20 Examples of Web Developer Portfolios for Inspiration

Updated Aug 25, 2023.

The web development market is highly-competitive, whether you are a web or software developer. Web design statistics show that there are over 200,000 web developers and designers in the United States alone.

How can you beat the competition?

Most successful web developers attract their dream clients because of their stunning portfolio pages. If you want to attract potential clients that offer high-paying jobs, you need a visually-appealing online portfolio that showcases your skills and expertise to the world.

Many developers use website builders like Wix and Squarespace to create custom portfolio web pages.

This article covers the 20 best web developer portfolios to inspire you to create or redesign a beautiful portfolio site even if you don’t have many projects.

Let's get started.

Jonathan McMaster is a web developer who served in the US Marines Corps. His web development portfolio has a minimalist web design layout with little text and a straightforward approach that gives the web page a business-focused outlook. 

The hero section displays an eye-catching image of mountains, a short biography, and a white-colored “Contact” call to action button to get his contact details. 

Potential clients can use the toll-free number on the white-colored site footer and two social media icons to reach Jonathan for his services.

2. Olya Black - Web Developer Portfolio Example
Source: Olya black

Olya Black is the founder and creative director of Wix Pro Studio, a web development agency that offers SEO, web design, and brand development services.

Below the hero section is a slider that features all the agency’s projects and awards of excellence which helps to boost credibility among potential clients.

I love how this portfolio website features various still graphics, engaging text, and colorful descriptive elements to give the webpage a fun and lively vibe. 

As a content creator, she put her skills into play by creating a video containing vital information about her biography and services.

Jodi Neufeld helps small creative businesses to create beautiful Squarespace websites that attract your dream clients.

The copywriting element on this web developer portfolio website is top-notch and compelling enough to get visitors to click the brown-colored call-to-action buttons. This colorful website features colors like dark chestnut, slate, and fantasy to give it a friendly vibe.

She uses a slider effect for her testimonial segment that is elegant and interactive. I love how the content of the testimonial segment convinces prospective clients that she can deliver as promised. 

Davydov Consulting is a successful web design and consultancy agency in Shoreditch in London, UK. They offer services like front-end development, WordPress development, and mobile and web application services.

You will find a WhatsApp icon widget that makes it possible to have a quick chat with the agency’s officials to make inquiries or request their services. 

Apart from the widget, the navigation bar has sticky features and enables visitors to explore multiple pages seamlessly. This agency site shows off the services they offer in a one-column grid layout with a smooth hover effect.

5. Devon Stank - Web Developer Portfolio Example
Source: Devon stank

Devon Stank is a Squarespace developer and a coffee enthusiast who believes in the importance of a website to achieve success in marketing.

This portfolio website kicks off with an insightful background video displaying facts about Devon Stank's activities as a professional web developer. You can watch the video by clicking the transparent “Watch Video” call to action button.

I love how Devon’s web page displays a strong developer aesthetic in his portfolio, featuring a dark theme, high-quality pictures, multiple CTAs, and large text fonts. This portfolio website has a lovely rhythm regarding copywriting, making it interactive for visitors.

Hausman Graphics offers services like custom website design, targeted SEO and content marketing eCommerce solutions, digital graphics, and artwork.

This portfolio website homepage welcomes visitors with an insightful video background that's sure to grab their attention and compel them to click the “Services” CTA button.

The site’s footer features vital information like contact details, Facebook social media icon, and logos of awards the agency received to prove its credibility and expertise. The icing on the cake is the white-colored “Contact” call-to-action button that links to its contact page.

Josh Unger's portfolio’s hero section has a catchy caption “ I build websites I can also teach you to build websites.” 

This website page is a great example of a web developer's portfolio with a flawless use of white spaces resulting in a solid background that gives life to other elements. The large text makes it easy for visitors to recognize various sections and get information about projects.

I like how the “Work” section has a grid structure with a three-column layout and a thumbnail effect that provides better insights for potential clients.

Seven Circle Media offers both web design and marketing services. This portfolio website has a clear and modern design layout with various high-quality pictures, descriptive icons, and a light theme with bright colors. 

I love how the site features interactive elements like compelling text and multiple CTAs to encourage customers to do business with them.

Potential clients can drop their details in the newsletter section for constant updates about the agency’s activities. I love the slider effect in the hero section and the sticky navigation bar that makes exploration seamless.

Akasha Michelle is a graphic and UI/UX designer and front-end developer with various top-notch freelance projects to display his design skills.  

This portfolio website page has a clean, sharp, and minimalist design with various eye-catching elements that will get visitors interested in exploring the site.

Navigating the homepage is seamless due to the presence of a transparent yet user-friendly navigation bar. You can check out some of Akasha Michelle's blog posts by clicking the “Blog Page” on the site’s menu bar. 

Digital Edge is a web development agency that offers services like web design, graphics design, and software development.

This webpage has a unique parallax scrolling effect that brings all the page’s elements together in an engaging fashion. You can use the navigation to visit multiple pages.

You will love the content in the testimonial section. Potential clients can watch the video testimonials to get insight into the agency’s operations and excellent services.

Digital Edge features a client section that displays multiple logos of top organizations the agency is in business with.

11. Studio Gruhl - Web Developer Portfolio Example
Source: Studio gruhl

Studio Gruhl is a web development agency that offers services like visual brand strategy, identity design, design direction, UX & UI design.

You will love the looping graphic background video with animated elements that give this web developer portfolio example a funky and energetic vibe. 

At the top of the web page, you will see three call-to-action buttons with sticky features that you can use to navigate the site seamlessly. Potential clients can click the “See All Projects” CTA to view great examples of past projects.

12. Lars Olson - Web Developer Portfolio Example
Source: Lars-olson

Lars Olson is a UI/UX design and game development expert. His online portfolio showcases his skills, abilities, and various projects to attract prospective clients.

This web development portfolio site features various visually appealing and fun elements to make visitors excited about exploring the site’s contents.

Thanks to the use of a dark background, all other design elements pop and are visible for potential employers to see and appreciate. I love Lars Olson displays her clients and personal projects in a four-column grid-like fashion with thumbnail features to aid exploration.

13. Josh Leibold - Web Developer Portfolio Example
Source: Josh leibold

Josh Leibold is a professional front-end web developer that specializes in Shopify, Squarespace, email, and automation.

This minimalist portfolio website has a dark theme, high-resolution pictures, and smooth hover effects that appear during the initial scroll. Each image has a thumbnail feature, making it possible for prospective clients to access content about each project.

With the site’s navigation, you can access pages like the “Work, Service, and LinkedIn” pages. In addition, the menu bar features a black-colored “New Project” call-to-action button.

14. Edgar Deiner - Web Developer Portfolio Example
Source: Edgar deiner

Edgar Deiner is a skilled UI/UX designer with great web development skills and a knack for solving business problems through human-centered design. This web developer portfolio website has both light and dark themes that give the webpage a colorful outlook.

I love how the site's design leans heavily into the programmer aesthetic using animated elements, descriptive icons, and high-quality images to give it an attractive interface. 

The navigation bar has a vertical layout and its content is arranged in a visually appealing way that grabs visitors’ attention.

15. Mariela Lopez - Web Developer Portfolio Example
Source: Mariela lopez

Mariela Lopez is a skilled web designer whose main focus is on combining the benefits of digital marketing and website development in boosting business growth.

Her website’s homepage welcomes visitors with Mariela’s stunning picture and a short work-based bio section. Interested clients can click the dusty pink colored “Contact” CTA to reach her seamlessly.

Mariela Lopez's portfolio’s design has a minimalist, bright, colorful, and business-centered outlook. I love how she uses engaging and compelling copywriting to assure clients of her ability to deliver on her promise. 

Sherman Website Design helps clients to build modern, attractive, and affordable websites and offers services like search engine optimization and digital marketing. The parallax scrolling effect and back-to-the-top sticky widget make navigating the homepage fun and seamless.

I love how the web page explicitly features details about previous projects using high-quality images and engaging copywriting. The fonts are clear and easy to read, making the web page irresistible to visitors. 

Sherman Website Design provides interactive features like multiple “Get In Touch” call-to-action buttons that link to the contact page. 

17. Koysor Abdul - Web Developer Portfolio Example
Source: Koysor

Koysor Abdul is a skilled web designer and Webflow developer. He uses italics fonts and white space as the key design of his portfolio to emphasize his unique style in the web development world.

I like how the timber green background and screenshots of his portfolio examples, sliders, and moving elements help to create an interactive experience for visitors.

You can’t miss the chestnut red site’s footer that houses a contact form link and social media links for easy accessibility to his online profiles.

Michael Lackey is a software engineer, full-stack developer, and educator passionate about helping people and tackling complex problems.

His website has a clean and flashy design with various attention-grabbing elements like motion graphics in the hero section. You will find logos of previous clients below the “About Section”.

I love how he uses a punchy zig-zag layout with eye-catching graphics, and bold text to describe his skill sets in the portfolio section. These elements are sure to incite the interest of potential clients who will not delay clicking any of the social media icons to reach Michael.

Jessica Ruiters is a Toronto-based art director and web designer with mind-blowing projects to showcase her skill.

This web developer portfolio website leverages interactive and artistic elements to get visitors' attention and to take relevant actions like clicking the contact page on the sticky header.

I love how the skills section features online descriptive icons to display Jessica Ruiters’s skill set that impresses visitors and potential clients. 

In driving her message, she uses a four-column layout to display projects with a thumbnail effect that encourages further viewing.

Michael Mannucci is a website solutions builder. His portfolio website has a warm and friendly vibe with bright colors like ball blue, dark indigo, and rose white while making the site feel homely. 

Potential customers will find the testimonial section intriguing which contains a track record of satisfied customers that speaks for itself. 

You can check out the recent work section to have a sneak peek into Michael Mannucci's latest projects. The last column on the layout is a CTA that invites interested visitors to click to request Michael Mannucci’s services.

Web Developer Portfolio Examples FAQs

What Makes A Good Web Developer Portfolio?

Certain information and elements must feature in your web developer portfolio to pass the quality test. Some factors you must pay attention to include the homepage, skills section, best works and projects, about page, contact information, links to your projects on other sites or platforms, links to your resume, and social media profiles.

How Can I Create My Own Web Developer Portfolio?

Creating your own web developer portfolio is easy if you follow the following steps. Choose a website builder to use, decide on your own portfolio designs, or customize an existing web developer portfolio template, add all your necessary information, list your projects and include the project information, display your skills and expertise, and include your contact details and customer testimonials.

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