Top 23 Digital Agency Websites for Web Design Inspiration

Updated Sep 15, 2023.

Do you run a digital agency but struggle to attract and convert clients? One of the reasons is the absence of a well-designed digital agency website.

Whether you are running a design, marketing, or advertising agency, you will lose potential opportunities by not investing in a modern-looking and beautiful site.

Hiring a professional web designer to design your digital agency website can be expensive. The best website builders like Squarespace and Wix are known for creating visually appealing websites that will attract and convert visitors.

This article covers the 23 best digital agency websites you can check out to gain inspiration to design your own site.

Let’s get started.

OrangeYouGlad consists of a group of skilled designers, thinkers, and stinkers who offer services like illustration, web development, brand personality development, and UI/UX design.  

The parallax scrolling effect gives this graphic design, mobile development, and branding agency website a user-friendly and elegant outlook. 

I like how the home page features attention-grabbing elements such as bright colors, full-width photos, and motion graphics that will make new clients feel welcome.

2. Babylonia - Digital Agency Website Example
Source: Baby lonia

Babylonia is a Belgium-based creative agency that offers photography, graphic design, and videography services to help businesses create a state-of-the-art brand identity. 

Unlike other design agency websites, Babylonia opens up with a full-width welcoming page featuring an engaging and informative video background. 

Accessing the site homepage requires a gentle click on the transparent “Jump In” CTA button with a hover effect.  Exploring the site’s home page is fun and engaging because of the parallax scrolling effect, the sea of text, and various descriptive icons.

3. UNBXD - Digital Agency Website Example
Source: Unbxd

UNBXD is a branding agency known for designing and building innovative solutions for the biggest brands.

The first attractive element on UNBXD is a black background, an animation of a sphere, and dots that spread across the page. You can use the live chat widget at the right side of the page to access the customer services official for inquiries and collaboration.

This awesome website design features vital interactive elements such as a yellow-colored “Get Started” CTA button and drop-down navigation to aid site exploration swiftly.

4. Ubiquitous - Digital Agency Website Example
Source: Ubiquitous

Ubiquitous is an all-in-one influencer marketing agency with a state-of-the-art marketing strategy to help businesses grow. This digital agency website leverages visual design trends and uses bright colors like pink and purple color schemes with cold hard metrics and processes.

Prospective customers interested in Ubiquitous services can click the purple-colored “Get Started” call to action button. As you explore the site, you will see various high-quality pictures of popular influencer partners that function as a source of social proof.

5. Altitude - Digital Agency Website Example
Source: Altitude

Altitude is an award-winning web design, digital marketing, and creative agency in business for over fifteen years.

I like how the site features the logos of top clients and brands as a source of social proof and brand credibility. The black-colored site footer houses all key information about this design agency such as contact details, toll-free number, and email address. 

Navigating the site is easy, thanks to a clear and logical hamburger navigation menu on the right side of the page.

Lamb Creative Group is an award-winning Marketing and PR agency. They have successful design agencies across Canada, the United States, and Europe.

This design agency has a brightly-designed website that does a fantastic job of showcasing its projects in a visually appealing fashion that grabs visitor's attention. 

Visitors can navigate the website via the bullet point and sticky navigation bar to explore the various pages and sections. 

The parallax effect and monochromatic design make all the elements on the page come together nicely and give the home page an elegant outlook.

Jazz Around Midnight is a great example of a music-centered digital agency established in 2005 by passionate jazz musician Alex Beker.

Prospective clients can use the drop-down navigation bar to explore various aspects of this digital agency website like the contact page, about section, and blog page. The drop-down menu also encourages swift movement across the page which promotes exploration.

I like how the home page uses a two-column layout to display the Jazz Around Midnight Instagram feed section.

8. Niika - Digital Agency Website Example
Source: Niika

Niika is an Australian-based digital design company that offers services like digital marketing, branding, UX designs, 3D designs, illustrations, and video reels to prospective clients.

Visitors exploring this amazing agency website can use the hamburger navigation bar at the right side of the page to move around smoothly.

I like how this agency's site design delivers a solid user experience with its colorful, clean, and eye-catching layout. The homepage features visually appealing and interactive elements like engaging texts, motion and still graphics, and moving texts to engage visitors.

9. Fantasy - Digital Agency Website Example
Source: Fantasy

Fantasy is a digital agency known for creating extraordinary digital experiences for over twenty years. The first catchy element on this digital marketing agency’s website is a background video that summarizes the content of their extraordinary digital products. 

I like how this digital agency website displays multiple interactive features designed to make website visitors work with them. 

As you navigate this site, you see a consistent and bold color scheme in strategic areas of the page, mostly black, white, and bursts of ArtyClick red.

Knapsack Creative Co is a web design agency popular for its high-quality Squarespace websites. I like how engaging the headline “Get a website that makes you proud.” on the hero section is. 

The high-quality images of a lady holding a computer help to spice things up. Prospective clients can click the “Meet with a designer” CTA button below the headline to get started on design-related projects.

My favorite aspect is how Knapsack does an excellent job of explaining its design process using texts and descriptive icons. 

Ela House Studio was founded by Johanna, an expert in helping business owners tell their brand’s story.

I like how this design studio website features an eye-catching slideshow in its hero section that gives prospective clients a sneak peek into their expertise. 

The use of a light, neutral background color, and beautiful typography makes all the site elements visible for website visitors. You cannot but love the heartwarming content in the client testimonials section, and the use of a slider makes it attractive.

12. Neuron - Digital Agency Website Example
Source: Neuron

Neuron is a creative technology lab focused on creating lasting solutions to the most demanding design problems. This creative agency website has a clean and colorful design layout with high-quality pictures, CTA buttons, multiple slideshows, and video backgrounds.

As you explore the site content, you will see awards and recognitions the company received due to their excellence in delivery. Locating this digital agency's physical office is simple due to the availability of a Google map that displays the specific location.

Altech Web Design is a Miami-based company that offers top-notch web design and online marketing services.

Visitors can use the sticky live chat widget to make inquiries and begin transitions with the company without breaking a sweat. I like how the parallax scrolling effect makes all the elements on this website sync together, to give the web page an elegant outlook.    

The dark blue colored site footer contains content like a Google map that links to the company’s physical location, payment options, and contact information.

14. Maycreate - Digital Agency Website Example
Source: Maycreate

Maycreate is a full-service marketing agency addicted to building powerful brands and making the company achieve its business-related goals. 

What's handy about this website agency website design is the moving text features in the hero section that will get the attention of visitors. You can use the drop-down button below the hero section to swiftly access the rest of the page in a smooth and coordinated fashion.

I like how the website lists Maycreate services vertically with engaging text about the company’s history and mode of operations. 

Barton Creative Co. was co-founded in 2016 by sisters-in-law Robyn and Megan Barton and has grown to be one of the best creative agencies.

I like how each column in the service section folds as you scroll across the webpage, giving the site a classy outlook. Each service column features a CTA button at its base to enable visitors to access further information about the services.

The copywriting style is fun, lively, and engaging and helps get prospective customers interested in Barton Creative Co’s services.

16. Magnet - Digital Agency Website Example
Source: Magnet

Magnet Co is a professional web design and development agency that helps established and start-up brands create their own websites that resonate with their brand.

One of the best web design and digital marketing agency websites, Magnet Co has a clean and unique layout. While scrolling across the homepage, you will see various mind-blowing elements like motion and still graphics, animations, and high-quality images.

The back-colored site footer features the testimonial section and multiple links to other sites and pages visitors can explore.

17. Gravita - Digital Agency Website Example
Source: Gravita

Gravita is a full-service agency that encourages collaboration to design brand personality, products, and extraordinary experiences. 

I love how this digital agency web page uses orange accents for calls to action and other elements throughout the design. The hamburger menu has sticky features that make it easy for prospective clients to explore various aspects of the site seamlessly. 

New clients will love the vast number of top brand logos that Gravity has worked with, which helps boost credibility.

18. Insider NYC - Digital Agency Website Example
Source: Insider nyc

Insider NYC is a membership-based luxury lifestyle management, personal concierge, and event planning company.

Visitors can check out the black-colored site footer for content that links to the brand’s LinkedIn and Instagram page where they can access the agency's online profile. 

This digital agency website displays icons of top publication brands that have featured details about Insider NYC in their content.

Interested clients can use the drop-down menu to explore this creative agency's website contents seamlessly. You can click the transparent “Contact Us” CTA button to get in touch with the agency.

Signature Contingent Management is a Managed Service Provider that applies user-friendly cloud-based software designed to increase your staffing productivity.

This digital agency website features a white-colored sticky navigation bar that contains vital links like the shopping option to make necessary purchases. I like how the center of the site features content related to the achievement and certification of this digital agency.

Prospective clients can get an insight into the company’s activities through video content that sheds light on its mode of operations.

20. Pickle-Wix Web Design - Digital Agency Website Example
Source: Pickle wix

Pickle-Wix Web Design is a web and graphic design agency that specializes in Wix and Denver website design.   

I like how the portfolio section features some of the company’s best projects in a mobile-friendly and attention-grabbing fashion. The content is carefully placed in mockups and each column features a thumbnail effect linking to the main portfolio page. 

Pickle-Wix Web Design’s homepage features an eight-column design layout with a thumbnail effect that links to the portfolio page.    

21. Parrot Digital - Digital Agency Website Example
Source: Parrot

Parrot Digital is an Austin-based web design and digital marketing company that specializes in transforming business ideas into reality. The customer testimonial section features the company’s Google ranking and positive reviews about its effectiveness and expertise. 

Parrot Digital offers valuable resources, materials, and video courses designed to help interested customers. To get started, visitors can click the sky blue “Schedule A Free Consultation” CTA button on the left side of the page.

22. EKI-Digital - Digital Agency Website Example
Source: Eki digital

EKI-Digital is a digital agency that specializes in applying deep domain knowledge in data management, risk and compliance, and digital transformation, ensuring tailored business solutions.

This digital agency website welcomes visitors with attention-grabbing pictures, bold texts, and a dark blue colored “Learn More” CTA button. 

Interested visitors can explore the news section to get juicy details about the company’s exploits in the world of innovations and designs. Exploring the webpage is easy due to the effectiveness of the sticky navigation bar with drop-down features.

23. Adchitects - Digital Agency Website Example
Source: Adchitects

Adchitects is a creative web design agency that has a team of skilled operatives available to give their clients first-class services. 

The first catchy element on this design agency website that will get potential clients interested is the looping ads video. I like how the white background makes all the interactive design elements shine and inspire potential customers to click the “Contact Us” CTA.

This creative design and technology agency features logos of clients they are in business with to foster social proof and boost credibility. 

Digital Agency Websites FAQs

What is a Digital Agency Website?

A digital agency website is a business website that contains all the relevant information and case studies of a digital agency. This site represents the interest of the agency by offering interested visitors all they need to know about the company and an easy way to contact them before hiring

What Should an Agency Website Have?

The best agency websites have certain features and elements that make them stand out and attract the right clients. Here are the vital elements that must be present in an agency website include examples of your work, an About Us page, comprehensive case studies, a helpful blog, a compact contact section, website forms, and landing pages, 

What are the Best Creative Agency Websites with Top Web Designs?

The best creative agency websites with state-of-the-art web designs to inspire you to create your own agency site include Adchitects, OrangeYouGlad, Beans Agency, RSNL Creative, Creative Graphics UK, Isadora Agency, CemtrexLabs, WebMechanix, RNO1, and Major Tom.

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