36 Best Gym Websites Design Inspiration 2024

Updated Sep 23, 2023.

Starting a gym can be a lucrative business venture if you know how to reach the right audiences and grab their attention. Having your own website is an effective way to reach your target audience and share relevant information about your fitness brand.

You can hire a professional web designer to help you create a stunning gym website. However, the cost of hiring can be expensive for a small business venture.

An affordable alternative is to use the best website builders like Squarespace and Wix which offer gym website templates that make the building process seamless.

This article explores the 36 best gym websites with top-notch designs that can serve as a guide when you are designing your own site.

Let’s get started.

Boombox Boxing is a boxing gym that offers clients in-person training or online training options that suit their needs and schedules.

I like how this amazing gym website design features multiple high-quality pictures to give potential clients a sneak peek of what to expect.

Visitors can use the hamburger navigation bar to explore various angles of the site without breaking a sweat. Locating this gym or fitness center is easy due to the presence of a Google Maps feature on the page.

Knockout Austin is a kickboxing and boxing studio that has its origin in the need to break away from intimidating MMA gyms. 

This fitness club site has a fun, lively, and energetic web design layout featuring high-quality images, bold texts, and catchy call-to-action buttons. 

The black background makes all the relevant elements visible to attract customers and compel them to commit to the fitness center. Interested visitors can click on any of the social media icons on the site footer to access the gym business online profile.

3. Sweat FXBG - Gym Websites Design Example
Source: Sweat fxbg

Sweat FXBG is a Virginia-based fitness community and studio that offers indoor cycling, rowing, yoga, HIIT, and barre to help clients achieve their fitness goals.

This good gym website has a minimalist design layout with a unique display of high-quality pictures, engaging texts, and an eye-catching color scheme. Visitors can use the transparent navigation bar to explore this good fitness website layout in a breeze.   

I like how this fitness website uses ample white space to let visitors focus on its most important elements and make necessary decisions like scheduling classes.  

4. The Limit - Gym Websites Design Example
Source: The limit

The Limit is a dance workout community that offers in-person services, in-person on-demand, and Saturday live dance parties on Zoom.

This gym website features a stunning background image of Broadway performers, professional dancers, former Rockettes, and members to get the attention of visitors.

The website features logos of top brands that feature their success stories in their publications to enhance social proof and boost the Limit’s credibility.

I like how the site features branded videos that display various workout sections with CTA buttons for interested customers to click for subscriptions.

5. HallardFit - Gym Websites Design Example
Source: Hallardfit

HallardFit was founded by Reece Hallard who helps his clients to reach their full fitness potential regardless of their age or body type. 

The use of video testimonials to convince visitors about the validity and impact of HallardFit’s exercise routines is brilliant. Visitors can take action by clicking any of the blue-colored CTA buttons at various angles of the webpage.

This personal trainer website has a bright color scheme which gives it a unique and elegant outlook. The dominant colors include various shades of blue like green vogue and ball blue. 

Studio Athlétique Locomotion is a fitness studio based in Montreal, Canada. This fitness studio has skilled personal trainers that offer services like boxing, yoga, and athletic training. 

I like how the webpage features multiple grid layouts to display its contents engagingly and attractively. Interested clients can use the black-colored navigation bar with a drop-down effect to explore various angles of the webpage in a jiffy. 

The black-colored site footer contains a toll-free number, social media icons, and a newsletter column for constant fitness updates.

Stax Cycle Club welcomes visitors with a catchy background video of an ongoing workout section in a fun, lively, and energetic manner.

The white-colored sticky navigation bar has a drop-down feature that contains vital links that lead to pages where online clients can get their services online. Interested clients can use the shop section to buy the brand’s merchandise and other relevant gym equipment.

I like how the page features multiple heartwarming comments and video testimonials to convince online visitors of the brand's credibility.

The Fighters Club is a Hong Kong-based boxing gym that offers only one-on-one training to its clients. This fitness website opens up with a high-quality image of the boxing gym and a picture of two men sparring in a boxing ring. 

I love how this boxing gym website features visual elements like Instagram feeds and social media integration in multiple grid formats to boost engagement. Interested visitors can seamlessly locate The Fighters Club via the Google Maps feature at the base of the site.

Evolve Fitness Chicago's website has a unique, colorful, and energetic design layout with vital elements that make the site stand out. These elements include high-quality pictures, stylish fonts, and the parallax scrolling effect that makes every element sync. 

The hero section has a full-width image of a lady enjoying her workout section with her fitness coach helping her to get along. This image paints a picture of Evolve Fitness Chicago being a friendly environment where people can have fun and get fit.

10. Sitaras Fitness Inc - Gym Websites Design Example
Source: Sitaras

Sitaras Fitness is a state-of-the-art private gym owned and run by fitness coach John Sitaras. This fitness website uses a bright color scheme with different shades of blue and a touch of white to spice up the design. 

Visitors can see the background images while checking other content on the homepage with ease. I like how Sitaras Fitness features a full-width Google Maps feature on the site's footer to assist visitors in locating the nearest physical location.

11. Primal 7 - Gym Websites Design Example
Source: Primal 7

Primal 7 doubles as a unique fitness community and a portable exercise device to guide your every move and keep you safe.

This great fitness website welcomes visitors and potential customers with a stunning image of a lady performing her exercise routines. Clicking the green colored “View Product” call-to-action will transport visitors to the shop page where they can buy various gym facilities.

Primal 7’s fitness website design features an insightful video background at the center of the page that contains testimonials from various customers and fitness professionals.

12. Australian Fitness Academy - Gym Websites Design Example
Source: Fitness

Australian Fitness Academy was established in 1993 and is a leading fitness education provider in the fitness industry. This fitness center website features a sticky navigation bar with a drop-down effect that makes the exploration seamless and productive. 

Visitors can get accurate information about the academy’s training and fitness services by clicking the alien green colored “Enquire Now” CTA button.

I like how this personal training website features heartwarming testimonials and positive reviews from satisfied customers.

Tyler and Michelle are the founders and owners of My Fitness Suites, a state-of-the-art gym for fitness lovers of variety.

This gym website doubles as a fitness site and an online store that offers gym equipment at an affordable price to interested customers. 

The sticky navigation bar with a drop-down effect is your one-stop shop to explore all the vital and relevant information about the fitness center. Interested visitors can use the live chat sticky widget on the right side of the page to reach Tyler and Michelle.

Coach Brit is a skilled pre- & postnatal coach, who helps busy moms return to exercise safely and effectively.

Online visitors can use the bullet point navigation bar on the right side of the page to explore various angles of the page. The parallax scrolling effect makes all the elements sync engagingly and gives the webpage a unique outlook.

I like how Coach Brit features multiple high-quality images in various parts of the site to make it look professional and visually appealing to potential customers. 

15. Jolly Bodies - Gym Websites Design Example
Source: Jolly bodies

Jolly Bodies has a colorful, fun, and energetic feel with engaging text that will get fitness enthusiasts excited about being a part of the club. 

You can use the sticky menu bar to explore the site’s contents with ease and use the search function to locate specific items with ease. 

The site’s footer houses a gradient-colored slider that features awards, publications, and positive reviews about Jolly Bodies' exploits in the fitness industry.

16. Fitness Plus - Gym Websites Design Example
Source: Fitness plus

Fitness Plus is a 24/7 Gym that offers premium services to its clients to help them achieve their fitness goals.

The first catchy element on this great website is a high-resolution video that features content about Fitness Plus’s physical location, equipment, and workout routines. I love how the black background makes every unique element on the web page visible to online visitors.

Interested visitors can use the blue-colored live chat widget at the right side of the page to make inquiries.

Spartan Training Center has been in business for over 25 years and was founded by Tim Dutcher. The parallax scrolling effect gives this stunning webpage a unique and sophisticated outlook, making it possible for visitors to explore its content in a breeze. 

I like how the dark color scheme helps to spice up the webpage, making every element visually appealing and engaging.

Each content on the mega navigation bar has a hover effect. Visitors can explore the blog page, contact page, and FAQs section with just a click on its unique link. 

18. SD Fitness & Health - Gym Websites Design Example
Source: Sd fitness

SD Fitness & Health is a personal training center that offers top-notch services to people who want to lose weight.

This personal training studio website welcomes visitors with a high-quality picture in its hero section that gives a picture of the efficiency of personal training. You will find a toll-free number at the center of the homepage. 

I like how this fitness website features an embedded YouTube video that features content about the fitness business, and workout routines. 

The use of stock photos and engaging texts to describe their mode of operations and other vital information about the fitness center is brilliant.

19. Will Space - Gym Websites Design Example
Source: Will space

Will Space focuses on inspiring and motivating our students to achieve their fitness goals without using mundane machines like the treadmill. The webpage has a bright and straightforward design layout with only the most important contents on display.

I like how Will Space uses colorful and large square-shaped call-to-action buttons on the platform to display its offerings and services engagingly and interactively. 

Clicking on the black-colored Instagram icon will transport visitors to Will Space’s Instagram profile to get insight into various workout routines.

20. Hype Gym - Gym Websites Design Example
Source: Hype gym

Hype Gym is a New York City-based private training facility, offering personal training, semi-private training, and group classes.

This website design features a zig-zag layout featuring engaging texts, high-quality pictures, and CTA buttons to arrange and display vital content about the gym. 

I like how the mega navigation bar pops up every time visitors scroll up to display links to other pages on the website.

Visitors can get updates about the Hype Gym’s physical location and operating hours, email addresses, social media links, and toll-free numbers on the site’s footer.

Elev8tion Fitness was founded in 2017 and has been making waves in the fitness industry. The first catchy element on this webpage is the caption “Train With Us. Experience Results” that compel visitors to click the “Join” CTA button. 

Visitors can use the black-colored sticky live chat widget to get in touch with Elev8tion Fitness customer service officials to make inquiries. Interested visitors can purchase the brand’s merchandise that is on display at the center of the page at affordable prices.

22. Fit 2 You - Gym Websites Design Example
Source: Fit 2 you

Aaron Atwood is the founder and CEO of Fit 2 You, a mobile personal training service in Boston. The sticky navigation bar makes the exploration process fun and seamless and gives the privilege of checking multiple pages on the site.

I like how the design of the page switches from a white background with text to full of images about the fitness business. Visitors can fill out their details in the contact form or click the “Let’s Get Started” CTA button with a hover effect. 

23. Graft House - Gym Websites Design Example
Source: Ggraft house

Matty Davies is the founder of Graft House, an online fitness training program for its clients.  The first catchy element on this gym website example is how the full-width image retracts into a mobile view with a “Sign UP” CTA button.

This one-page website features stock photos of clients' transformations in the testimonial section to get the attention of potential customers.

I love how the parallax scrolling effect and the black background make all the unique elements on the webpage sync elegantly.

Vale Tudo Training is a fitness community that applies rigorous athletic exercise in their regular workout.

The first thing visitors will see on arrival is a mind-blowing background video that displays a fitness enthusiast working out. Beneath the hero section is an embedded YouTube video that features workout and fitness-related content.

I love how the sticky navigation bar is your one-stop shop to explore all the pages and angles of the site without breaking a sweat. The fitness gym site features a testimonial section to boost social proof.

25. Heat Bootcamp - Gym Websites Design Example
Source: Heat bootcamp

Heat Bootcamp features a combination of strength training, cardiovascular intervals, and core conditioning to help visitors achieve their fitness goals. 

I like how this fitness website switches its content between engaging texts and high-resolution images from top to bottom. The black background makes all the elements on the web page visually appealing to visitors and prospective customers. 

Visitors can use the drop-down navigation bar to explore various aspects of the webpage and make relevant fitness-related decisions in a breeze.

Black Hive Athletics was founded by Patricia Malagrion Parrish because of her passion for fitness and helping others achieve their goals.

This fitness website is a great example of a minimalist yet informative design layout that contains information about Black Hive Athletics.

This one-page website has two main sections which include the hero section and site footer. The hero section features a high-quality image of a weight lifter and bold text about the gym. 

As you scroll further, you will see elements like a contact form, contact details, and a Google Maps feature.

The Strength Den is a top-notch fitness gym that has its location in Burnie and Devonport. I love how the hero section features two full images with a thumbnail effect that links to pages containing multiple images and texts about the gym. 

Visitors can use the sticky navigation bar to explore various pages and to access the brand’s email address. Below the hero section is a contact form where people can submit their details to get in touch with the Strength Den officials.

28. Rise Athlete - Gym Websites Design Example
Source: Rise athlete

Rise Athlete is a fitness community with professional coaches and top-notch gym equipment that will help members achieve their fitness goals.  

The testimonial section features heartwarming texts and five-star rankings from satisfied customers that boost social and establish the brand's credibility. 

I like how the fitness website has various fitness-themed high-quality images and CTA buttons for visitors to take action in different parts of the page.

The dark background makes every element on the web page pop and visible for potential customers to get interested in their services.

29. Aly Gray Fitness - Gym Websites Design Example
Source: Aly gray

Aly Gray is the sole founder of Aly Gray Fit Fam which is based on her passion to help people have a healthy lifestyle.

Online visitors can use the hamburger navigation bar to explore multiple pages on the website without breaking a sweat. 

Clicking the navy blue sticky live chat widget makes it possible for visitors to begin the personal training section or make necessary inquiries.

Interested visitors can check out the testimonial section for heartwarming reviews from satisfied customers about their body’s transformation.

PFP Clinic Gym has a one-page website with a colorful, fun, and engaging design layout. The first thing you will see when visiting this gym website is an embedded video of an ongoing workout section. 

My favorite part is the testimonial section which uses a before and after format to display significant transformation in the client's body with a slideshow. I like how the page uses multiple full-width images of ongoing workout routines with the gym’s state-of-the-art equipment.

Ladies That Lift is a fitness community for ladies that's based on weight lifting and general workout routines. 

I like how the webpage features a white and dark color scheme which makes all the visible elements visually appealing to potential customers. Interested visitors can click the “Book A Class Now” CTA button to get started and join the fitness community.

The black-colored site’s footer features a consent form interested customers can use to submit to reach the fitness center.

Barre Body Studio’s sunning website opens up with an engaging video in the hero section. What I like about this fitness website is how the page features multiple videos that display fitness-related content.

The parallax scrolling effect makes the process of exploring the webpage fun and lively, giving the webpage a sophisticated and elegant outlook. 

Visitors can check out the Instagram section that uses a two-column grid layout to display its content in an attractive and attention-grabbing fashion.

Camperdown Fitness is a Sydney-based fitness community that offers both online and onsite workout classes to its clients. Interested visitors can click the red colored “Membership” call-to-action button at the top of the page to join Camperdown Fitness’ membership program. 

I like how they strategically put a banner about the first free workout to bait visitors into submitting their details in the contact form.

The “Classes” section features a well-put-together slideshow containing multiple online classes visitors can participate in. Visitors can check the black-colored site footer to access the gym's working hours.

34. Health & Fitness World - Gym Websites Design Example
Source: Hfworld

Health & Fitness World is a Tasmania-based health and fitness center that has world-class gym equipment that will help members achieve their fitness goals.

The first catchy element you will see on the site is a slideshow of high-quality pictures displaying content about the gym's workout section. 

This gym website example has a colorful design layout with engaging texts and eye-catching high-quality images designed to get the attention of potential customers. 

Health & Fitness World’s color is dominantly white, black, and orange-red which gives the page a fun and energetic outlook.

Brad Schoenfeld is an internationally renowned fitness expert widely regarded as one of the leading authorities on body composition training. He is the founder of Look Great Naked.

Look Great Naked is one of the best fitness websites that offers top-notch information about the brand’s services in a minimalist and engaging fashion. The site’s footer contains vital information that will help boost the brand's credibility like multiple partners' logos.

Potential customers can use the saffron mango-colored menu bar to access the testimonial section to get in-depth information about the positive impact of the gym’s activities.

36. Dreamwod - Gym Websites Design Example
Source: Dreamwod

Dreamwod app is an all-in-one workout app that helps users keep track of their workout routines. 

This fitness business website has a bright color scheme with colors like white, Paris green, and black that make its content visually appealing. 

Interested visitors can download the training and workout app on the Google Play Store and Apple Store by clicking the CTA buttons in the hero section. 

The white-colored site footer contains vital details like an FAQ link, contact details, and three social media icons that link directly to Dreamwod’s online profiles.

Best Gym Website Examples FAQs

Why Does a Gym Need a Website?

The fitness industry is flooded with professional gym owners who have top-notch fitness websites to attract customers. Since you are operating in the same industry, you need a well-designed gym website to increase your competitive advantage. Your website will be the first place potential customers will go when looking for a gym.

What are the Best Fitness Website Builders for a Gym Owner?

The best fitness website builders for a gym owner include Squarespace and Wix. These top-notch website builders offer gym owners state-of-the-art website templates and other site-building tools for creating visually appealing and informative websites that will increase their conversion rate and customer base. 

Which Websites are Best for Gym Workouts?

Here are the best gym websites you can explore: John Reed Fitness, Primal 7, Australian Fitness Academy, BOOMBOX Boxing, Knockout Austin, Stax Cycle Club, Jose Morales Boxing Academy, Real Steel Fitness Gym, Windy City Crossfit, WPT Fitness, Muscle and Strength, Bodybuilding.com, Muscle and Fitness, PureGym, Lean with Lilly, Shape, and Verywell Fit.

What Should Be on the Gym Website?

Certain elements must be present on your gym website if you want it to achieve the desired results. The vital elements include location and contact information, reviews and testimonials, mobile-friendly and intuitive user experience, member management portal, fitness class schedule and bookings, live streaming and on-demand classes, and high-quality visuals.

How Much Does a Gym Website Cost?

Building a state-of-the-art gym website will cost anywhere from $90-$180 per hour. If a website project takes 30 hours to complete at $165 an hour, your site will be around $4,800. On the other hand, using a website builder you will have to pay between $14-$25 per month

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