32 Squarespace Portfolio Examples: The Ultimate List

Updated Aug 20, 2023.

Do you want to create a great portfolio website but don’t know where to start? Are you trying to redesign your online portfolio with a more beautiful and minimalist design template that better appeals to your target audience?

Squarespace is one of the best website builders that offer a huge library of portfolio templates you can customize to create your own portfolio. Whether you want a portfolio for your personal work or business, learning from other Squarespace portfolio examples is worthwhile.

This guide covers the 32 best Squarespace portfolio examples you can use to spark your creativity when creating or redesigning your own website.

Let’s get started.

1. Alex McDaris - Squarespace Portfolio Example
Source: Alex mcdaris

Alex McDaris is among the best graphic designers, showcasing her extensive design portfolio on her website’s home page. Full of design images, Alex’s website showcases minimal text, with the only text on display serving as links in her site’s header menu. 

Sticking to a uniform two-column layout, Alex chooses a minimalist design for her portfolio site. I love how the images completely disappear, revealing hidden text showcasing the name of each artwork in white on a gold background when the cursor hovers over it.

2. Lisa Maltby - Squarespace Portfolio Example
Source: Lisa maltby

Lisa Maltby is an illustrator, graphic designer, and art director combining her passion for drawing and graphic design to create beautiful and valuable artwork. Her Squarespace portfolio displays still and motion images extensively on the homepage in a three-column layout.

The varying length of the colorful illustration displayed on Lisa’s portfolio website gives room for uneven white space at the end of the image gallery. 

Lisa Maltby’s footer section has a navigation menu, alongside Lisa’s contact info, with a CTA button prompting visitors to find out more.

3. Nicole Xu - Squarespace Portfolio Example
Source: Nicole-xu

Nicole Xu is a freelance illustrator with a website portfolio design displaying her works arranged on different portfolio pages. This simple and beautiful Squarespace portfolio example displays her works in a full-width uneven three-column layout.

White space is visible between images and at the top and bottom of her homepage, with most of her homepage displaying colorful illustrations of Nicole.

The name of each work becomes visible over the image in bold white fonts when the mouse hovers around it, a thoughtful effect from the illustrator.

Jordyn Brenner is a creative director at Amazon Studios. She creates innovative, effective, and award-winning marketing campaigns that tell stories that drive customer viewership. 

Displayed extensively on the homepage of Jordyn’s website are a collection of her previous marketing campaigns on a three-column layout. The mouse cursor creates a fading effect on the home page, revealing the name when hovered upon. 

I love the simple design Jordyn chooses for her website, displaying minimal text and several images of her work. 

5. Janet Echelman - Squarespace Portfolio Example
Source: Echelman

Janet Echelman is an artist sculpting at the scale of buildings and city blocks, with her work displayed temporarily and permanently in major cities worldwide. 

Her portfolio site displays smaller images extensively on its homepage, choosing a six-column layout for its centralized web design

Bright colors and lights are the recurring themes on Janet’s website. I love how she uses a grid format to display her entire portfolio on her homepage for all to see. There are social media icons in black at the end of her portfolio directing users to her online portfolio pages.

6. Anna McNaught - Squarespace Portfolio Example
Source: Anna mcnaught

Anna McNaught is an award-winning Photoshop artist, photographer, and designer with over ten years of experience creating dreamy and imaginative art. 

Her website displays a three-column centralized slideshow of some of her imaginative art, taking center stage on her home page. Visitors are drawn to the colorful art pieces overshadowing the Dark Jaguar color background

Anna’s Squarespace portfolio site displays the logos of top brands in her As Seen section, including Forbes, and NASA, serving as social proof to potential clients. 

Kimberlin Gray Photography gives families a tangible, visual reminder by helping them capture the important, milestone moments of their lives. 

Stating the importance of capturing important moments, Amanda displays a rare image of a child sleeping on a moon surrounded by clouds as her site’s hero image. The image captures visitors' attention and makes them want to know more about the brand’s photography portfolio. 

I love how catchy the clients' testimonials section on Kimberlin Gray’s Photography is. There are texts and images to help strengthen the brand’s image.

Lee Porter is one of the best graphic designers and illustrators specializing in creating bold and visually striking artwork. This Squarespace portfolio web design takes the same light as her artwork, displaying bold and visually striking design elements.

Visitors are first drawn to a text of her name in brilliant Rose color, with a sliding effect visible on the Lee part of her name. Her homepage extensively displays still and moving images, treating visitors to her world of colorful and astonishing illustrations.

Naomi Ann Clarke is an award-winning freelance illustrator and designer creating bright, bold illustrations varying between portrait and landscape. I love how she uses a Red Pink, and Water Blue color scheme for her texts, visible in the logo of her name. 

Choosing a three-column layout to display her illustrations and designs, Naomi showcases still and moving images to catch the user’s attention. 

I love how Naomi lists out in texts, some of her previous clients in Red Pink font, including Financial Times, close to the footer section. You will find visible icons leading to Naomi’s social media pages at the bottom right corner.

10. RyuCreative - Squarespace Portfolio Example
Source: Ryu creative

RyuCreative is a female-run agency based in Los Angeles offering a full-service social branding, PR, and marketing boutique. 

This online portfolio website harnesses the power of creativity in diversity, displaying scattered images as its hero image and leaving plenty of visible white spaces.

I love how this portfolio website’s arrangement, with an upside-down full-width image in-between the two sections containing only text. Capping up its list of features is a centralized five-column layout displaying images linked directly to RyuCreative’s Instagram page.

11. Mike Kelley - Squarespace Portfolio Example
Source: Mp kelley

Mike Kelley has one of the best Squarespace portfolio examples with a simple yet thorough portfolio design. Kelley’s website uses a one-page portfolio template to display its different projects, commissions, and projects. 

A centralized hero image slideshow welcomes potential clients to Kelley’s landing page. The next and previous navigation for the slideshow is located in the navigation menu on the left-hand side. 

Listed in the navigation menu are header links to Mike’s commission, project, and portfolio pages, helping visitors easily navigate the site.

Erica Lauren is a model and style influencer displaying slideshow full-width images of herself in different poses as her hero images. Welcoming visitors to her website is a CTA button distinguished in white, urging visitors to view her design portfolio. 

Four social media icons are visible at the bottom of Erica’s website welcome page and homepage, linking visitors to her various social media pages. 

13. Emilie Druss - Squarespace Portfolio Example
Source: Emilie druss

Emilie Druss is a freelance creative director, art director, and designer based in Ski Town U.S.A., offering creative art direction to her customers. She uses a simple layout for her portfolio design. 

Displaying her design skills for all to see, visitors get treated to an extensive two-column layout of Emilie’s work. The name of each piece on display becomes revealed when the mouse cursor hovers around the image, a nice touch. 

Steeven Salvat's passion revolves around drawing, nature, science, and history, and he incorporates all these themes into his artwork. 

The slideshow of images of Steeven’s finished and upcoming projects is displayed as the hero image on his Squarespace portfolio homepage. Steveen does a fantastic job in ensuring visitor’s focus remains on the colorful artwork on display on his homepage. 

I love the circular icon used as a link to Steeven’s Instagram page, made visible by an image of one of his artworks as the background.

Mike Wilson is a UX designer based in Seattle, describing himself as a fervent tinkerer and fixer of things. His Squarespace portfolio displays a full-width image of himself on a dark background, with welcoming text.

A brief bio section displaying only text is visible on a white background beneath the hero image. I love how Mike designed his graphic design portfolio, making his services visible to visitors from the home page. 


Hive Creative Group is a full-service marketing and design agency impacting small businesses by helping them tell their unique story. This portfolio website’s header menu uses a drop-down feature to reveal hidden content leading to its other portfolio pages and packages. 

A full-width hero moving image takes center stage on the Hive Creative Group website, displaying the colors Vivid Cerise and Papaya Orange from the brand’s logo. 

The CTA buttons on the Hive Creative Group website stand out from other texts in its Vivid Cerise color background.

17. Devon Stank - Squarespace Portfolio Example
Source: Devon stank

Devon Stank is a web development and design expert, using the website builder Squarespace as its tool for its web design. A background video is what visitors first see on Devon’s landing page, with clear CTA buttons asking them to hire an expert or watch a video. 

A beautifully responsive design, strong typography, and quality imagery make Devon’s modern website stand out.  The Tumbleweed color used as color for CTA buttons and header texts makes the dull black background look more exciting for visitors.

Avery Cox Design is a Texas-based interior design studio focusing on luxury residential and hospitality projects. This portfolio website displays an equally impressive portfolio design, giving a homely feeling from the quality of interior-based images displayed on its home page. 

I love how Avery Cox Design displays small and large images from its design portfolio to capture visitors’ attention. The footer section takes over the background image on display, with its Antique Bronze background displaying navigation features and contact info.

Brandon Fengler is a web designer and developer with extensive experience creating modern and professional websites for his clients. Like his work, Brandon’s Squarespace portfolio uses a professional design on a predominantly black-and-white color scheme

The bold white font used for typography on Brandon’s portfolio site compliments the black background, making texts more legible to visitors. I love how Brandon lists his recent work and case studies on his site’s homepage, with clear CTA buttons urging visitors to visit.

Edwin Villalba is a Mexican-born, Texas-raised, Atlanta-based graphic designer and illustrator with one of the best graphic design portfolios on Squarespace. His Squarespace graphic design portfolio is displayed on his portfolio site’s homepage in a uniform two-column layout.

Sticking to the Tory Blue color of his site’s logo, Edwin’s portfolio site displays its header menu texts in Tory Blue as header texts. I love how Edwin includes icons leading to Edwin’s social media pages alongside the header text in the same Tory Blue color. 

Johanna Springer is a freelance illustrator based in Germany, with her own portfolio website available in two language options, English and French. The Black Olive background color helps make the illustrations Johanna displays on her home page more appealing to visitors. 

Like most Squarespace portfolio examples, Johanna’s portfolio site uses a uniform centralized four-column layout to display her illustrations extensively on her homepage. 

I love how Johanna makes icons linked to her social media pages stand out in their white circular layout, centralized at the footer section.

Rachel Hudson is an illustrator from Hampshire creating artwork aiming to reconnect people with the natural world. Focusing on natural forms, Rachel chooses a butterfly as her logo, visible above her portfolio site’s header menu. 

The Spring Wood background color on Rachel’s Squarespace site makes the illustrations more visually appealing to visitors. I love the uniform three-column layout Rachel uses to arrange her artwork.

Olivia Lipski is a New York City-based author and editor, with an extensive Squarespace portfolio website detailing all aspects of her professional life. 

A full-width hero image of two ships sailing at sea reflects calmness, one of the main themes of Olivia’s writing. A CTA button leads to her contact page, allowing visitors to discover more about her. 

Olivia displays only text headers of her latest portfolio in a slideshow format on her site’s homepage. The search feature at the header menu helps visitors find their way through her portfolio page.

Natasha Talevski is a senior graphic designer at the NSW Department of Education. Her Squarespace portfolio only has links to her work, displayed extensively on her site’s homepage. 

She displays her graphic designs on her home page side-by-side in a uniform three-column layout, giving no room for negative space in between.  

I love how the images fade in, revealing the name and a CTA button prompting users to view more when the cursor hovers around them.

The Hues of Comfort photography portfolio displays raw emotion-captured images, taking a non-traditional approach to its photographs. Sitting pretty as its site’s hero image is a full-width image of a family of four, all smiles and welcoming visitors to check out her other projects. 

This photography portfolio website uses black-and-white images as the image headers for her other pages. These images come alive when the mouse cursor hovers around them, providing a special effect to the user. 

The hamburger menu at the top completely takes over the home page when clicked, revealing five sets of navigation headers in a centralized format.

Alexa Rose Design offers a thoughtful design and printing studio for wellness and lifestyle branding. High-quality images are the recurring theme on the Alexa Rose Design website. 

The client testimonials section is well-structured, displaying a catchy video in the background, drawing attention to the body of text written over it. 

CTA buttons are another standout feature on the Alexa Rose Design website, displayed in black-and-white, making them hard to be overlooked.

27. Christy Price - Squarespace Portfolio Example
Source: Christy price

Christy Price has over 20 years of experience in web design, helping create premium templates and courses for people wanting to take a DIY approach. Her website displays a brief welcome note telling visitors what to expect from her Squarespace web design portfolio. 

Just beneath some of her latest blog posts is a client testimonial section on a Dark Green Blue background, serving as social proof to potential clients. There is a visible wheel icon on the right-hand side, allowing users access to its accessibility feature.

28. Otalia Onta Photography - Squarespace Portfolio Example
Source: Otalia onta

Otalia Onta Photography captures authentic and loving moments of connection, taking a romantic and relaxed approach to family photography. 

Building connection right from its home page, the hero image on Otalia Onta’s Photography Squarespace website is a lovely image of a family of three. 

Otalia Onta Photography includes a FAQ section offering ready answers to a long list of potential questions visitors have about their services. I love how there are lots of visible high-quality images on display, giving the site a visually appealing look. 

29. Zac Wolf Photography - Squarespace Portfolio Example
Source: Zacxwolf

Zac is a New England and Orlando wedding photographer capturing love through vibrant, honest, and joyful photography. A slideshow of some of Zac’s previous works takes center stage below its site’s header menu, with images that make it hard not to love. 

I love how he displays two uniquely positioned CTA buttons beneath his hero image, taking users to his contact and blog pages. The Harvest Gold background makes it hard to miss the various CTA buttons. 

30. Iosif Sainiuc - Squarespace Portfolio Example
Source: Iosif sainiuc

Iosif Sainiuc is a street photographer with a Squarespace website focusing on showcasing his street photography portfolio. He searches for a deeper understanding of humans and gods, using colors, light, and geometry. 

This Squarespace portfolio website uses a single-page design, displaying a slideshow of his works, with the name in fine white print at the bottom left corner. 

I love how he uses a drop-down menu to reveal his projects from the header text at the top of his single-page website.

31. Marcus Guider - Squarespace Portfolio Example
Source: Marcus guider

Marcus Guider is passionate about people, storytelling, and the powerful influence of the visual medium. A seasoned director of photography, Marcus displays some of his work on a three-column layout spread throughout his site’s homepage. 

I love how Marcus uses smaller images, ensuring the focus of visitors remains on select photographs. There is a small icon leading to Marcus’ Instagram page.

32. Erin Ruffino - Squarespace Portfolio Example
Source: Erin ruffino

Erin Ruffino specializes in drawing and painting, often using graphite and oil paintings to explore fantastic situations in nature. 

Her portfolio website displays a slideshow of her work as its hero image, with the image at the center of the main focus. Visible under the center image is the name of the artwork and its dimension displayed in clear white fonts

Erin’s site sticks to its black-and-white color scheme, displaying its CTA buttons in black and white for its text and background.

Squarespace Portfolio Site Examples FAQs

How Can I Create an Online Portfolio?

Creating your own online portfolio is relatively easy. You can create one by choosing a suitable online portfolio template from a website builder. The process doesn’t end there. You can customize the online portfolio template to suit your preferences. 

Is Squarespace a Good Portfolio Website?

Squarespace is one of the best portfolio options if you intend to showcase your creative works in a visually appealing way. Squarespace’s sleek, well-designed, and modern templates make it easy for virtually anyone to create a visually appealing website without prior coding knowledge. 

Why Should I Use Squarespace Portfolio Templates?

The purpose of using Squarespace portfolio templates is to create a beautiful website while showing off your work. Every Squarespace portfolio template is mobile-responsive and designed to appeal to a wide selection of target audiences. 

Who Can Use Squarespace for Building a Portfolio?

Anyone can use Squarespace to build a portfolio, whether personal or professional. The Squarespace portfolio template is extensive enough to build any portfolio website. Web developers, interior designers, web designers, artists, businesses, and personal brands can use Squarespace to build a portfolio.

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