Personal Websites: 45 Inspiring Examples (2023)

Updated Aug 5, 2023.

A personal website is the perfect platform to advertise your best works, skills, and experiences to interested web visitors.

Optimizing your social media accounts is one way to boost your personal branding. However, If you want to express yourself and your personal brand in your own unique style, creating a personal website is your best bet.

Creating a visually-appealing personal portfolio or resume website is essential if you want to attract new clients and impress potential employees.

This article explores 45 of my favorite personal websites you can use as inspiration to create your own site.

Daniel Grindrod is a UK-based cinematographer covering commercial, corporate, and educational based content. The hero images on his one-page website design are slideshow pictures and videos taken over the years, combined to tell a personal story. 

I love how the header section displays a contact CTA button in black next to links to other pages and his social media icons.

2. Tobias Becs - Personal Website Example
Source: Tobias becs

Tobias Becs is a world and European champion, Guinness world record holder, and content creator, with content creation at the heart of his personal website’s design. 

An image of Tobias Becs looking at a ball at his shoulder level gives the impression of what he does. If you were having doubts, the words football freestyler written in bold, white font clears every shred of doubts. 

High-quality images and videos are the recurring themes of Tobias’ site’s design, making it easy for site visitors to access his content.  Fixed on the right-hand side of his homepage are links to his social media pages. 

3. Ximena N. Beltran Quan Kiu - Personal Website Example
Source: Ximenabqk

Ximena N. Beltran Quan Kiu is a communication consultant and freelance writer based in Chicago, creating effective strategies around digital integration and effective storytelling. 

Images of Qan Kiu and Michelle Obama behind a Catalina Blue curtain background take all the attention on this personal website. This beautiful image serves as social proof for her personal brand. 

I love the color scheme of white and vivid cerise used as font colors that make this personal website all the more aesthetically pleasing.

Dr. Oretis Georgiou is an experienced researcher, inventor, and author passionate about tech innovation that directly impacts the world. Georgiou’s site shows a full-width image of himself beneath a header menu on a Gray Chateau background

A lover of science and mathematics, Dr. Oretis playfully displays mathematical formulas as part of his website’s background, making his website look academic. 

Grey Chateau is the background color for its CTA buttons, adding a unique blend to the site’s design.

5. Lior Raz - Personal Website Example
Source: Liorraz

Lior Raz is an actor, writer, and speaker with one of the best personal websites in terms of output and design. Images and video clips from his acting sets and speaking engagements serve as background images at the core of his website’s design. 

At the heart of its web design, Raz’s website is an online theater with plenty of quality imagery and videos confirming it. The hamburger menu opens a horizontal layout of seven headers leading to other pages on this personal website.

6. Lena Sernoff - Personal Website Example
Source: Lenasernoff

Lena Sernoff is a content strategist and podcaster with images of herself, her workplace, and the outdoors in four frames, used as her site’s hero images. Her site uses serene images and mild colors to showcase herself and her personal brand. 

Pinned to the top and the footer section of her homepage are social media icons where potential customers keep in contact with her and her works. I love the blog posts she displays because they are brief, with images and links leading to the full article on WixBlog.

7. Kantwon Rogers - Personal Website Example
Source: Kantwon

Kantwon Rogers is a computer science Ph.D. student and instructor at Georgia Tech, focusing on human-computer and human-robot interactions. The first image the site opens up to is a head-only animated image of Kantwon on an extensive Fuel Yellow background.

His personal website uses Sea and Burnt Pink colors, in addition to Fuel Yellow, as his website’s background colors. These colors are visible throughout the site, incorporated as text and images, making the site pop aesthetically. 

Satin Sheen Gold and White is the color scheme on Shane Kinkennon’s personal website, incorporated into the graphic design elements of his website.

Shane Kinkennon, an expert on humans leading other humans, put a lot into making his website one of the best personal website examples. The CTA buttons on his website stand out in their Satin Sheen Gold background, making them visually appealing to site visitors. 

I love the client testimonials section that includes quoted responses from some of the industry's best professionals alongside their images.

9. Josh Rubietta - Personal Website Example
Source: Josh rubietta

Josh Rubietta is a musician, dancer, and actor displaying a dancing and smiling full-body image of himself as its site’s hero image. The Celadon background makes the happy image all the more attractive to visitors. 

His website has different sections for his music, dance, acting, and a general page that tells people about his personal life. The Ultramarine Blue color for its CTA button makes it stand out in the web of design elements.

10. Stacey Naglie Photography - Personal Website Example
Source: Stacey naglie

Stacy Nagile is a branding photographer with her website distinguishing between her personal branding, headshots, and brand photography with clear CTA buttons

Taking center stage on her personal website are some of Nagile’s high-quality photographs in a color scheme that makes the pictures visually appealing. 

I love how she categorizes the images displayed on her site based on her personal branding, headshots, and brand photography.

Peter McKinnon is an internationally acclaimed photographer, filmmaker, and YouTube creator based in Toronto, Canada. Notable as the man behind the lens, Peter uses his personal website as a platform to inspire others to pursue their career path in photography. 

A full-width picture of Peter resting on a Red Ford in an open field is the hero image of Peter’s website. The rest of the images on display speaks to the artistic talent and expertise of Peter as a good shot-taker.

Atelier Tinika is an artist, illustrator, and designer who creates feminine, playful, colorful, and expressive paintings and illustrations. Her personal website is more like her online museum that displays her works over an extensive white background

Apart from her personal website, Tinika has a personal blog and art shop where people can access her and her work. Both are linked and accessible by clicking on any of the clear CTA buttons on her website.

13. Scott Lacy - Personal Website Example
Source: Scottlacy

Scott Lacy is a professional biathlete with the US Biathlon team. The homepage of her website shows Scott skidding off in a competition. Her “My Story” section tells the unique story of every image she displays with a short text that puts perspective on them. 

You can’t help but notice the two icons that link to her Instagram and YouTube channels at the top-right side of the homepage. I love how she displays badges of different skidding competitions she partakes in and brands that endorse her. 

Oliver Lucian Anderson is an accomplished cinematographer and director with his work featured on HBO, NBC, ESPN, CBS, and SHOWTIME. 

Dividing his website to accommodate all his sides, Oliver uses videos to head his documentary reel, commercial reel, and director sections. He also displays images of some of his selected photography works. 

Color is one feature that Oliver Anderson’s website has in excess, with bright and soft colors used to create his personal website. The use of colors like Carolina Blue, Silver, Desert Sand, Atomic Tangerine, Light Mustard, and Deep Beach is visible throughout the website.

15. Luana Psaros - Personal Website Example
Source: Luana psaros

Luana Psaros is an actor, singer, and dancer with a one-page personal website with all you need to know about her and her brand. Her website is a perfect example worth emulating. I love how she chooses a color scheme that blends well with her portrait.

Her website header menu is home to everything a visitor might need from her personal website. She includes links to her social media platforms via the icons displayed at the footer of her homepage.

16. Andy Martin - Personal Website Example
Source: Drewbone

Andy Martin is a trombonist, instructor, and world-class jazz musician known for the sweet melodies he creates with the trombone. 

His website displays a full-width image of Andy with a trombone sitting pretty on his lap. The balcony in the background behind him, adds to this website’s artistic element. 

Andy includes an audio player where visitors can listen to any of his music directly from his homepage. I love the CTA buttons that direct visitors to enter his main site and access his contact page.

Amanda Rach Lee is an artist and digital content creator based in Toronto, Canada who first fell in love with content creation at age 14. Her personal website displays a full-width image of herself, with Gainsboro, Pinocchio Lavender, and Platinum color schemes.

This personal website is well-structured, with neat fonts, all contributing to its overall design. I love the inclusion of logos of top brands she has worked for, serving as social proof to her potential customers. 

18. Natsai Audrey Chieza - Personal Website Example
Source: Natsai audrey

Natsai Audrey Chieza is a designer, founder, and speaker with an image of herself that serves as the background for her personal website. Chieza’s image gives way to text as she displays a detailed biography of herself and her accomplishments over the years. 

There are two labels labeled Advisory and Faber Futures, leading to other pages detailing what Chieza does for humanity.

19. David Milan - Personal Website Example
Source: David milan

David Milan is an independent artist, illustrator, designer, and art director with a website that speaks to his love for typography, lettering, and illustrations. The first thing site visitors notice is the stylish typography that writes out David Milan in the header section in real-time. 

Bright colors make this artist’s website pop. There is no shortage of beautiful colors in Milan’s extensive two-column layout artwork exhibition on his web page.

Pien Geerlings is a lifestyle and product photographer, with a keen interest in nature and its beauty. Her website is purely a work of art displaying soft colors, bringing out the beauty of her high-quality images

She uses an anchor menu scroll feature visible by three dots on the right-hand side for navigation. The dots get bold on accessing the page they are linked to. 

I love her contact section, displaying a slideshow of some of her pictures, making the section more visually appealing.

21. Gina Kirlew - Personal Website Example
Source: Gina kirlew

Gina Kirlew is a cartoonist, illustrator, and graphic designer who devotes the majority of her time to creating fun and colorful art. Diving right into her illustrative side, Gina displays an animated image of a girl as her site’s hero image. 

Mostly filled with white spaces, the social media icons with links to her various handles attached to them serve as her primary contact information. Centralized and dividing her header menu are her initials turned logo GK in red, adding its artistic mark on her personal website.

Jen Carrington has unique superpowers in helping bring more freedom, ease, and international growth to businesses. Positioned beside the smiling photo of Jen sitting on a couch are texts that waste no time hinting you want she does. 

This personal website uses soft and subtle colors and fonts. I love her Let's Hang Out On Instagram section, displaying some of her posts on Instagram with a direct link to each post attached to them.

23. Rubens Cantuni - Personal Website Example

Rubens Cantuni's website oozes class. Carefully crafted into this professional website design is a playful GIF displaying the word “CIAO.” The striking thing about this element is that visitors can edit it inch by inch.

I love how this award-winning design lead lists his experience in a user-friendly format that is easily collapsible. Including a bold cursor feature in white serving as navigation adds a personal touch to this designer’s website. 

24. Taylor Vowell - Personal Website Example
Source: Taylor vowell

Taylor Vowell is a digital marketing strategist leveraging marketing and technology to achieve sustainable growth. 

His personal website offers top-notch navigation features with a pinned header section that automatically changes underlined headings when moving through the website. 

The best part of Taylor’s personal website is his experience section, displaying the experiences gathered over the years in a carousel format. Each of his employers has their corresponding card placed side by side. 

25. Gari Cruze - Personal Website Example
Source: Garicruze

Gari Cruze is a copywriter taking pride in his work, with his developed expertise as the inspiration behind his own website. This personal portfolio website is about his personal branding, only displaying colorful high-quality images in a four-column layout

Each colorful image displayed is a pictorial excerpt from his copywriting jobs with links embedded in them of different articles, including brand campaigns and promotions.

Melanie Daveid's online portfolio focuses on design, technology, and art and is among my list of favorite website examples. Her website displays colorful images of some of her designs and interactive illustrations

Perfectly carved as a divider between her work and about-page menu headers is a personalized logo, adding an artistic touch to her site design. 

I love how the information in her website footer section is neatly arranged on a Royal Azure background, with links to her social media pages and email. 

27. Jey Austen - Personal Website Example
Source: Jey austen

Jey Austen is a brand designer and illustrator with an eye for the artistic visible on her personal website. Her personal site has a mystical feel with images of a sword, a creature, and a rock all in black and white, adding to create this effect. 

The call-to-action buttons on her website are impressive in their bold and eye-catching design, certain to get their message across. I love the color scheme of white and black used with a gothic font Pirata for the header texts, all adding to this site’s uniqueness. 

Ojieame is an enthusiastic product designer leading the charge for the future of software development with his unique user interface

His website homepage takes a centralized approach to his website’s layout displaying various sections with texts complemented by high-quality images. Ojieame makes his personal website a part of his personal brand, offering visitors a glimpse of what he offers.

29. Gregory Cole - Personal Website Example
Source: Gregory cole

Gregory Cole is a jack of all trades. He is an actor, model, playwright, physique competitor, and fragrance innovator, among other specialties. Cole’s personal website tries to keep up with his outstanding accomplishments by touching on all aspects of his chosen career path. 

A snapshot image of a newspaper publication of him before and after he lost 100 pounds due to a health scare takes all the attention. His website built on a black background displays bold fonts in white to make every text displayed more attractive to visitors. 

30. Steven Mollett (AKA Stounson) - Personal Website Example
Source: Stounson

Steven Mollett, or Stouson is an artist and musician with one of the simplest yet artistic personal sites. His one-page website displays cover images of two of his latest works bordering a YouTube video linked to his YouTube page. 

Serving as the header menu and centralized in blue-colored fonts are links to four other pages accessible to website visitors from the landing page. 

31. Alice Lee - Personal Website Example
Source: By alice lee

Think of what you expect from a web design, and Alice Lee’s personal website is an excellent example as it ticks all the right boxes. The animated hero image of a girl and a dog taking center stage has a special effect when the mouse moves around it, adding extra glamor. 

You can’t help but love the colorful cover images of her completed and upcoming works in a three-column layout. I love the Slack illustration library that takes visitors on an in-depth study of how Alice Lee develops and customizes her illustrations

32. Devon Stank - Personal Website Example
Source: Devonstank

Devon Stank is a Squarespace developer and coffee enthusiast in the profession of helping people build their personal brands. Two calls to action buttons are prominent on the homepage over a video content of Devon at work, offering professional or self-help options. 

The CTA buttons on Devon Stark’s personal website are well-designed and stand out from the body of text and high-quality images on display. 

I love how Devon includes images and videos from his Instagram page, with each item on display linked directly to its Instagram page. The footer section is home to his social media icons and contact information, with his personal logo adding a personal touch.

Lisa Elias runs a metal studio and displays her digital portfolio via her personal website. Her website’s landing page displays a slideshow of colorful images of various metal works and her equipment on the welcome screen

The “View Work” CTA button is the access point to her extensive web page and opens to a separate page on visitors’ web browsers.  

Elias’ website is home to all of her works and contact information. I love her scrollable image gallery section that professionally displays her best artwork and tools. 

Vance Banks is a UI/UX-based product designer with over ten years under his belt, with some of his selected works displayed on his website. His minimalist site is well-packed with information, with a detailed section about his design journey. 

The header menu section at the top of his web page serves as his navigation feature. I love how linked texts light up when scrolling through the website.

Patrick David, a web developer, and UI/UX designer, has one of the best personal website examples that are a great inspiration to others. David’s personal website is full of animations and uses interactive elements to give a modern look. 

The typography used on this site adds to its artistic look with a professional tone, offering a professional experience to web visitors. I love how the background images change between an artwork and a dark background, making the texts in white more prominent. 

Raewyn Brandon is a Tauranga-based graphic designer with her about, contact, and services information all combined into one section on her homepage. At the top of the homepage is a hexagon icon just above the header section, which is Raewyn's website's official logo

Images of her previous work with links to detailed explanations of each project take center stage on her webpage in a three-column layout

37. Tim Peckover - Personal Website Example
Source: Tim peckover

Tim Peckover is an ecommerce sales and marketing expert, specializing in hardware, SaaS, and everything in between. His personal website displays three of his featured works over the years, and two of his most popular packages, with prices attached. 

An animated smiling photo of Tim Peckover alongside brief information about what he does is what greets visitors on accessing his webpage. 

I love how he included several payment platforms that he accepts in his site’s footer section in the form of their logos. Potential customers have an idea of how much he charges and the available payment platforms they can make payments with. 

38. Andreas Mershin - Personal Website Example
Source: Mershin

Andreas Mershin welcomes visitors to his personal website with a smiling photograph of himself amidst bold text serving as visual proof. 

This personal website design makes navigating through the site easier with a hamburger menu at the top right-hand side of the webpage. The hamburger menu opens up and lists all the site's other pages and sections in a vertical layout. 

I love how Andreas’ website displays some of his thoughts and teaching from over the years in video clips, linking them directly to YouTube

Samantha Butler is a communication leader that believes in creating lasting connections by providing people and organizations with valuable content. The recurring theme of her website is black and white and it starts from the black and white framed image of herself.

I love how Samantha uses dark fonts that blend well with her chosen white background. Her “Let’s Get in Touch” section is well-designed on a black background to form valuable connections.

40. Felix Kaiser - Personal Website Example
Source: Felix kaiser

Felix Kaiser's philosophy is about delivering the best customer experience to his customers, with his personal website leading the charge. 

His website displays a calm and soothing image of a building on a mountaintop surrounded by clouds. This image helps conjure a personal experience, offering a serene environment to breed interaction. 

His three CTA buttons in black take visitors directly to his subscription, LinkedIn, and publication pages. 

41. Miiro Juuso - Personal Website Example
Source: Miiro juuso

Miiro Juso is the CEO of Releaseworks, a company that helps organizations deliver better software faster. Notable in the DevOps space, Miiro has over 20,000 monthly readers and has directly trained students in their tens of thousand. 

His personal website displays a full-width image of him with a background that fades, making him the center of attraction. I love how Miro displays Twitter excerpts from his comment section on its webpage with links that take visitors directly to his Twitter handle

Michael Mannucci is a Toronto-based web designer offering custom website solutions that help businesses grow. His website is well-designed with every section well-spelled out with bold fonts and high-quality images

I love the testimonial section of his website that puts images of the people behind the words displayed in this section. Michael includes posts from his blog with links that take visitors directly to his blog page from the homepage.

Chris von Eitzen describes himself as a geek, nerd, gadget addict, travel lover, and video game addict working at Adobe on Document Cloud. His love for PDFs is visible even on his website with the red heart love icon. 

His website is the simplest and most direct among other personal websites examples. I love how Chris divides his website into two segments. The right-hand side displays an image of Chris while the left-hand side is home to all the vital information. 

There are embedded links to his Twitter and LinkedIn pages in two clear CTA buttons on his site’s white background.

44. Sabanna - Personal Website Example
Source: Sabanna

Anna Sabatini is a web designer with a single-page website design. Her homepage displays a pencil-lined self-portrait of herself on the left with a typewriter-styled typography text at the center. 

On the right-hand side of the homepage is its hamburger menu for its navigation on a tomato-colored background. Sabanna’s social media icons are in a tomato color on a deep violet background. 

45. Erin E. Dawson - Personal Website Example
Source: Erin e dawson

Erin E. Dawson is a web developer fascinated by motives, with programming and web development at the heart of what she does and loves. Her website uses a simple design, divided into two segments with her picture on the left and a welcome message on the right. 

She includes links to her About and Projects page alongside her social media icons linking directly to her social media pages. 

Personal Website Examples FAQs

What is a Personal Website?

A personal website is a page created by a person and customized to display credentials and personality in an engaging format. This website type allows individuals to make their work available and accessible to more people online. 

What Are Personal Sites Called?

Personal sites, otherwise called personal web pages, are created to display information about a person, as opposed to an organization or entity. Sometimes blog and personal diary are used interchangeably for personal sites, depending on the intended context. 

Is it Worth Having a Personal Website?

Having your personal website opens you to significant benefits. A personal website makes you look professional and connects you with your potential clients. The online business world is all about trust. Having a personal website is one of the ways you can build trust in your personality and brand. 

What's the Quickest Way to Create a Personal Website?

Although there are many options to consider to create your personal website, the quickest way is to use a website builder. Squarespace and Wix are the best personal website builders because they offer an extensive collection of beautiful templates and easy-to-use tools.

What's the Most Affordable Way to Build a Personal Website?

The most affordable way to build a personal website is to use a website builder. Squarespace and Wix are affordable website builders that offer free and pocket-friendly premium plans. 

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