Fashion Websites: 18 Inspiring Examples (2024)

Updated Jul 28, 2023.

Do you want to open a fashion website or grow an existing one? Here’s a crucial fact you should know. Online retail statistics show that 59% of consumers prefer shopping online over in a physical store.

Creating a fashion website that doubles as an online store is essential for eCommerce success. However, building one is no easy feat. You have to consider elements like photography, fonts, and easy navigation with just a few clicks across your product pages.

Here are the 18 best fashion sites made with top website builders like Squarespace and Wix that you can draw inspiration from to create your website.

Cabbages and King's fashion website uses an unusual but attractive page arrangement. You will find its menu header located on the left side of the home page, towing a different path from other fashion websites.

The colorful images displayed on the homepage are this site's best attraction. They are all taken outdoors and add a sense of glamor to the website.

Olivia Bossert is a fashion photographer, with her top work displayed on her fashion website’s homepage. This fashion website displays scattered images of various fashion trends and collections in a gallery format on a white background.

Her website displays links directly to her about and contact page located at the header and footer section of her homepage.

3. Colton Dane - Fashion Website Example
Source: Colton dane

Colton Dane is a fashion designer with a straightforward fashion website with plenty of features all adding together to make sense. The first thing you notice on the website is the modeled images of evening gowns, which is the primary focus of Colton Dane.

Taking a deeper dive into the website, you are greeted with asymmetrical motion interactions as you scroll, giving out unusual aesthetics.

The standout feature I love is the grids and fixed images used to display some of the dresses available in Colton Dane’s collection. These two features make each dress look unique.

4. Infashuated - Fashion Website Example
Source: Infashuated

Infashuated’s fashion website design is plain and simple, displaying colorful images alongside bold and clear fonts. In terms of features, its CTA buttons are by far the website’s best features as they stand out both in their design and the use of stylish fonts. 

I love how the site mixes real and animated images on display, giving the site a more trendy look.

Grungy Gentleman’s fashion website displays a slideshow of its menswear collection on a white background on its homepage.

Underneath the slideshow of images are pictures with prices attached to some of the available listings from its collection. Visitors don’t need to check out another page before they have an idea of what this brand charges.

Links to its social media pages are also pinned on the header section of the page, making it easy to be seen and reached.

6. Luisa Fers - Fashion Website Example
Source: Luisa ferss

Luisa Ferss is a fashion blogger with an eye for trendy fashion and a passion for online shopping. Unlike other fashion websites, Luisa Ferss does not have a collection of her own.

By labeling the outfits of the designers she wears, Luisa Ferss’s fashion website and blog serve as a means of showcasing trendy and stylish collections. 

Her fashion site’s best feature is the search box which allows visitors to search through the site easily. You will love the chat feature which readily replies to all fashion-related questions.

7. Petal + Pup - Fashion Website Example
Source: Petaland pup

Petal + Pup is a women’s brand offering a wide range of clothing options including tops, bottoms, shoes, and accessories.

Complimenting its fixed header design, this fashion website uses a drop-down menu feature that displays information about the brand and its offerings. There is even an option to change the site’s pricing to eight different currencies. Talk about inclusivity.

Just beside its search feature is a wishlist feature that allows customers to save their preferred styles and revisit them at their convenience.

8. Tiger Mist - Fashion Website Example
Source: Tigermist

Tiger Mist, founded by Alana and Stevie Pallister is a women’s fashion brand offering stylish apparel to its female customers. Its website does justice to the brand image, displaying a colorful slideshow video of some of its best dresses as the hero image.

The online chat feature is this fashion website's best feature, as it is ready to answer your questions. You might not need this feature as you have access to a thorough-selected itinerary of FAQs on display by clicking the chat icon.

9. Romona Keveza - Fashion Website Example
Source: Romona keveza

Romona Keveza’s website design is built with a custom header section on a black background, displaying legible text written in white font. The white and black color mixture makes the information in the header section all the more attractive.

I love how Romona Keveza uses black-and-white contrast throughout the site except for some select images displayed in color.

The parallax scrolling effect used with the changing black and white background gives this website its distinct look. There is a floating anchor menu that helps users browse the site without needing to scroll.

10. Allbirds - Fashion Website Example
Source: Allbirds

Allbirds is a fashion website priding itself on creating soft, comfortable shoes using natural ingredients of wool and cardboard.

The Allbirds fashion website is designed on a white background, using vibrant images of both the feet and its footwear to pass its message. Its CTA button inscribed on a Dark color background turns white when hovered upon, making them stand out.

I love how the images are arranged according to collections, with a separate segment for new arrivals. With the Allbirds fashion website, you just cannot get lost.

The lettering and images on The Clothing Company are professional, complimenting the vibrant images on display. This clothing website offers outdoor and lifestyle clothing from different brands and links to its products and brands on its header.

A nice touch is the inclusion of a gift box icon with a number attached helping visitors keep count of their purchases.

Marissa Wilson has one of the best fashion websites you can find online. You will love the user-friendly design that pays attention to detail. On display on its homepage are images of two ladies in their new arrivals, posing on a beach.

The first thing that catches your attention is the bold Aureolin color used as its background. You can’t miss the CTA buttons displayed using a black font over the same Aureolin color that makes them stand out.

Excerpts from some of its content on Instagram are displayed on the website’s homepage with links to its social media pages.

Nevada Clothing wears a simple look, with images of different models posing with some items in its collections. This fashion website strictly focuses on women’s clothing and displays its prestigious collection over the white background of its web page.

There are plenty of white spaces that ensure visitors’ attention does not stray away from the colorful images on display. I love the page structure that displays various segments of the pages in an orderly fashion.

14. Fruit Bijoux - Fashion Website Example
Source: Fruit-bijoux

Fruit Bijoux aims to offer its customers the best online experience and its website design is designed to do just that. The first thing you will notice is the “Recommended Products” section that displays pictures, titles, and price tags of its top-rated products.  

Navigation is one of the main features of any web design. This fashion site offers an arrow feature that takes you right back to the top. I love the visible and well-structured menu section displayed at the top and the side of the homepage.

Thursday Boot Company dealing primarily with stylish boots for both men and women displays on its header, icons of boots beside legible texts. No one has a doubt what this fashion website is about, with images of footwear everywhere.

This fashion website uses bold and clear CTAs that are easily distinguishable from the body of text on display.

I love how the images, including the logos of reviews from top brands being in a slideshow format, are not automatically changing. Users control what they see by clicking the next or previous arrow icons.

16. Albion Fit - Fashion Website Example
Source: Albionfit

Albion Fit is one of the top fashion brands in the world that offers adorable styles for men, women, and kids. This fashion website displays pictures of some of its trendy styles from its collection on a fullscreen slideshow display.

The CTA button labeled “New Arrivals” is clear and leads right to another page displaying the brand's new arrivals available for purchase. There are other CTA buttons in the slideshow for different pages. Visitors can easily find everything they need from the detailed header.

17. Marysia - Fashion Website Example
Source: Marysia

The design of Marysia’s shopping website is the best in terms of accessibility, allowing users to customize it to fit their preferences. Just covering the accessibility button is a logo of each user’s country colors, offering details of the shopping experience in each visitor’s country.

Marysia, a leader in the women’s fashion industry that specializes in swimwear, displays new clothes and arrivals boldly on its homepage. By labeling each image appropriately, users have an idea of what they are looking at.

I love how each image is vibrant and clear, cutting across all body types, gender, and ages giving the brand an all-inclusive look.

SkinnyDip, a clothing brand based in London, is notable for helping customers spend and save even more money from its discount and coupon promotions.

The Search feature takes a center position in the header section and is configured to help customers search for products and brands. There is a clever announcement feature that advertises to customers its option of buy now and pay later with Klarna.

Overall, the SkinnyDip website design is customer-oriented, with an extensive range of features and offerings, including free shipping. I love how the site is packed and loaded with information and still maintains a professional look, making it stand out.

Fashion Websites FAQs

What are the Best Fashion Website Builders?

The best fashion website builders are Squarespace and Wix. They offer an extensive library of fashion website templates you can easily customize to suit your preferences. You get top eCommerce functionality features you can use to sell your products online. 

What Trendy Fashion Products Can I Sell on My Website?

There are many trendy fashion products for you to choose from to start selling on your website and make huge profits from it. From men’s clothes to women’s trendy clothes, some of the top trendy fashion products include leggings, tracksuits, hooded coats, swimwear, and high-waist jeans.

What are the Best Online Shopping Fashion Websites?

Shein is the best one-stop shop among online shopping fashion websites, offering some of the best trends and styles available. Other top online shopping fashion websites are Nike, Zara, and Net-a-porter.

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