Best Dentist Websites: 41 Inspiring Examples (2023)

Updated Jul 18, 2023.

A great dental website can be the difference between a dental office that attracts new clients and one that doesn’t.

The first impression that potential patients have of your dental services is everything. Do you know that patients will judge whether or not to book an appointment online with you based on how professional your website’s dental design is?

Building a great dentist website is essential for success in the modern dental industry. You don’t have to spend a fortune to hire a website designer or waste time learning how to design from scratch. Use the best website builders like Squarespace and Wix instead.

This article shows the best dental website examples that you can take inspiration from to design your own dental website.

Dental Care Seattle is a great example of a clutter-free and modern dental website design. I love how the dental site uses colorful and high-quality images with bold white text placed strategically in the middle.

This dentist’s website uses a white background and a mobile-friendly interface. You can’t help but admire how it shows logos of top brands on its website to boost credibility and earn the trust of potential clients.

North Beach Dental Care is one of the top dental websites you can use as inspiration to create yours. I love how it displays pictures of the clinic and personnel. You can’t help but love the charming picture of North Beach Dental Care’s personnel in a homely setting.

There’s a YouTube video embedded in the website that provides a better view of its dental practices. This family dental website uses a quote from one of its top dentists that shows professionalism and care.

South San Francisco Dental Care is the perfect example of a modern website design. The hero section sticks out to me because it draws attention to the beautiful smile gallery that serves as the background for the CTAs and headlines. 

There’s a video thumbnail that you click and it takes you on a virtual tour of the South San Francisco Dental Care. You can’t help but admire the way it uses a rhombus-shaped custom photography of its key dentists to make the website more appealing to users.  

I love the Patient Reviews section because it helps build trust and credibility. This dentist’s website displays its glowing 5-star review ratings from top sites like Facebook, Google, and Yelp!

The Ivory Dental Group’s website is colorful and appeals to the eye. You can’t miss out on the high-quality pictures of Dr. Bradford Morse and Dr. Cole Brenny, the faces behind this dental practice.  

I love how this dental website contains vital information about its business hours, phone number, and dental office address. The Ivory Dental Group integrates some of its blog content into its website to provide visitors with more information about its dental service. 

The Newark Orthodontic Center’s website uses a slideshow of beautiful photography with cute smiles that set the tone for its friendly dental-patient relationship building.   

I love how the website offers a virtual chat option to help visitors easily navigate and get quick answers to their questions. There is a case gallery page that uses pictorial evidence to show the effectiveness of its dental services.

Spencer Dentistry has a clean dental website that is pleasing to the eye. There are multiple light blue CTA (Call-to-Action) buttons that make it easy for potential patients to book appointments online.

The site's distinctive and lovely imagery of a woman showing her teeth is stunning. You will find high-quality images of people smiling as you scroll through the different sections on the website. 

I love how Spencer Dentistry uses negative space and white background to create a beautiful web design.

Sparks Precision Dental has a great custom dentist website that showcases its unique brand and attracts visitors to make appointments online. You can’t help but love its clean aesthetic and the use of blue and light colors which gives it a fun and caring atmosphere.

I love how the website uses high-tech elements and visuals to appeal to its target audience. There is a colorful section that shows pictures of before and after dentition which helps build trust and credibility in its services.

Sparks Precision Dental carefully structures the website to answer website visitors’ questions and highlight its brand strength to get them to request an appointment online.

Northern Heights Dental by Dr. Jacob Williams is a great dental website you can use as inspiration to create your own site. You can’t miss the high-quality family picture with bright smiles which gives the website a personal touch.

This website uses cloud burst, lavender mist, and white colors to attract potential clients to its rich text. I love the biography section of Dr. Jacob Williams, the chief dentist, and how he showcases his rich networks in prominent dentist associations.

Ohio Dental Clinic is a minimalist dental website that uses little space to deliver its rich content and leave an impression on visitors. The first thing you see on the website is a high-quality image of a dentist treating a patient. 

You can’t miss out on the black “Schedule Appointment” CTA at the center of the page that entices website visitors to make an online booking.

St. Lawrence Dental makes it easy for visitors to find logistical information by displaying them at the top right corner of its website. You can’t miss out on the headshot of a smiling patient. 

I love how this dental website arranges its different segments. There is a navigation icon on the right-hand side you can use to easily navigate to any part of the homepage. 

Cypress Creek Dental’s website leads with a beautiful picture of its two top dentists, Dr. Tia Kennedy and Dr. Whitney Flippo. You can’t help but love the clever use of white and black colors to make the website engaging and attractive to every eye. 

There is a slideshow of before and after pictures of different patients that help prospective clients make the book appointment decision. I love how the website is full of video testimonials from previous happy clients about its quality dental services.

12. Studio Dental - Best Dentist Websites
Source: Studio dental

Studio Dental is one of the best dentist websites that you can use as inspiration to create your own site. You can’t help but love the use of a beautiful photograph of its physical location that makes you want to pay a visit. 

This dental website uses black and desert sand background colors to complement its images and fonts. I love how Studio Dental leaves its physical address and contact details at the footer for potential customers to easily find it.

13. Bryant Dental - Best Dentist Websites

Bryant Dental’s website is charming to the eyes with a black backdrop, white lettering, and carefully arranged web elements. The aspect that really makes it stand out is the AI personal assistant function which helps visitors navigate the dental service. 

I find it impressive how this well-designed website blends 3D graphics, educational films, and original effects to create a beautiful web design.

Dental by Design is one of the best dental websites with a simple and minimalist design. I love how it uses white and black background colors that make other vital elements shine.

The first design element that attracts your attention is the high-quality picture of a smiling woman with sparkling clean dentition. You can’t miss out on the Make an Appointment calls-to-action (CTA) button. 

Online forms are a necessity for a good dental website. I love how Dental by Design places an online form to collect contact information of potential clients and build its client database.

Dr. Laurence Rifkin’s website uses a simple white background design which makes its content easily visible to visitors. I love how the website uses many high-quality photographs that you can’t help but pay close attention to.

There are embedded videos that show the dental services offered by Dr. Laurence Rifkin. This personal dental website does a great job of highlighting his expertise through numerous sections and displaying his impressive CV.

16. Island Orthodontics - Best Dentist Websites
Source: Island ortho

Island Orthodontics is one of the most beautiful website designs on our list. You will love the way it mixes pink and blue colors to create a masterpiece. I love how every CTA button except one uses the blue color and changes to white when you move your cursor on them. 

This dental website is full of high-quality happy photographs that speaks volume of its rich services. There are cool graphic designs that add some sparkle to this beautiful website. 

Atlanta Dental Spa is one of the great dental websites complete with SEO optimization and modern features. The first thing that catches your attention on the website is the darkened video background that plays nonstop.  

I love how Atlanta Dental Spa chooses the white text to complement the dark video background and make the text more visible to visitors. Visitors can easily navigate and learn more about its different services like oral surgery, and general and cosmetic dentistry.

You can’t help but admire how Atlanta Dental Spa organized its customer success stories. There are customer reviews and video clips attached for a stronger appeal to potential clients.

18. Swish Dental - Best Dentist Websites
Source: Swishsmiles

Swish Dental has one of the best modern dentist website designs you can model your site after. The use of rose white, dark blue, and gray as background colors is a brilliant move. I love how this dental website uses black fonts that are easily visible on a light background.

You can’t miss out on the beautiful high-quality video of a patient using Swish Dental services with a bright smile on her face. 

Swish Dental integrates its online store and blog as sections on its website. The Tiffany blue CTA button calls your attention and makes you want to click.

Rockland Smile Builders’ website welcomes you with a high-contrast picture of a girl with a beautiful smile. You can’t miss out on its official contact phone number located at the top right side of the website and its dark lavender CTA buttons. 

I love how this website uses multiple bright colors for its text and sections which adds beauty and matches its fun and warm brand voice. This kid dentist website brilliantly adds a section where different kids talk about their pleasant experiences to build trust and credibility.

Bay Area Dental Surgery’s website is the perfect example if you want to create a simple website design with few distracting elements. The use of black and white colors is brilliant and draws visitors’ attention to the information it wants to pass. 

This simple website layout displays high-quality and professional images of its staff and doctors to win the trust of visitors. I love the Contact Us section that provides information about the dental center’s phone number, email, address, and office hours.

The Dentist Group is a super modern dental practice with a beautiful website design. You can’t help but love the mariner and white colors that dominate the website. As you navigate through the different sections, the mariner header follows you down to the footer. 

I love how the navigation menu is hidden by three horizontal lines. When you click on it, the navigation menu appears in a sideway view. This modern dental practice displays pictures of its top and most experienced dentists.

22. Smile Bar - Best Dentist Websites
Source: Smilebar

Smile Bar is one of the best dental websites with an attractive design layout. Everything on the website takes a central position with white spaces covering the sides. 

The first thing you see on the site is the black and white headshot of a smiling woman showing her nice dentition. Other pictures used on the websites are colorful and show Smile Bar’s dental office to visitors. 

Smile Bar displays logos of top publications where it got favorable mentions to serve as social proof and boost its credibility.

23. Rossinski Dental - Best Dentist Websites
Source: Rossinski

Rossinski Dental is one of the best dentist offices in New York. You can’t help but love how it makes navigation easier with its search button. I love how the website is optimized for search engines.

This dental website uses white, gray, seashell, and pale orange colors to give a website a beautiful and professional look. There is a slideshow of glowing past testimonials that makes visitors want to book an appointment.

24. The Gleamery - Best Dentist Websites
Source: The gleamery

The Gleamery uses an attractive web design targeted at a younger audience. You can’t miss out on the video playing in the background which shows the kind of dental services they offer.

I love this dental website’s font choices, colorful and high-quality images, and persuasive copy that makes you want to click on the blue CTA button. There is a section where it smartly compares the cost and flexibility of its services to using a traditional dentist.

25. ProFresh - Best Dentist Websites
Source: Profresh

ProFresh has a great dental website that focuses on combating bad breath. The sales-focused dentist website shows a 10% product discount pop-up designed to collect visitors' contact details and get them signed to its newsletter. 

You can’t miss out on a high-quality picture of a happy family with clear smiles. I love the use of pale blue lily, white, and blue whale colors which gives the website a mint and fresh look.

26. Domino Dental - Best Dentist Websites

Domino Dental has a colorful and well-arranged website design that is effective in attracting potential patients. The combination of bright colors, different fonts, and a conversational writing style will keep you scrolling till you get to the end of the webpage. 

I love the interactive menu button that helps you easily navigate to different pages on the website. There’s a patient testimonial section that shows what past clients think about Domino Dental’s services.

27. Videa - Best Dentist Websites

Videa’s website uses a modern and eye-catching design that aligns with its goal to transform patient care with artificial intelligence (AI). The first thing that catches your attention is the high-quality photograph of a dentist holding an X-ray chart. 

You can’t miss the blue CTA buttons that draw your attention. I love how it builds credibility by displaying logos of industry-trusted leaders that recommend it. There is a result page that displays FDA-vetted studies on its innovative AI dental treatments.

Wisdom Dentistry is a children-focused dental practice with a simple website dominated by white spaces. I love how this website displays its contact address and phone number where you can’t miss it (the site’s header).

The use of circular high-quality pictures of dental kits instead of dentists’ pictures attracts your attention. There is a slideshow of pictures showing kids all smiles using the dentist center’s recommended dental products.

The Little Royals ‘ website focuses on offering dentistry for kids. I love how it uses children-like designs to appeal to its target audience. The lovely cloud and kid animation and shooting star element are beautiful.  

There is an accessibility icon that you can use to customize the website to suit your preferences. The Little Royals integrates a YouTube video on its website that helps explain its philosophy to visitors.

Kingstowne Dentist is one of the best dental websites you can draw inspiration from to create your own site. The first thing that catches your attention is a beautiful video playing in the background that shows its state-of-the-art dental services.

The webpage is full of useful information and high-quality beautiful pictures that keep you scrolling to the end. There is an accessibility button that allows you to customize the website for a more personalized and amazing user experience.

Kindergrins Dental is one of the best neo-kids dentistry centers with a kid-friendly website design. The first thing you see is the high-quality picture of a smiling girl and a toothbrush on a complete set of human teeth.

I like the way the website uses a white box to draw visitors’ attention to vital information about its dental services. There is a slideshow of good quality pictures that shows you pictures about Kindergrins Dental.

Peak Dental is a great dentist practice that targets a young patient base. You can’t miss out on the good-quality picture of a young woman wearing a bright grin. I love the white and green background colors that give the website a fresh and modern look. 

This great dental website lures you to click on its green CTA buttons to book an online appointment. There is a blog section that shows you the latest three blog posts for your enjoyment.

Total Health Dental Care’s website welcomes you with four square-grid pictures that show what it does. This dental practice uses a green, white, and black color scheme that matches its healthy brand image.

As a warm-welcoming gesture from this dental care company, there is a “chat now” feature available at the bottom of the homepage to answer users’ queries.

Dentistry in Bellevue is a visually-appealing website design using a well-balanced color palette to highlight the beauty of the mountain in the background.

This dentist's website exudes a calm and serene aura, in large part due to the tranquil background image that is seen on its homepage

The tooth-shaped emblem that appears at the top center of the homepage makes it clear to every visitor what this website offers. I love how there is a customer care number displayed where everyone can see it.

Arch Dental of Manhattan is a popular dental practice that adopts a modern design for its website. The sleek layout and modestly sized thumbnail that distinguishes the special offer section catches the eye.

You can’t miss the high-quality photos and legible typography used on this dental website which gives it a beautiful appeal. I love how this dental practice puts its physical address and its high rating onGoogle at the top-right side of the website.

Nadia Winstead is a great example of a personal dental site you can model to build your own website. The first thing you see is a stock picture of an office setting. I love how Dr. Nasia Winstead displays his many years of dental experience to build trust with potential patients.  

The use of white spaces makes the other design elements and fonts easily noticeable to visitors. Visitors can easily schedule an appointment with their contact phone number, Facebook, and email address.

Riverside Dental Center has a beautiful dental website design that helps prospective clients easily book its services online within seconds. This dental website uses attractive pictures that show its office space and services to visitors. 

The combination of blue, white, and black colors makes the website pleasing to the eyes. I love how the Riverside Dental Center uses minimal typography to avoid boring the reader with long blocks of text.

Chaplin Dental is one of the best dental websites with a modern design. I love the use of gradients of blue colors that gives the site a cool and fresh appearance. 

You can’t miss out on the clear blue CTA buttons that prompt visitors to take action. There is an online review section that displays the best testimonials from happy patients.

Lake Bluff Dental website uses high-quality images that show its dentist offices with a contemporary style to inspire trust in potential new patients.

Dr. Carolyn Griffin, the founder of Lake Bluff Dental, displays her numerous dental certifications to build trust and credibility in her services.

I love how this dental site shows contact details, business hours, social media links, and a “Book Now” CTA button on its header section. There is a slideshow of customer success stories that helps win prospective clients.

The background video on the homepage of the Smile and Co. website does justice to the name of the brand. This dentist’s website offers the best dental practices with all smiles as seen in its video compilation

I love Smile and Company’s simple and sleek website design. You can’t help but admire its seamless video integration, flawless slider, excellent hovering effect, and subtle animation features that combine to make this website unique. 

Smile and Company dedicates a section where it displays its physical address, contact details, and business hours. The use of patient testimonials helps the dental practice build trust and credibility.

41. Little Happy Tooth - Best Dentist Websites

Little Happy Tooth is a welcoming children's dentistry website that uses a lot of white background space. A rotating animated image of a little girl with a tooth and a girl on a call are two images that will capture your attention. 

You can’t miss out on its social media icons and vibrant and colorful logo. The smile gallery of practitioners with an automatic slideshow function does a good job of instilling trust and confidence in parents.

I love how Little Happy Tooth provides lots of dental health tips, modern methods, and services it offers on its website. 

Dentist Websites FAQs

What are the Best Website Builders for Dentists?

The best website builders for dentists are Squarespace and Wix. Many dentists use Squarespace and Wix to create their dental websites because of their large collection of dentist site templates and easy-to-use website-building tools. 

Why is Your Dentist Website an Important Marketing Tool?

Your dental website is a practical marketing tool that helps you showcase your expertise to potential patients online. An SEO-optimized dentist website will attract new businesses to your dental practice.

How Much Does a Dental Website Cost?

The cost of a dental website varies based on the method you choose to use with a range from $10 to $10,000. Hiring a website designer is the most expensive option while doing it yourself is the most cost-effective option but that is only possible with the required skill set. Your best option is to use a website builder with affordable subscription plans like Squarespace and Wix. 

What Do the Best Dental Websites Have in Common?

The best dental websites have attractive and engaging website designs, professional photos, compelling copy, easy and fast navigation, and mobile and SEO-friendly pages. 

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