for Marketing?

If you want to be competitive in the online marketing niche, you need a well-structured online portfolio. With a marketing portfolio, you always have great examples of your best work readily available to impress potential clients. An online portfolio gives your marketing brand a professional outlook and helps to boost credibility.

What Should I Include in a Digital Marketing Portfolio?

A professional digital marketing portfolio includes a professional headshot, short biography, marketing-related social media posts or blog page, client testimonials, personal branding statement, samples of your work, resume, awards, or praise.

Is it Hard to Break into Digital Marketing?

Breaking into digital marketing and excelling at it doesn’t have to be a struggle. If you are a complete novice, breaking into digital marketing may seem difficult and overwhelming at the beginning, especially if you are trying to learn digital marketing on your own. As you persist and learn from others and your on-field experience, you will end up being a pro in no time

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