Art Portfolios: 30 Inspiring Examples (2024)

Updated Aug 25, 2023.

Whether you are into fine art, painting, sculpture, performance art, photography, or applied art, you need an online portfolio to showcase your original artwork to prospective clients.

Many artists use social media apps to display their artwork. However, there is a limitation to the creativity and customization they can control. Professional artists create art portfolios where they can organize their works in a beautiful format to attract curators and art collectors.

Creating an art portfolio doesn’t have to burn a hole in your pocket. You can use the best website builders like Squarespace and Wix to create beautiful art portfolios. Reviewing portfolios of beautiful art sites provides you with the inspiration and ideas you need to create yours.

This article covers the 30 best art portfolio examples you can use to generate design ideas to create or redesign your own portfolio.

Let’s get started.

1. Seth Clark - Art Portfolio Example
Source: Seths clark

Seth Clark documents decaying architecture in drawings, paintings, and sculptures, with his art portfolio among one of the best collage art portfolio examples. 

His one-page art portfolio shows a collage image of several buildings merged, serving as its hero image on a silver-colored background. 

Three CTA buttons in a bold white font are the only navigation feature on Seth’s homepage, leading to his collage, sculptures, and online shop. There is a house icon at the top of the homepage, with the center dividing the homepage into two equal sections.

2. SMEX - Art Portfolio Example
Source: Smex

Alex Weir is a Glasgow-based artist and illustrator and the name behind SMEX art, one of the top online portfolios. A logo of a cap adds a nice touch to his art website, alongside the bold SMEX text, catching visitors' attention. 

Displayed on the homepage of SMEX’s website are images of Alex’s best murals and illustrations displayed in a full-screen automatic slideshow, taking all the attention. 

The Cap logo is also visible at the bottom of the homepage, serving as one of the site’s navigation features.

Steeven Salvat showcases his passion for drawing, nature, science, and history in his artwork, incorporating them to create unique art pieces. Visitors are first treated to Steeven’s art world, as his homepage displays slideshow images of Steeven’s finished and upcoming projects

With one of the well-structured art portfolios, Steveen ensures visitors’ interest remains in his work, displaying only colorful artwork in his slideshow. 

Steeven’s art portfolio treats visitors to a part of his design process in his slideshow while featuring a circular icon linked to his Instagram page.

Michelle Carlos is a visual artist with a simple online portfolio design to showcase her illustrations, design, process, blog, and online shop. 

Her art website takes a centralized approach to display some of her colorful illustrations, treating visitors to a world full of illustrations. 

Nature is the underlying theme in Michelle’s art portfolio, with flowers, and leaves, adding colors to her website’s header section. A motion arrow icon is visible at the footer section of her homepage, leading to the next section in the header menu.

5. Havana Nguyen - Art Portfolio Example
Source: Havana nguyen

Havana Nguyen is a Senior User Experience Designer, cosmic artist, public speaker, and content creator who cares about social impact and cartoons. Her art portfolio website is straightforward, using a consistent Desert Storm-colored background throughout. 

Visitors are treated to several cosmic illustrations in varying bold colors on Havana’s art portfolio, with the centralized four-column hero image illustrations taking primary attention. 

The CTA buttons Havana uses for her web design are unique, embedded in regular text, and distinguished as underlined texts.

6. June Digan - Art Portfolio Example
Source: June digan

June Digan is a designer and illustrator specializing in traditional and digital mediums. She tells unique stories through different mediums and delicate characters, whimsical landscapes, and lettering. 

A full-width image of one of her illustrated works serves as the hero image on her art portfolio, with a Learn More CTA button.

Visible on her homepage is her entire portfolio displayed in alternating two and three-column layouts. The name of each illustration is visible when the cursor hovers over the image.

7. Nick Sheehy - Art Portfolio Example
Source: Nick sheehy

Nick Sheehy is an Australian-born, London-based artist and illustrator interested in London’s brow art, illustration, street art, and graffiti. His art pieces are recreations of his childhood imagination, exploring dreamlike and semi-autobiographical scenes. 

A fixed side navigation bar on the left serves as Nick’s art portfolio navigation feature, displaying text links to his other pages. Links to his social media platforms are visible when you click the social header text in the side navigation bar. 

I love how Nick displays his quality works in a consistent two-column layout throughout his homepage.

Shelby Dawn Smith expresses the complexities of emotions through visual elements such as color and texture, making her expressive mixed-media paintings unique. 

Greeting visitors and taking the main focus on Shelby’s art website are the three-column layouts of her online portfolio in bold and artistic colors. Shelby groups her art portfolio based on years of production, making it easy for visitors to find a particular artwork from her collection. 

A chat feature is also visible on the homepage in its Macaw Blue Green background, giving visitors a channel to stay in contact with Shelby.

9. Amber Ma - Art Portfolio Example
Source: Amber ma

Amber Ma is a New York-based artist and illustrator displaying her strong passion for drawing through creating art and storytelling. Her logo illustration takes center stage, taking up significant space on her art portfolio website. 

Visible underneath the centralized logo are three header menus using a drop-down menu feature to reveal hidden information. Amber displays some of her works on her homepage in a three-column layout with varying lengths, sticking to the same width. 

I love how she displays small circular icons linked to her socials in the footer section, along with Amber’s copyright information.

10. Talia Janover - Art Portfolio Example
Source: Talia janover

Talia Janover is a multi-disciplinary designer, curator, and researcher exploring aspects of media, technology, and perception of self. 

Building connections with potential clients is top of Talia’s art website agenda, displaying icons linked to her socials at the header and footer section. There is an About section, providing visitors with an idea of who and what Talia is about. 

I love the three-column layout used to display her projects, with the name of each project visible in the white font when the mouse cursor hovers over them.

Beth Mitchell is an underwater photographic artist exploring the depths of feminity and nature through fine arts. 

Putting her artistic skill on display, Beth displays an extensive gallery of her photographs from her Fine Art online portfolio in a three-column layout. The images displayed have varying lengths, giving the photo gallery an uneven effect when scrolling.

Beneath the gallery of images is a subscription feature in a black-and-white color scheme, prompting users to subscribe and stay in the loop.

Jessie Maxwell Bearden is a hands-on, multidisciplinary artist, creative director, and problem solver creating art using unorthodox materials influenced by pop culture. 

Her website homepage is an art project on its own, displaying bold and flashy colors to overshadow the plain white background. The colorful hero image of a lady winking is one of the things drawing visitors' attention to her site, a top feature from a great artist.

13. Kozar Fine Art - Art Portfolio Example
Source: Steven kozar

Steven Kozar is an American hyper-realist artist mixing printmaking and painting to create the best artwork. 

The first impression visitors have about his site’s hero image is that the magnificent piece of art is a live photograph when it is an actual painting. This art speaks to the expertise and professionalism of Steven as a great artist. 

Featured on Steven’s art website is a list of his best prints and paintings the artist has to offer, with their corresponding prices. 

14. Redd Walitzki - Art Portfolio Example
Source: Redd walitzki

Redd Walitzki is an artist, explorer, visual storyteller, and motorcyclist with a visually appealing art website. Among the list of top art portfolios, Redd has her high-quality images and content arrangement to thank for the interest she has amassed through her website. 

Her hero image is divided into two sections, with one for her Paintings as visible with the clear CTA text button displayed over it. The other is her Journeys, taking visitors on an exciting journey through her art world. 

Co-founder of Moth and Myth, Redd displays an image linked to her Moth and Myth page visible among a three-column layout of colorful backgrounds.

15. Art & Soul - Art Portfolio Example
Source: Art and soul

Victoria is the name behind the Art & Soul brand, a watercolor, graphite, and oil paint-based brand to bring out contemporary and more abstract styles. 

Her art website uses the color Havelock Blue as its site’s background color, helping make the images on display more appealing to visitors. 

Displayed in her footer section is Victoria’s mobile number encouraging visitors to place a call and reach out to her. The black and purple color scheme used in the footer section is replicated in the header section, visible when the mouse cursor hovers over a text header.

Kristina Rolander is a Milwaukee-based interdisciplinary artist creating large-scale installations, murals, and small-scale paintings. With an eye for the extraordinary, Kristina takes a rather subtle and straightforward approach to her website design. 

I love how she displays three-column layouts of some of her colorful artworks to bring her plain white background website to life. Each image opens to a large-scale image under a unique portfolio page displaying other colorful artworks.

17. Alex Fisher - Art Portfolio Example
Source: Alex fisher

Alex Fisher is a freelance graphic designer and illustrator based in Winnipeg, Canada focusing on illustration work, branding, and identity projects. Her website has graphic design at its heart, displaying outstanding features guaranteeing an exciting user experience. 

Top of her list of features is the graphical display of shapes and illustrations throughout her site’s homepage, with its own customized diamond-shaped cursor. 

There is a slideshow feature displaying some of her work, adding colors to the extensive Egg Sour-colored background.

18.Jeffrey Ellis - Art Portfolio Example
Source: Jeffrey ellis

Jeffrey Ellis is a designer, illustrator, and storyteller with these words boldly displayed on his art portfolio in clear Nice Blue colored font. The Lavender Mist and Nice Blue color scheme visible on Jeffrey’s art site, coined from his logo, is a subtle touch from the artist.

Visitors enjoy an extensive display of Jeffrey’s work in a two-column layout before his About section. You can find beautiful Nice Blue colored icons that lead to his socials in his site’s header menu and header text.

Justin Kleiner is a musician and visual artist combining contemporary graphics and traditional archetypes as described by Cool Hunting. 

One of the best-designed art portfolio examples, Justin’s art portfolio website is unique, opting for a Vimeo-powered video as his site’s hero content. 

Beneath the hero video are excerpts from his Instagram page displayed in two rows, each linked directly to his page. Justin displays branded merchandise with prices attached and a black-and-white CTA button, prompting visitors to view more on his homepage.

20. BaristArt - Art Portfolio Example
Source: Baristart

Micheal Breach is an American Latte artist and social media personality known for creating beautifully detailed portraits and the brain behind BaristArt. 

Dubbed the creator of latte art, Micheal treats visitors to a Vimeo-powered video introducing them to BaristArt, with a like and add to watch later feature.

I love how he displays logos of top brands BaristArt has worked with in the As Seen Section, just beneath the hero video. There are slideshow images of some of BaristArt's original work, treating visitors to its online portfolio.

Leisha Riddel is currently the Associate Art Director at Behavior Interactive on Dead by Daylight, having amassed over 13 years of experience in video games and animation. 

She treats visitors to an extensive display of her digital art, with illustrations visible throughout her website’s homepage. 

The CTA buttons on Leisha’s online portfolio are unique, choosing a simple black-and-white color scheme to pass its message. Leisha displays cover images as the background for each section, welcoming visitors to her diverse range of artwork.

22. Jessica Vass - Art Portfolio Example
Source: Jessvass

Jessica Vass is a producer and photographer with a professional photography portfolio site to showcase her skills. Unlike many artists, Jessica first treats visitors to her landing page, with a simple one-page web design. 

A half-width image of Jessica on a Soft Peach background welcomes visitors to her site. The other segment displays her brief bio and two CTA buttons, giving visitors an option to view her producer or photography portfolios. 

A circular Instagram icon is visible, maintaining the same black-and-white color scheme as the CTA buttons, and leading directly to Jessica’s Instagram page.

23. Sandra Ly Hoxter - Art Portfolio Example
Source: Sandra hoxter

Sandra Ly Hoxter is an illustrator and visual artist basing his artworks on concept art and design. One of the best professional artists, concept art is at the heart of Sandra’s art website. 

A general gallery feature displays different aspects of Sandra’s and is accessible from the header menu at the top. Also available in the header menu are other navigation options showcasing her specific works. 

Beneath the extensive gallery of Sandra’s work is a contact form that allows visitors to message Sandra directly via email. You can’t miss the icons leading to her social media platforms.

24. Natalie Smith - Art Portfolio Example
Source: Natalie smith

Natalie Smith is an illustrator from Yorkshire, England, specializing in storybook and character illustrations. A color scheme of Medium Teal Blue for header texts and Almond for its background stands out on Natalie's art website.

I love how Natalie displays illustrations on his portfolio in a centralized layout, bordered by thick black lines. The footer section is unique, displaying Natalie's contact info and social media icons in an Orange Salmon background. 

25. Mary Belcher - Art Portfolio Example
Source: Mary belcher

Mary Belcher is an artist documenting Washington D.C. with images rather than words, an important aspect of her many projects. 

She provides visitors with a visual view of what Washington D.C. looks like through her Washington D.C. watercolor maps and streetscapes. A hero image of one of her famous paintings takes center stage on her art website. 

I love how the white smoke color background serves as the background color for CTA buttons on Mary’s site.

Larissa Marant is an illustrator, cartoonist, and educator striving to create visually appealing images through her artwork. Her art portfolio site speaks to her creativity and skills, showing her quality work to gain recognition in the art world. 

A sticky header feature is what visitors notice when the mouse cursor hovers, revealing concealed navigation via a drop-down menu. 

Other than the fixed illustrated hero image taking center stage, Laissa displays illustrated images in a centralized four-column layout, adding color to her homepage. 

27. MA Quilts - Art Portfolio Example
Source: Ma quilts

Mary Ann’s fashion design portfolio is MA Quilts, where she uses Improv quilting to make bold and geometric wall art. 

An image of one of her Quilt coats is visible on the right of her site’s homepage in one of the two logo colors of Pastel Pink as the background. The other color of her logo, Flame, serves as the font color for texts and CTA buttons on her art portfolio.

28. Lisa Maltby - Art Portfolio Example
Source: Lisa maltby

Lisa Maltby is an illustrator, graphic designer, and art director displaying her passion for drawing and graphic design through one of the best art portfolio examples. Her art portfolio displays still and motion images in a three-column layout, treating visitors to her exciting art world.

The centralized header menu serves as Lisa’s site's top navigation feature, displaying header text links to other pages on her art site. Her footer section has a separate navigation menu, displaying Lisa’s contact info and a CTA button prompting visitors to find out more.

29. Gina Kirlew - Art Portfolio Example
Source: Gina kirlew

Gina Kirlew is a cartoonist, illustrator, and graphic designer creating fun and colorful art for her illustrious art audience. Welcoming visitors to her art site is an animated image of a girl serving as her site’s hero image and taking center stage. 

Her initials logo GK in red takes a centralized layout in her header menu, adding a specific style to her art website. I love how Lisa’s social media icons in their natural colored background, bring life to her plain white-dominated site.

30. Opalmilk - Art Portfolio Example
Source: Opalmilk

Rye attributes her insatiable craving for nature and the industry to her experiences growing up in the Pacific North-West, translating this desire into her artwork. 

This art website displays a playful hand image with the brand’s name, stealing attention from the video playing in the background. 

Soft colors are the recurring theme on the Opalmilk art portfolio, with different shades of soft colors visible throughout the site. I love that the Opalmilk website uses a rich blend of creativity to treat visitors to videos of how she creates her original pieces. 

Art Portfolios FAQs

What Should Be in an Art Portfolio?

An art portfolio apart from a neat layout and user-friendly design requires some features that make it appealing to visitors. Engaging visual stories, contact info, well-blended designs, and easy navigation are features every art portfolio should have. Your actual work or links to your artwork are key features that should be in any art portfolio.

How Do I Make a Good Art Portfolio?

Creating a good art portfolio is no easy task. Luckily, there are expert tips and templates you can follow to create the best art portfolio. Squarespace and Wix are the top website builders for creating a good art portfolio with ready templates and expert guides to help you through every step of the journey. 

What are the Best College Art Portfolio Examples?

Adrian Gomez, Chloe Rady, Lucia Jin, and Valentina Castello-Branco are among the long list of top college art portfolio examples. What makes these college art portfolio examples special is the fact that their portfolio was a large determining factor that got them into top colleges in the world. 

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