Event Websites: 21 Inspiring Examples (2023)

Updated Aug 13, 2023.

Creating an event website is one of the most effective ways to drive registration and market your event to the public. You can paint an interesting picture of your event’s aesthetic and story into an experience that site visitors will love to explore for themselves.

Designing an event site can be time-consuming to create one from scratch or expensive to hire an expert web designer. The better alternative? Use the best website builders like Squarespace and Wix to create attention-grabbing websites at an affordable rate with less effort.

This article explores 21 event website examples you can use as inspiration when creating your own event website.

Let’s get started.

Vorstadt Sounds is a small festival on the outskirts of Zurich Switzerland. This website’s navigation bar features various contents and links to other site pages, helpful information, and a shopping cart that leads to the online store. 

Interested visitors can click on the shopping cart icon to explore the online shop to purchase Vorstadt Sounds merchandise.

I love how the site maximizes every white space and uses large texts and bold fonts to encourage attendance. With the Google Map feature, people can seamlessly locate and attend the next party to have fun.

2. Desertscene - Event Website Example
Source: Desert scene

Desertscene is a London-based company that focuses on underground sounds, tours, and specialty club-based shows. 

I like how the company chooses a dark-themed background without any white space. This event website features important details like information about their next event. 

Desertscene features two dark jungle green CTA buttons that make the newsletter and contact page pop up on the screen. This homepage has a clean design with a sticky menu bar which promotes easy navigation.

3. Elements - Event Website Example
Source: Elements fest

The Elements Festival features various music and arts activities and allows attendees to camp out. The first catchy thing that got my attention is a mind-blowing image of the element festival past event featuring the large state with fire effects and people having a great time. 

I like how the boysenberry-colored CTA button in the middle of the image has a gradient effect making it appalling for visitors to click. By clicking on this button, visitors can purchase tickets seamlessly.

4. Busspepper - Event Website Example
Source: Busspepper

Busspepper’s website design is out of this world. I love the colorful and fun outlook that makes vital elements like the menu bar user-friendly. 

This event site welcomes you with a mind-blowing background video of past events which is a taste of what potential attendees can look forward to. Choosing an eye-catching graphic design and a slideshow to promote upcoming events is brilliant. 

You can follow every virtual event by joining the party movement on Instagram or submitting your details in the newsletter section for constant updates on the next event.

The London Film Music Orchestra website uses the wow effect to get its visitors excited about the upcoming event. Choosing stars and the moon background with an image of a live Orchestra section is a brilliant way of painting a picture of a magical night. 

If you want to visit other pages, the navigation is your new best friend. Each menu serves as a portal to various pages and the white color makes it pop under the stars and moon background.

6. Our Yard - Event Website Example
Source: Ouryard

Our Yard is a yard sales initiative that focuses on creating spaces & opportunities for all generations and backgrounds to meet & connect. 

What's catchy about the website page is how the site’s color scheme follows the colors on the organization’s logo (bunning orange and deep oak). The homepage image features a yard sale with various people's transactions and the use of bold text to welcome visitors is brilliant. 

I love how the website displays upcoming events in calendar view, which makes it more engaging and easy to view.

Mountains on Stage is a global film festival with a reach of over 75,000 spectators in 20 countries. 

The first catchy element on the site is a lovely graphic design featuring a snowy mountain, two hikers, and the event’s logo in its center. I love the parallel scrolling effect which makes the home sleek and fun to scroll.

You can’t help but notice how the website’s footer only displays logos of sponsors and three social media icons like Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram. Visitors can click these icons to access the event’s online profiles.

8. KLEVR Events - Event Website Example
Source: Klevr.events

KLEVR Events is a company full of passionate and innovative event coordinators who are experts in making your dream event experience into reality. 

I love how the company’s website displays multiple flashy colors in straight and gradient formats. This element makes the pages fun and lively for site visitors to explore. 

What I find interesting on the website homepage is a Youtube video which is a showcase of past events. The testimonial section is packed with multiple videos featuring clients' reviews about the effective services of this event management platform.

Pasadena International Film Festival is a 9-day event that features a highly entertaining collection of independent films. The festival wraps up with an awards ceremony for that year's very best films.

I love how the site’s color scheme is predominantly jasmine and black to make the site look classy and sophisticated. The combination of bold and straight text makes it easy to structure the site's text in an orderly and readable fashion. 

You will see various high-quality pictures of people having fun which is proof that the event is usually exciting.

Women Techmakers Belfast is an organization whose focus is providing a harassment-free experience for everyone, regardless of gender, or age. sex, disability, and concerning other factors. 

Instead of a sticky navigation bar, the site uses a bullet menu bar to aid seamless movement across pages. 

I love how the paint splash effect on different areas makes the homepage look fun. The gray and white effect on the high-quality pictures makes them look friendly and sophisticated.

I love the artistic use of various colors to create an African-themed event website. The motion graphics in different sections and the line drawings create a brand-new experience for visitors.

You can’t miss out on the attention-grabbing background video that tells a story by displaying beautiful events. The cantaloupe-colored CTA button works in sync with the catalog of partners’ logos to encourage potential attendees to donate to the cause. 

Prospective attendees can check out the site’s footer for information about the event schedule, FAQ section, and new opportunities.

All Together Now is an effective event that focuses on celebrating artistry, musicians, writers, and poetry. This beautiful event site can attract attendees from various spheres of life because of its theme of diversity.

I like how the page displays a pyramid featuring the names of artists that will be present. You can use the “Book Here” clear call to action to buy tickets on a small or large scale. The site’s footer displays logos of various partners involved in making the event a success.

13. The Scotch - Event Website Example
Source: The scotch

The Scotch is a unique golf tournament dedicated to helping veterans and first responders cope with ongoing trauma. 

This event site welcomes visitors with soothing background music and a military-themed golf course picture to alert you that you are in the right place. As you scroll further you will love the various vintage and recent images of veterans participating in the golf tournament.  

I like the video featuring Jimmy (Jefferson White) where he is building prospective attendees' expectations about the event.

14. Festival X - Event Website Example
Source: Festivalx

Festival X is an Australian music festival that features various genres of music like; EDM, house, hip-hop, and dance. I like how the homepage features a detailed list of performers in a colorful fashion to entice fans and regular visitors. 

The background video turns the energy up by displaying various events and people having the time of their life. You can check out the high-quality pictures of past events as reference points for prospective attendees. 

I love how the splash of various colors and images on the page's background gives the website a fun and lively vibe.

Big Grill Festival is Europe’s largest BBQ & food festival with various food items, and fun activities attendees can enjoy. 

I love the ticket sales section’s layout. The single-column design comes with high-quality pictures of previous fun moments to represent the ticket category and a CTA button for visitors to take action. 

You can check out the documentary video that gives site visitors a sneak peek into the event’s pre and post-activities. The site footer’s background is a drawing of people having fun and features social media icons for further exploration.

16. Served Up - Event Website Example
Source: Servedup.live

Surfing the Served Up navigation page requires a simple navigation technique because of its minimalistic content. The black background makes every relevant content pop. 

Visitors can explore footage of past events by clicking on the Instagram icon at the top of the site. Choosing to make the text bold and colorful is a smart way of ensuring that visitors can seamlessly read and enjoy the content. 

The high-quality pictures of people having fun helps to bring life to this dominantly dark-themed website. If you want to explore the site further, you have to click on the fog-colored CTA button.

17. Swiftogeddon - Event Website Example
Source: Swiftogeddon

Swiftogeddon is a fan-based website that promotes Taylor Swift-related events and music. This website’s homepage is simple and easy to navigate. It features two stunning photos of the famous pop star Taylor Swift. 

I like how the white color makes the text pop and the social media icons at the top of the landing page visible. Buying a ticket is simple and irresistible due to the availability of a white-colored CTA button at the center of Swift’s image.

18. Over The Top Wrestling - Event Website Example
Source: Ottwrestling

The pictures and background videos on the Over The Top Wrestling website capture the high-energy feel of its events. 

I love how the navigation bar displays various social media icons like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube for interested visitors to access them seamlessly. 

There is an “On Demand” section which features mind-blowing graphic designs to capture fan attention and compel them to click the “Book On Universe” CTAs.

19. Cult Milk - Event Website Example
Source: Cult milk

Amy Brown is the founder of Cult Milk which is an event that promotes pressureless and non-judgemental creativity among women.

Prospective attendees can use the sticky menu bar to perform various functions like buying tickets, visiting the workshop, getting gift vouchers, and more.

Using motion graphics to display the Cult Milk logo and other elements on the page is a brilliant and fun way of grabbing visitors' attention. I love the various high-quality pictures of past events displaying people having fun and expressing themselves in different ways.

20. Lovebrain - Event Website Example
Source: Love brain

The first element that got my attention after visiting Lovebrain’s website homepage is the photo of Albert Einstein as the homepage picture. 

You will find a rectangular-shaped “ Book a Masterclass” CTA button with Rosso Carso as its main color on the homepage image and the menu bar. This placement is to encourage visitors to take quick and deliberate actions without having to scroll to other sections.

The student review section contains various testimonials of students that were impacted by courses and how their lives are better.

Reactor School is a youth entrepreneur conference with a focus on young people between the ages of 13-24. During this event, these young minds learn vital skills that will give them a hedge in life. 

What’s catchy for me is the animation video displaying a cool rocket and lightning yellow call to action button that transports visitors to the “About page.”

The parallel scrolling effect makes this event website fun to explore because you can view high-quality images from different angles.

Event Website FAQs

What Makes a Good Event Website?

A great event website must contain vital elements that make it stand out and push your target audience to attend the event. The site’s pages must have a clean design, be easy to navigate, and accessible CTA to promote registration, the text must focus on the event or other upcoming events, have clear directions, and social proof in text and image format. 

What are the Best Event Site Builders?

Squarespace and Wix are the best event website builders. They offer state-of-the-art event templates to help you create eye-catching and engaging events websites. Target audience

Why Do I Need an Event Website?

If you want your upcoming event to be a success, you need an event website to make this happen. Without an event website, it is more difficult for potential attendees and visitors to find out important information about the event and drop their details on the registration page. An event page gives prospective attendees a sneak peek into the event to get them excited. 

What are the Best Event Page Web Design Tips for Your Website?

Include essential information upfront and your best photos, boost your event site for search engine optimization, make it easy for buyers to grab tickets, and include engaging text, video feeds, and catchy color pallets.

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