15 Inspiring Insurance Agent Website Examples

Updated Nov 25, 2023.

Do you want to create a great insurance agent website for your agency? Are you thinking about redesigning your existing insurance agency site to attract more traffic but don’t know how best to improve it?

The best insurance agencies have unique and beautiful websites that showcase their key value propositions and insurance products to potential clients.

Having an eye-catching and information-rich insurance agent website can be the competitive edge you need to dominate your target niche.

You can hire the services of a website developer to build your agency website which may cost you a budget-breaking fee. Use the best website builders like Squarespace and Wix to design a professional-looking agency website at a pocket-friendly price.

This article covers the 15 most inspiring insurance agent websites with the best designs you can learn from when building your own site.

Let’s get started.

Margy Wenham Insurance Services is a medicare supplement insurance provider in Redding, Shasta County. 

This insurance agency’s website opens with well-optimized branding fonts and a smiling stock photo that gives you a safe and insured narrative. I love how she uses a White and matching Blue color to make a visual notice of elements in the space.

Instead of sequential navigation, her website design employs a hamburger menu for a coordinated header section. As you journey down the website, you will also find intuitive navigations that make it easy to find the insurance services you need.

2. Agent Benji - Inspiring Insurance Agent Website Example
Source: Agent benji

Agent Benji is a reliable life and property insurance agent. He narrates this with a bold zigzagged moving text that embodies his mission statement, displaying over a Bright Cerulean and Hawkes blue background.

In the hero section is a striking font and a 3D pet mascot logo that gives you the illusion of a pet insurance service provider. Everything about this site proves that an insurance website can be simple yet effective. 

I love how he uses an eloquent one-minute video embed to give rich details and help his target customers understand the need for an insurance plan. Beneath the video are blue-colored texts that showcase his insurance services, following a Book Now CTA. 

The client testimonials section is another humanizing element of his website that proves his credibility. One easy way to find more about Agent Benji is through the blog element and the valuable information details presented concisely at the footer.

3. Medicare Alex - Inspiring Insurance Agent Website Example
Source: Medicare alex

Medicare Alex is a colorful and well-designed website. This insurance website design effectively uses a unique visual identity to create a professional and distinctive online space for the medical-based insurance company.

The hero section displays a youthful image and vibrant fonts that imprint the need for a health insurance plan. On this agent insurance website, you will find imagery CTAs and free insurance quotes that help potential clients get an in-depth look into their insurance options.

Unlike other insurance agents' websites, Medicare Alex shows that you don’t have to explain every aspect of your services on your site to attract more leads. 

This minimalistic yet entertaining design allows clients to focus on value propositions and brings out the desired emotions in them.

Weston Mock Insurance Agency is a business place that searches through affiliated carriers to find the best match for their target customers. The first thing that grabs your attention on this insurance website is the happy family stock image.

Hinged to the hero image is a contact form ready for completion to receive a personalized quote. There are designed logos representing the insurance agency offerings. Beneath the offerings is a brief About section and a few examples of the company testimonials. 

The four colors used include porcelain, old gold, gray teal, and a plain white color, perfectly harmonizing with all the written content of the web.

Zach Timmerman is a third-generation family-owned insurance agent. His insurance agency website greets you with a bold image of a dignified agent you can count on. 

He prominently displays the four cardinal points of his insurance business, making it easy for his target customers to notice the insurance options. The specialization of his insurance agency includes Auto, Home, Business, and Life insurance services.

As you explore his site, you will notice the “Contact Us” section featuring a responsive map that directs visitors to his office address. The auto-scrolling employed in the Instagram post section is a visual feast. Visitors can control the view with the image sliders on display.

6. Prestige-Ins - Inspiring Insurance Agent Website Example
Source: Prestige-ins

Prestige-Ins is a family-owned insurance agency headquartered in Vero Beach, Florida. This beautiful insurance website shows potential customers why it is one of the most trusted independent insurance agents in the insurance industry. 

You can’t miss out on the full-width display of Prestige-Ins expertise featuring its brand name, and Our Team and Contact Us button over a nature-shot background.

You can’t help but notice how this insurance agency keeps things straightforward. Instead of boring website visitors with every detail, Prestige-Ins uses a call for consultation as a CTA button to drive prospective clients toward conversations faster.

7. Sword Insurance - Inspiring Insurance Agent Website Example
Source: Swordins

Sword Insurance is an independent insurance agency providing a variety of insurance products to the residents of Tennessee. This insurance agency offers everything from business insurance to family insurance, property insurance, down to auto insurance.

You will find an ArtyClick Orange color scheme that bears the career focus of the agency on the home page. There is a connective office line and a two-colored CTA button that allows you to get a quote of your choice.

There is a mini-portal section that allows customers to make service requests, document requests, report a claim, and get customized quotes.

Above the footer section are client reviews serving as credible social proofs. You will find clickable social media links and other contact information listed in the footer.

Loop Car Insurance is strictly an auto insurance company. Showcasing the specialization of the insurance agency is a top-notch, modern, and stylish custom website, creating the best online experience.

The user experience of this successful website is quite intriguing. If you are in the car insurance agency niche, Loop Insurance’s website is hands down the best insurance website to get web design inspiration. 

You can’t miss the clickable stock photos in the featured blog section, each leading to the agency news across its web pages. I like how this insurance agency website offers an easy way to get discounted services.

The Life Group, LLC uses a consultative approach to provide insurance consultation services for individuals, employer groups, and trade associations. 

This insurance website unfolds a family image spearheaded by a purpose-driven statement, layered on a dark-gray background. 

Different from other insurance agency websites that employ a multi-page, The Life Group, LLC shows that you can summarize multi-page content into a fine single page.

This insurance agency site opts for a non-header and a non-footer section but provides concise details about its services. I love that this website is mobile-friendly with a high-performance site speed that takes no delay in loading the site content.

10. Steadily - Inspiring Insurance Agent Website Example
Source: Steadily

Steadily insurance website provides the best affordable landlord and renters insurance in America. 

This insurance website is unique and built to taste. The major color schemes are dawn pink and purple color which harmonize with unique artistic illustrations of several buildings.

There is an address entry, brand logos, and animated five-star-rated client testimonials on the home page. Steadily client testimonials prove its dedication to providing top-notch customer support services.

Navigating the header, you will find several elements like Learn, featuring a drop-down menu that allows you to explore the insurance journal. I like how the Blog section leads to the agency news pages, while the FAQs answer most likely questions concerning its insurance business.

Rick Austin Insurance Agent is a licensed and independent Medicare insurance carrier that provides you with the coverage you need. He uses this great website to showcase his expertise and build the best online presence. 

The layout of his web is clean and easy. Apart from the prominent family image, Rick employs written content that matches perfectly with the site’s primary color. 

On this beautiful insurance website, visitors know exactly what they want due to the brief outline of insurance services. Grabbing visitors' attention are shades of red color CTAs that cause them to take notice of his insurance products.

What I love about this insurance website is the blend of color schemes with uncluttered navigation. Most navigation takes a horizontal sequence on the dirty-green colored header while the footer features the brand name, address, and a Facebook link.

Bell Insurance Group is an insurance website that provides the best insurance business policy to a wide range of businesses. The user interface of this custom website opens with a simple website design that gives you the illusion of a one-page site.

A click on the clever “Welcome, Let's Go Big” CTA takes you to another web page that provides rich details of their insurance business. Each visual element of this page has a CTA that connects to other web pages of the brand.

I love the stylish fonts and the moving text that advertises why BIG's agency website is the best.

Visitors can't help but love the designs of this insurance website as it follows an uncluttered sequence. While using a handful of Golden-brown colored CTAs, the web sticks to a mix of color schemes.

Alpine Castle Lake's website tells of its offers with bold and stylish fonts and uses a colored Clickable phone number as CTA over the hero section. The fun blue header of the web features drop-down menus that provide resources for auto insurance, home, business, and life.

While designing a website, it is important to ensure simplicity, professionalism, and hassle-free navigation. When you get to this great website, you will notice how Alpine conveys the same message to its target customers.

Alpine Insurance Agency uses a Medium Teal Blue, Dark cerulean, and a plain white color to create a bright user interface. Just after the insurance coverage section, you will find auto-sliding online reviews providing the insurance agency with a credible reputation.

Matt Nelson is an insurance broker and the brain behind Better Call Matt's insurance agency. Welcoming his potential client is a friendly yet professional image that calls for instantaneous action.

Taking the top left plain header is a big emblem logo of his agency with social media links to the top right.

Instead of clustering every piece of information in the About section, Matt breaks them into three understandable sections, each with a strategic CTA. These call-to-action buttons match the primary site color, but with a hover effect, it turns black on contact. 

Above the footer, you will find Matt’s most-rated insurance carrier offered which shows that he is up to the task. One feature I like on this insurance website is its clever use of social proofs which is only accessible with a click on the testimonial CTA.

Brooklyn Brokerage specializes in insurance products and services that help you with all your insurance needs. This great insurance website has bold fonts and a monochromatic color scheme that provides a clean slate vibe while conveying its best interest. 

I love how the homepage employs no-frills navigation consisting of four header menus. Brooklyn Brokerage substitutes its footer with a curation of its insurance services, separated by visible white spaces and its contact address. 

Between the curation and the address is a borderline that enhances the visual concept of the page. I love that the insurance services serve as customized CTAs.

Best Insurance Agency Websites FAQs

How to Create a Website for an Insurance Business?

Creating an insurance website is very simple. All you need to do is choose any recommended website builder, modify your templates with attractive color schemes, display your niche expertise, use client reviews and insurance product pages, and add helpful articles, agency news, easy navigations, attention-grabbing CTAs, and contact forms.

What are the Best Insurance Website Builders?

There are a lot of website builders online, but the best and most reliable insurance website builders are Squarespace and Wix. They offer classically designed templates and no-code options that make your building process seamless.

How Do I Promote My Insurance Agency Website? 

The best way to promote your insurance agency website is by using local SEO strategies that employ attractive meta descriptions with relevant keywords. Following this grand approach, your website will easily appear in the search results of any search engine and drive traffic to your website. Other methods of promoting an insurance agency website are leveraging client reviews, creating a social media presence, and using online and offline advertisements.

What is a Better Word for an Insurance Agent?

In some cases, insurance agents are called insurance producers or insurance brokers. Regardless of the difference in name and specialty, they have a role in common. Hence, whether an insurance agent is referred to as an insurance producer or an insurance broker, the agent is responsible for selling insurance coverage on behalf of an insurance company.

What Do the Best Insurance Websites Have in Common?

The main features that make an insurance website the best over other independent insurance websites include stunning designs with a mobile-friendly interface. However, search engine optimization, advanced insurance product pages, agency news, and effectively written content contribute to their search engine rankings.

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