50 Great Shopify eCommerce Stores to Inspire You (2024)

Updated Sep 11, 2023.

Your website design has a significant influence on your conversion rate. Web design statistics show that the main reason why visitors leave a website is due to a non-responsive design.

Creating a visually-appealing Shopify website design layout helps you attract potential customers to your page and ensure they make a purchase.

With a website builder like Shopify, you get the tools and custom templates you require to build a state-of-the-art eCommerce store to increase your conversion rate.

This article explores the 50 top Shopify stores with stunning designs you can use as inspiration when designing an online store.

Let's get started.

1. Allbirds - Shopify eCommerce Store Example
Source: Allbirds

Allbirds emphasize sustainable practices in the production process of their goods. I love how the eCommerce store uses multiple slideshows to display its shoes engagingly and interactively to get customers' attention. 

The white background plays a significant role in making all the high-quality product images pop and visually appealing.

Potential customers can drop their details in the newsletter section to ensure they get constant updates on new arrivals or motley sales. In case you have any doubts about their authenticity, the site’s footer features a logo of the store’s certification.

2. Taylor Stitch - Shopify eCommerce Store Example
Source: Taylor stitch

Taylor Stitch produces strong and long-lasting clothing. This top Shopify shop has a minimalist design layout with creative use of white space. 

Potential customers can use the live chat widget to get in touch with the sales teams to make inquiries about products and services. 

Similar to other best Shopify websites, Taylor Stitch uses high-quality images of its products with engaging text to charm visitors to click the white-colored “Shop Now” CTA. I like the two-column layout in the display section which features a summary of their top products.

3. Hiut Denim Co - Shopify eCommerce Store Example
Source: Hiut denim.co

Hiut Denim is a Cardigan, Wales-based jeans factory in the United Kingdom with top-quality products. 

Navigating this uniquely designed Shopify website is seamless due to a user-friendly hamburger navigation bar. The search function makes shopping fun since you can locate the brand's products without breaking a sweat.

I love how the eCommerce website uses high-quality images of models wearing their products for exhibition. Each display or add section features “Shop Now” call-to-action buttons to enable their target audience to purchase.

4. Naja - Shopify eCommerce Store Example
Source: Naja

Naja is a great Shopify store that sells high-quality women's underwear. This successful Shopify store has a user-friendly design with a vibrant color palette and a unique display of its product categories to attract its target audience.

The sticky header has a cart icon visitors can use during the shopping process. I like how this colorful Shopify store displays logos of media organizations that have featured Naja’s products or news about the online business in their publications. 

You can find vital information like contact details, social media links, and a newsletter form on the site’s footer.

5. Pipcorn Heirloom Snacks - Shopify eCommerce Store Example
Source: Pip snacks

Pipcorn Heirloom Snacks was founded by Toyin Kolawole. The hero section of this online store welcomes visitors with a high-resolution picture of the brand’s products in a well-arranged fashion. 

I love how the content in the banner on the page compels visitors to click the tale-colored “Shop Now” CTA button. 

This unique Shopify store displays its top products in a multi-column layout with two call-to-action buttons to enable online shopping. The store design has an elegant layout with a parallax scrolling effect that makes the shopping process fun and lively.

The Great Cookie was founded in Ocean City Maryland and has grown to be a success story. This popular Shopify store offers mouth-watering products elegantly and compellingly that are sure to get potential customers to make a purchase. 

I love how the white background and minimalist website design help to amplify the brand’s communication style and colorful layout. 

This brand’s Shopify store displays its top products in a seven-column layout with thumbnail features. Clicking on your product of choice brings you to a checkout page for more purchase information.

7. Ninja - Shopify eCommerce Store Example
Source: Ninja

Ninja is a streetwear brand with lots of amazing products. I love how the first element potential customer will see on arrival is a lovely background video featuring models wearing the products stylishly. 

This video perfectly complements the page because the modeled products on display compel customers to buy. 

I love how the items on display change to a different image of a model wearing them. The store’s custom theme is dark and complements the brand identity.

Jane Motorcycles brand joins the heritage of U.S. military uniform fabric with a contemporary style using sustainable materials. 

The first catch element on this Shopify site is a high-resolution picture of a biker wearing a stunning T-shirt while having a great time riding his bike.

I love the strategic arrangement of the product section of this Shopify store example. This web page has three product sections to make purchase decisions easy for customers. Each of these sections has a gray colored CTA button for further viewing.

The black-colored Shopify website footer displays different acceptable payment options.

9. 8 and 9 - Shopify eCommerce Store Example
Source: 8 and 9

8 and 9 is a Miami-based premium streetwear brand with amazing products ranging from shorts, t-shirts, jeans, and sneakers.

I like how this top Shopify store displays various eye-catching streetwear products in a slider format to make it more engaging for customers. The hero section features a transparent “Buy Now” call-to-action button with a hover effect to encourage quick purchases.

The display section has a lovely collection of T-shirts and shorts in a grid-like format with animated features to make the customer experience worthwhile.

10. Skinny Dip - Shopify eCommerce Store Example
Source: Skinny dip

Skinny Dip is a fashion-based Shopify store with a bright and colorful web design with a clear-cut product description scheme.

A significant feature of this eCommerce store is that the brand focuses on feminine items that range from tops, shorts, bags, phone cases, and other flashy accessories.

I like how the drop-down menu displays product images as you scroll across, giving you a sneak peek into the product pages.

11. Bombas - Shopify eCommerce Store Example
Source: Bombas

Bombase is a clothing eCommerce store that centers around donating to the homeless.

The Shopify web page opens up with a heartwarming background video of ongoing donations of their products to homeless and less privileged people. This act shows that Bombas is not just out to make a profit but to give back to the community. 

Below the hero section is an automated slider of their female comfortable underwear and a black-colored CTA to begin the purchase process. What's compelling about the webpage content is the animated diagram of how each purchase helps in their donation agenda.

Kylie Cosmetics is Kylie Jenner’s makeup brand. The first catchy element on the website’s homepage features stunning pictures of Kylie Jenner in the hero section to put a face to the brand. 

This Shopify theme centers around beauty products featuring multiple layouts of lip gloss, lipsticks, foundations, and other makeup items in a slider and vertical format.

I like how engaging and informative the embedded Instagram feed is. This element helps to give interested customers a real-life applicative view of the beauty product.

13. Gymshark - Shopify eCommerce Store Example
Source: Gym shark

Gymshark's Shopify eCommerce shop is a great example of a well-converting website that displays its items in an engaging and attention-grabbing fashion. I like how each display image shows the different cloth sizes you can choose from when you click on it.

The sticky navigation bar is your one-stop shop to explore every angle and content of this Shopify website before choosing the guy wear of your choice. In addition, you can use the search function to locate items you want to purchase without breaking a sweat.

14. Dryrobe - Shopify eCommerce Store Example
Source: Dryrobe

Dryrobe was designed by Gideon Bright to improve outdoor activities. I find the short background video featuring content about people having fun surfing, and wearing Dryrobe products, and its contribution to outdoor fun interesting. 

The design elements on the Shopify webpage are well put-together to attract their target audience and boost conversion with ease. 

I like how the dark background makes all the high-quality images, texts, and CTAs visible to the audience. Alternatively, the display section uses a white background. 

Potential customers can check out the store’s testimonial section and partners' logos to ascertain the brand’s credibility.

15. Miracle by Aloft - Shopify eCommerce Store Example
Source: Miracle brand

Miracle by Aloft is a company that sells towels and bed sheets from NASA-inspired fabrics. The first catchy design element is a stunning picture of a lady looking pleased with the state of her towels’ quality and an attention-grabbing caption “Upgrade Your Sheets and Towels.”

These elements are sure to compel visitors to click the resolution blue colored “Shop Now” call to action button.

I love how the icons in the benefits section have animated effects that make the content more engaging and inspire visitors to make a purchase.

Ventana Supplies create the best hollow-framed, reclaimed wood surfboards, bodysurfing hand planes, eco-surf apparel, and sustainable surf supplies for their target audience to enjoy. 

I love how the hero section displays content about Ventana Supplies merchandise, events, and products in a slider format. Interested customers can use the information and high star rating from the testimonial section to influence their decisions on which product to purchase. 

The display section features multiple grid layouts of surfboards with a hover effect at different prices and categories.

17. Beardbrand - Shopify eCommerce Store Example
Source: Beardbrand

Beardbrand produces quality beard care products that are sure to give customers their desired results. This Shopify eCommerce store uses unique design elements with engaging text, high-quality pictures, and multi-color text designed for high conversion.

All the listed elements work together to compel visitors to make a swift purchase by clicking the shop link on the navigation bar. I like how this top Shopify store kicks off by featuring logos of top publications and press releases boosting the brand’s credibility. 

Death Wish Coffee is a coffee brand that is popular for producing great products with a large customer base.

My favorite aspect of this energetic and successful store design layout is the use of large fonts in different angles with mind-blowing catchphrases. I love how the web page’s color scheme includes white, black, and red, giving the page an energetic vibe. 

The site footer houses vital information common to great Shopify stores like contact details, legal information, and FAQ links.

The Elder Statesman sells handmade products ranging from toys to socks, and blankets. Interested clients can use the hamburger navigation bar to explore various aspects and websites and make purchase-based decisions. 

There is a live chat widget available as means of communicating with The Elder Statesman sales team for purchase-related discussions.

The white background makes every aspect of this Shopify and products reflect its colors seamlessly. I love how the displays section follows a grid-like design layout, making it easy for customers to identify products of their choice.

Rebecca Minkoff is the brain behind this Shopify online boutique. The first catchy element on this Shopify store website is the hero section gradient background displaying a sales ad, and a transparent “Shop Now” call to action button. 

As you scroll further you are hit with a fascinating slider displaying beautiful bags at great prices. These elements are likely to get visitors excited and compelled to purchase.

You can check out the black-colored footer for more details about the company’s story contact details and social media links.

21. Fashion Nova - Shopify eCommerce Store Example
Source: Fashion nova

Fashion Nova is a clothing brand that sells beautiful items at amazing deals. One consistent aspect of the Shopify online store is the use of high-quality pictures to display their product in a clean and minimalist fashion while maximizing the white spaces.

This eCommerce website features multiple thumbnails making the shopping process seamless and interactive. 

The white-colored navigation bar features a search bar that makes searching for specific items easy and stress-free. You can see the title of each product category because of the white-colored text fonts.

22. Kitch - Shopify eCommerce Store Example
Source: Kith

Kitch is a lifestyle brand that manufactures clothing. This Shopify website kicks off with stunning pictures of kids wearing the Kith Kids Fall Classics designed to target the younger generation. 

As you scroll further you will see various high-quality images featuring wears for various seasons and a display section as the cherry on the cake.

I like how Kitch displays magazine covers where they were featured. The gray-colored footer features details about the company’s story, contact details, social media icons, and a newsletter form. 

23. Steve Madden - Shopify eCommerce Store Example
Source: Steve madden

Steve Madden is a footwear brand that started as a $1100 investment in 1990. This eCommerce site has an amazing, and colorful design layout that is sure to grab customers' attention. 

I like how the display section has a two-column thumbnail layout with each section having a white-colored call-to-action button. 

You can check out the embedded Instagram feed at the site’s base that displays various engaging content about the brand for customers to feast on. Customers can scan the barcode to download Steve Madden’s mobile app for a seamless shopping experience.

24. Chubbies - Shopify eCommerce Store Example
Source: Chubbies

Chubbies was founded in 2011 by a group of friends who saw the need for men to be comfortable in their own clothes. The navigation bar has both a sticky and drop-down effect which makes exploring various aspects of the site fun and engaging.

I like how the webpage features a colorful and clean design layout with proper use of white space to give the website a professional and business-focused outlook. 

The texts are engaging and speak directly to customers, compelling them to click the blue-colored call-to-action buttons.

25. Blume - Shopify eCommerce Store Example
Source: Blume

Blume is an award-winning skincare brand that focuses on using natural products in its production process. 

The design layout has a colorful scheme with colors like blue, pink, and black as its dominant colors. I like how the hero section features a high-quality picture of the brand’s top products and a blue-colored “Shop Bundles” call-to-action button to encourage purchases.

Customers will find the dermatologist's recommendation about the product insightful and encourage them to trust the brand. The testimonial section is sure to clear every doubt in the mind of potential customers.

26. ColourPop - Shopify eCommerce Store Example
Source: Colour pop

ColourPop is a makeup brand founded in 2014 and focuses on pocket-friendly products. The website product section uses multiple slideshows to display its products in an engaging and friendly fashion. 

I like how the web page displays ads about their monthly sales that are sure to attract paying customers to increase their conversion rate.

With the navigation bar, you can perform various shopping-related functions and visit multiple pages. The search function encourages exploration on the page, making it possible to seamlessly search for specific items.

27. Soko Glam - Shopify eCommerce Store Example
Source: Soko glam

Soko Glam is a sleeping mask/beauty product company that offers their product at affordable prices. This Shopify website welcomes you with a catchy slideshow in the hero section. 

Visitors can check out the various display sections that use sliders and still high-quality images that grab visitors' attention. 

The white background makes all the site’s elements come together in a unique and visually appealing way. I like how the testimonial section features mind-blowing reviews that will encourage customers to make a purchase.

28. Hismile - Shopify eCommerce Store Example
Source: Hismile

Hismile is a toothpaste brand that offers various amazing flavors in eye-catching packaging. The headline “Treat Your Teeth to Four New Flavours” is a major attention grabber which will get potential eager to click the black-colored “ Shop Hismile Toothpaste” CTA.

This successful Shopify store has a clear and colorful design layout with various content ranging from text to high-quality images. Most of the product category comes with a discounted price range which will get visitors excited and compelled to make a purchase.

29. Haus - Shopify eCommerce Store Example
Source: Drink.haus

Haus is a beverage brand founded by Helena Price Hambrecht and Woody Hambrecht in 2019. This Shopify website uses various high-quality images displaying people having fun and enjoying a Haus drink with their friends and loved ones. 

Brownish pink, black, and seashells are the page's dominant colors and sync with the grapefruit scheme.

Visitors can submit their email in the newsletter section to get updates about the brand's upcoming products. You can explore this multi-page website by using the sticky navigation bar.

Stumptown Coffee Roasters is a quality coffee brand with amazing products and coffee blends. The hero section features a catchy offer with a white-colored “Subscribe” call-to-action button visitors can click to get a discount.

I like how the site has a product display section that allows potential customers to input the number of products they want to purchase. 

Stumptown Coffee Roasters uses straight and stylish fonts with high-quality images to convince visitors about the authenticity of their products.

31. Partake Foods - Shopify eCommerce Store Example
Source: Partake foods

Partake Foods is an allergy-free cookie created by Denise Woodard. I love the minimalist yet elegant design layout with colorful and engaging content that uses texts, descriptive icons, and high-quality images that make the website visually appealing.

The Instagram feed section contains eye-catching content designed to stir potential customers' interest in the product and encourage them to make significant purchases. 

On the casal-colored site footer, you will see various contents like a newsletter section, logos of certification, a navigation menu, and social media icons.

32. PRESS Healthfoods - Shopify eCommerce Store Example
Source: Press-london

PRESS Healthfoods is a nutrition-based company that produces cleansers from natural products.

The first catchy element on this Shopify online store is a picture containing the catalog of cleansers in the hero section, giving visitors a peek into their amazing products. You can click the primrose colored “Explore Cleanses” CTA to view the products.

I love how the hamburger navigation bar is embedded in the brand logo, giving the layout a sophisticated and unique outlook. The white background does a good job of making every other color element pop and visually appealing to visitors.

33. MVMT Watches - Shopify eCommerce Store Example
Source: Mvmt

MVMT Watches' eCommerce store welcomes you with a whooping fifty percent discount on male and female items. I love how the hero section displays black-colored watches and CTAs that allow visitors to chop for either men or women.

As you scroll further, you will find the category section that lists its items in a two-column layout with various high-quality images. I love the marketing technique applied to the homepage because of its attention-grabbing element that causes a high conversion rate.

34. WP Standard - Shopify eCommerce Store Example
Source: Wp standard

WP Standard is a Mexico-based organization that produces items like bags, shoes, and belts from leather. 

The hero section has a booklet design that displays text about the brand’s new release and a stunning image of a leather bag.  Interested customers can use the live chat widget to chat and make necessary inquiries.

Below the hero section, you can check out their best sellers section which has a clean three-column grid-like layout with a thumbnail effect. I love how the site’s home page displays logos of top media organizations that featured their products.

35. Tattly - Shopify eCommerce Store Example
Source: Tattly

Tina Roth Eisenberg founded Tattly, a temporary tattoo company popular for their amazing designs. The sticky navigation bar makes exploring every aspect of this colorful Shopify store fun and engaging. 

There is a search function that makes item location seamless as taking a walk in the park. I love how the webpage has a colorful, fun-filled, and elegant design layout with high-quality pictures and a well-arranged outlook

The shopping section has a grid design layout with a thumbnail feature linking to the shop page. 

Griffin Thall and Paul Goodman are the founders of Pura Vida Bracelets. What I find fascinating is the embedded animated effects in the display section that gives life to all the items, making them visually appealing to potential customers.

I like how the custom bracelet section uses an automated slider to feature its products with engaging text designs to compel customers to click the black-colored CTA.

The site’s footer houses all the information visitors will require about the company and social media icons linking directly to Pura Vida Bracelets' online page.

37. Baking Steel - Shopify eCommerce Store Example
Source: Baking steel

Baking Steel sells high-quality baking and long-lasting baking equipment. This successful Shopify store website has a clean, minimalist design layout with mind-blowing content that gives it a business-focused outlook. 

Upon arrival, you are welcome with stunning full-width images of two men in the kitchen baking pizza.

The hero section also features a white colored banner with a black colored “Shop Now” call-to-action button that links to the shop page. You can scroll toward the site’s footer to access the organization’s social media pages via the display icons.

Emma Bridgewater started this idea for the ideal mugs of cups people can buy and present as gifts to their loved ones in 1984.

Locating various items is easy, via the search bar at the top of the site. The sticky vertical navigation bar is your one-stop shop for exploring every angle of this webpage to ensure you get these from your shopping experience.

I love how the homepage features a link to the About page where visitors can get in-depth details about the organization.

39. Bison Coolers - Shopify eCommerce Store Example
Source: Bison coolers

Bison Coolers sells high-quality cooling equipment that encourages fun and relaxing times. I love the stunning image of a lady sitting beside a Bison Cooler that has a similar color to the ocean.

Below the hero page is a two-column display layout of products with an animated and thumbnail effect to make the shopping experience fun.

The product section features insightful videos of Bison Cooler's merchandise being used in various situations. This element serves as a video testimonial that will encourage visitors to purchase.

40. Tentree - Shopify eCommerce Store Example
Source: Tentree

Tentree is a cooling brand that helps in making the planet better by planting trees on every item customers purchase. I like the use of a slideshow of the product that gives the website an engaging and interactive vibe. 

As you explore this Shopify eCommerce website further, you will discover the eco-friendly agendas of the organization. For example, they plan to plant a total of one million trees to fight against climate change. 

These factors are compelling elements that encourage customers to return for more products since they are helping the environment.  

41. Kirrin Finch - Shopify eCommerce Store Example
Source: Kirrin finch

Kirrin Finch is a clothing brand that focuses on redefining people’s perception of menswear and creating comfortable items of clothing for all genders. 

All the high-quality images in the display sections have thumbnail effects, making it possible to visit the shop page without using the navigation bar. 

I like how the website features content from the brand’s Shopify blog to encourage visitors to check out further content and take action by making a purchase. 

The site’s footer houses a full-sized newsletter column interested customers can use to get constant updates on new arrivals.

Beefcake Swimwear uses 100% recycled polyester to produce their swimsuits at a woman-owned manufacturer in the Pacific Northwest.

I like the beautiful imagery displayed in every aspect of this Shopify website. For example, the hero section uses high-quality images in a slider format to welcome visitors in a fun and engaging way. 

Beefcake Swimwear features another slideshow of items for sale such as swimsuits and merchandise. Each item has a thumbnail feature that takes customers to a unique item that contains information about the selected items.

43. Cowboy - Shopify eCommerce Store Example
Source: Cowboy

Cowboy focuses on selling and leasing smart e-bikes to interested customers on its Shopify store.

The hero section has an engaging and energetic background video of two young people cruising around town with their bikes. This element will encourage visitors to click the white-colored “Discover Cruiser” CTA button to get more information about the brand.

Navigating this Shopify webpage is easy via the transparent menu bar which serves as a doorway to various pages like book a ride and accessories pages.

44. Manitobah Mukluks - Shopify eCommerce Store Example
Source: Manitobah

Manitobah Mukluks is an indigenous clothing brand Founded by Métis entrepreneur Sean McCormick in 1997. Visitors can find out more about the brand by clicking the transparent “Our Story” CTA button at the center of the site. 

The testimonial section contains some juicy details and positive customer reviews that will get potential customers to click the “Shop Now” CTA button. I like how the embedded Instagram feeds are arranged in a two-column layout with multiple contents for visitors to feast on.

45. BLK & Bold - Shopify eCommerce Store Example
Source: Blk and bold

BLK & Bold is a quality coffee company founded by Pernell Cezar Jr. and Rod Johnson. I love how this Shopify website homepage features details about its various locations in over 11,000 retail locations. 

This Shopify site displays logos of stores like Target, Shoprite, and Giant to make the process seamless. BLK & Bold smartly displays the brand’s certification logos to boost trust among customers. This element helps boost credibility and increase its customer base. 

Fresh Heritage is a beard care brand that sells products designed to nourish and strengthen facial hair. 

This Shopify website welcomes potential customers with an attention-grabbing announcement about their product discount with a sky-blue-colored “Shop Now” CTA to take action. 

I like how the brand’s bestsellers are strategically positioned below the hero section to compel them to buy from the lot. Interested customers can check out the site's blog section to get tips on using the products and other beard care-related information.

MFMG Cosmetics was founded by Tomi Gbeley, a line of products specifically designed for deeper skin tones. 

You can use the live chat option to execute quick transactions and make relevant inquiries about the brand’s products. The hamburger sticky navigation bar makes it easy for visitors to explore the site and visit multiple pages.

MFMG Cosmetics’ footer houses vital information about the brand such as contact details, FAQs link, and four social media icons.

48. Jungalow - Shopify eCommerce Store Example
Source: Jungalow

Jungalow uses sustainable products to create their hand-crafted items. True to its brand image, Jungalow uses natural, recycled, recyclable, and compostable materials.

This Shopify website has a clean and colorful design layout which gives the site a fun and lively vibe. The hero section displays a variety of the brand's products to give potential customers a peek into what they offer.

I like how Jungalow uses a two-column layout in the best seller section with thumbnail features that customers can click to gain more insight about the item. 

49. Dixxon - Shopify eCommerce Store Example
Source: Dixxon

Dixxon is a clothing brand that was established in 2013. This brand began with the goal of creating the world’s best flannel.

I like how the high-quality images in the new arrivals section change when you scroll across to give the webpage a sophisticated outlook. The energetic feel the various elements on the webpage like text images and graphics gives is electric and compelling.

You can check out the Instagram feed section to access the brand's Instagram profile for content regarding their products. I love the motion graphic effect in most aspects of the page.

50. SkinnyMe Tea - Shopify eCommerce Store Example
Source: Skinny me tea

SkinnyMe Tea (SMT) is an Australian-based company that produces edibles that help people with weight loss. The testimonial section uses pictures and text to display various mind-blowing results that are sure to convince potential customers to buy the products. 

As you scroll further, you will see logos of top media organizations below the testimonial section that have featured the brand’s products. This element helps to boost trust and credibility for potential customers.

I like how this Shopify website uses icons and engaging text to communicate with visitors in a compelling tone.

Best Shopify Stores FAQ

How Can I Create a Shopify Store?

Creating your own Shopify store requires you to follow some steps. Choose an eCommerce platform, include your products, create key pages for your store, select a theme and customize your online store, create custom shipping settings, configure your tax settings, set up your payment gateway and payouts, and prepare your store for launch.

Do Shopify Stores Still Make Money?

Yes, Shopify merchants still find the platform very profitable because of the consistent sales they experience on the platform. Based on its shipping features, you can make money within and beyond your country of residence.

Which is Better: Amazon or Shopify?

Amazon is a great online shopping platform with countless benefits to both the merchants and customers but there are certain aspects where Shopify bests it. For example, Shopify has better payment options and fees. Shopify is a tool that lets you build your own online store while Amazon is an online store. 

What are the Most Successful Shopify Stores?

Here is a list of the most successful Shopify stores that are making waves in their respective markets; Studio Neat, Hiut Denim Co. Naja, Pipcorn Heirloom Snacks, The Great Cookie, Ninja, Jane Motorcycles, 8 and 9, Skinny Dip, Allbirds, Taylor Stitch, Bombas, and Kylie Cosmetics.

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