Top 26 Architecture Website Examples For Inspiration 2023

Updated Aug 20, 2023.

The architectural world is highly-competitive. Creating an eye-catching architectural website is a great way to showcase your portfolio and attract potential clients. If you have an architectural site but you are not getting the desired results, consider a redesign.

Hiring a professional web designer to design your website may be expensive. A better alternative is to use website builders like Squarespace and Wix to create an effective and stunning website without any coding or design skills.

This article covers the 26 best architectural website designs you can use as inspiration when building your own site.

Let’s get started.

1100 Architect is an award-winning New York-based firm founded in 1983. A good dose of simplicity, and elegance, plus amazing visuals of architecture projects greatly describe the 1100 Architect website. 

There is little content on the homepage. You can’t help but admire the cutting hedge architectural designs in a slide-show format that grabs visitors' attention on arrival. Each architectural project on display is a reflection of the firm’s expertise and dependability.

1100 Architect has a footer section that houses social media icons linking directly to its online profiles.

2. Sighte Studio - Architecture Website Example
Source: Sighte studio

Sighte Studio is an architectural lighting design studio based in Brooklyn, New York with various mind-blowing projects to prove their expertise. 

I like how the website uses large fonts to display the company’s logo and serves as the link to the homepage. The sticky navigation bar moves pages that seem like child’s play and encourages visitors to explore. 

Sighte Studio features multiple layers of project thumbnails that help to bring potential clients closer to the studio's projects.

3. Craiker Architects & Planners - Architecture Website Example
Source: Craiker

Craiker Architects & Planners was founded by Chris d Craiker. The black background and stylish fonts give the website a sleek and unique outlook. 

Using two slider sections is a brilliant way to grab visitors' attention and keep them engaged. You can click the desert brown CTAs in the project section to have a sneak peek.

Craiker Architects & Planners have been voted Napa Valley’s Finest Architect two years in a row. I like how this information is on the homepage with the award’s logo for authentication and to boost trust among their target audience.

SRA Architects’ website features a two-column grid layout of its best project catalogs in unique thumbnails that makes it easy for visitors to find their area of interest.

You can check out their latest blog posts to gain insight into the company’s operations and news in the architectural world. 

I love how the website’s brilliant use of white space gives the design a professional and elegant outlook. The site footer contains interactive elements like a subscription form for constant updates and two colorful social media icons that link directly to the company's online profiles.

I like how JJ Design Studio's website displays the studio’s mission in the straight and readable text below the hero section. You can’t miss the transparent CTA with a hover effect linking to the mission page.

JJ Design Studio is a perfect description of an architectural website with a flawless use of white spaces. You will find various high-quality images in different aspects of the site to ensure scrolling doesn't get boring.

The testimonial section uses a slider effect to make it more interactive and convincing for potential visitors.

Villa Rondinelli website design features a catchy hamburger navigation bar that features links to various pages, making it an effective portal for navigating the site.

I like how the home page uses a zig-zag layout to display its contents engagingly. This layout features text, images, and a call to action button for potential clients ready to do business. 

The white background compliments every other element on the homepage making it look unique and elegant.

7. o2 - Architecture Website Example
Source: o2arch

Exploring various aspects of this o2 Architecture site is only possible with the agency's horizontally structured navigation bar that features multiple pages. 

Visitors can check out various contents in areas such as hospitality, international projects, and remodels, and view publications and news. 

The contact page features detailed directions on how to locate the firm’s physical office via a Google map and other contact details.

This minimalistic website displays a full-screen slider with stunning architectural-related images that offers potential clients a sneak peek into what it offers.

C3D Architecture is an architecture firm that offers services like interior design and project management. 

This stunning visually-appealing website incorporates ample white space and various high-resolution images. These images serve as covers for thumbnail links to a slideshow section of previous projects. 

The navigation bar gives the site a user-friendly vibe, enabling visitors to view multiple pages and explore the firm’s services. I like how the white space makes all the elements pop and compelling to site visitors.

9. Pynenburg & Collins - Architecture Website Example
Source: Pc-architects

Pynenburg & Collins Architects was founded in 1982 by Ron Pynenburg and Ken Collins. I love how the website features various eye-caging, flashy, engaging, and colorful visuals that are compelling enough to make you consider doing business with them. 

You can check the Instagram reel section to have a full grasp of every architectural design and project in motion view. 

Pynenburg & Collins’s footer combines cardinal and baltic sea as its theme colors with content like social media icons, award logos to establish credibility, and a navigation bar.

10. Arko - Architecture Website Example

Arko Landscape Transformation company has a great architecture website design with high-quality images of awesome projects that will wow potential clients.

You will fall in love with the picture of a flourishing garden in the hero section and its caption “Growing your garden now and into the future.” The parallax scrolling effect makes it fun to explore the website content.

This minimalistic web design uses short and straight-to-the-point content to convey its message to potential clients.

11. 2scale - Architecture Website Example
Source: 2scale arch

I like how the 2scale architectural website applies an unconventional approach using a simple, sleek minimalist design and layout to grand potential clients’ attention. 

The first catchy element on this great website homepage is a slideshow featuring beautiful photos of landscape and interior designs

2scale’s color scheme follows the design of the firm’s logo and features light orange and black in the text and other aspects of the site. With the horizontal navigation bar, clients can explore multiple pages.

12. FREECELL Architecture - Architecture Website Example
Source: Frcll

FREECELL Architecture is a full-licensed architectural company and a woman-owned small business that offers residential, cultural, and commercial designs.

I like how the website uses a two-column thumbnail layout in structuring and displaying its services to grab visitors' attention immediately. These thumbnails feature high-resolution images as cover photos with titles to make the element engaging and lively. 

The white background makes every other lament catchy and engaging. I like how the navigation bar text is all in small caps, giving it a unique and creative outlook and compelling to visitors.

13. AOA - Architecture Website Example
Source: Insideaoa

AOA welcomes you with high energy and fun full-screen video of various theme parks and fun events that will get visitors excited and willing to explore.

The parallax scrolling effect and the white background work together to make this architectural website stand out and look elegant. Apart from videos, the site features high-quality images in the various aspects of the site including the teams’ photos. 

I like how the site features various logos of its partners to establish the company's credibility and build trust among clients.

José Miguel González and Gabriela González are the brains behind the success of Apertura Arquitectónica.

The homepage has a lovely display of multiple pictures of Apertura Arquitectónica's previous projects for credibility purposes. This element gives the webpage a lovely portfolio website vibe because of the grid format layout. 

Potential clients can use the vertical navigation sidebar to access other pages such as the content page to start business operations. You can use the social media icons at the site’s base to access Apertura Arquitectónica online profiles.

15. Rossetti - Architecture Website Example
Source: Rossetti

Rossetti architectural firm has a sleek, clear, engaging, and well-designed website layout that attracts clients. I love that the website has a modern design layout by combining both black and white backgrounds to give the web page a stunning outlook. 

This architectural firm displays large texts that serve as thumbnails linking the various pages which is an alternative to the navigation bar. I love how the footer section features vital details like the firm’s address, toll-free number, and a contact page CTA with a hover effect.

Clarke Design Group is one of the best architecture firms that specialize in traditional architecture, design, and planning techniques. 

I like how its homepage has a clean layout with multiple large images of design projects arranged vertically. The architectural firm’s logo takes center stage in the hero section, giving the website an elegant and professional design vibe.     

Navigating this good architecture website is easy due to the vertical layout of the menu bar that provides visitors with a pleasant user experience.

17. Tanvi Shah - Architecture Website Example
Source: Tanvi-shah

I like how the Tanvi Shah website has a proper arrangement and layout of its contents. Below the hero section, you will see a one-column layout with three thumbnails linking to different architectural and landscape portfolio pages.

Navigation of the webpage is like taking a walk in the park due to the availability of a sticky menu bar. The white-colored site footer features a newsletter form for interested clients to submit their details to get constant updates.

Outline Architects has a minimalist website design with a stunning image slideshow and white-colored footer housing the firm’s vital details for easy accessibility.

Visitors can use the search function icon at the top of the website to locate specific items in formations seamlessly. This element helps to provide a pleasant and user-friendly experience for potential clients and visitors. 

I love the positioning of the hamburger navigation bar which makes it possible for visitors to access various areas of the website in a jiffy.

Craig and Nichole Huseby founded Huseby Homes in 1998 and have been making waves. I like how the site welcomes visitors with a well-put-together background video that makes visitors feel relaxed and at home. 

The parallax scrolling effect gives the website a fun and exciting vibe. As you scroll further, you will love the content of the testimonial section and how the slider makes it more interactive, engaging, and convincing. 

I love how the navy blue colored footer features a contact form encouraging visitors to start the journey of doing business with Huseby Homes.

20. Studio Nido Architecture - Architecture Website Example
Source: Studio nido

Studio Nido Architecture navigation bar features various pages to encourage exploration such as a portfolio page that contains various architecture-related images. The logo is on the same plane as the navigation bar and it serves as the link to the homepage from other pages. 

You will love the high-quality images of interior and exterior architecture projects which are eye-catching and compelling enough for visitors to visit the contact page. This minimalist website home page has no text but displays an Instagram icon at the top and bottom.

21. CODG - Architecture Website Example
Source: Codg inc

The first catchy element you will see after arriving on CODG site is an eye-catching full-width photo of a beach house with a top-notch architectural layout. This hero image has vital details like a fireplace and beachside view that will make visitors think of getting something like it.

I like how the company’s logo has a prominent position because it helps draw attention to what it does. Upon scrolling, you will find a video catalog where CODG displays mind-blowing content regarding their previous projects.

22. Catalyst Architects - Architecture Website Example
Source: Catalyst arch

Catalyst Architects was founded in 1988 and uses hands-on residential practice that works with families and organizations to create state-of-the-art buildings and architectural structures.

Visually appealing slides of various architectural projects that compel visitors to stay for longer periods welcome you on arrival. If you want to expose other aspects of Catalyst Architects' website, you have to use the sidebar. 

I love how the sidebar features a vertically structured navigation bar with clear text to give potential clients a pleasant user experience.

José Miguel González and Gabriela González are the brains behind the success of Apertura Arquitectónica.

The website homepage has a lovely display of multiple pictures of Apertura Arquitectónica's previous projects for credibility purposes. This element gives the webpage a lovely portfolio website vibe because of the grid format layout. 

Potential clients can use the vertical navigation sidebar to access other pages such as the content page to start business operations. You can use the social media icons at the site’s base to access Apertura Arquitectónica online profiles.

24. Studio Yee Foo Lai - Architecture Website Exampl
Source: Yee foo lai

Studio Yee Foo Lai is a multidisciplinary design firm based in New York. This two-page architectural website has a unique design layout, with creative use of white space and beautiful architectural-related images. 

The site welcomes you with a short biography of the founder (Yee Foo Lai), followed by a text “Let’s Text” linking directly to Yee Foo Lai’s email. As you scroll further, you will see various eye-catching architectural-related images in black & white and colored format.

25. K.O.T. - Architecture Website Example
Source: Kot project

KOT Architects is a multidisciplinary creative studio that integrates architecture, interior environments, and Bespoke design.

The first catchy element on KOT Architects’ website is an interesting background video featuring various architecture, art, and fashion content. 

I like how the hero section features a transparent “Work With Us” call to action button for potential clients to take immediate action. Displaying a full-width picture of the team member is brilliant because it helps to make visitors relax since there is a face to the brand.

J.Rameau is the brainchild of Jonathan A. Rameau, a licensed architect in the State of Florida with many years of professional experience. The website color scheme is a combination of bright sun, sand, and woodrush which give the site a user-friendly and interactive vibe. 

I like how the top of the page features a faded image of an aerial architectural design, making it clear that you are on an architectural-related website. The next catchy element is a stunning slideshow of various real-life structures.

Best Architecture Website Examples FAQs

What Do the Best Architecture Websites Have in Common?

The best architect websites have a visually-appealing website design, high-quality images, a user-friendly navigation scheme, a blog for educational resources, catchy bios for team members with headshots, beautiful CTAs, and authentic client testimonials for social proof.

How Can I Create an Architecture Website?

You can choose to employ a web designer or use a website builder to create the website you want to represent your firm. If you are using a website builder, the process involves choosing a site builder, picking your domain name & host, choosing your theme, adding pages and user-centric content, and providing call-to-actions,

What are the Best Architecture Portfolio Website Builders?

The best architecture portfolio website builders are Squarespace and Wix. These website builders offer state-of-the-art architecture portfolio templates to help you create an attention-grabbing webpage. The drag-and-drop element brings ease to the website creation process. 

What Features Should an Architectural Firm’s Website Have?

A top-notch architectural firm’s website.has to present the body of work, demonstrate expertise, and communicate the ability to address a buyer's challenges. If your website portrays these features, you are sure to get more clients than you already have. 

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