Photography Websites: 39 Inspiring Examples (2023)

Updated Jul 28, 2023.

Every photographer needs a website to serve as an online portfolio where potential clients can check their best works. A photography portfolio website helps you create the necessary awareness about your projects and can serve as an effective marketplace.

Hiring web designers to create a top-notch portfolio website for you can be expensive. You can cut costs by taking advantage of the best website builders like Wix and Squarespace.

This article will explore 39 photography website examples you can use as inspiration to create your own photography website.

Let's get started.

Scott Snyder is a top-notch object and product photographer with lots of mind-blowing projects. His photography website design has a mature vibe with his best photos on display.

I like the arrangement of the home page. The negative spaces help to make the grid layout pop. Visitors can dig further by clicking on the display photos to get insight into the concept.

The Contact heading is a doorway for potential clients to contact him. Scott has a separate Work page for showcasing photos for visitors to enjoy.

2. Meiwen See - Photography Website Example
Source: Meiwensee

Meiwen See is a multidisciplinary designer and professional photographer in travel, people, interior, and editorial photography. His photography portfolio website features are best works.

You will find still images and looping videos on the homepage of his photography website. Visitors can visit photo galleries to get a better view of his projects.

The contact page with his social media profiles like Behance, Instagram, and Pinterest makes it easy for clients to reach him.

3. Levon Biss - Photography Website Example
Source: Levon biss

Levon Biss is a macro photographer based in London with a beautiful photography portfolio with featured projects for visitors to enjoy. His site highlights detailed and beautiful pictures of insects, seeds, and eggs on the home page. 

The exhibition extends beyond the minimal layout of one page by clicking on the side arrow visitors can view more pictures. Visitors Interested in his photography style and awesome photos can purchase by clicking on the shopping icon at the top of the homepage.

4. Will Bremridge - Photography Website Example
Source: Will b photo

Will Bremridge is a commercial, editorial, portrait, travel, and lifestyle photographer that offers full-time and freelance services.

This portrait photographer has a catalog of still life and motion pictures on his photography website. The white background on each page makes all the colors and images pop. 

Visitors who want to explore more of this photographer’s work can use the Instagram icon to view his different projects. The contact heading is visible for potential clients willing to collaborate or request his service. 

5. Jeremy Gryst - Photography Website Example
Source: Gryst photo

I love how a slideshow of beautiful pictures is the welcoming theme of Jeremy Gryst's online portfolio. To explore this beautiful photography portfolio website further, there is a menu bar for any action. 

The site’s logo is visible, and the menu bar is beside it. You will see a “gear rental page” where interested photographers can rent equipment for personal jobs. Jeremy is into weddings and portrait photography. 

As you travel across different pages, the “about” is like all you need to know about Jeremy Gryst and his photography business.

6. Mike Kelley - Photography Website Example
Source: Mpkelley

As photography website examples go, Mike Kelley has a detailed and vast portfolio website that features his architecture and airplane projects.

The excellent use of white spaces on Mike’s portfolio site is top-notch. I like the vertical arrangement of the headings with the brand logo at the top.

Visitors can buy some of his projects by visiting the print shop heading. They can contact Mike seamlessly to make a purchase or to request his services by submitting their details in the contact column.

Max Montgomery is a fashion and beauty photographer who gets a web designer to create a unique portfolio website that features his project series.

I love how this fashion photography site only features his work without any menu bar or content. This one-page website has his name at the top of the home page in clear text and bold fonts. 

Visitors can click on any of the pictures on display to have a full view of the photo catalog such as his behind-the-scenes and travel photography series.

8. Liller Photo - Photography Website Example
Source: Liller photo

Lauren is the mastermind behind the success of Liller Photo, a wedding photography company. She has over a decade of experience as a wedding photographer. Visitors derive pleasure from the lovely sideshow of her most beautiful and mind-blowing projects on the homepage. 

The site uses lots of white space to make every picture and text visible to people browsing through. Her contact details and social media links are at the bottom of the site.

Jessica Chou is an award-winning portrait photographer based in Los Angeles and the San Francisco bay area. She has a good photography website where she displays pictures of some notable celebrities within her portrait portfolio.

The web design of Jessica Chou's portfolio site is different from common portfolio websites because it showcases her work in a single-column layout. The structure makes each image noticeable to visitors.

Her site has only two pages which include “Work and About” pages. Visitors can navigate seamlessly via the menu bar.

Coco Gonser has one of the best photography websites with awesome photos of couples and singles on display. There is no doubt that Coco is a master of her craft; having her own website allows her to showcase her works.

The first thing that got my attention on Coco’s portfolio site is the lovely black and white picture of a couple getting married. She smartly positions her brand logo in the middle of the site's heading to give the website a sophisticated vibe.  

11. Mathieu Stern - Photography Website Example
Source: Mathieu stern

Mathieu Stern is Freelancer, filmmaker, digital strategist, and editorial photographer, based in Paris, France.

His website features his love for new-age and vintage lenses through his exclusive lens museum. The content on his blog is rich with a variety of information about photography, accessories, and platforms where his work has been featured.

The photography menu on the left side of the page serves as a portal to other amazing photography genres such as 3D portraits, bokeh, cyanotype, portraits, and landscape photography. 

12. Grace Chuang - Photography Website Example
Source: Grace chuang

Grace Chuang is a renowned conceptual artist with projects across various fields. She is one of the best wedding photographers. Her biography on the home page gives off a friendly vibe. The text is small but easy to read because of the font type.

This photography portfolio features engagement/wedding, adventure, and lifestyle photos that tell a beautiful story with an embedded love theme. The high-quality pictures on her portfolio page are in full-width.

Andrew Scrivani is a brilliant food photographer reaching the world through social media and other relevant platforms.

The first element that caught my eye are the mouth-watering videos and pictures of meals and chefs in action. His site is a doorway to other platforms such as Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Andrews's podcast, and books. 

I like how each video has a text that pop-up when the navigation lands on it. The black background helps bring out the colors and features of every text, video, and picture.

Brandon Woelfe's exciting website is simple and has a unique layout. Visitors can access the main website by clicking the call to action button on the welcome page. The colorful picture on the welcome page gives the website a professional vibe.

This photography website’s portfolio has a straight-to-business outlook and all the relevant features are arranged concisely. It features some of Brandon’s fashion pictures. 

Visitors who love photography can pick up a thing or two by visiting the “Beginner Cameras” and the “Gear I Use” page for pro tips.

15. Sean McCoy - Photography Website Example
Source: Seancmccoy

Sean McCoy is a Washington-based actor, photographer, and filmmaker. Sean specializes in documentaries and storytelling. The welcome page has a lovely picture of Sean with a sunset view to spice things up.

His portfolio website says all about his journey as a successful photographer. You can get the gist about his passion and love for this art by visiting the “About” page while checking out some of his works on the “Portfolio“page.

The website has inbuilt client galleries which showcase the vast number of clients Sean has worked with.

16. Ross Couper - Photography Website Example
Source: Ross couper

Not all professional photographers use empty spaces on the portfolio website. Ross Couper’s site’s home page only has an image of elevators and some heartwarming content. The dominant colors on-site include white and gray.

As a wildlife, landscape, and travel photographer, he has pictures of animals, foods, and places on the gallery page. 

The arrangement of the pictures in grid format makes it possible to maximize the use of whitespace. Visitors can reach Ross by filling in their details in the contact column.

17. Dolly Ave - Photography Website Example
Source: Dolly ave

Dolly Ave is a skilled commercial photographer and videographer that has worked with renowned organizations like Reebok, Adidas, and musicians. Her site has various content such as her music, biography, and Youtube videos.

The “Read Bio” call to action button gives visitors information about Dolly and her significant achievements. This page has beautiful high-quality pictures of Dolly having fun.

You will find lots of colors, images, social media links, and icons. These elements make the site fun and engaging for visitors.

18. Mel Volkman - Photography Website Example
Source: Melvolk man

Mel Volkman is a fine artist based in Maine with a unique style and awesome photos to prove that she is a master of her craft.

While snooping around her portfolio website, I discovered a number of her masterpieces. Due to her unique style, most of her works are thought-provoking, nostalgic, and haunting. Her journal contains various categories of her projects.

You will see a shipping icon on the right side of the website. Clicking on this icon will give visitors access to her collections for sale. 

19. DIE IDA - Photography Website Example
Source: Dieida

If you want to get up to date on the latest fashion trends, Marion Ida is your go-to guy. Marion is a beauty and fashion photographer with a smoking-hot photography portfolio.

The site’s home page welcomes visitors with her best works which are a product of different series. Her stylish logo is at the extreme right with the remaining heading beside it. The arrangement makes navigation seamless.

Visitors can get a sneak peek into her Instagram profile via the heading at the top of the site. Scheduled studio booking is among the features of the site.

20. Tayler Smith - Photography Website Example
Source: Tayler smith

Tayler Smith is known for her work with dogs, live events, still life, portraits, and family photography. You can't deny her skill level after visiting her portfolio featuring most of her projects.

Her website is fun with a blend of different colors that makes it a place where visitors can explore joyfully. The fonts are stylish, with big text sizes to ensure the visitors get every message on the site.

By clicking on each image, you can view the whole series and get better knowledge about the project.

21. Nois7 - Photography Website Example
Source: Nois7

Robert Jahns is the owner of Nois7. He is one of the world's leading modern Digital Artists, photographers, and Creative Directors. His remarkable portfolio website features his customs prints, books, workshop, and client galleries. 

The images on the homepage keep changing in a looping fashion with beautiful pictures to entertain visitors. There is a real-estate photo gallery containing jaw-dropping images that will get visitors glued to the page.

Pichit Phan's website has amazing photos of various events, people, and places. The first line of contact for visitors is the home page, where he arranges his pictures vertically and uses the white spaces strategically. 

His brand logo is on the right side of the page, and the heading is beside it to aid seamless navigation across pages. The fonts and text Pichit uses are clear and easy to read. There are two social media icons in the footer section that link to his private page.

23. Harold Feng Photography - Photography Website Example
Source: Haroldfeng

Everyone loves a slideshow of amazing pictures featuring beautiful couples with so much love in their eyes. These images are your first contact after visiting Harold Feng’s portfolio website.

This portfolio site has multiple layers that make it engaging and fun to explore. The “about” page offers insightful facts about Harold’s journey as a photographer and heartwarming testimonials of past clients on how excellent his work is.

You can’t ignore the tempting “Get in Touch” call to action button which you want to smash and take the required actions.

24. Johnny Edward - Photography Website Example
Source: Jonny edward

Johnny Edward being a jack of all trades is in various fields such as visual storyteller, creative director, photographer, fashion stylist, and public speaker. His portfolio website is a storehouse of his best works across these fields.  

The home page welcomes visitors with tons of photos with distinct concepts and themes. I love how the heading bar is arranged vertically with his brand logo at the top. This list contains his social media links and contact details.

Johnny Edward puts a map on his connect page making it easy for clients to locate his workshop.

25. Chris Collado - Photography Website Example
Source: Chriscollado

Chris Collado is a big-shot photographer that offers services across various genres such as portraits, weddings, landscapes, and life events.

The home page contains a sneak peek into some of his works in the areas he chose to specialize. Chris’ one-of-a-kind portfolio website has a booking page where potential clients can request his services and drop the necessary details to make the contract work.

Interested visitors can purchase his valuable prints through his portfolio with the relevant guarantees.

26. Morgan Norman - Photography Website Example
Source: Morgan norman

Morgan Norman is a skilled artist born in Stockholm and raised in the north of Sweden. He has over a decade of experience as a photographer. The background videos featuring various events on the welcome page are a sight to behold.

If visitors want to move further, they must click the “Photographer and Director” call-to-action button to view other interesting goodies. 

This action brings you into a world of amazement due to the vast number of high-quality pictures, films, and projects from projects with top magazines.   

27. Knolton Photography - Photography Website Example
Source: Knolton photo

Greg is based in Buchanan, Tennessee. He is an editorial style Wedding and Portrait photographer. Knolton Photography was his idea and a way to express his artistic talents.

This portfolio website has a homely feel and distinct features such as using a mockup to showcase some of his works. 

Interested visitors can book a session by clicking on the CTA button at the top of the homepage. There is a form button on the homepage where potential clients can fill out a form with all the necessary details.

28. Lela Porta Photography - Photography Website Example
Source: Lela porta

Lela Porta is an Italian artist with a track record of eye-catching photographs. You will love the arrangement of and qualities of pictures on her portfolio website homepage. Some of these pictures appear side-by-side or individually, which gives the page a professional feel.

Her website features galleries of her services such as pregnancy, babies, portraits, and commercial pictures.

Lela has a page displaying the prices of her best works for interested visitors to purchase. She puts up an ad to rent out a Pose room.  

Lisa Michele is a travel photographer with a catalog of mind-blowing pictures across different regions of the world.

The grid layout of the pictures on her site’s home page makes the page unique and colorful. These photos include images of animals, snows, people, monuments, cities, trees, and more.

Her site features a print store where she can auction her best works. You find a special heading where she displays books and guides for interested individuals who want to follow in the same footsteps.

Annie Schroeder is the brain behind the success of Syringa Studios Photography. She majors in taking cute pictures of babies in their various states.

The homepage has a beautiful picture of a baby who is sleeping. You will find the different page headings arranged on straight files. There are social media icons at the top of the page for visitors who want to explore Annie’s business profile.

Annie Schroeder’s website uses oriental pink and wenge as its dominant colors to give off a calm and heartwarming vibe.

José Miguel González and Gabriela González are the two geniuses responsible for the awesome pictures on their portfolio website.

The pictures on the homepage follow a grid-like format but use a unique arrangement style. You will notice the image arrangement is not symmetrical, some are smaller, while others have a different shape.   

Visitors can click the “Get in Touch” call-to-action button to request their services. The “About page” has a lovely picture of José and Gabriela with a short biography written in clear text.

32. Cliff Endsley - Photography Website Example
Source: Cliff endsley

Cliff Endsley is a professional filmmaker and photographer who has worked with major brands. His portfolio website has all his best works in different fields such as sports images and films.

The brand logo is at the top of the site, and you will find different images of surfers, cyclists, and golfers. The measure bar features two important galleries where visitors can access his films and high-quality photos.

You will find detailed facts about Cliff’s biography; how he began his journey as a filmmaker and sports photographer.

33. Anwita + Arun Photography - Photography Website Example
Source: Anwita-arun

Anwita + Arun Photography is a creative company based in Noida, India. The company is into photography, styling, illustration, and design.

If you are interested in acquiring more information about different varieties of food, you can click on the blog menu to visit the blog site. 

The home page features four different galleries of portfolios which visitors can access by clicking on any of the images. The site also has a trick up its sleeves which is a short behind-the-scenes video of their photoshoot for Kellogg’s.

34. Pro Shotz - Photography Website Example
Source: Pro-shotz

Paul Hoover the CEO and founder of Pro Shotz is a sports photographer who has worked with the big names in the world of sport. His portfolio website has rich and precious moments he captured during major sporting events. 

Visitors can use the brand logo as a doorway to the homepage from any of the site pages.  

I love how there is a slideshow of different sporting events playing in the loop for visitors to enjoy. The drop-down menu bar reveals vital parts of the site such as the client galleries and Paul’s portfolio.

35. James Tye Photography - Photography Website Example
Source: Jamestye

James Tye Photography is a renowned photography organization with projects across various photography genres. You will find a slideshow of images on the homepage displaying the core area James Tye has executed projects.

The menu bar is at the bottom of the page with portfolio pages like industry, people, travel, education, and tear sheets. 

Visitors can get to know James better by reading his biography on the contact page. This page also grants them access to a private meeting by filling in the available columns.

Peter McKinnon is based in Toronto, Canada, and he is an internationally acclaimed photographer, filmmaker, YouTube creator, and entrepreneur.

The homepage contains high-quality pictures and a looping video that combines different events. If you explore further you will find the menu bar a relevant tool for your navigation. 

The shop heading contains Peter’s portfolios with different labels according to the genre. The collabs heading features people and photography organizations that Peter has worked with to create beautiful memories.

Dan Kennedy is a skilled fashion photographer with ties to big names in the movie, music, and fashion industry. 

The portfolio website’s homepage showcases photos, magazine covers, and other featured works in a grid format. The home page performs the role of the portfolio gallery. On the other hand The “portraits” and “fashion” links in the header lead to categorized galleries

An interesting fact about the site is that it features a podcast section for interested visitors. The text is not big which makes it easy for each page to accommodate a lot of words and relevant content.

The welcome page of the portfolio of Paolo Azarraga features full-screen images of Paolo’s works in a looping fashion. I love how visitors have to click on the call to action button which is his name before they can access the home page.

His website’s home page contains a catalog of his work with various fashion lines, items, and magazine covers.

You will find two social media icons at the button for the page for visitors who are interested in exploring Paolo’s works beyond the portfolio page.

Photography Website Examples FAQs

Which is the Best Website Builder for Photographers?

There are various photography website builders out there that will do a good job. If you want website builders that will give you your money’s worth, Squarespace and Wix are your best bet. These site builders offer an impressive collection of photography site templates and easy-to-use tools. 

Why Do Photographer need a Website 

As a photographer, you need the right exposure if you want to land big clients like working for a media production company or covering live events. Your portfolio gives you the professional outlook you need to impress your clients. In addition, you can use your website as a marketplace for your projects.

What should a Photography Portfolio Include?

The content of your portfolio is independent of your area of speciality. If you are into lena photography, adventurous elopement photography, or portrait photographs, your site has a foundational need. These needs include; your best work, info section, contact form or contact details, social media details and more.

How many Photos should I Upload on my photography website?

Firstly you must consider; how many of my best works are website worthy. Once you figure that out, you can proceed to the numbering aspect. A word of advice; less is more, you don't need too many pictures on your site—your visitors may get bored if they scroll.  You can have between twenty five to thirty photos of your best work  and you will get your desired results.  

What is the 80 20 rule for photographers?

The 80 20 rule for photographers refers to a situation where 80% of your results comes from 20% of your efforts. For example, if you have a store on your portfolio website, 80% of your sales will come from 20% percent of your visitors.