Coaching Websites: 28 Inspiring Examples (2024)

Updated Sep 7, 2023.

Coaching is one of the fastest-growing industries with an estimated annual revenue of $4.564 billion in 2022. You need a good coaching website if you want to position yourself to build a solid reputation and earn big from the coaching industry.

Great coaches like Tony Robbins and Brian Tracy invest in designing great coaching websites to sell their courses and coaching services. Why shouldn’t you?

The best coaching websites are built with top website builders like Wix and Squarespace. You don’t have to hire a web designer.

This article covers the best coaching website templates to attract potential clients and boost your coaching business.

1. Marie Forleo - Coaching Website example
Source: Marie Forleo

Marie Forleo is a popular life coach that helps her target audience succeed in life and business. Her life coaching website is a great template for life coaches that want to add video content to their site.

You can't help but love how Marie uses short video content to show website visitors the strength of her brand and value. Her tagline “Create a Business and Life You Love” is a great summary of the life coaching services she offers.

I love how she displays her social proof by displaying pictures and videos with popular personal brands like Tony Robbins, Elizabeth Gilbert, and Oprah Winfrey.

2. Kimberley Barnard - Coaching Website example
Source: Kimberley Barnard

Kimberley Barnard has one of the best life coach websites you can emulate. The first thing that catches your attention is her hero image which shows her calmly balancing herself on an unsteady pathway.  

Her life coach website uses natural branded images on the beach and calm color schemes that align with her brand goal to empower women. I love how her website text drives a personal connection with her ideal clients.

3. Simon Sinek - Coaching Website example
Source: Simon Sinek

Simon Sinek is a visionary coach, international speaker, author, and thought leader. His website uses a simple and bold design with a rich color scheme of astaire purple and orange colors. 

Sinek has one of the best life coaching websites that anyone can get inspiration from irrespective of the coaching niche. I love how he customizes his services to his ideal coaching clients. 

His website copy on building the help others industry instead of the traditional self-care industry instantly captures your attention and establishes a deeper connection.

4. Motherhood Unstressed - Coaching Website example
Source: Motherhood Unstressed

Motherhood Unstressed is one of the best health coaching websites that health coaches can model after. This website is owned by Liz Carlie, a health and wellness coach.

She plays it safe with a simple white background design and adds featured blog posts and podcasts to her website. I love how the website focuses on offering coaching services and selling recommended CBD products at a discounted rate targeted at her ideal client base.

5. Building Champions - Coaching Website example
Source: Building Champions

Building Champions is a leadership coaching website that offers professional coaching services to teams, leaders, and organizations. This website uses cool cartoon designs and its brand’s logo colors (white, blue, and orange).

You can’t miss the dominant call-to-action button “Schedule A Call” which encourages prospective clients to click and book a free session.

I love how Building Champions use their best client testimonials to show the rich value of their leadership coaching and development programs.

6. Jacqueline Misla - Coaching Website example
Source: Jacqueline Misla

Jacqueline Misla is a career and business coach that helps people and organizations manage business transformations properly. This business coaching website flows nicely from her introducing her mission to the final section, praises from past clients.

I love how the website uses professional images of Jacqueline Misla. She offers three different coaching and consulting packages with great descriptions, each tailored for her unique paying clients.

7. Kristi Soomer - Coaching Website example
Source: Kristi Soomer

Kristi Soomer has a great coaching website that uses neutral tones, high-quality images, and consistent branding to create a professional look. She doesn’t stuff the website with huge information and uses only four headings that support easy navigation. 

I love the free quiz idea she uses to engage and analyze the problems her target clients face running a profitable eCommerce store. Kristi offers free resources in the form of email tips and updates when a website visitor signs up for her newsletter.

8. The Uncommon Way - Coaching Website example
Source: The Uncommon Way

Jenna Harrisson, an online business coach, is the brain behind the business coaching brand, The Uncommon Way. You can’t miss the central “clarity in your business” message written in bold white fonts and her unique coaching process as you visit the website. 

The business coaching website uses crisp fonts and neutral color tones to give a trustworthy and professional brand look. I love how she understands her ideal clients' pain points and states the obvious solution they need, her coaching services, and resources.

9. Jenna Kutcher - Coaching Website example
Source: Jenna Kutcher

Jenna Kutcher is a leading digital marketer and self-care coach with a stunning website. Her site uses a fun and charming copy and high-quality happy images that reflect her confident and interesting personality. 

She uses social proof from reputable clients she worked with to boost her brand and show her expertise. Jenna packs an overwhelming amount of information on her website but uses large sections with simple labels for quick navigation.

10. ALV Coaching - Coaching Website example
Source: ALV Coaching

ALV Coaching is one of the best life coach websites to model your own website after. I love how she uses a clear and straightforward layout to create a positive user experience and direct visitors through her different website sections. 

Ama La Vida features top customer reviews and displays icons of Fortune 500 companies using her services to build trust and credibility. The website is full of high-quality images that reflect professionalism and expertise.

11. Vitalis Coaching - Coaching Website example
Source: Vitalis Coaching

Vitalis Coaching is one of the best life and career coaching websites using natural color schemes (green, white, and brown) to create a serene look. I love how attractive and consistent the call-to-action buttons are throughout the website. 

Visitors can easily navigate to the contact page to talk more about the kind of coaching and therapy services they need. Vitalis Coaching offers a free mini course to help potential clients catch a glimpse of the value they offer.

12. Lauren Miura - Coaching Website example
Source: Lauren Miura

Lauren Miura has one of the top life coaching websites to emulate for life and career coaches. You can’t miss the high-quality professional image of Lauren with a smile directed at you. 

I love how she uses attractive yellow CTA buttons that make you want to click and schedule a consultation. 

She features images of her life coach business certifications to present undeniable proof of her expertise in the field. I love her hero story, and how she presents herself to her potential clients as someone who has faced the same problems and overcome them.

13. Wildly Healthy by Tiffany - Coaching Website example
Source: Wildly Healthy by Tiffany

Wildly Healthy by Tiffany is a great example of a beautiful and effective website for your coaching business. I love how the website uses trumpet teal, white, pink red, and brick red colors to beautify her website. 

Tiffany, a health coach, does a great job of using high-quality images that blend perfectly with her chosen color scheme. This website smartly uses a slideshow to display different clients’ testimonials.

14. A Branch Holly - Coaching Website example
Source: A Branch Holly

A Branch of Holly is one of the best productivity coaching website examples. Holly Bray is a productivity coach that helps professionals and entrepreneurs balance their work-life situations.

I love how Holly wastes no time in using large text to describe what she offers to visitors. She uses several font styles, flowery designs, and warm colors to design the website. As you navigate down the page, you will spot the static widget with her social media links. 

15. Coaching by Carrie - Coaching Website example
Source: Coaching by Carrie

Coaching by Carrie is a great example of a career coach website. This website uses simple designs based on musical notes and calm color schemes for a positive user experience.

Carrie did a great job making her website information brief and straight to the point. Going through the website from top to bottom takes only a few seconds.

You can’t miss the background picture of Carrie smiling and holding a guitar. I love how she uses colorful pictures and interactive elements to display glowing testimonials from her clients.

16. Linda Raynier - Coaching Website example
Source: Linda Raynier

Linda Raynier is a leadership coach that guides professionals in building successful and enviable careers. The first thing you spot is the high-quality professional picture of Linda Raynier smiling in an official work setting.

This website has an embedded video interview video where Linda talks about her coaching services. She provides free content on how to take your resume from ordinary into an interview-generating machine in exchange for your basic contact information.

17. Anna Morgenstern - Coaching Website example
Source: Anna Morgenstern

Anna Morgenstern is a dating coach that teaches her audience how to find love in real life. Her website has a good-quality image of Anne Morgenstern in a casual pose on a couch with a laptop. I love the choice of the picture because it is a great fit for her dating coach brand.

The website’s homepage is simple and only contains two sections. I love how she uses persuasive words to properly explain her services. There’s a clear call-to-action button that encourages visitors to watch a free webinar.

18. Jessica Santosa - Coaching Website example
Source: Jessica Santosa

Jessica Santosa, a relationship coach, is the owner of the dating coaching brand, Dateability. I love how she clearly displays her relationship niche early on, coaching marriage-minded singles looking for a serious relationship.

Dateability uses a simple design filled with high-quality pictures. You can't help but love the black CTA buttons with white text, especially how it nicely contrasts the white and gray background colors.

19. The Donatello Group - Coaching Website example
Source: The Donatello Group

The Donatello Group is a money mindset coach that helps entrepreneurs and business leaders improve their productivity and profit.

The website’s homepage is short and straightforward. Visitors enjoy easy navigation to any of the green menu options to learn more about the money mindset coaching group’s plans, programs, and products.

There are clickable icons of social media platforms with their contact details at the bottom of the website. I love how they added quick links for faster navigation.

20. Desiree Ruiz - Coaching Website example
Source: Desiree Ruiz

Desiree Ruiz’s website is one of the prettiest coaching website examples. The first thing that catches your attention is the good-quality image of Desiree smiling with a natural green background. The eye-catching picture reflects her mission to help women achieve happiness.

I love how she uses fading purple shades as her website’s background. There are pitch-black CTA buttons littered in strategic spots all over her websites to get visitors to become active community members or paying customers.

Check out how Desiree designed her testimonials on the site. She smartly mixes text and video testimonials from her most successful clients to boost her credibility.

21. Body by Amanda - Coaching Website example
Source: Body by Amanda

Amanda Edell is a nutrition and fitness coach that teaches her target clients how to optimize their bodies, minds, and spirits for maximum productivity.

The Body by Amanda website uses high-quality and clean pictures that show the different body goals she can help you achieve. I love the attractive smoke gray color used for the CTA buttons.

You can learn from how she kept only essential information on the homepage. Visitors that want to know more about her programs, read a blog post, or contact her can easily navigate to the respective menu buttons. 

22. Jessica Gregory - Coaching Website example
Source: Jessica Gregory

Jessica Gregory’s website comes alive with each visit thanks to the video playing continuously in the background. I love how the video gives you a clear idea of the coaching service she offers.

She has an unusual way of showing social proof to back her expertise. Jessica shows the fashion companies that her coached models have worked for and the big-name models she has coached.

This website is full of brilliant pictures of models and uses slideshows to show clients’ testimonials and her coaching services.

23. Real World Creatives - Coaching Website example
Source: Real World Creatives

Real World Creatives by Sonya is a wealth expansion coaching website that seeks to help entrepreneurs to record business and personal access. This website design is simple and uses a calm color tone of white and gray.

I love how she offers a discount to new clients to encourage them to sign up for her program. There is a call-to-action after every section on the homepage. Visitors can click on the social media icons to connect with Sonya on her Facebook and Instagram accounts.

24. Ashleigh Kast - Coaching Website example
Source: Ashleigh Kast

Ashleigh Kast is a nutrition and fitness coach. Her website uses high-quality pictures of Ashleigh in fitness wear and poses to boost her brand and increase credibility. She connects her Instagram account to her account to show visitors her latest posts.

There’s an email newsletter pop-up that encourages you to sign up to get the latest news about program launches, discounts, and upcoming events.

25. Greg Faxon - Coaching Website example
Source: Greg Faxon

Greg Faxon offers business coaching services for coaches. His website, built with Squarespace, the best website builder, uses high-quality photos that reflect his charismatic personality.

I love how the first CTA is to take a free self-care quiz to help coaches discover their true coaching niche. Greg uses social proof by showing the logos of top companies that have used his services.

This website offers free resources to visitors. There are three free articles and a PDF file on how to find your clients.

26. Angela Bell - Coaching Website example
Source: Angela Bell

Angela Bell is a wealth coach with a beautiful website you should get inspiration from to create yours. Her website uses warm color schemes and top-quality images to present a professional look.

I love how she adds the TV programs she was featured in and detailed client success stories to build her credibility and brand. She uses amazing copy to address her ideal client’s pain points before presenting her programs as the perfect solution.

27. Christine Lacroix - Coaching Website example
Source: Christine Lacroix

Christine Lacroix is a certified life coach that uses her psychic medium abilities and hypnotherapy to coach her clients. Her website is full of high-quality pictures that help visitors easily navigate and digest the information there.

She connects her Instagram account to her website to show visitors some of her top posts. I love how she keeps information on her homepage short and uses menus to help visitors navigate for more information.

28. Amy Bondar - Coaching Website example
Source: Amy Bondar

Amy Bondar is a health and nutrition coach with a beautiful website designed to match her coaching brand. The website uses an eco-friendly color scheme and high-quality images and illustrations that blend naturally with her health and nutrition coaching image.

There’s a search bar and different menus for easy navigation on her website. I love how Amy Bondar integrates video content to talk about her coaching services. There’s a section called success stories that use disappearing text to display different reviews from clients.


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