Contractor Websites: 30 Inspiring Examples (2023)

Updated Aug 20, 2023.

Do you want to open a new website for your contracting business? Are you having issues with attracting and converting potential clients into paying customers? Before you start reviewing your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tactics, check your website design.

The best contracting businesses have professional and visually appealing web designs that convince visitors to use their services.

Hiring web design companies to design your website can be expensive for a new business and an existing one. The better alternative is to use website builders like Wix and square space to design a contractor website that will meet all your specifications.

This article explores the 30 best contractor websites you can use as inspiration when designing your own website.

Let’s get started.

Robert Carpentry’s construction company site has a modern web design featuring high-quality images to give potential customers a good overview of its services. 

Interested website visitors can click the “See Portfolio” call to action button to explore content on past projects. The portfolio section uses a one-column thumbnail layout with high-resolution pictures as covers and titles to guide prospective customers while exploring. 

This modern website features a king-size Luxor gold-colored Instagram icon linking directly to Robert Carpentry's profile.

Schmitt + Company has one of the best general contractor website designs you can get out there. I love how the home page features an eye-catching slider of the company’s work engagingly and elegantly. 

As you explore further, you will notice elements that make this website stand out. The vast number of thumbnails with beautiful covers of various projects convince new clients they are up to the task.  

I like how the parallax scrolling effect and bullet navigation bar give this construction company website a unique outlook.

3. CJ’s Construction - Contractor Website Example
Source: Cjsroof

CJ’s Construction is a family-owned construction company with a website featuring a sleek design with a modern approach to the user interface. This construction website uses red wine, white, and a splash of black as its dominant colors. 

I like how the website welcomes you with a stunning image of workmen executing a secured roofing project and a “Get A Quote” CTA with a hover effect. The private policy feature on the homepage is a brilliant way to gain visitors' trust and compel them to invest.

NOVO Construction was founded In November 2000, by Jim Fowler, Robert Williamson, and Arne Ericson. The homepage has striking visuals, while the navigation bar is clear and concise, making it easy for clients to explore various aspects of the construction website. 

I love how elegant the hero image is with home furniture and accessories which displays the firm's expertise in the construction industry. This minimalist website features an animated header and smooth-scrolling sections with faded-orange colored CTAs in each section.

Potential clients will love the homepage video that features the company’s customized approach for every unique client.

Schumacher Construction's homepage features a lovely kitchen image with mind-blowing furniture and accessories designs in the hero section. 

The transparent navigation bar makes the image pop and visible to potential clients and serves as a tool for seamless exploration of the site’s pages. 

I like how the history section uses clear text with easy-to-read fonts to get site visitors up to speed about the company's details. Potential clients can use the transparent “Start Now” CTA button with a hover effect to schedule an appointment with Schumacher Construction.

Cortes Contractors offers top-notch drywall repair services in the Central Oregon communities and all the surrounding areas. Visitors can seamlessly click the “Contact Us” CTA to schedule a meeting with the company in a jiffy. 

The website is designed with a minimalistic approach, using classic colors and fonts to create a timeless look. I love how the dominant colors on the homepage (cyan-blue and white colors) give the website design a professional outlook. 

I like how the website features descriptive icons in the “Service” action to make the content more interactive and engaging.

7. Legacy Homes - Contractor Website Example
Source: Legacyh

Visitors will love and admire the background video in the hero section that displays a vast array of land and finished construction works. I like how the website features elements of motion graphics to grab visitors' attention and keep them scrolling. 

Legacy Homes’ website features multiple thumbnails in the “Gallery and Plan” section to give potential clients a sneak peek into what they can deliver. This contractor’s website smartly displays logos of the communities they have homes.

Kato Electrical has a simple, minimalist, and professional contracting website design that makes every site visitor confident in the company’s expertise. 

Visitors can use the drop-down menu to explore the company's top services before deciding on doing business with them. I like how the site uses engaging and informative copywriting to engage visitors and inform them about its services.

Kato Electrical's website features a projects section showcasing many completed projects. You can use Google Maps at the button of the page to pinpoint the company’s physical location.

9. LBR Partners - Contractor Website Example
Source: Lbr partners

LBR Partners has a sophisticated and elegant website design that's sure to wow visitors when they arrive. The first catchy element of the web page is a high-quality image of a well-designed living room and a dark beige-colored “Get Started” CTA.

The parallax scrolling effect makes all the elements move in sync. giving the homepage a unique and satisfying feel as you explore the contents.

I like how the page features content about Belkis & Rafael Valdivia, the owners of the company. 

Legacy Innovative Builders is an award-winning contracting company with various state-of-the-art projects to prove the company’s expertise. 

You can’t help but admire how the company’s logo is the basis for its website’s color scheme. I like how the contractor website has a “Request an Estimate” CTA button in the strategic sections to encourage clients to take action.

The company displays the list of its top services such as secured roofing, garage, remodeling,​ painting, and electrical in the “ Service” section.  

The black background and parallax effect are the most catchy elements that play a vital role in the positive visual appeal of site visitors. I like how the black background makes other elements pop and be visible. 

Potential and current clients can click the faded orange-colored CTA to get an estimate. To ensure potential clients don't seek contracting services from other competitors' sites, Honest Renovators' site features an engaging customer review section. 

You can submit your details in the newsletter section for updates on the company's next project, current estimates, and other construction-related information.

The bright color scheme, parallax scrolling effect, and high-resolution images make Kevin Carpenter Interiors' web design engaging, lively, and fun to explore. 

I like how the customer testimonials section features a pale blue lily background color which helps to bring life to the various heartwarming customer reviews. 

Similar to other general contractor websites, Kevin Carpenter Interiors' site features a newsletter section with a lovely Persian-blue background. The site’s footer houses a link to the contact page.

United Elite Group’s website features an aesthetic design with bold colors and a sleek layout. I love how the black background makes all the elements on the site shine.

The first catchy element you will admire is a full-width image slider that displays various jaw-dropping projects that are sure to wow clients. I like how the website uses a zig-zag text and image layout to communicate the company’s core values. 

United Elite Group’s footer features a horizontally shaped navigation bar which makes it easy for clients to explore other pages.

Zonce Woodworking has a modern, minimalist design, a neutral color palette, and an eye-catching hero image displaying carpentry tools. The concise nature of this website makes it stand out among the best contractor websites and puts it in its class. 

New clients can seamlessly access Steve Zonce who is the business owner via the company’s toll-free number on the hero image. 

The sticky header makes exploring the portfolio/gallery page seamless. This feature is a great marketing strategy and gives customers an idea of Zonce Woodworking’s capabilities. 

Express Drywall Services is a Toronto-based contractor company that offers services like drywalling, taping, insulations, and soundproofing. I like how the company doesn't waste time in bringing out the big guns by displaying their top services below the hero session. 

Interested clients can click the black colored “Free Quote” clear call-to-action button on the service section and the sticky navigation bar. The site footer features various images of high Google and Homestars customer review ratings which is a great source of social proof.

Time Critical Glazing is a construction company that specializes in high-quality window and door installations for residences, hotels, skyscrapers, and construction businesses.

This contractor's website features clean and professional designs with texts from the right angles and the perfect message to convince potential clients to use it. The background video in the hero section is part of the company's unique selling proposition.

Time Critical Glazing features a contact form that helps them to generate quality leads and gives potential customers an avenue to reach them swiftly. 

I like how the dark color theme, high-quality images, and the parallax scrolling effect gives T&A Construction website a professional and business-focused outlook.

Potential clients can seamlessly reach T&A Construction right away by clicking on the “Let's Chat” live chat widget on the right corner of the page. I love how the site features a slider effect for the testimonial section to engage visitors and boost social proof. 

Clients can request cost estimates by submitting vital information about their own projects in the request quote section.

Construction Corfu is a Greece-based construction company with a list of skilled workers and completed work. This construction website design welcomes you with a stunning hero image of a well-constructed building with the company’s name written in bold fonts. 

I like how the hero section features two CTA buttons and drop-down menus which will help potential clients navigate the site seamlessly. 

You cannot help but notice the sticky social media icon widgets at the left side of the construction website homepage. This feature makes it easy for website visitors to reach Construction Corfu’s social media profiles easily.

Anderson Plumbing Co website color scheme is an off-shoot of the company’s logo colors. The dominant colors include basketball orange and redwood giving this contractor's website design a fun outlook.

I like how the site features a unique and outstanding photo slider of the company’s history. The site features visual characteristics like menu icons, award and association logos, and customer reviews to appear credible to visitors. 

Memosand General Construction site is among the best general contractor websites that feature vital details about the company. The homepage features before and after templates and three column layout of their past projects in the “Project” section. 

Interested clients can visit the black-colored site’s footer to acquire estimates about projects or use the toll-free number to contact the company. The site uses bold fonts to communicate its message which is not wordy but concise and straightforward.

A&K General Contractor’s website features a modern and minimalist design focusing on its services and project-related content. I like the simple yet effective navigation bar that makes it easy for customers to easily access the various services the company offers.

I like how the “Our Story section features text and video content to display the company’s work ethics and ongoing projects. You can use the “Let’s Talk” widget at the right corner of the page to have a quick chat with the company’s official about your project.

MSCS Inc is a construction company that offers flooring-related services. The welcome page has a minimalist design with interactive elements like an image slider, social media channels, and CTAs that serve as links to the main site. 

I like how the sidebar displays Instagram feeds of current projects which play the role of an interactive element and social proof. 

You cannot help but notice the large logo of the National Wood Flooring Association award. This element helps to attract more customers because it proves the company’s credibility. 

Timberline HVAC’s homepage features a background video of the company's activities with a king-size “Schedule Appointment” call to action. I like how the service section uses a two-column layout to display the top services of Timberline HVAC with a camo-green CTA.

The site’s newsletter section above the footer is full of vital information like contact details, toll-free numbers, office addresses, and social media icons.

Absolute Masonry and Foundation Services specializes in foundations of buildings and structures. The before and after section helps to boof credibility. 

I like how the homepage features professional photos showcasing the Company's work and an attractive header with its logo at the center. You can’t help but admire the stylish fonts that give the web design a sophisticated outlook.  

The live chat widget makes it possible for potential clients to reach the company swiftly. Visitors can access the blog page via the navigation bar to read any blog post that gets their interest.

25. Milestone Construction Renovations - Contractor Website Example
Source: Milestone yyc

Milestone Construction Renovations was founded in 2011 and offers experienced trade services in the renovation and construction industry to ensure they satisfy their clients.

I like how the site welcomes visitors with bright images of past projects that show their excellence in delivery. As you scroll further, you will find a single thumbnail that features the company’s recent project and the delivery process to attract new clients and prove its credibility. 

The page’s footer has information such as the company’s address, phone number, and social media links.

Contractors Reporting Services is a Florida-based contractor licensing and approval company. The sticky header on the homepage makes navigation seamless and enjoyable for potential customers who want to explore various aspects of the site. 

This licensing contractor service uses a two-column layout to display its top services. The “Service” section features engaging texts that are sure to convince potential clients to take immediate action. 

I like how the site displays multiple columns of customer reviews which is a strong source of social proof.

JDG Constructions are popular for building amazing custom architect-designed homes. Their activities range from foundations, frames, exterior details, and luxury finishes.

I love the hamburger menu bar which serves as a navigation portal for visitors and potential clients willing to strike a deal with the organization. The site features various engaging and interactive elements such as the slideshow of project thumbnails you can click to explore. 

You cannot but admire the moving text element featured in the article section which gives the website a sophisticated outlook.

28. JL General Contractors - Contractor Website Example
Source: My fixit guys

JL General Contractors offer construction-related activities like designing, remodeling, rebuilding, and maintenance to interested clients. The homepage features an eye-catching image showcasing the company’s services and capabilities. 

This general contractor and home services website features a high-quality image slider with bold images of the Company's projects. 

I like how the services and repair section features a two-column layout with text explaining details about the service and a papaya orange-colored CTA button. Adding images to the customer review section is a brilliant strategy to get the potential to trust the company.

Tyler Mitchell is the mastermind behind the success of Tyler Mitchell Construction which offers handyman services in areas like Ajax, Brock, Clarington, Oshawa, and Pickering.

The homepage features a brief overview of the company's services in a two-column layout format. You can’t help but love the modern, sleek, and eye-catching web design that is easy to navigate. 

I like how the website features handy elements like a search icon that makes it easy for visitors to surf the pages with ease.

Brito Construction's website design is equipped with a crisp and colorful professional design that will capture potential customers' attention. I love the multiple red-colored sticky widgets such as a live chat icon and social media icons that encourage visitors to reach out. 

This contractor website’s features a two-minute Youtube video that displays some of the company's projects and their level of expertise. You will find various logos of accreditation in the site’s footer proving the company’s credibility.

Construction Business Website FAQs

Do Construction Companies Need Websites?

Yes, construction companies need websites to effectively reach and convince their target audience that they are up to the task. Construction websites play a vital role in helping companies display their past projects for potential clients to see.  

Is Squarespace Good for Contractors?

Yes, many contractor websites are built by Squarespace making it a legitimate and good website builder for contractors who require a professional website. Squarespace offers international and local businesses elegant contractor website templates they can use to build their sophisticated contractor websites.   

How Do I Advertise My Construction Company?

You can advertise your construction company in various ways and with different strategies. Here are some tips on advertising your company: include your staff in the marketing campaign, promote your business on social media, encourage past customers to come back, and set up Google Ads.

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