24 Best Landscaping Websites: The Ultimate List

Updated Sep 11, 2023.

Have you ever wondered how certain landscaping and lawn care companies are making waves and consistently increasing their customer base without breaking a sweat?

The simple answer is a well-designed landscaping website that does a great job of representing the brand to potential clients.

You can hire the services of a web agency to help you design a state-of-the-art website. However, taking this path involves spending a significant amount of money. A pocket-friendly alternative is to use the best website builders like Wix and Squarespace.

With a well-designed website, you will attract more and better quality clients that offer your landscaping company projects.

This article talks about 24 amazing landscaping websites that you can use as a source of inspiration when building your own website.

Let’s get started.

Brian Huyck is the sole founder of H&M Landscaping LLC. The company offers Landscape design, construction, and maintenance in Genesee County. I like how flashy and colorful the contents of this lawn care website are, which gives it a warm and friendly vibe. 

The first catchy element on this webpage is a stunning picture of a house with a mouth-watering landscape design and a cactus-colored CTA button. 

As you explore, you will observe various stunning high-quality landscaping-related pictures, descriptive icons, and colorful CTA buttons.

Elite Landscape Pro offers excellent landscaping services because of their experience in both technical and customer relations. The parallax scrolling effect on the homepage makes exploring this webpage engaging and user-friendly. 

I like how the webpage uses multiple grid layouts to structure the design layout of the webpage. These features give the webpage a professional outlook that will appeal to potential clients. 

Visitors can use the black-colored sticky navigation bar to explore various aspects of the site like the FAQs section, past projects, portfolio, and contact pages. 

Jason Chierchie is the brain behind the success of T&C Designs, a landscaping brand that offers luxurious and pristine services to its clients.

I like how the home page features various high-resolution images of landscaping projects to grab the attention of visitors and compel them to book a consultation. The transparent navigation bar gives the hero section a neat and sophisticated outlook.

You can click on the gold-colored Instagram icon to explore T&C Design's Instagram profile for more information about their projects and mode of operations.

Full Circle Lawn Care specializes in offering professional installation and maintenance of landscape plantings.

The hero section uses a slider to display mind-blowing landscaping projects that will get the attention of potential customers on arrival. Visitors can take action by clicking the “Get A Free Estimate” CTA button.

I like how the plain white background makes all the relevant elements on the web page visible to site visitors. Prospective customers can also use the contact form at the center of the page to get in touch with the company.

Mark Barkman is the founder of Barkman Landscaping, a reliable company that provides knowledgeable staff to work on clients' landscape projects.

I like how this landscaping design layout features a dark and light color scheme which gives the homepage a sophisticated and elegant outlook.

The home page features logos of awards Barkman Landscaping has received for its exceptional work in the landscaping industry. 

I love how the testimonial section contains heartwarming customer reviews that will get potential customers confident about the brand’s abilities and expertise.

Cedar Ridge Landscaping offers a wide variety of professional landscape services in an excellent manner that gets its clients returning.  

Visitors can click the greed-colored stick widget with a hover effect on the side of the page to gain access to the client hub. I like how the hero section features a full-width image of a mansion which displays the company’s finished project giving credit to their expertise. 

You can use the white-colored sticky navigation bar with a drop-down effect to access all the aspects of this landscape and lawn service website.

7. Reveal Design - Landscaping Website Example
Source: Reveal design

Reveal Design offers landscaping services like front, side, and rear yard landscape installations, rooftop decks, pergolas, planter boxes, customized screens, and organic vegetable and food production.

This landscape design website has a minimalist layout that gives it an elegant outlook that makes it stand out from other landscaping companies.

Reveal Design welcomes you with high-quality hero images, large text fonts, and a cerulean-colored CTA button that leads to the project page. I like how the site footer contains vital information about the company. 

Green Tree Landscaping is a landscaping contractor and construction services company based in Edmonton AB that offers top-notch lawn care services.

What's handy about this landscaping business website design is the background video that features eye-catching content about its past projects. As you scroll further, you will see a well-placed Google map feature that helps in directing customers to the company’s location. 

You can check out the catalog of awards which serves as a source of social proof and helps to boost credibility. 

Dragons Landscaping is a family-owned and operated DFW instruction that specializes in offering services to large residential homes with dramatic landscaping needs.

The parallax scrolling effect gives this landscaping and lawn care website a sophisticated outlook and makes all the elements sync together neatly. 

Potential customers can click any of the social media icons displayed on the greed-colored sticky widget at the right side of the page. Interested visitors can click the green colored “Get a Quote” CTA button on the navigation bar to begin a discussion about their project. 

10. Huntergreen - Landscaping Website Example
Source: Hunter green

Jeff is a Brooklyn-based landscape designer and creative director. He founded Huntergreen. I like the homepage of this landscaping website has a modern theme with high-quality images in specific areas of the page. 

The parallax scrolling effect makes all the elements on this website’s homepage sync together to give this page a professional appearance. 

Potential clients can click on any of the transparent call-to-action buttons to execute specific activities. The green-colored site footer houses a CTA button that links to the company’s contact details which potential customers can click to schedule a consultation.

Branch Out Landscape offers a turn-key landscape install experience for their customers to fully enjoy a homely experience. 

The hero section opens up with a slideshow effect displaying various state-of-the-art landscaping projects that will wow potential customers. I like how the display section features high-quality photos of projects for past clients in a four-column grid layout design. 

Visitors can watch the embedded YouTube video that features content about Branch Out Landscape practices and background stories.

12. Ryan Lawn & Tree - Landscaping Website Example
Source: Ryan lawn

RYAN Lawn & Tree was founded in 1987 and offers lawn care services to homeowners in Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, and Oklahoma.

The first catchy element of this website’s hero section is the background video featuring a handyman carrying out lawn care-related activities. You will find a carmine pink colored “Request An Estimate” CTA button on the video.   

Interested customers can click the yellow-colored CTA button on the navigation bar to get Ryan Lawn & Tree Landscaping and lawn care toll-free numbers. I like how the page features the company’s prestigious awards with an attention-grabbing slider. 

GMC Landscapes offers landscaping services like designing a deck, outdoor kitchen or water feature, paver stone walkways, and stylish retaining walls.

I like how GMC Landscapes integrated their Google Rating on the homepage. Their five-star rating is a huge source of social proof and helps to boost the company’s credibility with potential customers.

The customer testimonials section features heartwarming client reviews that display the brand's efficiency and expertise. This section uses a slider to display its contents making it possible for visitors to have a fun and engaging experience while exploring.

Moore OK Lawn Care & Mowing is a professional landscaping service that offers top-notch home or commercial property care and maintenance.

This lawn care company has one of the best lawn care websites with a clean and colorful design layout. The site's colorful scheme mirrors the brand's logo with its dominant colors being moss green and mikado yellow.  

I like how the homepage opens up with an insightful background video displaying the company's ability to offer first-class lawn care and mowing services. 

15. Earthbound - Landscaping Website Example
Source: Earth bound

Earthbound’s founder is Valerie Deerinw who offers design-build landscape services for estate, commercial, and residential spaces. 

I like how the website features a full-width image of a beautiful and lush garden as its hero image with white-colored text about the company. Interested visitors can click the white-colored “Get Quote” CTA button with a hover effect on the site’s navigation bar.

This webpage features a well-structured contact form that prospective clients can fill out to book a consultation and discuss the company's services.

16. Talley Landscape Architects - Landscaping Website Example
Source: Talleyla

Talley Landscape Architects is a full-service landscape architecture firm that offers services like planning, design, and construction management of large-scale public projects.

This landscaping website uses multiple grid columns with a thumbnail effect to display its homepage contents such as past projects, and a Google Map feature. Visitors can click on any of these boxes to have a full view of the project page contents. 

You can click on any of the CTA buttons on the sticky site footer that links to social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube.

De Leon Landscapes Co has a magnificent, neat, and clean website design with attention-grabbing elements that’s ready to generate sales for its brand.

The first catchy element of the webpage is the high-quality picture of a person mowing the lawn. You will see a white-colored banner with the eye-catching caption “Quality Lawn Care Reliable Services” designed to make visitors click the “Book Now” CTA button. 

I like how the website features descriptive icons, high-quality images, and engaging text to give visitors a user-friendly website experience.

Brauss Lawn Service offers professional and well-detailed lawn care services that are sure to get their customers calling them for more.

I like how the webpage uses a zig-zag text and high-quality picture design layout in the “About Section” which promotes readability and engagement. 

The gallery section features an attention-grabbing full-width slideshow to display the company’s past projects designed to attract new customers.

Potential clients can use the Google Map feature at the site’s base to seamlessly locate Brauss Lawn Service's physical location.

Greenscapes Nursery & Garden Shoppe has been in the landscaping business for over two decades with multiple projects as proof of their expertise.

You can use the live chat sticky widget to have a quick chat with its customer services for inquiries and to request its services. I like how the webpage features high-quality colors and black and black-and-white exotic garden images which will grab visitors' attention. 

Interested customers can get details about the company’s private policy, terms, and conditions on the black-colored site footer.

20. LawnMore - Landscaping Website Example
Source: Lawnmore

LawnMore offers top-notch and outstanding landscaping and lawn maintenance services for Gainesville homes and businesses.

I like how this landscaping company's website has a modern design with a clean layout and various attention-grabbing elements like high-quality images and engaging texts. 

Interested visitors can check out the contents in the FAQ section to get information about this landscaping brand.

The site footer contains the newsletter column, social media links and icons, contact details, and a vertically structured navigation bar to encourage site exploration.

JC Landscapes LLC has offered reliable, quality lawn and landscaping services in Lewisburg and surrounding areas for over two decades. 

I like how the webpage features a light bark background and the complementary earth tone colors immediately create a soothing outdoor effect. 

Prospective customers can click the yellow colored “Contact Us” CTA button on the sticky navigation bar to get in touch with JC Landscapes LLC customer service. The blog section uses high-quality images and a thumbnail effect on each post.

Chris is the owner of Changing Seasons LLC which is full of qualified experts that offer their customers first-class landscaping services.

I like how this website uses a split-page design in crafting the “About Section” to get the attention of new and paying customers. The hero section features this display strategy and divides the page between a high-resolution photo and a text section.

You can submit your email in the subscribe section to receive constant updates about the company’s activities and ongoing projects. 

23. BGB Outdoor Solutions - Landscaping Website Example
Source: Bgb outdoor

BGB Outdoor Solutions was founded by Brandon in 2021. This landscaping company provides full-service landscaping solutions in Northeast Ohio.

I like how the “About Section” features a full-width image of the owner Brandon and engaging text about the company’s history and activities. 

The testimonial section uses a slideshow to display mouth-watering reviews about the brand and its exceptional services for satisfied customers. 

I love how the gallery section displays its eye-catching images in a grid format with a thumbnail effect that links to a catalog of other projects.

24. Rainforest LA - Landscaping Website Example
Source: Rainforest la

Rainforest LA is a Los Angeles-based landscape company that has been making waves and pleasing its paying clients for over 20 years.

I love how this landscaping website features a significant amount of text which usually is not the partner most landscaping websites follow. This text makes it possible to effectively tell the story of the company warmly and compellingly. 

The services section uses engaging texts, high-quality images, and almond-colored call-to-action buttons for corporate clients to take relevant actions.

Best Landscaping Website Examples FAQs

How Can I Create a Great Landscaping Website?

You can employ a professional web designer to create a beautiful landscaping website or you can use a website builder to get the job done in a jiffy. The steps for creating your own website include buying a domain, designing your landscaping website, adding engaging content, adding a client hub, setting up analytics, sharing your site, and performing regular updates.

What are the Biggest Landscaping Companies?

The biggest landscaping companies include Hess Landscape Architects, Classic Landscape LTD, Mulkern Landscaping, Garden Builders, JT Madison Landscaping & Snow, Raymond Landscaping, Pearl Landscaping & Patio Co. Huntergreen, T&C Designs, Reveal Design. 

What Should I Include in My Landscaping Website Design?

Certain important elements must be present in your landscaping website design that will ensure it ranks high on the search engines. They include service offerings, eye-catching CTA buttons, contact details, reviews and testimonials, business information, team and career info, useful blogs, professional designs, portfolio pages, and strong branding.

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