19 Best Car Dealer Websites For Inspiration 2024

Updated Sep 30, 2023.

Do you sell cars or manage an automotive firm? Having a website is vital in proving to your customers that you're a trustworthy brand with some experience up your sleeves.

Your website can serve as your promotional powerhouse that offers visitors and potential customers the chance to check out some of your latest products.

Hiring a professional web designer to create a stunning and functional website like Dealer Inspire is expensive. Alternatively, you can use the best website builders like Squarespace and Wix to get the job done.

Whether you are a pro, a newbie, or just someone wanting to test the waters? Consider one of these 19 car dealership website designs to attract more site visitors.

Let's get started.

1. Car Crush - Car Dealer Website Example
Source: Car crush

Car Crush is crushing sports car dealerships with clear and crisp pictures of top sports vehicles. The website’s energetic design has a striking combination of black and white that creates a visually appealing theme that captures attention 

You can’t help but notice the Car Crush name logo that carries an unusual font. Upon arrival, visitors enjoy a captivating image of a bright red sports vehicle showcasing the essence of the website's content, immediately engaging them with dynamic visuals.

Car Crush’s website uses a sleek search option that enhances user navigation, allowing for easy exploration of its diverse content.

2. Ravin AI - Car Dealer Website Example
Source: Ravin.ai

Only regal companies choose purple as their official brand emblem. With a video background on the specifics of its services, Ravin AI connects buyers, sellers, and businesses in car deals. 

Logos of reputable clients like Toyota, and Times further bolster the website's credibility, demonstrating its track record and expertise in the industry. These elements collectively contribute to a compelling and trustworthy online presence for Ravin AI.

3. Segrex - Car Dealer Website Example
Source: Segrex

The Segrex car dealership website is firstly catchy with its colorful appeal to attract first-time visitors and returning customers. This car dealer website features a stunning bold blue background and the silhouette of a trendy car beneath it. 

One thing that will catch the attention of website visitors and generate more leads is the ready display of pictures of the latest cars to choose from. 

I love how the homepage is full of multiple contact buttons and some phone numbers to make it easy for visitors to make an inquiry.

4. SMI Automotive Service - Car Dealer Website Example
Source: Smi

This SMI automotive service is one of the best car dealership websites with over seventy years of experience. 

The first thing you will notice is the banner of the shop's interior with a bold blue CTA button calling consumers to book their first appointment. I love how the customized fusion of white, blue, and black helps website visitors read in-between texts while browsing through.

As you scroll further, you will see a thirty-second video transparently showing its operations plus added benefits alongside a sticky banner at the page center.

5. Central Texas Car Concierge - Car Dealer Website Example
Source: Ctxcc

The Central Texas Car Concierge is your one-stop car dealer website full of mouthwatering car-related offers. 

With just two clicks, you're a car owner. One takes you to a simplified page with a bright blue background nestling a stunning Mercedes Benz that may be your dream car. The second takes you through the responsive red CTA button.

This customer-friendly website design displays reasons why the car dealership stands out. Central Texas Car Concierge offers the best cars at the drop of a hat without the stress of signing numerous pieces of paperwork in real time.

AB Autoverhuur Haarlem welcomes visitors with mouthwatering summer deals that are sure to get potential customers clicking the “Book Directly Here” CTA buttons.

I like how the website’s design layout features an ample use of white spaces. This car dealership website uses a bright color scheme displaying colors like white, blue, and red in a gradient format. 

You will appreciate how AB Autoverhuur Haarlem possesses an appeal in its communication to visitors, from pricing to straightforward mind-reading questions and stunning images.

7. Car Dorx - Car Dealer Website Example
Source: Car dorx

Car Dorx is a dealership promotion website that caters to the needs of any car dealer. You'll see a video of a car doing a test drive and swerving to display its full capability. I like the unique fusion of bright colors like white, black, and orange in its text and template design. 

With Car Dorx, car dealers don't need to worry about reaching the right audience to get more traffic and boost sales. I like how all the elements work together to give a great customer experience.

8. 3 Klicks East - Car Dealer Website Example
Source: 3keast

At first glance, 3 Klicks East is an automotive spa for luxurious and performance cars. You can tell all this from the magical mix of white, black, orange, and a little combination of yellow for a spicy feel.

From its creative display, initiating the first appointment for a car external or internal is easy and a guarantee. I love the play of colors and the creative silhouette of a luxurious car being attended to just behind the text.

9. CarFling - Car Dealer Website Example
Source: Carfling

CarFling is among the highest-converting websites. This simple yet customer-centric design has all my votes. The choice of colors is minimalist yet very responsive and enough to generate qualified leads in real time.

A simple glance at the first page takes you through two CTA buttons to buy your car on the spot or understand the whole process. 

I love the display picture of two hands shaking over the concluded business. CarFling is among the few car dealership websites that will not just sell but provide special offers

10. MIP Motors - Car Dealer Website Example
Source: Mip motors

MIP Motors exudes a kind of class other car dealership services may never match in Dubai. This captivating car dealership website welcomes you with a black and bold color design with a beautiful Rolls Royce. 

A brief description of their exquisite service in a catchy video displays the opulence of each car. You can’t miss the WhatsApp icon at the bottom right-hand side of the page for fast communication.

11. Red Rocket - Car Dealer Website Example
Source: Red rocket

Red Rocket inspires the confidence to acquire more cars through its vibrant energy, reflecting its lively branding. 

The first thing that grabs your attention is the dynamic background signature red rocket logo. You'll find some pictures of their best pieces with the NASA sticker to prove its reputation. 

As you scroll, you'll find a dedicated section for featured journal entries, amplifying their reputation for client satisfaction. This dealership website exudes a dynamic client-centered approach, making it a visually compelling and trustworthy platform.

12. Hauser Auto - Car Dealer Website Example
Source: Hauser auto

Hauser Auto's homepage welcomes visitors with a sleek and professional design, dominated by a calming blue and white theme that radiates trustworthiness. 

I love how Hauser Auto displays its services ranging from vehicle management to maintenance on its homepage, ensuring clarity for potential customers. 

Testimonials of customers act as powerful social proof, assuring visitors of the company's reliability. The website’s footer contains the company's socials for engagement alongside free resources on other value-added services that are available for download.

13. Central Coast Hyundai Commercial Vehicles - Car Dealer Website Example
Source: Car and truck

Car and Truck Sales offers its services right from your first glance of the neutral brown colors. This car dealership offers services ranging from vehicle sales to finance options.

The user-friendly layout makes it easy to identify the location body written for walk-in as well as an in-built map for easy navigation, 

A prominent “Browse Used Vehicles” CTA button grabs attention, directing users to explore available vehicles. This car dealership website’s simplicity makes it easy for customers to do their shopping over the phone with contact numbers directly from the drop-down menu.

A perfect fit for your online vehicle transfers, Cambio de Nombre will captivate you with its calm blue palette. 

The first striking element is the classy image, an image of a blue ravishing car among other automobiles. With each is attached the processing fees. Testimonials of satisfied clients fill the bottom sections with an inbuilt Google Maps.

I love how Cambio De Nombre details the required documents as well as the process for vehicle transfers and procedures.

I love this car accessories dealer website because it reflects a rugged and adventurous vibe, with a background featuring off-road terrain on water. The website's color scheme adds natural colors infused with white and orange. 

While there isn't a visible search function, it has pictures of stated accessories and tools like tires, suspenders, and lift kits for trucks, jeeps, and SUVs. 

Adrenaline Offroad Co makes it easy to navigate the site's various offerings to either get a quote or contact. The addition of an educational blog is an excellent idea to further enhance the visitor's engagement and experience.

If you're looking for a clean and modern design, Reserve My Hyundai’s website is a perfect example. The site's color scheme features a fresh combination of white and touches of sky blue, which makes the featured image fit perfectly. 

I love Reserve My Hundai displays photos of new releases alongside its price tags, offering visitors a visual preview of their Hyundai experience. There are tags for effective sorting with an open contact number below for making inquiries.

National Business Brokers helps potential clients connect with automotive dealers from their comfort. The first eye-catching image is the sky blue silhouette image of a bridge with bold typography highlighting the purpose of this website.

I love how the hamburger menu gives you a quick and direct navigation to speak to a broker. As you scroll down, their proven statistics of why they stand out will wow you as part of the customer experience.

18. Genesis of Charlotte - Car Dealer Website Example
Source: Genesis

I love how Genesis of Charlotte doesn't beat about the bush. This website's design is catchy yet direct to avoid the chances of customers stalling on buying what they're selling.

With a textured background of its car showroom captured to captivate visitors' attention for a trade-in, the drop-down menu contains an inventory of available car models. 

For easy access, you will find the latest models arranged on the first page in a descending manner with an arrow pointer beneath for easy movement.

19. IT Fleet Automotive - Car Dealer Website Example
Source: It fleet

IT Fleet Solutions welcomes you with a sleek and modern design, primarily using calming shades of blue. You can’t miss out on the welcome image of a satisfied customer.  This image helps in instilling a sense of trust and professionalism and increasing lead volume. 

The intuitive layout features drop-down menus for easy navigation, ensuring you find the information you need effortlessly. A prominent CTA button invites you to explore their services and marketing channels further.

While reviews aren't immediately visible, the site's clean design and client-centric approach hint at a reputable service.

Best Car Dealership Website Examples FAQs

Why Do Car Dealers Need a Website?

Car dealers need websites to establish an online presence where customers can start their vehicle searches. The best car dealers need a website to provide essential information to customers, inventory listings, and lead generation tools. Websites enhance credibility, convenience, and competitive advantage while enabling digital marketing efforts and providing valuable customer insights through analytics.

What are the Best Automotive Websites?

The best automotive websites with high conversion rates include AutoZone, Rockauto, Carview, Goo-net, Oreillyauto, Toyota, and Reserve My Hyundai. There are other reputable car dealers' websites you can visit to shop for cars and other automotive services.

What Should I Include in My Car Dealer Website?

Your car dealer site includes essential elements like detailed vehicle listings, high-quality car images, pricing information, contact details, financing options, success stories, and a user-friendly search function. Add customer reviews, service information, and trust-building elements like certifications or affiliations to enhance credibility and attract potential buyers.

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