25 Best Examples of Successful BigCommerce Websites

Updated Sep 1, 2023.

Are you looking for inspiration to brand and create multi or one-page websites that represent you and your product positively? Do you want to redesign your eCommerce store to attract and convert more visitors and ultimately boost sales and profit margins?

BigCommerce is one of the best state-of-the-art eCommerce website builders that helps you build beautiful and multichannel stores that rank high on search engine results.

Successful eCommerce stores like Glory Cycles and Skullcandy (an Audio Lifestyle Brand) use BigCommerce.

This article checks out the 25 best BigCommerce sites where you can get inspiration when building your own BigCommerce store.

Let’s get started.

1. Dinovite - Successful BigCommerce Website Example
Source: Dinovite

Dinovite is a popular pet nutrition brand featured in over four hundred and fifty news sites like Fox, MSNBC, CNN CBS, and USA Today.

I love how informative the website is. Dinovite communicates its products’ benefits with great copywriting and high-resolution images that make the home page more interactive.

The use of bold colors in various aspects of the site gives the homepage a fun and engaging vibe. Potential customers can check the ingredient section for clarity on the content of the product to build trust and boost credibility.

2. Homedics - Successful BigCommerce Website Example
Source: Homedics

Homedics is an appliance-based industry founded in 1987 by a Detroit family with a passion for producing state-of-the-art appliances.

This eCommerce website has a clean website design with critical elements that help the platform communicate the business vision effectively to its target audience.

I like how the site helps visitors segment their purchase options into two main sections which include medium and large, with a tail-colored CTA button. 

The use of large text and fonts does a crucial job in making every vital information easily readable and convincing to potential customers.

King’s Hawaiian is a food-based company that created the original Hawaiian sweet bread popular in most parts of the world. You can’t help but love the colorful web design with many mouthwatering recipes built around specific products. 

I like how seamless the purchase process is, making it easy for anyone who arrives on the page to click on the red-colored “Shop Now” CTA.

Visitors can learn more about the brand’s origin by clicking the “Learn More” transparent CTA in the history segment featuring a black-and-white picture.

4. RC Pets - Successful BigCommerce Website Example
Source: Rcpets

RC Pets is a pet-centered organization that’s popular for producing high-quality outdoor apparel and accessories for pets.

As you scroll through the homepage, you will see how effectively the site provides complete product information and points visitors toward the nearest specialty pet retailer. 

Potential customers can get quick information about the platform by using the sticky live chat widget on the right side of the page. You can check out the site footer to subscribe to its newsletter and access various support pages.

Shirts from Fargo operates a print-on-demand service that offers nonprofits, artists, and businesses the opportunity to sell their new products, custom designs, and accessories.

The sticky navigation bar is your non-stop shop to explore the site’s contents and special offers that will compel you to make quick purchases. I like how colorful the design layout is, featuring a white background that makes every relevant detail visible and pop.

Interested customers can use a search bar to locate various items they are interested in, making their purchase experience worthwhile.

6. Slumberjack - Successful BigCommerce Website Example
Source: Slumberjack

Slumberjack offers high-quality camping furniture and equipment that will make customers' camping experience memorable.   

I like how the parallax scrolling effect on the homepage makes exploring this BigCommerce website a fun and exciting experience. The use of high-quality images in every section of the page helps to give customers a proper view of the products.

Visitors will have a memorable shopping experience without breaking a sweat because of the proper segmentation of the display section.

7. Vivo - Successful BigCommerce Website Example
Source: Vivo

Vivo is a hair care, salon, and skin clinic brand that offers its state-of-the-art services and products available through BigCommerce. 

Visitors first see a purple-colored hero section banner that features whopping discounts on the brands’ products and a black CTA for immediate shopping. 

You can perform various activities on the homepage like purchasing vouchers and booking salon appointments via the sticky navigation bar. I like how the site features logos of top brands Vivo is a partnership with to help build trust and boost credibility.

I like how Leica Camera uses a mixture of dark and white color schemes with its dominant colors black, engine red, and white. This unique color scheme helps to give the website a professional and sophisticated outlook, ranking it among the best BigCommerce sites.

Leica Camera is full of amazing and eye-catching pictures of cameras and photography equipment that will compel visitors to buy. Visitors use the social media icons on the site’s footer to explore insightful content on the store’s online profile.

9. Beyond Health - Successful BigCommerce Website Example
Source: Beyond health

Beyond Health is a wellness-based company that provides natural vitamins and supplements to customers across various age groups. 

I like how the webpage welcomes visitors with an attention-grabbing “Back To School Sale” promo with a whopping discount on each purchase.

The testimonial section features heartwarming content that is sure to convince new customers about the authenticity of the product resulting in a high conversion rate. 

Visitors can explore the blog post section to get health-related information that will help them improve their understanding of living healthy.

10. CareerStep - Successful BigCommerce Website Example
Source: Career step

CareerStep offers flexible and affordable career training to interested individuals across various industries. The hero section displays a warm and engaging graphic design featuring a stunning picture of a lady with bold-colored text and an “Explore Program” CTA.

Below the hero section features a catalog of logos that represents the company’s employees network that serves as a credibility statement. Interested visitors can use the contact form to submit their details to get started on their career training process.

11. Auvere True Gold - Successful BigCommerce Website Example
Source: Auvere

Auvere True Gold is a jewelry brand that sells high-quality items to high-class customers and prides itself on its designs and responsibly sourced materials.

This website’s homepage is full of high-quality photos in a zig-zag design layout to give the page a sophisticated outlook that compels visitors to take action. 

I love how the site features various contents in unique ways such as text, icons, and images to convey information about the brand’s story. What’s catchy about this design layout is how the homepage features images of well-known personalities wearing Auvere’s pieces.

12. Bon Bon Bon - Successful BigCommerce Website Example
Source: Bon bon bon

Bon Bon Bon is a food-based company that uses French techniques to produce exotic candy and chocolates. 

I like how the home page has a clean and business-focused layout. Most of the items on the page are sales-related making it helpful for customers to locate items of choice with ease. 

The white background makes all the colorful elements like text images, icons, gifs, and logos pop giving the website a fun and interactive vibe. 

As you scroll further, you will see a high-quality image of Bon Bon Bon's physical location and a lava red CTA for initiating large orders.

13. LARQ - Successful BigCommerce Website Example
Source: Live larq

Justin Wang is the CEO of LARQ. He came up with the idea of producing a self-clearing bottle that people can use at home and while they are out.

LARQ features the brand’s logo in the center of the navigation bar which is a user-friendly tool designed to help visitors seamlessly navigate this BigCommerce website. 

Each content on the menu bar has a drop-down feature, making it easy to explore content without having to click. Interested customers can use the site’s footer to explore multiple areas of the website such as the “About Page.”

Saddleback Leather Co. is a leather products retailer that offers high-quality bags. The hero section features multiple bags and other traveling and camping equipment with stylish text and a white-colored “Shop Now” CTA to initial the shopping process. 

I love how the navigation bar and the site’s footer have a leather design which is in line with the store’s theme giving the page a sophisticated outlook. Interested customers can check out the YouTube video that features content about the flight bag. 

You can use the back-to-the-top button for swift movement and to take relevant action on the page.

Barron Designs sells high-quality construction equipment. They include faux panels, columns, bar doors, beams, and other products for commercial and residential customers who are willing to pay top dollar for their products.

This BigCommerce site welcomes you with an attention-grabbing product slider that gives potential customers a sneak peek of its high-quality products. The recommended section features a slideshow of their top products with a price tag.

I like how their site uses engaging copywriting to communicate with customers about their products.

16. Beer Cartel - Successful BigCommerce Website Example
Source: Beer cartel

Beer Cartel is an eCommerce business that focuses on selling high-quality beer online at affordable rates. This multiple-page website features various contents that are designed to get visitors to click the add to cart icon. 

An exciting “Father's Day” promo on their various beer packages welcomes visitors and encourages them to make quick purchases. Beer Cartel features logos of popular beer brands they are business with to help boost trust and credibility.

17. UPLIFT Desk - Successful BigCommerce Website Example
Source: Uplift desk

UPLIFT Desk is a furniture company that focuses on manufacturing and selling ergonomic chairs, standing desks, and other accessories for the office. 

I like how this BigCommerce site displays its products using catchy big font text and high-quality images of various products available for sale. 

UPLIFT Desk encourages a seamless shopping experience by providing search features that make locating items easy. You cannot but admire the list of top organizations the company is in partnership with, making it possible for people to trust the brand.

Bulk Apothecary is one of the biggest online suppliers of essential oils and natural ingredients in the US. I like how the web page uses a multiple grid-like layout with high-quality pictures to convince customers to make a purchase. 

The images serve as covers for unique product segments and the titles come with CTA that have a hover effect. Clicking on any of the CTA buttons will transport you to a different page that offers more information on the selected item.

Carpe Diem Beds offers handmade Scandinavian beds designed for quality, comfort, and sustainability. This BigCommerce site opens with a full-width picture of a bedroom with an amazing outlook featuring mouthwatering furniture that will leave lasting impressions. 

You will love how the web design features multiple high-quality images of custom beds that give visitors a peek into their product quality. 

Customers can use the search function in the menu bar to locate specific items resulting in quick purchases and high conversion rates.

20. GE Appliances - Successful BigCommerce Website Example
Source: Ge appliances

GE Appliances is one of the most popular and fastest-growing appliance manufacturing companies in the United States.

I like how the brand kicks off the website design by showing off its advertising skills by displaying attention-grabbing graphics about ongoing promos. This element is one of the fastest ways of creating awareness and ensuring their online activities end up a success.

The parallax scrolling effect and the sticky navigation bar make this BigCommerce website a smooth ride for visitors looking for the ideal appliance.

21. Game Nerdz - Successful BigCommerce Website Example
Source: Game nerdz

Game Nerdz is an online game store that offers a variety of toys and game-related products such as board games, card games, action figures, and books.

I like how Game Nerdz features a colorful web page design with a white background that makes other elements sync effectively. 

The product section on the homepage uses a five-column layout to display unique games attractively so customers can click the blue-colored CTA. Interested clients can use the newsletter column to submit their details to ensure they receive constant updates.

Rock Bottom Golf is a sports brand that offers a wide range of golf-related products. The homepage welcomes you with a colorful and eye-catching graphic design slider and engaging text to convince visitors to take necessary action. 

I love how the site uses an open API to improve its product offering and make its items more attractive. You can check out the top brands the store is in partnership with.

23. Aquila - Successful BigCommerce Website Example
Source: Aquila

Aquila is an eCommerce platform that offers premium men’s shoes and accessories at affordable prices.

The first notable element in this BigCommerce store is an attention-grabbing twenty percent discount on full-price bags and accessories. Existing customers can seamlessly benefit from this mouthwatering offer by clicking the transparent “Shop Now” CTA button. 

New customers can check out the black-colored site footer for various payment options to purchase the items they like. They can use the newsletter column to submit their details for constant updates about new arrivals and proms.

24. Archilight - Successful BigCommerce Website Example
Source: Archilight

Archilight is a lighting company that offers various quality LED lighting products for homes, offices, and architectural projects.

The first catchy element you will observe on this eCommerce site is the dark-themed hero section with white-colored text and a CTA with a hover effect. 

I like how the website design features multiple high-quality images of unique products to attract potential customers' interest. Navigating this eCommerce store is like riding a bike in the park because of the sticky menu bar that follows every scroll.

Mountain Crest Gardens is a great example of a multipage website with a clean and colorful design layout that compels visitors to purchase items. 

The site’s menu bar contains vital details like an add-to-cart button, toll-free number, contact details, customer reviews, and a dropdown menu for exploring individual product pages.

I like how the product category uses a five-column layout to display attention-grabbing products with a thumbnail effect and purchase options at the base.

BigCommerce Website Examples FAQs

Can I Create a Professional Online Store with BigCommerce?

Yes, you can create a top-notch professional online store with BigCommerce that will give you your money’s worth and get visitors trooping in.

Which BigCommerce Stores Attract the Best Online Sales?

Some of the best BigCommerce stores that attract the best online sales include Sony, RAZER, Ubisoft Store, Almanac, Black Diamond, UPLIFT Desk, Casio, Airtasker, Bulk Apothecary, GE Appliances, Solo Stove, Burrow, and Game Nerdz. 

What Makes a BigCommerce Website Great?

A great BigCommerce website features various elements that make it stand out and get the desired result. BigCommerce offers templates and tools to build a custom eCommerce store with responsive themes and images for mobile. This eCommerce platform equips your online stores with a robust foundation to increase sales, site performance, and engagement.

Can I Integrate My Business Software Tools with BigCommerce?

BigCommerce is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms available in the software market. Many people and businesses use BigCommerce because it allows you to integrate with your day-to-day business software tools like Google Analytics, Google Maps, Hubspot, and Klaviyo, a marketing automation tool.  

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