Wix Websites: 24 Inspiring Examples (2024)

Updated Aug 20, 2023.

Are you looking for inspiration to design an active blog and personal or business website that attracts visitors? The simple solution is to use the best website builders like Wix that offer a rich library of beautiful templates you can customize to design your new or existing website.

BuiltWith estimates there are over 8.5 million websites made with the popular website builder, Wix.

This article covers the 24 best Wix websites with stunning designs you can use for inspiration when building your own site.

Let’s get started.

Animal Music Studio's website invites you to a world of music and arts through captivating videos and images that leave you spellbound and itching for more. 

The black and white background colors highlight the varying forms of expertise that you might want to pursue for your project. 

Animal Music Studio's white call-to-action buttons are in a linear format. The social media icons on the webpage give visitors easy access to their social media accounts. Below the welcoming visuals are short notes in nice print that promote its three main services. 

2. Izzy Wheels - Wix Website Example
Source: Izzy wheels

Ailbhe and Izzy are the founders of Izzy Wheels, a company that sells stylish wheelchairs. I like how the home page features the pictorial format of their wheel collection in varying colors and art styles. 

The site features a YouTube video that conveys what they are all about to the mind of a visitor or potential client. You can find logos and testimonials from well-known organizations at the bottom of their webpage to serve as social proof.

3. Mane - Wix Website Example
Source: Mane ethical

Mane Ethical Dressing is a simple site whose landing page presents a perfect view with dull green and white background colors. I love how the Mane website displays its partnership with other treatment organizations like CPR and Davines.

This Wix site offers visitors a glance at their services without boring them with too much information. The black call-to-action buttons lead to other essential sites that explain intricate details about what they offer. 

I like how the service section features hair treatment and styling with a free thirty-minute consultation.

Evolve Clothing boldly displays its new arrivals in beautiful product galleries with stunning visual images. The white background color of this eCommerce website blends with the black model image giving the visitor a taste of the amazing content.

This Wix clothing website is easy to read, and their contact button offers complete information ranging from its availability hours to an embedded Google map and a YouTube video.  At the bottom of its website is a free invitation to newsletters.

5. Yantra - Wix Website Example
Source: Yantra

The first striking thing a visitor will notice is a slideshow of their dinner areas and white call-to-action buttons that provide other information. 

Yantra site's light brown background blends perfectly with stunning images of restaurant menus and vivid descriptions in fine print. If you stay long enough on their site, you will be greeted with an advertisement that states the hours of their Monday dinners.

This eCommerce site owned by Amanda Buhse stands out in its pink stylish website design colors. A slideshow is the first thing that welcomes you to the website. You can’t miss out on the product galleries that provide a first-hand glimpse of their services. 

The ash-colored CTA buttons below the logo and the search button allow visitors to access their needs as quickly as possible. Coal and Canary proves their expertise through their outstanding publications in the Oscars, Forbes, and The Grammys.

Audrey Wagner King's website is one of the best examples of a beautiful and colorful site made with Wix. The CTA buttons are easily accessible on the left of her website page while her social media handles are to the right. 

Her love for weddings, events, and intrinsic details shows off in blogs like 100 layer cake, The Perfect Palette, The Knotty Bride, Emmaline Bride, and Style Me Pretty. 

Audrey is a contributor to Savannah Weddings and Magazine, Huffington Post, MSN.com, and Design Sponge.

8. Karlie Kloss - Wix Website Example
Source: Karlie kloss

The first stunning thing a visitor notices is the bright face of Karlie. An outstanding feature is her description of self, goals, and work habits. 

Karlie showcases her latest updates below her description and above her offers and services. Her latest updates include the front covers of popular magazines like WSJ, Vogue, Porter, Forbes, and Fast Company which she displays on the site for social proof. 

A free resource option at the bottom of the site gives a visitor access to continuous communication via email.

Seven Grams uses a white background to make different design elements shine. This eCommerce site is distinct and unique with its “Shop” buttons under each product gallery. The first catchy thing a visitor will notice is the yummy representation of their cookies

Quick links to other pages and most of their services are accessible at the bottom of their site. Seven Grams' outstanding review in New York Times and publication in Forbes and Food52 displayed on the website add credibility to the brand.

10. June Digan - Wix Website Example
Source: June digann

June Digan is a designer and illustrator specializing in traditional and digital mediums. Her portfolio site home page features a dynamic grid layout with various thumbnails that links to her image galleries.  

The parallax scrolling effect makes this Wix website design stand out and gives life to the other elements. June Digan’s website is a perfect example of how white space can make your site eye-catching and engaging.

I like how her portfolio website has a modern design featuring bright colors and a user-friendly navigation bar designed to encourage visitors to explore.

11. Tobias Becs - Wix Website Example
Source: Tobias becs

The first element that got my attention after arriving on the webpage is the high-quality media images in the hero section. This image is perfect for promoting this freestyle footballer’s brand identity.

I love how this website’s one-page layout blends perfectly with its black background, making every element engaging to visitors.

Tobias Becs’s portfolio website doubles as an online store which makes it easy for him to sell merchandise. The Instagram feed section contains engaging video content visitors can access via sticky social media icons.

Max Montgomery is a great example of an outstanding photographer portfolio website with a unique design. You can't help but notice the brand’s name displayed in big and bold text to ensure site visitors remain conscious of the brand identity.

I like how the site’s homepage features a full-page showcase design and simple grid galleries with a thumbnail effect to make product photos attractive.

The photography site's design is minimalist and features a significant degree of white space that makes all other elements pop.  

Evolve Healing Institute was created by Kate Mantellowho has a passion for spiritual healing via the therapy of crystals. 

Her website home page welcomes visitors with a hero image and a mouth-watering offer to learn the principles behind crystal healing by clicking the Apache-colored CTA button. 

Using videos and text testimonials is brilliant, allowing visitors to sneak peek into other clients' testimonies about spiritual healing through crystals. 

I like how the website color scheme features exotic colors like peach yellow, black, apache, and white to give the page an elegant outlook.

Match Media Group is a great website example of a marketing company that helps businesses advertise their products and services. The hero section features a blue gradient background and a mobile phone mockup that functions as a slider. 

I like how the web design features a parallax scrolling effect that makes every element on the pop engaging. Visitors can explore the catalog of various dating sites Match Media Group is working with for credibility purposes. The site footer features a detailed newsletter section.

15. The Salty Donut - Wix Website Example
Source: Salty donut

The Salty Donut is a Dallas, Miami, and Orlando-based specialty donut shop that goes over the top in offering delicious and creative donuts. 

I love the stylish design of this web page. The page features various elements like a slideshow of various donuts flavors and types to get visitors longing to have a taste. 

Visitors can use the navy-colored “Order Now” call to action button at the top of the site to make swift purchases. Displaying the restaurant’s menus in a slider format with the various food items is brilliant and engaging.

16. Mangemolo - Wix Website Example
Source: Mangomolo

Just below the hero section, you will find a catalog of logos featuring big-shot organizations endorsing Mangemolo as a brand people can trust. I love how the testimonial section is full of positive customer reviews that move in a slider format to boost social proof.

The site features engaging elements such as descriptive icons and a background video displaying some of Mangemolo's mind-blowing projects. I like how the site leverages a flashy color scheme and short and engaging text to pass vital information to visitors.

17. Brick Canvas - Wix Website Example
Source: Brick canvas

Brick Canvas is a wellness spa run by certified professionals that takes on a holistic and organic approach to beauty treatments, exercise, and nutrition. 

The sticky header features various contents and drop-down menus which makes navigation like child's play. I like how the hero image features a stunning picture of a young lady sitting beside three disco balls with the caption “It's A Vibe ” which signifies fun.  

This wellness website page features an upcoming event section which is a great way to interact with visitors and get them excited about its activities.

18. Adam Grant - Wix Website Example
Source: Adam grant

Adam Grant is an organizational psychologist and bestselling author who believes in using psychological-related principles to get professional results. 

His personal website has a minimalist design with proper use of white space and clever arrangement of every vital element relevant to visitors. 

I like how he uses a one-column layout to display thumbnails of his talks, books, and podcasts to ensure interested visitors can locate them seamlessly.

The black-colored footer features social media links, newsletter links, and a useful menu bar to aid navigation on a single page. 

19. Lin-Manuel Miranda - Wix Website Example
Source: Lin manuel

Lin-Manuel is an award-winning Broadway actor, composer, and lyricist with various groundbreaking projects for his brand. 

I like how the hero page features a stunning picture of Lin-Manuel Miranda with a blue background and his name embedded in the site's background.

This Wix website’s homepage features elements such as animated images, bold text, a search bar, illustrations, Youtube videos, and product pages with motion graphics. Visitors can use the eCommerce store section to shop for various merchandise. 

20. The Sofia Log - Wix Website Example
Source: The sofia log

The Sofia Log is a catalog of the fun and interesting adventures of Sophie Hollingsworth. This stunning website contains information about her passion for delicious outdoor food.

I like the fun and adventurous theme that envelopes this blog with bright colors and eye-catching visuals that are sure to get visitors' attention. 

She displays some of her latest adventures with an engaging slide show and bold text to help fans interactively follow the trail. This multi-page website features an Instagram feed section full of fun videos.

Black Sheep is a Colorado-based bike store that sells high-quality bikes at an affordable price. The first striking element is an eye-catching picture of a bicycle and the caption “In Bikes We Trust” which is sure to get visitors' attention. 

I like how the homepage also features multiple sticky widgets such as a live chat icon, hamburger navigation bar, and two social media icons. 

Black Sheep’s website doubles as an eCommerce store and features a special store section where you can make quick purchases.

Hair Comes the Bride is an online store that sells bridal hair accessories with an elegant web design. 

The parallax scrolling effect makes both the hero video and stunning images more engaging to grab visitors' attention. With the search bar at the top of the site, visitors can seamlessly locate items they want to purchase or a blog post they can read.

Featuring logos of media platforms and top organizations is brilliant and will result in visitors perceiving Hair Comes The Bride as credible. 

Giada De Laurentiis’s website is the best example of a personal food network site where she shows Mediterranean-based cooking skills to wow her audience. 

Viewing the high-quality thumbnail covers with bright colors will give you chills and pique your interest in the blog’s content. The bold titles on each cover make it easy for visitors to surf the site seamlessly. 

If you want to explore her website, the sticky navigation bar is your best friend. You can use the social media icons to check out Giada De Laurentiis’s online profile. 

24. Adam McCain - Wix Website Example
Source: Adam mccain

Adam Mccain's stylish call-to-action buttons take a different approach from the popular format and design. 

His website is void of words and a simple description on the third slide gives a glimpse of his ministry and services. This web design style is a cool approach you can copy if you want a website that is stylish, pictorial, and less wordy.

Wix Website Examples FAQs

Is Wix a Good Website Builder for Small Businesses?

Yes, Wix is a good website builder for small businesses. With access to the Wix template library, small business owners can have a seamless and enjoyable building experience while creating online stores and business websites. The Wix platform offers house functionality, SEO tools, and powerful marketing features to boost sales. 

Do Big Companies Use Wix?

Yes, various big companies use the Wix platform to create top-notch websites. For example, Nike is one of the world's largest sporting goods companies and its website is powered by Wix. Kode with Klossy is a big-time non-profit organization that uses Wix.

How Do I Make a Good Website on Wix?

Creating a good website with Wix is easy. Go to Wix.com and open an account. You can proceed to explore the vast collection of niche-based website templates. Pick anyone that grabs your attention and customize it to suit your preferences.

How Much Does a Wix Website Cost?

The Wix platform pricing ranges from $4 per month to $24 per month for its website plans. However, Wix has a free plan that offers a free domain name, but it comes with limitations like unavailability of business and eCommerce functionality and limited access to its rich templates. 


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