28 Beautiful Squarespace Blog Examples

Updated Aug 16, 2023.

Building a successful blog doesn’t have to be a tough task. You can learn from other successful blog examples and use the exact templates they used to build a profitable blog.

Do you own a blog but don’t attract consistent blog traffic from search engines? The quality of your content can be the best available online but if your blog’s design is poor, you will struggle to keep website visitors.

Website builders like Squarespace can give your blog that beautiful, engaging, interactive, and user-friendly feel that will get visitors wanting more.

This article covers the 28 best Squarespace blog examples you can use as inspiration when creating your own website.

Let’s get started.

1. Ash Owens - Beautiful Squarespace Blog Example
Source: Ashowens

Ash Owens is an outstanding content creator with an exceptional personal blog platform that contains details about her passion for travel, beauty, fashion & lifestyle.

This Squarespace blog design features high-quality pictures and engaging text on its home page. You can access mind-blowing posts in the “Recent Posts” section to see the world from the eyes of Ash Owens.

Ash Owens deserves extra points for uploading a YouTube Video of her personal experiences in various locations. You can access her Instagram feed section for multiple posts on various travels.

My favorite aspect of All the Pretty Pandas blog’s design is the parallax scrolling effect and the stylish use of white space that makes every other element pop. The hero image has a wow and attention-grabbing effect on visitors exploring the site. 

I like how the two-column grid layout contains thumbnails, titles, and dates of each post to ensure the blog pages have an elegant and professional outlook. 

Sharleen features a short bio at the right side of the page with a lovely free-hand drawing of herself to spice things up. 

Taylor is the mastermind behind the success of this lifestyle, digital strategy, and business blog. All the posts on her blog are well-organized and designed to help visitors create new experiences. 

You can use the black-colored call-to-action buttons at the end of each section to read or check out other blog posts.

Readers who want to start a blog can use the crystal blue colored newsletter section with a black CTA button to grab Taylor’s free email course. 

The Good Trade webpage has a modern vibe written all over it and other fancy elements that provide a user-friendly experience for visitors. I like how the site uses multiple high-quality images in the hero section to tell an interactive and engaging brand story.

This simple layout website features a detailed sticky navigation bar that makes it easy for visitors to navigate the site and enjoy various lifestyle tips. I like how the fashion section features a slider that makes visitors explore various featured posts.

Kendra For Now is a unique blog site that features vital details about the experiences, family life, and events surrounding Kendra (Blogger). Her blog functions as a well-put-together online journal with significantly juicy details. 

The first element that got my attention is the multiple grid format thumbnails that feature details about various days and events. 

With the hamburger navigation bar, you can explore various aspects of the blog's pages to enjoy their content. In addition, the sticky header features a search bar and four social icons to ensure visitors have a user-friendly experience.

The Girl Guide welcomes its visitors with a slider featuring images, trees, furniture, and fashion-related items. The gorgeous use of white space makes details on the blog page come to life. 

Stephanie Trotta, the blog's owner, uses her blog as an online store making it easy to promote her brand’s fashion-related items. The site’s footer has a black color palette that makes it unique and gives the website an elegant outlook.  

7. The Locals - Beautiful Squarespace Blog Example
Source: The locals.dk

The Locals is a street-style photography blog Soren Jepsen brought to light in 2007. The brand’s logo is stylish and makes it easy to draw visitors’ attention to the stunning hero image.

I like how the blog page uses bold and stylish fonts to drive visitors' attention to the eye-catching photos in various sections of the page. 

Using various colors pulled from each photo to create their individual text overlays is brilliant and engaging. Elements like the sticky header and back-to-the-top button make navigation seamless.

8. By Lisa Linh - Beautiful Squarespace Blog Example
Source: By lisa linh

Lisa Linh is a blogger, photographer, and mental health advocate. She started this bold to show her skills in photography and lifestyle tips. 

I love how this blog features a seven-column layout displaying various thumbnails categorized with bold text for easy identification. This arrangement shows the excellence in the organization and arrangement of the bold page. 

She uses her site’s footer as a mini-gallery for various Instagram feeds. You can use the search column at the top of the page to search for specific items.

Nicole Carson uses a friendly and lively writing style in her bio section with a stunning picture to spice things up and make it easy for visitors to put a face to the brand.

I like how her blog page uses a dynamic layout design to post thumbnails and arrange blog posts. Her vlog section features various Youtube videos with topics ranging from fashion, religion, and her personal life. 

You can use the sidebar on her full-width picture to subscribe to regular newsletters and updates. 

10. Deem - Beautiful Squarespace Blog Example
Source: Deem journal

Deem’s hero image features individuals of different ages working together and having a great time. The first significant element of Deem’s blog is the vast degree of white space and colorful content that gives the blog page a fun and friendly vibe.

I love how the blog page’s built-in features make navigation and exploration seamless and engaging. Elements like bold fonts, straight texts, high-quality images, and a sticky header all work together to give Deem a homely vibe.

11. Concept Kicks - Beautiful Squarespace Blog Example
Source: Concept kicks

Concept Kicks is a great Squarespace website with a minimalist design layout that enables you to travel across web pages swiftly.  

The homepage features a five-column layout displaying high-quality pictures of shoes and accessories. These images link to articles about the item which visitors can feast on to pique their interest and compel them to make an order. 

You can access the blog’s Instagram page by clicking the social media icon on the sticky menu bar at the top of the page. 

Binging With Babish is the brainchild of Andrew Rea, a chief photographer, and filmmaker, with a mind-blowing cooking show that gets its target audience salivating. 

I like how the blog page features multiple layers of thumbnail links. Each thumbnail features a short description text as labels which makes it easy for visitors to identify the dish of interest. 

You can use the dropdown button and the menu bar for swift and seamless navigation across the pages.

Lee From America is a personal blog that features details about health, lifestyle, recipes, travels, music, favorite occupations, and other details that make her happy. 

I love how she uses multiple images, illustrations, and graphics design to give the blog page a lively, fun, and optimistic vibe. The home page leverages large and colorful fonts to get visitors' attention and get them to explore the blog posts' details.  

You can seamlessly search for a blog post you are interested in via the search function at the very top of the page.

Kelsey O'Halloran’s hero image features a large heading in a billboard format with engaging text that will stir visitors’ interest in the blog content. 

The blog page color scheme is pleasant and gives the page a warm and homely vibe. I love the use of cactus, fantasy, and white colors. Visitors can explore the three-column layout of blog posts with catchy and engaging text. 

You can check out the blog’s training course that offers tips on how to turn your visitors into dream clients and keep the money rolling in. 

15. KatyKatiKate - Beautiful Squarespace Blog Example
Source: Katykatikate

Katie Anthony is the passionate blogger behind the success of KatyKatiKate, a blog centered around feminism, family, and social justice. 

The site’s arrangement is excellent and user-friendly for a ninth-grader to explore without any issues. If you are in a hurry, you can use the category column to choose the specific content you want to check out. 

Navigation is seamless with the sticky header that contains social media icons, page links, and an effective search bar for swift actions. The newsletter form is available for visitors who want constant updates.

16. Haute Stock - Beautiful Squarespace Blog Example
Source: Haute stock

Haute Stock uses an eye-catching image slider with bold and engaging text in its hero section The page’s white background makes every other detail; like images, text, motion graphics, shapes, and links pop, giving the site a sophisticated outlook.   

You can use the black-colored “Join Now” CTA button at the very top of the site to be a part of the Haute Stock. I love how the post section displays each blog in a grid layout format, making it easy for visitors to seamlessly identify each post.

17. Cover Mom - Beautiful Squarespace Blog Example
Source: Cover-mum

Cover Mom is a blog that educates busy moms on life hacks and ways to stay afloat in their day job, career, family, and hobbies. I love how the site features a desert storm-colored background to give the blog page an intriguing and elegant outlook.

 With the hamburger navigation bar, visitors can seamlessly move between pages and explore the various aspects of the site.

I like the arrangement of the blog section which features each blog with a cover image, bold title, subtitle, and a circular publishing date design.

18. Jo Partia Mayari - Beautiful Squarespace Blog Example
Source: Joportia

Jo, the founder of this blog, is a sex and relationship coach who emphasizes self-love and helps people who suffer from sexual trauma rise above it. 

My favorite aspect of this blog is the black-and-white color scheme which gives the web page a retro vibe making it more engaging and nostalgic.

I like how the blog uses both images and text to get visitors engaged and wanting more. The copywriting style the blog uses is lively and engaging, leaving clients wanting more.

Allison Wagner is the brain behind West Coast Aesthetic, a fashion and lifestyle blog. I love the combination of bright and tasteful colors in various areas of the website. 

This blog features stylish and straight fonts which help to give the blog page a unique, fun, and lively outlook. I love how she uses a high-quality and colorful image of herself to welcome visitors to the blog. 

The arrangements of the blog posts are top-notch, making it easy for visitors to explore and locate their posts of interest.

Unlikely Dad is a parenting blog post that features the experiences of Top as he navigates the phase called fatherhood.

The blog page is full of high-quality pictures that pop out on a white background. I love how the sidebar option gives the site a unique and professional vibe and offers visitors the opportunity to view the blog’s Instagram feeds and feature posts.

This parenting blog arranges its blog post in a three-column layout for easy navigation and proper spacing. 

Olivia Bossert is a photography blog with a stunning and minimalist design layout that can engage visitors and keep them desiring more content.

I love how this blog uses a two-column layout and big-sized blog cover images. The blog section features titles which makes it easy for readers to scan through its content. You will love the slider features that display her pictures in a looping fashion.

The site’s footer displays vital details like social media icons that link directly to Olivia Bossert’s Instagram, LinkedIn, and TikTok accounts.

22. Soilboy - Beautiful Squarespace Blog Example
Source: Soilboy

Soilboy is a plant-based blog that offers tips to individuals, and small businesses on the best ways to care for and nurture various plant species. 

The floral white color scheme and plant-based images give Soilboy an earthy feel that goes well with the plant niche. I love the four-column zig-zag text and image layout that give the site an elegant vibe.

Using bold and readable fonts to get visitors' attention is brilliant and makes the site more interactive. The black-colored site footer features a newsletter form, FAQ section, social media links, and contact details. 

23. How You Glow - Beautiful Squarespace Blog Example
Source: How you glow

Gaia Sustainable, the founder of How You Glow, is a life coach, certified yoga Instructor, and art therapist. She offers life-enhancing, enriching, and enlightening experiences to her clients.

I love the nice color scheme (Lavender, pinkish gray, cascade, and white colors) and beautiful big and bold typography style that gives the blog an adventurous look. 

You can use the Instagram widget to explore content on her lifestyle and travel blog to gain more insight into how her services benefit her audience. 

Alix Turoff, the blog owner is a registered dietitian, certified personal trainer, and virtual nutrition coach who centers her blog around food-related topics.

The first striking element on the blog page is an image of fruits with a light salmon-colored banner that features a search function.

I like how the page arranges its blog posts in a seven-column design layout with specific titles that make it easy for readers to identify each blog. The white background makes all these elements visible and interactive.

Brightbar blog pages welcome you with a stunning hero image that features a young lady beside the sea using a magnifying gadget. 

As you scroll further, you will see a two-column thumbnail with stunning images. Interested visitors can use the bold titles to identify which blog post they want to explore and click on the image to execute this action. 

I love the gradient-colored footer that features vital details like contact details, about us, and social medal links to her Instagram, Facebook, and Google profile.

Kristen Herrington is a full-time senior photographer in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Her blog features details about her life and passion for photography. 

The site features a seven-column layout of thumbnails with bold and colorful text to ensure visitors are drawn to the site’s content. You can use the search bar on the header to locate blog posts of interest rather than spending much time moving around pages.

I like how the pink-colored site footer houses the blog’s Instagram feed collection with social media icons that link directly to Kristen Herrington's online profiles.

Piggybank Express is a blog that has its origin in the need to preserve family heirloom memories. Sarah Pop is the proud owner and content creator of the Piggybank Express blog.

The site’s navigation bar serves as a doorway to various pages and social media icons designed to give you more insight into the blog.

Interested readers can submit their email and other required details in the newsletter section for constant updates about new content on the blog.

28. Mike Foster - Beautiful Squarespace Blog Example
Source: Mikefoster

Mike Foster’s website features various engaging elements such as the hero image where Mike is jumping at the big and having fun with a companion. The site uses large font text to seamlessly grab visitors' attention and the compelling content will keep you engaged. 

Interested visitors can click the black colored CTA button to take the free assessment that will help gauge their emotional fitness. I like how the blog pages feature images and high-quality pictures to give life to the posts. 

Beautiful Squarespace Blog Examples FAQs

Is Squarespace Website Builder Good for a Blog?

Yes, Squarespace is a good platform for blogging. This website builder offers various user-friendly features, tools, and templates you require to create a successful blog that will get your visitors wanting more.

Does Squarespace Have Blog Page Templates?

Yes, Squarespace templates are customizable to make your blog-building process easy. This website builder’s drag-and-drop feature is an important tool you can use to give your blog page a personalized design when you are editing a Squarespace template. 

How Do I Get Paid for My Squarespace Blog?

With a Squarespace blog, you can earn money in various ways like selling private ads, sponsored affiliate links, selling digital and physical products, content marketing, and selling memberships.

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