The 22 Best Kajabi Website Examples For 2024

Updated Sep 1, 2023.

Spending a fortune to hire web designers, digital marketers, and other skilled professionals to create and sell your online courses but generating a poor ROI?

Do you want an all-in-one platform that helps you create, market, and sell digital content at an affordable price?

You can use Kajabi, one of the best online course platforms that offers various tools you need to create, promote, and track your website seamlessly.

This article covers 22 popular and eye-catching Kajabi examples where you can get inspiration for building your own online course empire.

Let’s get started.

Grant Cardone is a successful online and onsite salesman who hosts live workshops and uses instructional videos to teach people about mastering their sales skills. 

This successful Kajabi site has an engaging and clean design layout with various eye-catching elements working in sync to make the content attractive. 

I like how the website features a multi-grid layer to display content about online training and a transparent CTA to enroll for advanced courses. Interested visitors can get Grant Cardone Training Center's toll-free number on the site’s footer to make inquiries.

2. FullyRaw - Kajabi Website Example
Source: Fullyraw

Kristina Bucaram used Kajabi's tools to create a stunning website that represents her brand centered on proper eating habits and good health. She has a lot of members because of the use of Kajabi's email marketing tools to drive traffic.  

FullyRaw’s website has a bright and colorful design layout featuring topaz, bright orange, white, and dark raspberry as its dominant colors.

The use of high-quality pictures in different parts of this webpage is flawless, which gives the webpage an elegant outlook. My favorite part of this webpage is the short video about the coaching program.

Dr. Amy Palmer and Deb Del Vecchio-Scully are behind The Empowered Entrepreneur, a platform that offers coaching services for developing mind power and visual thinking skills.

The About section features stunning pictures of the two founders and engaging text about what the platform is all about to get visitors interested in their services. 

Below the About section is the blog section that features an apache-colored CTA button that links to numerous blog posts. You can use the newsletter form to submit your details to ensure you get the latest updates from The Empowered Entrepreneur.

Kim Eagle is a well-known lifestyle coach and an award-winning online trainer who operates an online business to help people get that perfect body shape.

This fitness website features many engaging content like the navigation menu made with Kajabi’s website builder which visitors can use to explore fitness content. 

You can click the pink lemonade-colored CTA button in the testimonial section to see various transformations and customer reviews. I like how she displays her award logos on the website which helps to boost trust and increase credibility.

Bromley Method is a fitness website centered on Pilates for beginners, postnatal moms, and fitness enthusiasts. This fitness website features colorful and engaging content created by Kajabi Builder to give visitors a taste of what to explore after signing up. 

Visitors can access live sessions, participate in her workshops and online courses, and schedule private sessions for pilates by clicking the CTAs in the service section.

I like how she uses a slideshow to display the Instagram reel content, giving the webpage a stylish outlook and offering engaging content to potential customers.

6. Orthovated - Kajabi Website Example
Source: Orthovated

Dr. Robert Trujillo founded Orthovated, a platform that offers legitimate career advice for orthodontists, dentists, and clinicians. 

This dental website page has a colorful web design with many engaging content including embedded YouTube videos, put together via Kajabi Dashboard.

The parallax scrolling effect makes all the individual elements sync, giving the webpage a sophisticated and outstanding outlook. Interested site visitors can access information and acquire Orthovated contact details via the navigation bar.

7. Medical Exercise Training Institute - Kajabi Website Example
Source: Medxpro360

Medical Exercise Training Institute ranks among the best Kajabi website examples. The training institute focuses on giving people proper education on exercising and managing chronic medical conditions.

I like how this Kajabi website offers interested visitors the choice to sign up for different payment options. Medical Exercise Training Institute features multiple high-quality pictures of ongoing exercise sessions.

The navigation bar is available for swift and intentional page exploration such as visiting the membership page to sign up.

The Beatitudes Project is a religion-based organization that centers around expressing the word of God through songwriting and music. 

I like how the website has a colorful design and a professional and sophisticated outlook. The copywriting style is engaging and lively, attracting visitors to become a part of the project.

Visitors can check the bio section to get insight into the project and get acquainted with the founders Gabe Lyons, Matt Maher, and Shauna Niequist. 

Kenza Collective focuses on providing digital materials for parents looking to balance their lives as caregivers and venture into freelancing or consulting.

The first catchy element on the page is a high-resolution picture of the founders of Kenza Collective, Tiffany and Beth having a good laugh.  

The testimonial section contains insightful and heartwarming reviews on the impact of the Slack community. I like how the site features vital elements such as a login page and a sales page. There is a subscription form that gives access to its podcasts and online courses.

10. VH Design Co - Kajabi Website Example
Source: Vh design

Judy and Jess are the brains behind VH Design Co, a platform that offers coaching and membership programs for interior designers. I like how the web page uses a letter format with a slideshow effect to make the testimonial section attractive to potential customers. 

VH Design Co uses a hamburger and a vertical navigation bar to help visitors seamlessly move across pages and carry out specific actions. You can check out their embedded video where they share vital information about details about the platform.

The SchoolHouse Life was founded by Lacey and Drew, who have been pursuing a self-sufficient life for over 20 years.

I like how this webpage uses a unique color scheme that gives the site a heartwarming vibe. The dominant colors include country green, golden green, peppermint, and straw. 

Exploring the webpage is fun and interactive because of the parallax scrolling effect, descriptive icons, and multiple high-quality pictures in strategic areas of the webpage. The testimonial section uses a grid-like format to display heartwarming reviews. 

12. Merilyn - Kajabi Website Example
Source: Merilyn

Merilyn is a Wow activist with thirty years of experience leading, advising, and mentoring individuals and organizations.

I like how she uses a dark color theme in most parts of the web pages, giving it an elegant and sophisticated feel. The parallax scrolling effect makes every element stand out and appeal to visitors. 

You can check out the video below the digital podcasts section or click the transparent “Browse the Library” CTA button to explore and listen to her podcasts.

Cherry Blossom Yoga was founded in 2010 by Sara and Johanna Turk. This family-owned online yoga studio has a smooth and responsive interface with a clean design layout and flashy colors in various aspects of the pages.

I love how the hero section features a sharp black-and-white picture of an ongoing yoga section with CTA for live streaming.

This Yoga site uses an opt-in form to grow its email list and help interested visitors receive constant updates about their activities.

Mike Herzog is the mastermind behind Someritus Life Design Center, which offers interested visitors books, coaching services, and courses to create and design the life they want.

The testimonial and services section features a two-column grid format with an orange-colored CTA button which gives access to the services page. I like the reviews of various individuals impacted by Someritus Life Design Center training and activities.

I love how the mirage-colored site footer contains details like a mini navigation bar and social media icons linking directly to Someritus Life Design Center online profiles.

Full Plate Living is focused on creating insightful blog post content on food and uses the Kajabi platform to easily create instructional videos.

The top of the webpage features a rectangle-shaped and greed-colored CTA button that links Full Plate Living membership sites where interested visitors can join the movement.  

This one-page website contains visually appealing content such as the multiple blog post covers that help to make the web pages attractive. Visitors can check out the black-colored site footer for details about Full Plate Living like location and social media links.

Government Social Media LLC acts as a support system for public sector social media professionals. I like how the hero section has multiple images of young people having fun with a caption of what it stands for.

Interested visitors can click the blue-colored “Join Our Network” CTA button to be a part of the network and influence their world via social media. 

The gray-colored site’s footer contains vital details like contact links, social media icons, and logos of affiliated brands to boost credibility.

Education By Matt Johnson is an online course portal that offers top-notch course content to help wedding filmmakers grow their onsite and online businesses. 

I love how simple, straightforward, and business-focused this Kajabi website example is, featuring multiple courses on its homepage with a grid design layout. 

Potential clients can use the navigation bar at the top and base of the webpage to explore various details on the site seamlessly. You can click the blue colored” Learn More CTA to get more insight about the courses and how to take advantage of them.

Psychotherapy Academy offers courses that teach people ways to effectively deal with mental health issues and how to live above mental health crises.

This psychotherapy website opens up with a stunning image in the hero section with inspirational text about taking mental health seriously. 

I like how the homepage doubles as the blog page which uses a four-column layout to display posts with a green-colored CTA button for access. You can check out other pages on the site via the user-friendly navigation bar at the top of the site.

Pop Pilates is a fitness and exercise platform that welcomes you with an engaging video featuring live sessions of different exercise programs. 

I like how the parallax scrolling effect plays a significant role in ensuring that the webpage has a sleek and eye-catching design layout.

Visitors can use the navigation bar to get information about various exercise modules, blog posts, checkout pages, sales pages, and contact pages. The sales page doubles as an eCommerce store where visitors can buy physical products.

Lisa Balthaser is the brain behind Fleur De Lisa Solutions which offers digital marketing, marketing automation, and coaching and consulting services.

Her homepage features a live chat option, making it easy for visitors to get quick information and the platform and to book one-on-one consultations. I love how this website uses a bright color scheme featuring different shades of pink to give it a fun and friendly outlook. 

Lisa Balthaser uses stunning pictures with lively texts, making it possible for visitors to feel welcome and trust her expertise.

21. Deborah Case Dance Academy - Kajabi Website Example
Source: Dcda

Deborah Case Dance Academy was founded by Debora Case who teaches ballet to build children’s confidence and maintain their overall well-being.

I love how minimalist and engaging the content on this Kajabi website is, making it interesting and fun to explore. Deborah Case Dance Academy’s landing page uses juicy copywriting to convince visitors to be a part of the dance academy. 

Potential customers and new students can watch the embedded dance YouTube videos to get insight into the academy and dance tutorials.

Wild for Planners is an event planner platform that uses Kajabi website builder to create a top-notch profile and eCommerce store website. This great example of a fun yet minimalist site with various attention-grabbing content will get you exploring the site’s contents. 

Similar to other Kajabi websites, Wild for Planners applies a mixture of high-quality images, and engaging text to give the page a homely vibe.

I love how the site welcomes you with an interesting video background that plays in a loop and displays content about Wild for Planners' past events.


Can I Use My Own Website with Kajabi?

Yes, you can connect your existing website to your Kajabi Pages with a direct link. With this decision in play, visitors can seamlessly navigate between your third-party homepage and landing pages built with Kajabi to give them an amazing customer experience.

Is Kajabi Good for Creating Online Courses? 

Kajabi is an all-in-one platform popular for helping site owners perform activities such as online course creation and marketing them as digital products. You can use customizable templates and intuitive design tools to create a mini-course or even a full-blown signature program that will compete with other websites. 

How can I Create My Own Online Course with Kajabi?

Yes, you can create your own online course seamlessly by using the Kajabi. Here are some steps to follow when creating your online course and have maximum results. Sign up with Kajabi, design your online course to fit your niche, attach a price, choose a theme, create a blog, and start an email marketing campaign to promote your course.  

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