Cleaning Websites: 28 Inspiring Examples (2024)

Updated Sep 11, 2023.

Do you want to establish a strong online presence, win more clients, and grow your cleaning business? Are you looking for fresh ideas and inspiration to make your cleaning website design better?

The best cleaning services websites have easy-to-navigate and clean layouts, beautiful photography, and modern designs that attract customers.

Building a visually appealing cleaning site doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Use the best website builders like Squarespace and Wix to build the perfect cleaning business website that provides an engaging experience for your target audience.

This article covers the 28 great cleaning website examples you can take design and content inspiration to create or improve your own website.

A Pristine Carpet Clean is a family-run business offering cleaning services in the Sydney metropolitan suburbs, six days a week. 

Rated a top Sydney company in Sydney on five different occasions, Pristine Carpet Clean is one of the best cleaning sites with a straightforward website design. 

Serving as the hero image on the Pristine Carpet Clean website is a group image of the team of professionals, displayed in a centralized layout. Call-to-action buttons stand out on this cleaning website, using a black-and-white color scheme.

Rowland’s Cleaning Services is a locally owned and operated residential and office cleaning service for Clark County and the surrounding area. This standout cleaning website displays bold design elements, making bold statements on its website. 

Bold colors and bold typography are the consistent branding elements on Rowland’s Cleaning Services website, alongside bold call-to-action buttons in a Jellyfish-colored background

You can’t miss out on the list of cleaning services it offers, displayed in two separate sections to help visitors pick a suitable service.

The Cleaning Company is an environmentally conscious cleaning company offering a range of impeccable cleaning services in and around Charlottesville. One of the top cleaning business websites, The Cleaning Company is designed to attract the attention of potential clients.

Visible throughout the homepage of the Cleaning Company’s cleaning website is a soft color scheme, adding a unique touch to its website design. You can’t help but admire the numerous high-quality photos that describe the company’s services beyond words. 

Annie Cleaning Services proudly offers professional cleaning services in Orlando and its surroundings via its trusted cleaning team. 

One of the top professional cleaning websites, this cleaning business website uses the Palatinate Purple color as its site’s predominant color. 

I love the display of reviews from past clients in a slideshow layout, alternating between black and Palatinate Purple colored backgrounds. Beneath the review section are logos of clients and brands Annie Cleaning Services has worked with, serving as social proof.

5. Sparkle Buddy - Cleaning Website Example
Source: Sparkle buddy

Sparkle Buddy has a spotless cleaning reputation for providing the highest quality house cleaning and window cleaning services.

The review section is designed to encourage visitors to read customer reviews, as the embedded customer reviews are visually appealing to visitors in a three-column layout. 

I love how the display of different shades of Blue color, wavy lines, sparkles, and bubbly-shaped sections add to the design aesthetics of Sparkle Buddy. 

6. BioClean CT - Cleaning Website Example
Source: Bioclean ct

BioClean CT is a team of Connecticut cleaning experts making homes and businesses safer and cleaner. Pinned to the homepage and visible in the site’s header menu is a CTA button in Sapphire, prompting visitors to get a free estimate. 

The Fern Green color from the BioClean website is its main color scheme, visible as background colors for multiple CTA buttons. Pinned to the homepage is a unique CTA button labeled top, serving as the site’s navigation feature, taking users to the top of the homepage. 

Clean Club Calgary is made up of a professional cleaning team offering home and office cleaning services in Calgary and surrounding areas. 

Welcoming visitors to its cleaning site is an upside-down image of a family having fun, portraying the main goal Clean Club aims to offer its clients.

The centralized display of its content gives Clean Club Calgary a professional look, alternating between bold and normal texts, making the read engaging for visitors. 

8. Clean Sweep - Cleaning Website Example
Source: Clean sweep

Clean Sweep is a professional, reliable, and economical cleaning company offering commercial and residential cleaning services to its clients in the New York area. Welcoming visitors to its site are high-quality images each linked to a specific service Clean Sweep offers. 

This cleaning website chooses to display the Mid Blue color from its logo as its predominant color, visible as a background for sections and call-to-action buttons. 

You will find icons leading to the Clean Sweep social media pages displayed in a centralized layout in white on an extensive Fun Blue colored background.

Peaches ‘n Clean is committed to quality service and customer satisfaction in exchange for a fair return on their efforts. 

One of the top professional-looking cleaning websites, Peaches ‘n Clean displays several attractive sections, speaking to the professionalism of the brand. 

Visible over the hero section and displayed beneath a set of call-to-action buttons are logos of top awards Peaches ‘n Clean has amassed over the years. The parallax scrolling effect visible as visitors scroll adds to the design aesthetics of its website, making it stand out. 

LT Home Solutions is Surrey’s premier home solutions and window cleaning solution, offering house cleaning services, focusing mainly on window cleaning. 

One of the best house cleaning websites, LT Home Solutions displays different shades of blue throughout its site, sticking to the natural color of water. 

I love how this cleaning website displays images in a bubble-shaped frame and bubbles, adding a bubbling effect to its website design. 

Pinned to both sides of the homepage are phone and message icons, serving as the LT Home Solutions’ communication channels. 

11. Dove Cleaning - Cleaning Website Example
Source: Dove cleaning

Dove Cleaning offers professional cleaning services for businesses and organizations based around Manchester. One of the top cleaning websites, Dove Cleaning uses the Light Sea Green color extensively to distinguish its CTA buttons and header texts from ordinary texts. 

A cookie icon is visible and pinned to the homepage, allowing visitors access to effect changes to the site’s cookie settings. I love the moving slideshow that displays reviews from past clients, which helps instill visitors’ confidence in the brand. 

12. CleanSource Solutions Philippines - Cleaning Website Example
Source: Clean source

CleanSource Solutions Philippines is a professional cleaning service company in Quezon City, specializing in home, condo, and office cleaning. 

Welcoming visitors to its website is a slideshow of text-based content detailing the company’s story and the cleaning services offered. 

A great example of one of the best cleaning business websites, CleanSource’s website design is clean, using a colorful Eminence color scheme. I love how CleanSource Solutions Philippines displays a listing of its cleaning services in a centralized four-column layout.

13. Happy Host - Cleaning Website Example
Source: Happy host sd

Happy Host is committed to restoring freedom and peace of mind to the vacation rental host by caring for their property. One of the best cleaning websites, Happy Host chooses a minimalistic design to showcase its cleaning business and other services. 

I love how the Happy Host website alternates between images and text on its site’s plain white background, adding a unique twist to its site design. 

NYC’s Cleaning Fairy, with an average of 5 years of industry cleaning experience, offers cleaning services to apartments in the NYC area. A one-page website, NYC’s Cleaning Fairy website displays navigation texts in its header menu in Bitter Sweet font color.

The welcoming hero image on NYC’s Cleaning Fairy website is unique, standing out in its dark theme. Displayed over this image is a large call-to-action button in white, with a fairy icon alongside, coined from the brand name.

15. Streamline Services - Cleaning Website Example
Source: Streamline

Streamline Services strives to provide the best home cleaning and commercial cleaning available, matched with great customer service. 

One of the best house cleaning websites with a worry-free guarantee, Streamline Services website uses the Ultramarine Blue color from its logo as its predominant color. 

The Book Online call-to-action button is uniquely placed and visible in the hero section, standing out in an Ultramarine Blue background. There are colorful icons in Ultramarine Blue colors displayed throughout the website, adding color to the plain website design.

Bonke’s Cleaning Services is on a mission to provide high-quality services in a timely and orderly manner. A great cleaning website, Bonke’s Cleaning Services sticks to a centralized structure for its website design, making the best out of its plain white background

Persian Indigo is the predominant color on Bonke’s Cleaning Services website, visible as the background color for its call-to-action buttons. The Persian Indigo color stands out as the font color for the texts displayed in the header menu, the site’s main navigation feature.

17. Divine Maids - Cleaning Website Example
Source: Divine maids

Divine Maids, ranked the No. 1 house cleaning services by Google, is known as the most trusted and reliable house cleaning services provider in Seattle. 

Full of content, the Divine Maids website displays its expensive website content sections using a uniform centralized layout. 

With a plain white background, white spaces are visible at the homepage edges, providing room for potential customers to soak in all the information displayed. A FAQ section is visible as part of its site’s content, providing ready answers to potential customers’ questions.

18. Briance - Cleaning Website Example
Source: Briance

Headed by Veronique Tremblay, Briance offers professional house cleaning services in Montreal, mainly Griffintown’s condo cleaning service. One of the top cleaning websites, the Briance Cleaning website displays its company’s services in an organized manner.

Divided into three main sections, the full-screen background aerial-view image of Montreal stands out in a colorful scheme. 

Attached to the background image is a body of information about the company, displaying Google reviews on a white background. 

A chat icon in a black-and-white color scheme is visible and pinned to the homepage, helping potential clients keep in touch with the brand.

19. Sparkly Maid - Cleaning Website Example
Source: Sparkly maid

Sparkly Maid is a top brand in providing the best maid service in Chicago, with well-trained and dedicated cleaners at its disposal.

One of the best creative cleaning websites, Sparkly Maid website displays colorful design elements and bold typography on its plain white background.

A pop-up box is visible and pinned to the homepage, serving as the site’s customer support feature. Displayed on a separate section on the homepage are FAQ questions displayed extensively on the Sparkly Maid cleaning site, one of its thoughtful features.

Pretty Cleaning Services is a black-owned, women-owned residential and commercial cleaning service providing unmatched customer service to its clients in Houston, Texas. A simple and minimalistic website, Pretty Cleaning Services displays pretty images and soft colors. 

I love how Pretty Cleaning Services details its cleaning process extensively on its company website, displaying an extensive gallery of images in a slideshow format.

Visible and pinned in the header menu is a search feature that helps potential customers find their way to the site easily.

21. Airroot - Cleaning Website Example
Source: Airroot

Airroot has a reputation for being a reliable service provider while maintaining a fair pricing structure for its customers. One of the distinct cleaning websites, Airroot uses the blue and red colors from its logo as its site’s consistent online branding element. 

The hero videos use Blue and Red colors as background covering, sticking with the company’s consistent branding.

Airroot lists out its cleaning services in a Red and Blue color scheme on a plain white background. 

Seattle Green Cleaning Fairy is home to professional cleaners advocating and supporting Green Cleaning. Ranked No. 1 maid service on Google, the Seattle Green Cleaning Fairy website is packed with information across all sections on its homepage. 

An anchor menu feature is visible and pinned to the right-hand side of the Seattle Green Cleaning Fairy website’s homepage, serving as the site’s navigation feature. 

Visible are colorful fairy-animated images and icons, adding color to the site’s plain white background, and conforming with the brand’s name.

Out of Sight Cleaning is a family-owned cleaning business offering commercial and residential cleaning options to Nevada and Placer counties. 

One of the well-structured cleaning websites, Out of Sight Cleaning alternates between font types to display its spectacular housekeeping. 

As visitors scroll through the Out of Sight website, a parallax scrolling effect is visible, one of the site’s top design features. An anchor menu feature is visible on the right-hand side of the homepage, linked to all the sections on the homepage. 

Mishka Enterprises aims to provide high-quality services to its esteemed clients through exceptional service and open communication. 

An example of one of the best-designed cleaning websites, Mishka Enterprises treats visitors to high-quality images of its team at work. 

Visible above the footer section are reviews from past clients displayed in a slideshow format in legible blue fonts. I love the online service form designed to collect contact details from clients directly from the homepage’s contact section.

25. Detroit Maid - Cleaning Website Example
Source: Detroit maid

Detroit Maid offers its clients an extra hand to spend more time living and less time cleaning. Two call-to-action buttons sit over the black-and-white hero image displayed in its site’s hero section, in the site’s predominant Rogue color as background. 

Logos of top brands Detroit Maid has worked with are displayed in a separate section on its website homepage, displayed in a six-column layout. Visible beneath the display of logos is a quoted text from a past client, using the site’s primary Rouge color as its font color. 

Nicole Woods is the proud founder of The Green Cleanery, a reliable, efficient, and professional Missouri cleaning service-based company. 

Unlike other cleaning websites, the Green Cleanery website uses a pop-up announcement feature to display its set of call-to-action buttons placed above each other.

Using primarily natural cleaning products, Green Cleanery tells its company’s story in a separate section using white fonts on a Dirty Blue background. 

Visible in a colorful scheme are client testimonials, centralized and alternating between Dirty Blue and Pea Green as background colors.

Eagleson Cleaning is a woman-owned business specializing in multiple areas of residential and commercial cleaning services, with a keen eye for detail. Visible beneath the hero section is a CTA button, prompting users to get a free estimate with social media icons visible alongside. 

Dots in the Eagleson Cleaning logo Denim Blue color are visible, forming border dotted lines between sections on the homepage. The header menu is consistent with the Denim Blue color, visible as the background for the drop-down menu feature attached to header texts.

All Ways Clean is a locally owned and operated professional cleaning and maintenance company located in Kingston, Ontario, offering cleaning expertise in commercial and residential spaces. 

One of the professional-looking cleaning websites, All Ways Clean treats visitors to slideshow images of past jobs, serving as its hero section. 

Displayed beneath a two-column listing of its cleaning services are reviews from happy clients in a slideshow format. The dark theme makes the texts in white more appealing to visitors.

Professional Cleaning Websites FAQs

Do I Need a Cleaning Business Website? 

One of the advantages established companies have over upcoming cleaning businesses is the brand image they have created with their cleaning website. A cleaning website is a must-have for any professional company that wants to showcase its impeccable high-quality service to a larger audience. 

How Can I Design a Cleaning Website? 

With basic website builder plans, you can take a DIY approach to design your own site for your cleaning business. Squarespace and Wix are two of the best website builders you can use to design a cleaning website. Simply register an account and follow the simple step-by-step guide to design your own cleaning website at an affordable cost. 

What are the Most In-Demand Cleaning Services?

Pressure washing, house cleaning, shine window cleaning, carpet cleaning, and commercial cleaning are among the most in-demand cleaning services from cleaning companies.

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