Small Business Websites: 28 Inspiring Examples (2024)

Updated Aug 13, 2023.

Running a small business profitably can be a daunting task. According to small business statistics, 1 in 5 small businesses fail within their first year of operation. While a lack of cash flow is the main reason for business failure, a saturated market also plays a part.

Smart small business owners build eCommerce websites to display their products, sell online, attract potential customers, and beat the competition. A website is an excellent tool for growing your small business.

The best small business website builders like Squarespace and Wix help you build mobile-friendly and beautiful product pages and websites you will love.

This article covers the 28 best small business websites you can use as inspiration to build your own website.

1. Big Boi - Small Business Website Example
Source: Go bigboi

Chef Barb Batiste is the face behind the Big Boi, bringing Filipino food to everyone. Her small business website for her Big Boi restaurant brand uses a black and tan color scheme to lure potential customers to patronize Big Boi. 

Big Boi’s website platform displays a slideshow of high-quality images of food, people, products, and a front view of its restaurant.

A map feature giving directions to the restaurant location stands out close to the footer section. There are arrow icons in tan color in Big Boi’s web design to help people easily navigate the site.

2. Izzy Wheels - Small Business Website Example
Source: Izzy wheels

The Izzy Wheels website is fashionable, with bright colors and high-quality images of wheels displayed around the site. 

I love how the “Shop Now” CTA button on this small business website stands out in its Donkey Brown background. You can’t help but notice excerpts from top brands, including Vogue and Elle, and their logos speaking to the impact of this small business brand.

Four Star Family Cyclery is a neighborhood-friendly bike shop selling electric and cargo bikes. The hero image of a mother and her child riding a bike gives this online store a welcoming feel. 

This small business website is well-designed with different CTA buttons leading to different pages for its bike, accessories, and accessories. There is a CTA button at the header asking visitors to book an appointment. 

I love how this small business website displays four golden stars as a recurring theme, sticking to the brand name.

4. Shhhowercap - Small Business Website Example
Source: Shhhowercap

Shhhowercap is among the list of small businesses taking advantage of technology to drive their online store. As the name of the brand implies, this small business offers waterproof and humidity-defying shower caps to women, defying all odds. 

The homepage of the Shhhowercap business website displays the packaged caps in different designs, alongside before, during, and after videos of women in the caps. 

I love how the chat icon and reviews icon boxed to the left is fixed to the Shhhowercap homepage for easy access.

5. Allbirds - Small Business Website Example
Source: All birds

Allbirds is a footwear brand for the whole family, setting its lighter carbon footprints through its men, women and kids' footwear. This all-in-one website has plenty of CTA buttons and arrows to help new customers find their way to the site. 

The header menu includes important links to its men, women, kids, and sock collections. There is a search, help, and cart feature on the right next to the neat typography used to spell out the brand name,

6. Tattly - Small Business Website Example
Source: Tattly

Tattly is home to fake tattoos by real artists, offering their customers temporary tattoos that wear off over time. I love how this business website displays images of some of their work in a three-column layout, with a colorful flower taking center attraction. 

A coin icon at the bottom of the webpage in Deep Carmine Pink prompts users to open an account and earn free tart coins while shopping. Every aspect of this small business website displays art.

The Farm at Dover is in the business of providing people with the perfect location for their events, with a promise to make them memorable. 

A website befitting of the brand, the Farm at Dover business website draws visitors in with slideshow images from some of its past events. You can't help but appreciate the quality of the services and images displayed. 

Underneath the hero image is a hand-drawn map feature of the entire space, setting the tone for a remarkable and magical outdoor celebration.

I love the videos and images displayed at the bottom of the webpage, providing visitors with enough to paint a visual image of its premises. 

Supernatural Kitchen uses a white and Bright Sun color scheme and is visible on its webpage. The hero image of products blended well with the bright sun background, making this small business site more attractive.

A plant-based and natural product food supplement company, the Supernatural website provides visitors access to its recipes from the header menu of its homepage. 

Typography and quality imagery make Supernatural Kitchen one of the best small business website examples. I love how this business website alternates between black and white as its font colors.

9. Legacy Homes - Small Business Website Example
Source: Legacyh

Legacy Homes' hero video makes you feel immediately at home right from your screen as the video oozes quality and attention to detail. The “Contact Us” CTA button displayed in the center stands out amidst all the glitter and glamor that the video presents.

I love the high-quality images displayed in its home gallery in a three-column layout. You cannot but appreciate the way they make all the houses displayed look beautiful.

Pren Valley Builders is an architecture firm where designers meet builders, priding itself in making a difference in the construction industry in the Denver area. The prevailing theme displayed on this construction business website is trees in a forest setting. 

I love how this Squarespace website displays images of trees, and tree icons from the header section to the footer section. There is a get-a-quote feature that provides its target audience with a personalized quote upon filling out the contact forms.

11. Galo Delgado - Small Business Website Example
Source: Galo delgado

Galo Delgado is a photographer with a keen eye for the beauty and fashion industries as displayed in his work. A passionate lover of photography, Delgado has a small business website he uses to catch the attention of potential clients. 

This small business website example displays his name in bold white font alongside a sliding announcement feature in the header section. 

I love how his website displays slideshow images of his pictures in a three-column layout amidst a white background, with all frames changing in unison. 

Rise is among the top emerging small business restaurants in the U.S., offering breakfast and lunch elevated meals. This eCommerce site uses the colors Beetle Green and Lichen for its background color and some of its text. 

New customers get high-quality pictures of four dishes displayed just beneath the “Order Online CTA” button. Rise showcases a strong online presence with its bold CTA buttons designed to entice its website visitors to the world of online ordering. 

I love how this small business website displays its breakfast and lunch menu options on its homepage with bold fonts and colors

13. Native Union - Small Business Website Example
Source: Native union

Native Union is a company dealing with gadget-related accessories, including phone cases, laptop stands, cables, chargers, and other accessories. 

The first eye-catching feature is the slideshow of some of Native Union’s offerings that automatically changes amidst clear CTA buttons spelling out “Shop Now.”

A chat and search feature makes this small business website design more profound, guaranteeing a user-friendly experience for the entire website. 

I love how great photography is the theme of its product categories. They are well-arranged and labeled to make access easier for visitors.

14. Lola Pate - Small Business Website Example
Source: Lolapate

Lola Payton is the name behind the Lola Pate brand, dealing in the flourishing family flooring business. Her small business website for her brand smartly displays images of her clothing and rugs in one picture frame, both captured simultaneously. 

She combines different design elements, including lines, imagery, typography, and shapes, making it stand out among other small business websites.

15. Velasca - Small Business Website Example
Source: Velasca

Velasco is a shoe, clothing, and accessories brand slowly inserting its footprint in the fashion world. This small business website example combines high-quality images with subtle animations to showcase its collections. 

The header menu for Velasco uses a drop-down menu option that completely takes over the homepage when clicked on. 

You can’t help but love the chat feature powered by Zendesk that puts visitors in direct contact with the brand’s help desk. There is an accessibility feature that helps users change the layout of its website to soothe their preferences. 

La La Land site’s navigation is unrivaled among most websites, offering many features, including an arrow in black as its main navigation. Home to dining and decor, bags, greeting cards, ceramics, puzzles, and games, La La Land helps customers create a unique style.

This small business website displays a slideshow image of its best products with clear CTA buttons in Pale Teal that turns Cadillac Pink on contact. Links to La La Land’s social media platforms are embedded in the social media icons fixed to the left side of the homepage.

Tomi is the business owner of Makeup For Melanin Girls, a beauty and cosmetics brand specializing in making dark-skinned women feel prettier. MFMG uses high-quality images and videos on a reddish-gray background that blends with its products. 

A chat feature with an awaiting message provides users with a personalized experience on the MFMG cosmetics business website. 

At the footer section are icons that link to the brand’s social media handles. You will find logos of the payment platforms it accepts, a nice touch from the brand.

18. Kase Styles - Small Business Website Example
Source: Kase styles

Kase Styles, a small business owner, uses subtle colors to give this small business website a subtle effect. A floral and event design studio, Kase’s wedding and event planning company delivers intentional and thoughtful designs to its target audience. 

Legible and bold typography is one of this site’s best features, coupled with its high-quality images that make the small business website stand out. I love Kase Styles' posts from its Instagram page, with links helping visitors find their way to its page. 

19. Press London - Small Business Website Example
Source: Press-london

Press London is a natural nutrition-based firm helping people achieve long, healthy, and happy lives with its plant-based nutrition products. This small business website uses a green color scheme to pass its eco-friendly message. 

The CTA buttons and announcement feature are designed on Honeysuckle backgrounds, making the texts in black fonts more prominent. High-quality images of some of its products all add to this small business website's overall look. 

I love the testimonials displayed, serving as social proof to attract more customers to the brand. The addition of green stars is a nice touch, building on the eco-friendly stance of the brand. 

20. Madsen - Small Business Website Example
Source: Madsen cycles

Madsen is a great example of a small business breaking out of the learning curve and establishing itself as a top brand. In the business of designing sweet-colored cargo bicycles, Madsen offers a fun, unique bike for the whole family. 

The Madsen business website showcases bright and bold colors in its background, including River Bed, Jasper, Jungle Mist, Mint Cream, and Fuel Yellow for its CTA buttons. 

The join the Madsen map feature is one of Madsen’s top features, allowing users to connect with other Madsen owners near them.

Saxon is an online store offering various footwear for men, women, and kids from different brands. This business website is home to different brands and varieties of footwear, with its hero image announcing new arrivals in a slideshow format

There is a slideshow of reviews from clients in a three-column layout, with the black stars rating conforming with the brand’s theme. 

The footer section is an extensive library of its own, housing payment logos, social media icons, and its menu section on a Dawn Pink background

Knapsack is a certified website builder, focusing on using Squarespace to create the world’s best design experience for its customers. This business website provides visitors with a preamble of what to expect of them as a brand. 

The high-quality images and color blend on the site are what instill visitors' confidence in this business website. I love the thoughtful use of the Pare Carmine color of its logo for its CTA buttons.

EST Creative owned by Emily, a freelance copywriter and content strategist has a business website that provides more detail about the services she renders. 

I love how she displays multiple colors like Saffron Mango, and Bean Red on an extensive Cloud Burst background

Emily lists out reasons why you should hire her and not try it yourself in a separate section, close to her testimonials section. The combination of these sections helps push potential customers to use her services.

Helping people rediscover the joy of eating after extensive dieting is the message the Rachel Hartley Nutrition website preaches to visitors. The image of two people smiling with food in front of them is brilliant.

I love the inclusion of top brands’ logos, including, The Washington Post, and Insider, among other notable examples. The As Seen section includes names of prominent publications that help build visitors' trust in the brand.

Arrowhead is a 28-room accommodation located in the serene and beautiful Riding Mountain National Park overlooking the clear lake. This small business website displays a large image of a dining table view of one of its rooms. 

The header menu on a Water Blue background makes the Arrowhead web design more appealing to visitors and potential customers. One of the top small business website examples, Arrowhead has its high-quality images and clear CTA buttons to thank.

26. Ception - Small Business Website Example

Ception is an innovative, multilayer AI system designed for precise location and mapping. Living up to its brand’s image, the Ception website displays tech-related images and icons, notably motherboards. 

The inclusion of maps in the form of arrows and diagrams speaks to the thoughtfulness of this business web design. I love the contact form at the footer section that readily guides users on how to fill it, with the inclusion of its office address. 

Puffin Packaging is a packaging brand that feeds on delivery information. This small business brand offers a cost-effective alternative to Polyester boxes, a win for the planet. 

I love how Puffin Packaging uses boxes for its content on display, a nice idea that speaks directly to its brand identity. The Color Pale Cerulean is prominent on this small business website, serving as the background, text, and lining of each column layout.

28. Skipio - Small Business Website Example
Source: Skipio

Skipio is a personalized business text messaging platform taking a proactive stance on its website design by immediately showing off its top clients' logos. I love how Skipio offers visitors the choice of talking to an expert via its chat feature in two language options.

This small business website displays its texts in clear and bold fonts, making them stand out amidst the bright colors displayed on its webpage.

Small Business Website FAQs

What is the Best Way to Build a Small Business Website?

There are many options when it comes to building your own website. While you prefer the DIY approach or hiring a web designer, the best option is to use website builders like Squarespace and Wix. The best website builders offer easy-to-use tools like a drag-and-drop editor, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools, and an extensive library of beautiful templates.

How Much Does a Small Business Website Cost?

The cost of building a small business website ranges from free to as much as $10,000. Many free small business website builders offer you a free domain. However, if you want to rank high on search engines and enjoy premium features, you need a paid plan.

What are the Best Small Business Website Builders?

The best small business website builders are Squarespace and Wix. They offer users a cost-effective and user-friendly solution to build websites with great views for mobile devices.

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