18 Best Theater Websites & Web Design Examples For 2024

Updated Dec 3, 2023.

Do you want to create an outstanding theater website design that offers visitors a memorable user experience and gets them excited about your upcoming events? You are reading the right article.

If you run a theater company and have an unattractive website, you are risking losing visitors and potential ticket sales. Designing a great-looking theater website is non-negotiable. Your website is your best digital asset where visitors go to find information about your theater.

Hiring a web designer can be expensive and time-consuming. Instead, use the best website builders like Wix and Squarespace to create beautiful theater websites that suit your preferences.

This article checks out 18 amazing examples of theater websites you can use for inspiration when designing your own website.

Let's get started.

1. LAByrinth Theater Company - Best Theater Websites & Web Design Example
Source: Lab theater

LAByrinth Theater Company welcomes visitors to its homepage with a poster-like hero section which is distinctly unique from other theater websites. 

The hamburger button at the menu bar makes exploring the site’s contents seamless and worthwhile. This poster-like hero section features its current shows for interested visitors to look forward to.

Below the hero section is an option for donation and support that provides an opportunity to come into partnership with the theater. A visitor's exploration ends at the website’s footer with an invitation to sign up to receive the latest news and updates.

Digital Theatre's website features over 150 world-class performances of theater from some of the top producers across the globe since 2009.

I like how the page’s dark background gives the webpage an edge by making all the site content visually appealing and engaging for visitors.

The sticky navigation bar is your one-stop shop for exploring various aspects of the webpage and making vital decisions.

What is handy for me about this theater website is the use of multiple grid-column layouts to display videos of the theater’s past performances.

3. Good Chance - Best Theater Websites & Web Design Example
Source: Good chance

Good Chance theater creates powerful and provoking work, connects communities through art, surprise, through spectacle, and develops displaced artists.

I like how this webpage starts with an energetic quality image of an ongoing colorful performance on a beach with engaging texts about the theater’s mission. 

This minimalist multiple-page website features multiple high-resolution images that display past exhibitions and short texts about the theater’s mode of operations. 

My favorite aspect of this page is the sticky navigation menu that features a drop-down effect and allows visitors to seamlessly explore various page angles. 

4. Headlong - Best Theater Websites & Web Design Example
Source: Headlong

Headlong Theater is a top-notch theater with productions like Henry V, Jitney, Corrina, Corrina, Best of Enemies, People, Places & Things, The Nether, 1984, and Enron.

The first catchy thing a visitor notices is the full-screen upside-down image of a man in the hero section and the caption “A View From The Bridge” with bold fonts.

Below the hero section are heartwarming testimonials and recommendations from top companies like The Observer and Daily Telegraph.

I like how Headlong Theater features its current shows, past shows, and news in multiple grid-column formats without boring visitors with so much information.

The Great Plains Theatre website has a colorful design layout featuring colors like Japanese maple, peach puff, Indian yellow, and black.

Welcoming visitors to this webpage is a colorful invitation to purchase raffle tickets that qualify visitors to win free prizes. Below the raffles segment are its upcoming events that feature various interesting content for kids, adults, and the family.

The site footer features the theater's multiple awards and recognitions that serve as a unique source of social proof and help to boost credibility.

Broadway Green Alliance stands out in green and white background colors that represent their sustainable theater movement. 

Welcoming site visitors is a full-screen double image slider of two happy ladies putting on the company's t-shirt and smaller images of other team members. 

The menu bar features white and green call-to-action buttons, social media icons, and a search bar for exploring the site. Below the hero section is its mission and impact section in a rectangular format with running numbers.

Good Company Theatre was founded in 2012 and strives to develop and promote high-quality, eclectic theatrical productions and events, forging new relationships between audiences.

I like how the parallax scrolling effect makes this theater website a great place for visitors to explore, comment, donate, subscribe, audition, and purchase tickets.

The drop-down navigation bar makes the exploration process seamless and productive because visitors can seamlessly access links to different pages.

I love how the site footer contains multiple logos of sponsors who support the Good Company Theatre.

8. Baldwin Wallace Music Theatre Program (BWMT) - Best Theater Websites & Web Design Example
Source: Bwmt.bw.edu

BWMT welcomes site visitors with a full-screen video of the school's performances and two call-to-action buttons for visitors with a desire to explore.

The sticky menu bar features social media icons and a hamburger navigation button which encourages and enables visitors to access various aspects of the page.

Potential students can immediately acquaint themselves with the school’s mode of operation by clicking the transparent “The Experience” CTA button with a hover effect.

Baldwin features their expertise in three square-shaped articles with a “Learn More” call to action buttons.

9. NieTeatr - Best Theater Websites & Web Design Example
Source: Nieteatr

Nie Teatr is an unconventional, non-obvious, and, above all, independent place where a lot of outstanding theater-based activities occur.

The first catchy thing a visitor notices is the full-screen picture that opens up as you scroll across the page to display other relevant content.

I like how the site features this theater’s upcoming festive shows with a blue-colored “Buy Tickets call-to-action button on the sticky navigation bar.

As you scroll across the site, an invitation to sign up for their newsletter helps visitors receive updates about their events and activities.

10. Dragone - Best Theater Websites & Web Design Example
Source: Dragone

Dragone website welcomes visitors with a YouTube video of their showreel in the most artistic format. I love how the brand presents its mission with an embedded YouTube video and a written summary of its activities.

Visitors who want to continue exploring the site’s contents can click the “Learn More” call-to-action button. 

The black-colored site footer has a simple layout that features the brand’s logo and four social media handles that link directly to Dragone’s online profile. 

Pioneer Theatre Company is a professional non-profit theater that offers inspiring content. The first catchy element is an embedded looping video that is committed to helping visitors get a sneak peek into the brand's activities.

I like how the news section uses a double-column grid layout to feature high-quality images, engaging texts, and a thumbnail effect for each article. 

If you explore the site content further, you will see multiple logos of top sponsor organizations to help promote the brand’s credibility. 

12. Great Canadian Theatre Company - Best Theater Websites & Web Design Example
Source: Gctc.ca

Great Canadian Theatre Company was founded in 1975 by a group of professors and graduate students at Carleton University. 

Welcoming visitors to this webpage is a multiple automated image slider that displays autistic-based content that appears visually appealing. This theater website doubles as an online store containing various theater-based items for visitors to purchase and enjoy.

Visitors can use the drop-down navigation bar to carry out vital actions and explore various aspects of the page.

Les Halles Theater welcomes visitors with a simple art-like design and ample use of white spaces to make the page visually appealing. 

I love how this theater webpage features modern designs by combining vertical and horizontal scrolling features at various angles of the page. 

My favorite aspect of the page is the moving text in the newsletter section where visitors can submit their details for constant theater-based updates.

As you scroll further, you will find essential information in the site’s footer like social media icons, contact details, and the theater’s location address.

14. The Grand - Best Theater Websites & Web Design Example
Source: Grand online

The Grand is an iconic Art Deco theater in Downeast, Maine that fosters social interaction and growth in artists and audiences.

The first catchy element is a 3D image of the brand’s names with two laver red-colored CTA buttons that encourage the purchase of tickets and donations.

I like how the webpage uses a zig-zag design layout that features engaging texts, high-quality images, and blue-colored CTA buttons to create an engaging informative section.

The site footer features a single subscription column that encourages visitors to submit their email for constant updates.

15. Good Theater - Best Theater Websites & Web Design Example
Source: Good theater

Good Theater is a professional company founded by Brian P. Allen and Stephen Underwood in 2001. The first catchy element is two cream-colored CTA buttons that encourage visitors to purchase tickets for upcoming events and donate towards the theater’s advancement.

Upon scrolling, you will see an eye-catching graphic design that displays content about the brand's next events with the date and hours it will debut. 

The blue-colored site footer features multiple vital contents like contact details, box office hours, mailing addresses, and social media icons.

Arcola Theatre commissions and premieres exciting and original works alongside rare gems of world drama and bold new productions of classics.

The first catchy element is an automated slider that features multiple posters of the theater’s upcoming events to get excited and willing to buy tickets.

As you scroll further, you will appreciate the colorful and autistic site’s topography which makes every element sync in perfect unison.

What is handy for me about this webpage are the multiple motion graphic elements and stylish texts which help to bring life to the page. 

Stageworks Theatre is led by its Producing Artistic Director, Karla Hartley. This establishment serves approximately 20,000 audience members annually.

Welcoming visitors to this great theater website is a video displaying the theater's special program with two purple-colored CTA buttons to purchase tickets.  

I like how the webpage uses a zig-zag design layout that features engaging texts, high-quality images, and blue-colored CTA buttons to create an engaging informative section. 

You can use the hamburger navigation menu to explore the site content and make vital decisions.

18. Drang - Best Theater Websites & Web Design Example-1
Source: Drang.nl

Drang's simple and amazing theater website displays great use of its white space on every page. I like how the page features the brand's services in three rectangular pictures with a thumbnail effect that links to other pages.

Interested visitors and users can use the search button on the menu bar to explore and get quick information about the company's offers. 

The hamburger button provides additional information like their rental and management services. Drang stands out with its simplicity.

Best Theater Websites FAQs

How Can I Build a Great Theater Website?

You can employ a professional web developer to create a theater website or use a website builder. While using a website builder, you must note and include these elements: an about section, share your plays, put your plays center stage, include high-quality images and contact details, and use simple and engaging content.

What are the Best Theater Website Builders?

The best theater website builders are Wix and Squarespace. These website builders have world-class website-building tools that make the process of creating memorable web pages like child’s play. Wix and Squarespace offer multiple theater website templates that you can use and manipulate to fit your custom needs and preferences. 

What are the Best Theaters in the World?

The best theater website in the world includes Sydney Opera House, Sydney Theatre, Capitol Theatre, People's Light, Cine Thisio, Alamo Drafthouse, Rajmandir Theatre, Kino International, 4DX, Teatro Colón, Victoria Theatre, Teatro Greco, Taormina, Water Puppet Theater, Shakespeare’s Globe, Teatro La Fenice, and Gran Teatre del Liceu.

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