Beauty Websites: 26 Inspiring Examples (2024)

Updated Aug 5, 2023.

The beauty industry generated about $430 billion in revenue in 2022. Most beauty brands, counting brick-and-mortar stores, have websites for selling their beauty products online.

Building a visually-appealing beauty website is vital if you want to compete in the highly-competitive but lucrative beauty industry. Beauty retailers, makeup artists, fragrance sellers, hair stylists, and haircare producers need one to stand out from the competition.

This article covers the 26 best beauty websites created with website builders like Squarespace and Wix you can use to build your own site.

1. Spa Belles- Beauty Website Example
Source: Spabelles

Spa Belles is known for its spa services, notably pedicures, manicures, and gradually diversifying into massages, facials, and body treatments.

I love how this beauty website displays a well-lit and stunning image of the interiors of its spa as its hero image. Spa Belles shows high-quality images throughout its homepage that give the site a gold standard.

2. Haleys Beauty- Beauty Website Example
Source: Haleys beauty

Haleys Beauty's website uses a contrasting color scheme that complements its two-view slideshow of the latest trends and promotions on its homepage. This beauty site uses plenty of aesthetics to pass its message.

I love the chat icon that helps users to keep in touch with the beauty brand. There are rewards packaged in the rewards icon offering discount codes and a loyalty program to its top customers.

An all-inclusive beauty brand, Hey Pretty! Beauty has made a name for itself in the beauty industry by offering non-discriminatory services to all. No matter your skin color or type, this beauty brand is there for you.

Part of its offerings include on-site and in-salon hair and makeup services, offering a complete beauty makeover. Doing justice to the brand’s image, this beauty website introduces itself via texts over a hero image of a bride and bridesmaid. 

I love how Hey Pretty! Beauty focuses primarily on a beauty niche, wedding style. This beauty website makes brides just as pretty as its website design with its cruelty-free products.

4. Luseta Beauty - Beauty Website Example
Source: Luseta beauty

Luseta Beauty, based in the hair care beauty niche,  runs a natural hair care website, displaying images of the highest quality.

Serving as its hero image is a two-page slideshow image of its top hair products available to the beauty world. You can’t miss out on its carefully crafted CTA buttons and navigation arrows in black that make them stand out over its high-quality images.

The inclusion of an accessibility icon that allows users to make adjustments is one of its top features. No matter your disability or constraints, this fashion website has you in mind.

5. Shen - Beauty Website Example
Source: Shen-beauty

Shen’s spa website uses images and videos as its hero scene, providing users with an idea of why it is among the top leading fashion brands. This beauty website uses a hovering effect that displays all relevant information about its products on display.

For all its skincare products, there is a What’s New section that displays new products to customers taking into consideration all of their skin concerns.

I love the search, wishlist, and shop icons at the top of the homepage that help visitors keep track of their activities on the website.

6. JRL Professional - Beauty Website Example
Source: Jrlusa

JRL Professional beauty website uses black and white contrast alongside high-quality images to attract potential customers via its web design. Its neat and bold fonts make this beauty website all the more attractive.

The inclusion of a YouTube section with plenty of videos on display just below its Instagram section helps serve as social proof. Behind plenty of white spaces, its CTA buttons stand out, making access to other pages easy.

The LVSH Beauty Bar is one of the best luxurious beauty brands with areas of expertise in lashes, nails, and brows. This website’s design captures the brand’s image through consistent images, colors, and fonts.

The chat feature provides instant answers to visitors' questions while allowing customers to keep track of their orders. In terms of social proof, the happy customers section provides testimonials from customers in a three-column layout with the inclusion of star ratings.

The Forever Young Spa beauty website, co-owned by sisters Jennifer and Casey, uses a white background and a three-column image layout that serves as its menu. You get directed to the corresponding pages by clicking on the image or the text underneath.

A nice touch is the inclusion of a slideshow of pictures from its Instagram page in the footer section, with an embedded link directly to the page.

9. Fenty Beauty - Beauty Website Example
Source: Fenty beauty

Fenty Beauty is one of the most famous brands directly linked to the artist Rihanna, covering different skin types and tones.

I love how Fenty Beauty’s website displays vibrant colors and neat typography. The first thing that catches your attention is the image slideshow of different Fenty beauty products.

You will love the Fenty Bot feature that readily answers all questions and offers the option of speaking to a beauty consultant.

100% Pure is a nature-based beauty company that prides itself on producing its beauty products from natural fruits and green tea. You can’t help but love the image slideshow that automatically displays its best offerings in different slides.

This natural beauty website uses modern design aesthetics, especially cool fonts to complement its high-quality product photos. I love the pink-colored CTA buttons of this beauty website and how they stand out from all other surrounding text.

11. R.E.M Beauty - Beauty Website Example
Source: Rem beauty

R.E.M Beauty uses a white background, with the color Mercury used to highlight its cosmetic products and model images. This top beauty website displays its products in a two-view slideshow that changes manually by clicking the visible arrow icons.

The footer section of this beauty website displays the brands’ socials, a subscription farm, and the vegan, cruelty-free, paraben-free, and recyclable stand.

Studio Sashiko is an online fashion brand that makes use of a booking system to bring personalized treatments to users' preferred locations. This fashion website offering personalized treatments uses borderlines to make it stand out from other beauty websites.

Displayed in a three-column format are service profiles of past clients with detailed backgrounds of each treatment serving as social proof. I love its Lime Ash-colored CTA buttons and its FAQ section providing ready answers to visitors' queries.

Owned by Kylie Kardashian, the Kylie Cosmetics website gives a winning mentality with its high-quality imagery and detailed product categories. This beauty website is fully packed with imagery and text.

The menu header is by far this website’s best feature as it oozes beauty from a mile away. Using a drop-down menu feature, Kylie Cosmetics displays high-quality imagery even in its menu headers, offering visitors the best artistic experience.

I love how each product listing mixes both images and videos to drive home its message to its large customer base.

14. ColorPop Cosmetics - Beauty Website Example
Source: Colour pop

The ColorPop Cosmetic website pops with plenty of aesthetics and kisses imagery sharing love all around the site. The use of vibrant colors is this beauty website's strength. They combine well to give this website its uniqueness in the beauty industry.

One standout feature that users enjoy via this website is the ability to filter products based on categories, making navigating through the site easy.

The beauty of this website’s design lies in its consistency. I love how the pink shade color scheme remains consistent with the layout and categories sections.

15. Beauty Room - Beauty Website Example
Source: Beauty room

Beauty Room announces itself on its beauty website as your one-stop destination for all things spa, beauty, and self-spa. In proving its point, there are oval-shaped images of two women enjoying the benefits of all things spa.

This simple and minimalistic website uses a back-to-the-top navigation feature for easy navigation. I love the Let's Get Social section that mixes both images and video excerpts from its Instagram account and links to them.

Beauty by Kelsey’s beauty website takes a central approach to its web design with all its images and texts structured in a centralized format. The hero image of this beauty website is a black-and-white image of two people, with the beauty products displayed to add color.

Excerpts from its blog and Instagram page are displayed with links attached to them for visitors seeking social proof. I love how this beauty website leaves plenty of white space, making it one of the most popular beauty websites in terms of professionalism.

17. Wholy Dose - Beauty Website Example
Source: Wholydose

Wholy Dose offers transformative beauty and wellness super powders and supplements. I love how this beauty website sticks to a clean and simple design for its website branding. The soft colors chosen for its web design helps present a feeling of calm and wellness to its visitors.

There is a Get Rewards icon on the homepage that gives out gifts to loyal customers and visitors alike. I love the hero slider used on its homepage that displays only the brand’s best offerings and immediately arrests the attention of visitors.

Colored Raine is an eCommerce beauty website notable for its vibrant colors and high-quality images. The homepage built with bright colors all round displays a slideshow of images of its product listings with two arrow icons helping with navigation.

Including the brand’s social on the announcement section, just above the header section is a nice touch, making it almost impossible to miss.

I love the accessibility icon allowing for changes to be made to the web design easily, with an option to stop the animation.

19. Equal Skin - Beauty Website Example
Source: Equal skin

The Equal Skin beauty website oozes sheer elegance, featuring an automatic slideshow of high-quality images. Beside each image are curvy fonts on the right, complimenting the images displayed on the left.

This beauty website uses a clear CTA that blends with the texts displayed on the site. I love how this website has a blog that shares personalized recommendations about all things beauty and skincare tips for both its clients and visitors.

The Macadamia Beauty website uses a white background to draw visitors' attention to the stunning images of its products on display.  Quite visible on its homepage is a slideshow of its top hair products with clear information written in legible green and white fonts.

I love the inclusion of links to every image on display so users don’t have to search through product pages. From the homepage, you have direct access to all its products and offerings.

21. Glow Concept - Beauty Website Example
Source: Glow concept

Glow Concept prides itself on creating makeup and skincare products for beauty lovers with the ideology of clean beauty practices in mind. This beauty website uses high-quality images and legible fonts for its online beauty website.

The back-to-the-top navigation feature at the footer section is a nice addition that takes visitors right back to the top. You can’t miss the arrow icon pointing upward.

22. Sadona Salon and Spa - Beauty Website Example
Source: My sadona

Sadona Salon and Spa use soft and subtle colors for a calming effect. I love how the background images blend with the color scheme. Designed on a white background color, the header menu is detailed, with every information you need just a click away.

I love how this beauty website devotes an entire page to its in-salon team, allowing customers the privilege to check them out even before visiting.

The East Side Massage beauty website uses a simple and minimalist web design for its online presence, with its imagery and color reflecting a calm and relaxing effect.

Showing no shortage of its popular massage treatments, this beauty brand uses clear CTA buttons to allure visitors to book their sessions online.

Including prices for its services close to the footer section is brilliant. Visitors have an idea of the cost of each massage treatment from the homepage.

I love the “As Featured In” section that displays logos of notable brands where it got mentions and endorsements from like Allure, Forbes, and The New York Times.

The Mahalo Massage beauty website uses an informative background as its hero image, giving the sense of a brand that knows what they are doing.

In terms of navigation, the rectangular floating anchor menu is by far this beauty website's best feature. By clicking on any of the rectangles, you get directed to another page of information, without needing to scroll.

The Accessibility menu allows users to change contrast, fonts, and other web qualities to soothe their taste.

Project Vanity is an online beauty blog with a primary focus on providing users with a wide range of extensive beauty resources. Unlike many beauty websites, Project Vanity does not have beauty products.

You can’t help but notice how the website displays its latest blog posts with links to each post embedded in the post’s headers highlighted in bold.

The Project Vanity beauty website leaves plenty of white space for its texts, making them more attractive in its centralized web layout.

The Galleria Salon is a full-service salon and day spa offering maintenance care, complete makeovers, and full-day relaxation services. Using an artistic font to complement its logo, the brand's name stands out on this beauty website’s homepage.

You can’t help but notice the Galleria Salon’s gallery section which has both bold and little framed pictures. Clicking on any of the little framed pictures displays them in a full-screen format.

There is a map feature in the contact section of the homepage that provides directions alongside information on appointments and bookings. I love the reviews section that uses a leafy background to help make the text worth reading.

Beauty Websites FAQs

What is the Most Popular Beauty Website?

Determining the most popular beauty websites depends largely on the online traffic and visitation that each beauty website receives. The most popular beauty websites are Sephora, Fenty Beauty, Kylie Cosmetics, Vanity Planet, Spongelle, Spectrum, Lush, Dior, Ulta, Glossier, and KKW Beauty.

Where Do People Buy Beauty Products?

People buy beauty products either from a physical store or an online beauty retailer. Both options are great and depend on your location and individual preference. 

What are the Biggest Beauty Brands on TikTok?

Kylie Cosmetics, Rare Beauty, and Fenty Beauty lead the line as the biggest beauty brands on TikTok. Adding to their appeal is the fact that they are either owned or co-owned by some of the biggest moguls in the entertainment industry.

What are the Best Website Builders for Building a Beauty Brand?

The best website builders for building a beauty brand are Squarespace and Wix. They offer the best quality and features for building beautiful online beauty stores.


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