21 Best Flooring Website Examples & Free Designs

Updated Oct 30, 2023.

Are you a flooring contractor or handyman looking for new clients? Do you want to start a flooring business and search for an affordable platform where you can display your services and attract high-quality customers?

Designing a flooring website is the ultimate marketing tool to create an effective online presence and stand out from the competition in the flooring industry.

Hiring a website developer to build or redesign your website can be expensive. Instead, use the best website builders like Squarespace and Wix to create an affordable and professional website that leaves a lasting impression on visitors.

This article explores the 21 best flooring website examples you can use to create your own beautiful site that converts visitors into paying clients.

Let’s get started.

Obsession Construction LLC is built on its owner Steve’s years of experience, putting his passion for construction into the company’s construction projects. 

Displayed over the homepage’s plain white background are images linked to a particular project in an irregular and alternating two and three-column layout. 

You can’t miss out on the white spaces in between that add a unique touch to the web design and keep visitors engaged.

Unique Flooring offers the widest range of hardwood floors available in solid and multi-layer construction to meet user needs. One of the professional flooring websites, the Unique Flooring website is professional, with a clean and modern web design.

A Contact feature displayed over the site’s high-quality hero image in the hero section prompts visitors to fill in their contact information. 

Complementing the contact feature is a chat icon pinned to the bottom right-hand corner of the homepage, serving as the site’s online communication channel.

3. Scharm Floor Covering - Best Flooring Website Example
Source: Scharm

Scharm Floor Covering has been proudly serving the Chicagoland area for 50 years, creating a long-lasting interior design experience for its clients. One of the standout flooring websites, Scharm Floor Covering is information-packed, displaying content throughout its homepage. 

Bold typography is the recurring theme on the Scharm Floor Covering website, engaging visitors as they scroll through the homepage. A product carousel feature is visible on the homepage, displaying images from the company’s showroom in a three-column slideshow.

Quick Floors LLC is a team of professionals offering affordable new floors, installation, and design ideas, with comfort, convenience, and care at the center of its services. 

One of the best flooring sites, the Quick Floors website is professional, creating a unique experience for every user and visitor throughout its site. ‘

A three-column slideshow is visible on the site’s homepage, displaying testimonials from past clients on a consistent black background. Consistent on the site are CTA buttons and navigation arrows, easily recognizable in their Conifer-colored background.

CraftMasters Flooring of Appleton offers the highest quality products that last longer, cost less money, and look great in your space. This great flooring website is attractive, displaying consistent bold typography throughout the homepage. 

Welcoming visitors to the site is a full-width high-quality image, engaging site visitors in accessing the site. A contact feature is visible and pinned to the homepage on a White and Dark Blue Grey color scheme, serving as the site’s online communication channel.

MSCS Inc. is one of the top flooring companies, offering state-of-the-art hardwood flooring services to clients in North Metro Atlanta. This outstanding flooring website welcomes visitors to its landing page, displaying full-width black-and-white images in a slideshow. 

Displayed at the top of the landing page are two clear CTA buttons in Eggshell Blue color, one prompting visitors to enter the main site. Visible in the Eggshell Blue color are social media icons, each linked directly to the company’s social media platforms.

The Trinity Floor Company specializes in high-end commercial and residential flooring projects, meeting the needs of custom builders and homeowners. 

One of the top flooring websites, Trinity Floor Company’s website welcomes visitors with a slideshow display of its past works in its hero section.

I love the display of images from its portfolio on an extensive black background in a centralized four-column layout. Visible on the homepage are logos of its suppliers in a black-and-white color scheme, boldly displayed in an interactive slideshow.

8. TOP PVC - Best Flooring Website Example
Source: Top-pvc.nl

TOP PVC is a reliable specialist for top-quality PVC floors and stairs coverings, offering the largest collection of PVC floors in the German region. This eye-catching flooring website is interactive, treating visitors to several interactive design elements. 

Logos of top PVC brands displayed in black on the site’s plain white background serve as social proof, with white space all around. Adding color to the site’s plain white background are clear CTA buttons, distinguishable in their Tan-colored background. 

Raven Hardwood Flooring is a hardwood flooring professional company putting its knowledge, craftsmanship, and uncompromising standards into creating the perfect space for its clients. This top flooring company has a minimalist website with a straightforward web design.

The entire Raven Hardwood Flooring website displays minimal content throughout the homepage, displaying different flooring images when necessary. 

I love how the Raven Hardwood Flooring website sticks to a centralized layout for its website design, making it unique.

10. Impervia - Best Flooring Website Example
Source: Impervia

Impervia presents the future of high-quality sustainable flooring, designed for durability, and perfect to fit the pieces of its client’s projects. This top flooring site is well-designed, with a user-friendly website design. 

A four-column display is consistent throughout the entire Impervia website, displaying case studies, and high-quality images of its products. 

I love how the entire Impervia website is designed on a consistent centralized layout, making the site’s content engaging for visitors.

Spigel Parkett offers real craftsmanship and strong floors in the heart of Dornbrin, sticking to tailor-made solutions, quality, beauty, and aesthetics. 

A minimalist website with a straightforward web design, Spigel Parkett’s website stands out in its bold display of design elements. 

The CTA buttons on Spigel’s website stand out in their Camo Green background, prompting visitors throughout the site. Adding a unique touch to the website design are bold lines in Camo Green, visible and linking different sections on the homepage.

Sunshine Flooring’s mission is to transform spaces and lives through exceptional flooring installations that enhance the beauty, comfort, and functionality of customers’ spaces. This great flooring website is modern, sticking to a clean layout for its website design. 

A bold display of full-width images helps the company showcase its services, using it as an effective tool to promote and customize its site. Visible is a parallax scrolling feature as visitors scroll through the homepage, engaging visitors. 

13. PID Floors - Best Flooring Website Example
Source: Pid floors

PID Floors is a hardwood flooring industry leader and trusted institution for designers, architects, developers, and homeowners, offering customers style, luxury, and sustainability. 

One of the top flooring businesses, the PID Floors website is unique, displaying a slideshow of images in one section of its split hero section. 

Black-and-white logos of brands endorsing PID Floors are above the footer section, serving as social proof. Consistent on the site are CTA buttons, standing out in their black-and-white color scheme.

Tile It Flooring is deeply rooted in tradition and hard work, committed to offering quality flooring, paving, and tiling services. One of the best flooring websites, the Tile It Flooring site is unique, sticking to a bold black-and-white display of its services. 

You will find logos of top brands that trust the brand displayed beneath the hero section, beautifying the site’s plain white background. I love how the entire Tile It Flooring website is designed on a predominantly black-and-white color scheme, consistent with its logo.

PVC Floor Concurrent's website is visually appealing and features several graphic elements and bold colors designed to attract its target audience. The Rubber Ducky Yellow color is the site’s primary color, visible as the background color for its CTA buttons.

A WhatsApp widget is visible in the WhatsApp primary green color and pinned to the homepage, serving as a link to the company’s WhatsApp platform. Consistent throughout the site’s homepage is bold typography, making every scroll engaging for visitors. 

Avalon Flooring is an employee-owned company committed to serving its clients the best quality products from its showrooms in New Jersey, Delaware, and Pennsylvania. 

One of the best flooring companies, the Avalon website is visually appealing, displaying high-quality images and bold colors to attract visitors. 

A centralized three-column layout is visible on the site, displaying the brands’ services and products using high-quality images and bold text. Visible and pinned to the homepage is a chat widget, serving as the site’s online communication channel.

17. Epoxy Docs - Best Flooring Website Example
Source: Epoxy docsus

Epoxy Docs offers safe, durable, and beautiful epoxy flooring, expertly installed by its team of professionals, for the satisfaction of its customers. 

One of the top flooring website examples, the Epoxy Docs website is professional, boldly displaying photos of its interior projects that attract visitors’ attention.

You will find logos of top brands that trust Epoxy Docs attached to the bottom of the hero section, and visible on a black background. 

The Shocking Orange color is consistent on the site, visible as the background color for CTA buttons and font color for select texts. 

The Kitchen, Bathroom & Flooring Store is Jacksonville’s one-stop shop for remodeling, helping customers design and build their dream kitchen, bathroom, and other spaces. 

One of the top flooring websites, the Kitchen, Bathroom & Flooring online store is unique, with the Sand color adding a unique touch to its website design. 

Testimonials from past clients displayed in a three-column layout and bordered by thin lines in Sand colors serve as social proof. Visible on the site’s homepage is an FAQ section that displays ready answers to visitors' potential questions.

Chicago Hardwood Flooring brings new life to your home, adding new beautiful hardwood flooring expertly installed for maximum satisfaction. This outstanding flooring website is unique, sticking to a centralized layout for its website design. 

The Chicago Hardwood Flooring website uses a showcase carousel feature to display a slideshow of high-quality images in its gallery section. 

Visible on a separate section on the homepage are bold and colorful social media icons linked to its social media platforms.

20. Shaw Floors - Best Flooring Website Example
Source: Shaw floors

Shaw Floors is one of the top flooring websites, helping clients find flooring options for each stage of their journey. This flooring website uses a predominantly black-and-white color scheme, with the only exception being the colorful high-quality images. 

An accessibility icon is visible just above a cookies icon in the bottom left-hand corner of the homepage, giving visitors control of the site’s layout. 

Visible and pinned to the homepage is a help icon, serving as the site’s online communication channel, consistent with the logo’s black-and-white colors.

Anderson Tutfex Construction Company creates floors designed with intention and crafted with care. A top and environmentally friendly company, Anderson Tutfex's website is modern, displaying content extensively on the homepage’s plain white background.  

A cookies icon pinned to the bottom left corner of the homepage contains the site’s cookies settings and gives visitors full control. Visible above the footer section is a slideshow display of image excerpts from the company’s Instagram page, displayed in a three-column layout.

Best Flooring Websites FAQs

How Do I Market My Flooring Store?

A flooring store is one of the best tools to make yourself known in the flooring market while attracting potential clients. Using an optimized website with a hard-to-resist functionality, social media promotions, reviews, and testimonials, are some of the top marketing strategies needed.

How Do I Get Customers for My Flooring Business?

The flooring market is highly competitive, and getting customers is not an easy task. You need to implement useful marketing tips and strategies. SEO services, Pay-Per-Click, and search engines are useful tools to get customers for your flooring business. 

Is Flooring a Lucrative Business?

Just as building and construction are daily skills needed, the flooring business holds great promise as a lucrative business for you to venture into. The demand for flooring is steadily on the rise as both residential and commercial buildings require flooring services. 

Where Can I Find the Best Flooring Website Templates?

The right decision and best outcome to build a professional and attractive flooring website is to use available website templates from top website builders. Wix and Squarespace are the best website builders with a rich library of website templates to make your flooring site stand out from the competition.

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