Coffee Shop Websites: 35 Inspiring Examples (2024)

Updated Aug 5, 2023.

The coffee industry generates a whopping $95 billion annually in the United States alone. However, there is no shortage of new and existing coffee shops in the market. You need leverage to beat the competition and benefit fully from this viable income stream.

Creating a beautiful coffee website that appeals to your target audience is a vital marketing and promotion tool to grow your coffee shop.

You don’t need to hire a web designer to get the job done. A better and pocket-friendly alternative is to use the best website builders like Squarespace and Wix to create a top-notch cafe website.

This article covers 35 of the best coffee shop websites for you to draw inspiration when creating your own website.

Le Café Potager is one of the best France-based restaurant and cafe websites with light lunch options and delicious breakfast items for customers to enjoy. 

The first element that got my attention is the use of stylish fonts on the homepage. I love the short video about coffee products.

You can’t miss out on the sticky menu bar that makes activities like ordering online and navigating through different pages like child's play.

Cafecito Santa Fe has a simple coffee shop website design with a lovely slideshow of pictures and a transparent call to action button that welcomes visitors.

The bullet navigation bar element gives this great coffee shop website a unique feel and makes movement seamless for visitors who want to explore the page. 

You will love the four-column layout featuring various images of food and items the coffee business has to offer its customers.

Daniel and Paul Dewhurst are the masterminds behind the success of The Blue Swimmer Restaurant & Café. You can argue that the blue and white color scheme gives the coffee website a warm and friendly vibe. 

Online visitors can purchase gift vouchers and make reservations by clicking the two call-to-action buttons at the right corner of the sticky menu bar. 

This one-page coffee shop website design has a three-column image gallery layout with awesome photos displaying various food items. There is a Google map feature to encourage visitors to locate the cafe.

Republic of Pie is a Hollywood-based cafe business that offers its customers a variety of delicious pies and coffee. 

The homepage image features a cool animation of a city with high-rise buildings, palm trees, a mountain, and the company’s logo at the center. This coffee shop website doubles as an e-commerce website.

Visitors can easily shop from the ultimate collection of bakery items and coffee by clicking the congo brown, bean-shaped call to action button. I love the moving text feature that displays the time and music performances to attract potential customers to the coffee shop.

Bryan Overstreet and Reef Bessette are the proud owners of The Coffee Movement coffee shop. I like the mixture of stylish and plain fonts that catches visitors' attention. 

The first thought that crossed my mind after seeing the site’s homepage picture was an impression of elegance and beauty. 

I love how the homepage picture gives off a homely vibe. You can’t miss the vanilla-colored “Contact Us” call to action button that tempts you to click and enjoy its best coffee drinks.

6. Aromi - Coffee Shop Website Example
Source: Aromi

Aromi is a one-page website that is a perfect blend of high-quality pictures. The first image that blew my mind is the homepage photo that displays a combination of mouth-watering, and eye-pleasing food items to get visitors daydreaming.

I love how the site features pictures, text, and multiple dull red-colored CTA buttons in various aspects of the page. This feature enables visitors to perform multiple tasks from the site’s homepage.

7. Caffe Umbria - Coffee Shop Website Example
Source: Caffe umbria

Emanuele Bizzarri is the mastermind behind the success of Caffè Umbria, a Washington-based wholesale coffee roaster company. The embossed background gives the website page an elegant outlook. 

I love how captivating, colorful, and informative the homepage slideshow is. It features various spheres such as a cafe setting and industrial-level production. 

The three-column layout of delicious and brightly colored coffee bags makes it easy for interested customers to purchase their favorite coffee blends.

Felix Roasting Co. is a successful coffee business with a knack for creating quality coffee products. This good coffee shop website welcomes you with a lovely slider displaying exotic cafe images for a professional and elegant outlook. 

You can't miss the three-column layout of various coffee products with a deep teal-colored pop-up call-to-action button to encourage potential customers to purchase. I love how the site’s dominant colors are deep teal and soft amber to make the page look elegant.

Elementary Coffee Co is a simple cafe based in Harrisburg. The site’s homepage picture features the cafe’s full-width front door view. I love how the navigation bar is well-spaced with the company’s logo as its centerpiece. 

The home page features a catalog of high-quality images of various products and the mind-blowing coffee-making process. You can almost taste the coffee just by looking at the images.

I love how the Baltic Sea-colored footer contains vital information such as social media links, a navigation bar, and cafe locations for easy access.

Panther Coffee is a specialty coffee company that does retail and wholesale production. This minimalist website starts with a short biography of the company and its mode of operation written in plain text. 

I love how the company’s website doubles as an online store with various products on display. There is a three-column layout of tasty coffee products with a citrine CTA button for purchase. 

The site's footer is full of vital contact details and black-colored social media icons to encourage interested customers to explore further. 

11. Ginos Café - Coffee Shop Website Example
Source: Ginos cafe

The first element that stirred my interest in Ginos Café is the eye-catching black and white home page photos that give the website a mature vibe. You can't miss the shop’s phone number at the right corner of the menu bar. 

Using high-quality images of food items on a web page is a brilliant way of getting online visitors to place an order. Ginos Café uses this strategy on their website to get a positive response from customers. 

Lee Carter and Caleb Garn are the brains behind the success of Five Watt Coffee. The website site design follows a unique route, the homepage image features a colored, and black/white large banner with the company’s initials as its centerpiece. 

Visitors can use the menu bar for seamless navigation and to explore other amazing sections of the websites. You can use the drop-down button to jump to the site’s footer which houses the site’s contact details and social media icons.

13. Common Grounds Waco - Coffee Shop Website Example
Source: Cgwaco

Common Grounds Waco is a popular coffee shop based in Waco, Texas. This coffee shop website has a simple menu bar with a flashy effect. There is a slideshow of eye-catching images for visitors' amusement with a pause-and-play option. 

I love how the “Menu” call to action button changes its color to shocking orange when you move the cursor around it.

The looping background video displaying activities that occur in the cafe is a major attention grabber that will get first-time visitors glued to the website. I love the strategic positioning of the “Order” call to action button to make it convenient for visitors to place an order.

While exploring the site I was blown away by the colorful theme which gives the website a fun and playful vibe. This coffee shop site features a modern sans-serif display font throughout each section that gives it an energetic personality.

Equator Coffee is a B Corp-certified coffee company with strong ties with major corporations like CNN, Forbes, and Vice. These organizations have their logos on display in the yearly subscription section to serve as a vital source of social proof and credibility. 

I love how the website features a two-minute Youtube video that displays an insightful documentary of the company’s exploits in the coffee industry. 

Customers can use the newsletter section to sign up for updates, and coffee subscriptions, or even purchase one for friends & family.

The energetic vibe that surrounds the Black Rifle Coffee Company website is up the roof. I find the high-quality graphics design elements on the various angles of the site an attention grabber. You can check out the homepage slider to enjoy this captivating view. 

I love how the website values social proof by displaying various logos of companies and organizations that use Black Rifle Coffee Company.

Visitors can submit their email addresses for constant updates by clicking the beer-colored CTA button in the newsletter section.

Visiting the Treme Coffeehouse website is like watching your favorite animation show because of the stylish use of the cartoon image of the coffee shop. Using multiple bright color schemes gives the site a friendly and fun vibe. 

I love how the homepage features a Google map to help captivated visitors find their way seamlessly to Treme Coffeehouse's physical location. You can’t help but notice the red-brown live chat icon that makes it easy for customers to perform vital transitions and orders.

Summer Moon Coffee started its journey as a prominent member of the coffee industry in Taxis but now has several coffee shops in various parts of the state.

The first striking element on this cafe's website is a video background of the company's oak wood coffee roasting process. You can't miss the “Our Process” lava-colored call to action button and a live chat icon on the home page. 

Clicking on the “Our Process” CTA button gives you a sneak peek of how the processing of coffee drinks occurs through a YouTube video. 

19. Hygge Café - Coffee Shop Website Example
Source: Hygge cafes

Hygge Café is one of the UK's finest coffee shops with a large customer base. I love how the web design displays PDF menus instead of web-based menus which gives it a unique feel. 

You will love the Hygge life section featuring a catalog of Instagram reels and short videos to introduce visitors to the fun and exciting aspects of the coffee shop. 

Interested visitors would not have to break a sweat when locating the shop’s outlet because the site has a Google map feature to help.

The dominant white background of the City Place Cafe website makes its black text, high-quality photos of delicious foods, and CTA buttons pop. 

I love how the “Order Now” call to action is at the center of the eye-catching homepage picture. Check out how the company’s logo helps direct visitors’ attention to the page’s center.

The sticky heading bar makes it easy for visitors to navigate every part of the website seamlessly.

The first element that captured my attention is the details that went into creating the company’s logo and how its positioning on the site is a major attention grabber. 

I like how the “check out our menu” call to action button changes its color from natural to driftwood the moment you scroll across. This feature makes this site engaging and fun to explore. 

The live chat option makes it easy for visitors to seamlessly chat up company’s attendants to make orders or inquiries about their products. 

Colectivo Coffee's website welcomes you with an irresistible offer of a newly launched product. The champagne background makes the black-colored coffee bag irresistible and compelling for interested customers. 

Visitors will love the use of multiple colors like fire engine red, supernova, champagne, and black with a splash of animation. The large fonts and bold text make it easy for site visitors to grab every relevant information.

I love how the black CTA buttons blend into the background when you click on them. The layers-by-layer arrangement of vital contents makes scrolling and exploring seamless.

23. Single O Specialty Coffee - Coffee Shop Website Example
Source: Singleo

You can’t help but love the energetic theme surrounding the Single O Specialty Coffee website homepage image. This image displays a creative graphic design/food photography element where you can see a cup of coffee splashing with a bag of coffee beside it. 

Visitors cannot ignore the dashing burning orange “Get Crackin” CTA button that serves as a portal to the online shop. I love how the website displays its best product in large block sections for visitors to make their choice on the homepage. 

Weaver’s Coffee & Tea website design follows the pattern of an online store that offers different varieties and quantities of coffee across different countries. This coffee shop website comes with a wholesale menu for visitors who wants to buy bulk 

The search function makes visitors' journey on the page seamless and worthwhile because they can access specific products without going on a wild goose chase. 

Putting a short text about the company’s operations and a “Buy Coffee” CTA button beside the homepage image is brilliant.

25. Birch Coffee - Coffee Shop Website Example
Source: Birch coffee

Jeremy and Paul are the masterminds behind the success of Birch Coffee, a coffee company with locations ranging from New York to Korea. 

This coffee shop website opens with a well-put-together slider that features the in and outs of the coffee roasting business. These colorful images have a splash of arty-click red CTA buttons to encourage potential customers to make their necessary purchases. 

I love the animation effect on the display section that makes the products appealing to customers. The juicy testimonials for customers with many beautiful reviews about the products are brilliant. 

Interstellar begins with a slideshow of high-resolution pictures that displays mouth-watering food items. I love how the home page has a menu section that follows a grid format to display their cuisines. 

There are several Instagram reels at the button for the page to give visitors a peek into the fun aspect of the restaurant.

Foxy Loxy Café has one of the best coffee shop website designs. I love how all the essential elements blend to give the site a fun and friendly vibe. The combination of black, Rosso Corsa, and whites make every aspect of this website stand out.

This site features an online store that encourages online ordering of coffee beans, T-shirts, coffee blends, and other relevant merchandise. 

You can’t help but admire how Foxy Loxy Café displays its memberships and recognitions to give it a competitive advantage and build credibility. 

I love how the Blackbird Café website features various high-quality pictures in different aspects of the homepage to give it that fun and colorful vibe. The white “Order Pickup” call to action button on the homepage picture makes the online ordering process like child's play.

Visitors who want to perform other activities would find the multiple layers of images and a charcoal gray colored CTA button relevant to making these actions. 

This customer-friendly website has a search engine option on the sticky menu bar to make navigation seamless and fun.

Tofino Coffee Roasting Company is a big shot in the coffee industry that specializes in organic coffee. The caption “Not Just a Coffee. It's a Lifestyle” is catchy and gets you thinking. 

I love how this website’s color scheme is predominately green to give the website an organic and eco-friendly vibe. You will fall in love with the various nature-themed high-quality pictures.

30. Söderberg - Coffee Shop Website Example
Source: Soderberg

Söderberg is an Edinburgh-based Swedish café business with a bakery and seven branches in various parts of the city that are making waves. 

This coffee website displays a lovely slideshow of delicious items like cakes, grit coffee, and rye that are attractive to the eyes.

I love how the white-colored sticky menu bar is full of other page links and three social media icons to encourage seamless navigation.  

31. The Elk - Coffee Shop Website Example
Source: The elk nyc

The Elk is a specialty coffee shop that’s based in New York City. The website arrangement follows a grid format making it easy for visitors to explore various aspects of the homepage in a breeze.  

You can use the live chat icon on the home page for quick actions like making an order or asking relevant questions. Visitors will find the cotton seed-colored call to action button an effective tool for placing their desired orders quickly and seamlessly. 

The user-friendly navigation bar features a search function to make exploration and site-related actions a smooth sail.

32. Quills Coffee - Coffee Shop Website Example
Source: Quills coffee

Nathan Quillo is the successful owner of Quills Coffee, a coffee roaster that sells coffee and coffee subscriptions in small and large quantities. 

I love how the website has a separate menu section that displays images when the trackpad is on it. This feature makes the page easy to navigate and to make precise decisions. 

The hamburger menu bar makes navigation seamless and worthwhile for visitors who want to make transactions. You will find unique certification logos that serve as social proof and increase the company's credibility. 

Ginger & White London has one of the best coffee shop websites with a striking logo, and black and white images of the popular coffee shop as its background image. If you want to explore the website further, you have to click the pages on the navigation bar.

The dominant colors on this great website include black, white, and lightning yellow, giving the site a unique and sophisticated outlook.

The Sweet Spot comprises a bakehouse, Café, and Bakery. Their specialty coffees make this local coffee shop stand out. 

This company’s website features awesome photos of various food items to give life to the site’s content and make it more engaging and customer friendly. Visitors can use the earth and white colored CTA button at the top of the site to make a timely order.

35. Notes - Coffee Shop Website Example
Source: Notes coffee

Notes is a London-based modern coffee house and bar with multiple branches in different locations. 

I love how the website design alternates smoothly between full-bleed photography sections and text with heavy white space. This feature gives the site a sophisticated and elegant outlook. 

The sticky navigation bar makes it easy for visitors to explore every section of the site without any form of restrictions. Finding a Notes location is a seamless process because the website features a transparent “Find your Nearest Notes” CTA button on the homepage.

Coffee Shop Website Examples FAQs

What are the Best Coffee Shop Websites Builders?

There are many website builders for creating a beautiful coffee shop website. However, the best coffee shop website builders are Squarespace and Wix. They offer visually-appealing coffee shop website templates and relevant website-building tools to help you create a smoking-hot webpage that will get customers pouring in. 

What Should Be Included on the Coffee Website?

Your coffee website should have every relevant detail your customer will require to carry out transactions seamlessly. The content of your web page includes your operating hours, coffee house location, products, a customer-friendly navigation bar, and high-quality photos of your company’s activities.  

Should a Cafe Have a Website? 

Yes! A well-structured cafe website is a must-have for every coffee house or cafe. If you want to build trust and retain your customer, you need a beautiful and engaging website to help you with this process. With a website, you can seamlessly put everything the customer wants or needs to know all in one place. 


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