Blog Examples: 39 Inspiring Websites (2024)

Updated Jul 22, 2023.

Learning from successful blog examples is essential for attracting consistent blog traffic from search engines and making money blogging.

Powerful Blogging Statistics show 95% of bloggers fail because they pay little attention to the marketing factors behind successful blogs.

Did you know that most successful and popular blogs are niche blogs? Picking a profitable blog niche can increase your success as a blogger. However, if you don’t deliver interesting blog content and a great blog design that your site visitors will love, you won’t see any gain.

If you are thinking of starting your own blog or redesigning an existing one, you are in luck. This blog post provides 39 blog examples to inspire you to create yours.

The Zion Adventure Photog website is one of the best photography blog examples you can use as design inspiration to create your own photography blog. A quick scan through the blog shows you a consistent design style.

I love the nice color scheme (pumpkin skin and white colors) and beautiful big and bold typography style that gives the blog a fun and adventurous look. Notice how the navigation menu and CTA buttons use the same color scheme.

Zion Adventure Photog arranges its blog posts in a structured three-column style. This photography blog is full of beautiful photographs of outdoor adventures. 

West Coast Aesthetic is a fashion and lifestyle blog run by blogger Allison Wagner. Visit this fashion blog and what will instantly strike your attention is the tasteful experiment with bright colors. The use of different shades of pink makes the blog pleasurable to the eyes.

You can tell how colorful the blog is from the multi-color design of its blog name. I love how she uses a high-quality and colorful image of herself to welcome visitors to the blog.

West Coast Aesthetic does a great job of arranging its blog posts into easy-to-follow categories. There is a section for the latest posts and for travel guides to help readers easily find the article they want to read.

Not Another Cooking Show is the perfect blog example for bloggers and vloggers looking to combine text and video content. The first that catches your attention is the high-quality video playing in the background that shows what the blog is about.

This award-winning blog is full of eye-catching visuals and bright colors that pop out on every page.

You can’t help but love the unique blog structure. The Recipes + Tutorials section serves as its food blog. I love the three-column layout and the mixture of video and image thumbnails for its displayed blog posts.

Kelsey O'Halloran is the personal blog of the blogger with the same name. I like how she designed her blog, especially with the background colors that change from the dominant white to fantasy and to cactus color.

She uses the popular 3×3 grid layout to arrange her blog posts with the news posts appearing before the older ones. The offer of free audio training in exchange for visitors’ email addresses is a smart way to build a following.

All the Pretty Pandas is one of the best fashion blogs run by blogger Sharleen where she shares her thoughts on beauty and fashion trends. You can’t miss out on the high-quality image of Sharleen with white lines that gives the blog a human touch.

This fashion blog uses a white, black, and soft peach color scheme that enhances the reader’s experience. I love how the blog is full of high-quality images and animations that grasp your attention.

You can’t help but love how she neatly arranges her blog posts in two sections: Most Recent and Most Popular. There is an Instagram feed embedded in the blog’s footer that shows you a glimpse of her social media life.

6. KatyKatiKate - Blog Example
Source: Katykatikate

KatyKatiKate is the personal blog of blogger Katie Anthony where she shares her thoughts on feminism, family, and social justice. The first thing that catches your eye on the blog is the caption “I’m Not Nice” and the photograph of a female folding her hands.

Her blog page allows visitors to explore the numerous articles using specific categories and tags.  You can’t miss out on the four-column layout of its latest blog posts. There is a search function and small clickable social media icons for its respective accounts.

7. GeekTyrant - Blog Example
Source: Geek tyrant

GeekTyrant is a news blog with a stunning design that breaks every notion you had of new websites having dull and unattractive designs.

Everything on the blog is well-organized and designed to provide a great user experience. You can’t help but notice how this news blog uses a two-column layout and rich blog cover images and text. 

The first thing you will notice is the beautiful Geek Tyrant logo. Dark blog themes don't work for many blogs but for GeekTyrant, the use of dark jungle green and black colors blends well with other designs.

Mrs. Space Cadet is a fitness blog with a gorgeous web design. The first thing that catches your attention is the high-quality picture of the blogger running on a track. You can’t help but admire its colorful logo design and interesting tagline. 

Her blog page uses a three-column layout design to arrange her blog posts. Every post is a reflection of her running adventures. You can’t help but fall in love with the friendly, fun, and direct writing styles she uses to tell her stories.

9. Mom Boss Life - Blog Example
Source: Mom boss life

Mom Boss Life is one of the best blog examples you can use as inspiration to build your dream blog. You can’t help but admire the stylish and awesome choice of fonts Laura Gimbert uses on her blog.

I love the colorful and happy pictures she chooses that can bring a smile to your face. Her writing style is fun, inspiring, and energetic. The mixture of carousel pink and white colors is brilliant and makes other design elements come to life.

Mom Boss Life uses a two-column layout for its blog posts with an infinite scroll feature. Users can keep scrolling through to check out her blog posts without having to click on a next page button.

Olivia Bossert Photography is one of the best photography blogs with a stunning and minimalist design layout. I love how this blog uses a two-column layout and big-sized blog cover images and titles to help readers easily scan through its content.

The use of small social media icons that link to Olivia Bossert’s Instagram, LinkedIn, and TikTok accounts in the header and footer sections is brilliant.

Cottons Restaurant is a news blog that shares information about cotton, food, beverages, and Caribbean lifestyle. The use of white spaces dominates the background while the header and footer use light apricot color. 

I love how this news blog uses a three-column post layout to organize its articles. Each blog post allows social sharing to attract more readers from other sources. There is a back-to-the-top button when you scroll down to the footer section.

Unlikely Dad is a great example of a parenting blog that provides great design inspiration to create yours. I love how the blog is full of high-quality pictures that pop out on the white background.

This parenting blog arranges its blog post in a three-column layout for easy navigation and proper spacing. There is a search function to help you find the information you need.

Unlikely Dad adds different widgets at the far right side of the screen that includes a connected Instagram feed, contact form, and featured posts.

Selective Potential by Tieka is a travel blog dedicated to showing the beauties of Michigan. I love the beautifully designed Selective Potential logo. You will love the blog’s three-column layout design and how each post comes with an eye-catching travel picture.

There are small social media icons that link to the blog’s Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, and email accounts. Selective Potential uses an Instagram widget to display recent pictures uploaded on Instagram.

Lizzy Hadfield is a great blog example for bloggers who want to design a similar blog and write about their exciting daily adventures. The first thing you will see is a large high-quality image of a shop, a sample of what is still to come.  

You can’t help but notice how the blog is full of big, high-quality film-like images and no text. Lizzy does a great job designing this creative layout and adding a chic color scheme.

As you scroll down the page, you will notice the Lizzy Hadfield logo takes a permanent position at the top-left side of the screen.

Seasons in Color stands out on our list of great blog examples for its creative and aesthetically-pleasing page design. Artists and interior designers can use this great blog for fresh inspiration to create or redesign their blogs.

I love how Seasons in Color provide visitors with different categories displayed as sub-menus. The use of a large two-column design layout is great for better visibility and a seamless user experience.

Each blog post displayed on the page comes with a contemporary and aesthetic image. You will love the use of white spaces to boost the reading experience.

16. Jo Portia Mayari - Blog Example
Source: Joportia

Jo Portia Mayari is the personal blog of the blogger Joanne Portia where she shares her views on sex, self-love, relationships, and parenting. The first thing that grabs your attention is the use of monochrome colors even for its photographs to give the blog a classic look.

I love how this great blog uses soft peach as its background color. Jo Portia Mayari uses a three-column layout to organize its blog posts. You can’t help but notice how the description for each blog post takes a central alignment.

17. Cover Mum - Blog Example
Source: Cover-mum

Cover Mom is a parenting blog that shows its busy mom readers how to thrive in their life pursuits including career, family, and hobbies. The use of a desert storm-colored background helps make the dark fonts pop.

This parenting blog displays its blog posts in a three-column layout with uneven sizes. Each blog post has a cover image, bold title, subtitle, and a circular publishing date design.

There is a menu icon at the top left side of the screen that divides its blog posts into categories. At the top right side of the screen, there are small clickable social media icons and a search function.

The Sorry Girls is one of the most beautiful blog examples you can use to gain inspiration to design your own blog. I love the use of Ecru White background color that complements the black text and colorful images.

You will notice how the blog arranges its posts in a four-column layout and separates them into different categories. The footer section has many small clickable icons that link to its external social media and business accounts.

19. Charcoal Magazine - Blog Example
Source: Charcoal mag

The Charcoal Magazine blog has one of the coolest and freshest page designs on this list. Every design element used on this blog will help you enjoy every moment you spend scrolling through the different articles.

I love how the Charcoal Magazine blog wows visitors with a slideshow that contains high-quality images and traffic-keeping videos.  The use of a light and dark color scheme and sleek use interface is attractive and keeps you scrolling till the bottom.

You can’t help but admire how neatly Charcoal Magazine organizes its blog categories. The use of two, three, and four-column layouts adds variety and freshness to the blog’s overall design structure.

20. Journal — Meiwen See - Blog Example
Source: Meiwen see

Meiwen See is a photography blog that you can use as inspiration to create your own blog. The first thing that catches your attention is the use of high-quality photographs arranged in a three-column vertical layout. 

You can’t help but admire the neat arrangement style that makes this blog easily scannable. Every column item has a blog post title, cover picture, clickable labels, and short post descriptions.

I love the use of fantasy color for its background because of how it makes its text and images pop. The amazing zig-zag motion effect in the Keep in Touch section breathes life into the blog.

21. NoraMinno - Blog Example
Source: Nora minno

NoraMinno is one of the best health and fitness blogs with a minimalist design. I love the use of clean typography, white background, and colorful images that positions the blog as an expert in fitness and healthy lifestyle.

The use of high-resolution images and informative text to describe the different blog posts help readers to explore easily the various options. There is a commenting feature that allows visitors to drop a comment and like the blog post.

22. One Magazine - Blog Example
Source: Onemag

One Magazine is a fashion blog with a simple and minimalist design. I love the use of white spaces that makes the images and text easily legible to blog readers. This fashion blog uses a three-column vertical layout to organize its blog posts arranged from the latest to the oldest.

One Magazine understands what its target audience wants to see and fills every blog post with many pictures and minimal text. I love the use of beautiful and professionally spot pictures that boost the brand’s image.

23. Brookliving by Brooklinen - Blog Example
Source: Brooklinen

Brookliving by Brooklinen is one of the best business blogs you can use to create the perfect blog for your online business. This gorgeous business blog publishes relevant articles with high-quality photographs featuring its products.

I love how Brookliving uses the menu bar to categorize its blog posts based on their types (stories, tutorials, and features). Blog readers can easily find the article they want to read.

You can’t miss the transparent CTA button at the top right side of the blog that directs you to its online store. Brookliving by Brooklinen has a section that features the most popular blog posts on the blog.

Jessica Manning is a personal trainer with an amazing health and fitness blog where she discusses the best workout routines, food recipes, and wellness tips.

This simple blog design uses a white background to showcase its content. I love the way the blog structures its articles. Instead of providing a short description, Jessica Manning displays the full blog post on her site. Blog readers can keep scrolling down to read more articles.

You can't help but notice the section she carved out on the right side of the blog. This section contains a short biography of the blogger, clickable social media icons, colorful blog categories in the form of CTA buttons, and an embedded Instagram feed.

25. Emma Gannon - Blog Example
Source: Emma gannon

Emma Gannon has one of the most amazing personal blogs you can use as inspiration to design your own beauty. I love the use of linen background color and blank spaces that makes the blog content pop out nicely.

You can’t help but notice the 2×2 column layout which makes it easy to scroll through its different blog posts. Every blog post comes with a high-quality feature image, publishing date, title, and clickable Read Me button.

There are small social media icons and a wattle-colored CTA button that makes the blog appear more colorful and attractive.

Create + Cultivate by Jaclyn Johnson is one of the best business blogs for women-owned online businesses. You can’t help but admire the way Create + Cultivate arranges its blog posts in a three-column layout to prevent overloading the blog’s homepage.

This women-focused business blog displays blog posts based on their publishing dates, with the latest post taking the top spot.

You will love the use of high-quality feature images, category labels, and big and bold blog titles to help you navigate through the extensive collection of articles. There’s an accessibility button you can use to customize the website to suit your preferences.

Money Saving Mom is a great example of a personal finance blog that focuses on sharing information to help readers save money and live frugally. You can’t help but love how this blog uses splashes of different bright colors to make its pages come alive.

I like how Money Saving Mom allows you to choose the type of view you want to use to check through its blog posts. You can choose between the classic or grid view. 

Money Saving Mom loads its sidebar with the hottest money-saving deals that interest its readers. There is a Facebook Group icon you can click on to join its thriving Facebook community.

Clever Girl Finance is one of the best personal finance blogs you can model your blog design after. I love how the blog is intentional about tracking its website visitors. Readers have to sign in and log in to enroll in its 100% free personal finance courses.

This personal finance blog uses a well-organized structure for its articles. The articles menu on the navigation bar helps you to navigate to the different categories you want to read from.

There is a fixed search icon and a like button that remains stagnant as you scroll through the blog. You can’t help but admire the testimonial section from its Clever Girls that helps build trust and credibility.

29. Recipes by Flourist - Blog Example
Source: Flourist

Recipes by Flouist is one of the best food blogs that aim to educate readers through its recipes. I love how this popular food blog has a search function that makes it easy for readers to find recipes and guides.

This beautiful blog example uses a two-column vertical layout to format blog posts. Every blog post on the grid has a large cover image, title, and short description to help site visitors decide which one to read.

You can’t help but notice the stylish cafe noir-colored fonts it uses for its blog name and headers.

30. Urban Beardsman - Blog Example
Source: Beard brand

Urban Beardsman is the official blog of the popular eCommerce company Beardbrand. His blog aims to share tips on how to grow and style a beard. This niche blog example uses colorful images that make the blog more engaging and worth scrolling through.

I love how the Urban Beardsman Blog separates its blog posts into different category bars with each bar containing a relatable image. When you click on any category, you will get the most popular blog posts instead of having the latest posts come to the top.

There is a section on the blog that displays the latest articles. Urban Beardsman offers a search feature to help site visitors easily find the topics or posts they want to read.

Cookie + Kate is one of the best food blog examples you can use to get inspiration to create your own food blog. The first thing that catches your attention is the big and bold text of its blog name with its tagline.

I love the classy way this food blog uses to arrange its blog posts. Blog readers get solid insight into recent blog posts complete with high-quality food recipe photographs.

Cookie + Kate uses the right side of the screen to display the blogger’s short bio, social media links, email newsletter subscription, and popular blog posts. There is a summer recipes section that displays clickable pictures of recipes with their names.

The Content Strategist is a content marketing blog that provides practical advice for content creators and marketers.

I love how this marketing blog uses white and blue pattern background colors to make every other design and content element stand out. You can’t help but love the three-column grid layout of its blog posts.

The first image you see is the high-resolution picture of an opened drawer filled with pencils. There is a clear definition of who a content strategist is to prepare first-time site visitors for the kind of blog content to expect.

33. Kajabi - Blog Example
Source: Kajabi

Kajabi is a digital marketing blog that uses a simple and attractive design that instantly grabs your attention. The use of white, blue, and black colors is brilliant and gives the blog a professional and educational look.

This well-designed blog example uses an interesting multi-grid design layout. I love how Kajabi places its latest post in a prominent position where its readers can’t miss it.

There is a search function and a long lineup of categories to help site visitors easily find specific digital marketing information.

Fairly Curated is one of the best fashion and lifestyle blogs you can learn from to design your own blog. You can’t help but notice the soft amber-colored header that features different navigation menus with all except shop and about serving as blog post categories.

I love how Fairly Curated uses a simple blog layout to arrange her posts based on new arrivals. The use of a search function makes it easy for visitors to find what they need.

Many helpful widgets display popular posts and prompt site visitors to subscribe for blog posts and updates in their inboxes. You can’t miss the social media icons to connect with the blog on Instagram and Pinterest on the top-right side of your screen.

35. Blog Flowrite - Blog Example
Source: Flowrite

Flowrite is one of the best technology blogs you can model if you want to create an engaging blog for your SaaS startup. This tech blog uses Mongolia and white background colors that make its articles easier to read.

I love how Flowrite structures its blog into four categories for easy and quick navigation. The use of a three-column layout to arrange the different blog posts in their respective categories is brilliant and easy on the eye. 

Every blog post has a stock image, title, and short description to help readers easily pick out a particular article to read.

Smart Passive Income is one of the best business blogs for individuals who want to start profitable online businesses. You will love how this site covers blog topics that its target audience wants to read.

The use of green, white, and black colors is brilliant and aligns with its online business growth and monetization objectives. SPI arranges its educational articles in a 3×3 grid layout to avoid cluttering the page.

Blog readers can easily find the specific blog post title they need thanks to Smart Passive Income’s Learn menu which groups blog posts into categories.

37. Polymail - Blog Example
Source: Polymail

Polymail has one of the best marketing blogs that provides helpful information for email marketers and sales teams. The layout of this blog is simple and minimalist with lots of white spaces. 

I love how Polymail displays its most popular posts on its blog’s main page. However, there is a “See All Posts” button that shows all its blog posts arranged from latest to oldest and in a three-column layout. 

Polymail offers site visitors the opportunity to subscribe to its blog updates via its email subscription widget. You will find social media icons to like and follow its Facebook and Twitter pages on the blog’s footer section.

38. LifeHack - Blog Example
Source: Lifehack

LifeHack is a personal development blog with a simple but eye-catching design layout. You will love the use of white spaces for the blog’s background, dark color for the footer, and dark green-blue color for the header.

The combination of black, sand, and red text colors make the blog articles inviting to scroll through and click. I love how LifeHack uses a three-column view. The blog menu on the header provides you with multiple categories to help you easily find the information you need.

39. Copyhackers - Blog Example
Source: Copy hackers

Copyhackers is an educational blog that delivers copywriting content to its target audience. The use of white and different blue shades gives the blog a vibrant and visually-appealing look.

You will love the smart search technology this copywriting blog uses to help visitors find the most relevant information they need. Simply pick your profession and the copywriting niche you want to learn, use the filter button, and hit the update search to get relevant blog post results.

I love the use of blue CTA buttons. Visitors who want to explore will notice the use of a single-column view for most of the page’s length and a switch to a three-column view.

Blog Examples FAQs

How Can I Create My Own Blog?

Creating your own blog covers many steps. You have to pick a profitable niche and domain name, select the right blogging platform and web hosting account, pick a blog theme and customize it, and create and publish blog content. 

How Do I Pick the Perfect Name for My Blog?

Amazing blogs have attractive and easy-to-remember blog names. Picking the perfect blog name can be difficult. You may stumble on a great name only to discover that the name is already in use. Founderjar’s free blog name generator helps you generate perfect blog name suggestions you can choose from. 

What Are the Most Profitable Niche Blog Examples?

Choosing a niche blog over a general blog is a wise choice if you want to improve your chances of success as a blogger. The most profitable niche blog examples are health and fitness, personal finance, lifestyle, fashion, business and marketing, travel, and technology and gaming.

What Makes for a Successful Blog?

The internet is full of blog success stories. Here’s what you can do to make your blog successful. Pick a profitable niche and write on topics related to that niche, conduct keyword research to boost your SEO game, and use a mobile-friendly and attractive blog design.

What are the Best Blogging Platforms?

The best blogging platforms are Wix, Squarespace, and Wix is best for design-centric blogs, Squarespace is ideal for eCommerce-focused blogs, and is great for beginners.

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