Service Websites: 40 Inspiring Examples (2024)

Updated Sep 11, 2023.

Every service-related business needs an attractive and professional services website to generate leads, promote products and services, and boost sales and revenue. You are leaving out potential revenue for your company if you don’t have one.

A beautiful and fast-loading service website with SEO optimization is essential for ranking high on search engines for your business target keywords.

Creating a professional services website doesn’t have to require hiring a web designer. Use the best website builders like Squarespace and Wix to create the best professional services websites at an affordable price and little learning curve.

This article compiles the 40 top service website examples that cut across different niches and industries.

Let’s get started.

1. Spa Belles - Service Website Example
Source: Spa belles

Spa Belles, known for its spa services, particularly pedicures, and manicures, is gradually making headway into massages, facials, and body treatments. A beauty-oriented service brand, the Spa Belles service website is a great service website with an attractive hero image

The full-width image of the well-lit interior of the Spa Belles Spa is what first greets visitors, captivating their attention with its colorful display. 

Another colorful display of high-quality images is visible beneath the introduction section, displaying several images merged, each linked to other pages on the website.

Sparks Precision Dental offers dental practice guided by a no-judgment, no-pressure philosophy, serving the Kansas community with high-quality dentistry. 

The Eastern Blue color from the Sparks Precision Dental logo is a vital part of its site’s design, serving as the background color for CTA buttons. 

Visible and pinned to the Sparks Precision Dental service website is an accessibility icon that allows users to make changes to its site’s layout. 

There is a separate section on the homepage with before and after images from past clients displayed in a slideshow format, serving as social proof.

In8love Wellness is a physical therapy center offering a wide range of therapeutic services to its existing clients. Recognizing the need to grow its client base, In8love Wellness uses a well-designed service website to attract more visitors to its site. 

Welcoming visitors to the In8love Wellness service website is a slideshow video of the body up close, reflecting body care, the sole aim of the brand.  The CTA texts underlined over the hero video are the highlight of this service website design, leading visitors to its services page.

Cortes Contractors LLC is the leader in drywall construction installation and repair based in Central Oregon. Designed using a single-page web design, the Cortes Contractors website sticks to a consistent Elephant color as its site’s background color. 

Above the site’s footer section is a centralized listing of the professional services Cortes Contractors offer, alongside animated icons helping to pass the message.

I love how the Cortes Contractors alternates between texts in White and images of its work, treating visitors to an entertaining and informative web design.

5. Pack Up + Go - Service Website Example
Source: Packup go

Pack Up + Go is a travel agency created to help travelers explore the U.S. with spontaneity and ease. A Jagged Blue color background helps bring out the beauty of the image of a lady displayed in the site’s hero section, curved around the edges. 

The CTA buttons on the Pack Up + Go service website are consistent with the Dark Slate Grey colored background, visible as ordinary text fonts. A FAQ section is visible on a plain white background, providing ready answers to potential questions. 

Cindy Shu is a marriage and family therapist offering counseling services through her individual and couples therapy sessions. An image of Cindy’s office displayed over a dual-colored hero background complements the visible soft color scheme.

The primary colors on Cindy’s service website are Blue Dianne and Lavender Pinocchio, creating a pleasant atmosphere. A chat feature providing visitors with a direct communication channel is visible and pinned to the homepage, in a subtle color scheme.

The Global Nomad is a creative bucket list travel designer and full-service travel agency offering an unrivaled travel experience to its clients. 

The full-width image in the background stands out on the landing page, alongside a CTA button in White, prompting visitors to enter its main site. I love how The Global Nomad centralizes icons leading to its social media platforms at the bottom of the landing page.

8. Roemer & Harnik - Service Website Example
Source: Roemer harnik

Roemer & Harnik is an AV-rated firm serving the needs of people in the Coachella Valley since 1990. One of the best service business websites, the Roemer & Harnik service website tells a unique tale of what the brand is about. 

A parallax scrolling effect is visible as visitors scroll through the Roemer & Harnik website homepage, thrilling users with a colorful display. The Marine color is visible throughout its site, serving as font colors and background for its CTA buttons.

Christopher Boyer is passionate about healthcare digital strategy and patient experience. A great service website example, Christopher’s business website doubles as his service website, displaying all aspects of his services online. 

Opting for a simple web design for his service website, Christopher uses his website homepage to build a professional image among his target audience. His site’s footer section displays his social media icons.

10. DIE IDA - Service Website Example
Source: Die ida

Marion Ida is a fashion and beauty photographer based in Vienna and available for event coverage worldwide. The brain behind the DIE IDA service website, Marion uses this platform as her business website, extensively displaying her photography portfolio. 

Dividing her plain white background service website into two segments, DIE IDA displays her images throughout her homepage. I love how DIE IDA fixes its header texts at the top of the homepage, giving visitors access to her other service page. 

11. Dapper - Service Website Example
Source: Dapper

Dapper is a great service website example offering a marketing fix to online brands through effective growth strategies. This growth marketing agency uses a fantastic combination of Green and Black for its site’s primary color scheme, giving it an appealing look. 

With a bilingual website design, site visitors can choose between two language options, English and Dutch, from a flag logo feature pinned to the homepage. Pinned to the homepage is a cookie icon, giving users control of their cookie settings.

12. Mobile Care - Service Website Example
Source: Mobile care

Mobile Care is a top industry leader offering professional cell phone repairs and accessories to its specific target audience. A brand dealing primarily with mobile devices, Mobile Care has one of the best service websites with an unrivaled web design

The centralized layout of the Mobile Care service website is the first thing a potential customer notices, designed to provide room for negative space

Logos of top brands with a work history with Mobile Care are visible beneath the site’s hero section, displayed in a black-and-white color scheme.

13. Echelon Front - Service Website Example
Source: Echelon front

Echelon Front is the premier leadership development company comprising decorated, combat-proven veterans, athletes, men, and women in business. 

A brand whose service is to build, train, and lead high-performance winning teams, the Echelon Front service website is one of the leading service website examples. 

Red is the consistent color for the background colors for the Echelon Front CTA buttons, easy to recognize among regular texts. A slideshow of colorful logos of brands Echelon Front has been involved with is visible beneath the site’s hero section.

Japan Mobility helps people wanting to start a new life in Japan simplify their relocation through its range of professional services. A  top service-oriented business, Japan Mobility uses smart design elements for its website design. 

The predominant color on the Japan Mobility service website is the Deep Carmine color visible as the background color for its CTA buttons. I love the Bold navigation feature in a Deep Carmine and White color scheme, pinned to the bottom of the hero section.

Evolved Habitat helps people install powerful home automation and smarter security systems and is notable for its simplified home automation. One of the best service website examples, the Evolved Habitat website offers a user-friendly web design for its service website. 

The well-lit full-width hero image of one of Evolved Habitat’s homes, draws users to its site, adding a legit touch to its website design. 

Pinned to the home page is a chat widget, linked to Evolved Habitat’s messenger-powered chat platform displayed in a Rose Madder and White color scheme.

16. Victoria Nikolaeva - Service Website Example
Source: Vnmedias

Victoria Nikolaeva is the brain behind VN Media, a company that creates engaging content and empowers companies with creative strategies. One of the simplest service website designs, Victoria’s website is direct with its design features.

The Candlelight color from the VN Media logo is a vital part of its site’s design, visible as thick blocks highlighting key texts on the site’s homepage. 

A centralized listing of the professional services Victoria offers is listed on her site’s homepage, highlighting her key services using a bold black block feature.

17. Garrett Ramos - Service Website Example
Source: Garrett-ramos

Garrett Ramos is a digital marketer shooting and editing video content and photography for several freelance clients and production companies. With a simple website design, Garrett displays the professional services he offers on his service website.

A cropped image of Garett is visible in his site’s hero section, covering the text in black introducing him to visitors. Excerpts from his blog post are visible on his site’s homepage in a centralized three-column layout, all linked to his blog page.

18. Action Mary - Service Website Example
Source: Action mary

Action Mary are passionate advocates and defenders of the clients they serve, storytellers, and relationship builders with the media and audiences most vital to your business. 

The words displayed in its hero section are the inspiration behind its website design, displaying an image of a hand holding the world. 

Beneath the hero section is a brief description of what Action Mary offers in White font text on an Ebony Clay background. Visitors spot bold-colored backgrounds as they scroll through the Action Mary service website, making the site visually appealing.

Dental Care Seattle offers a friendly, gentle treatment from its diverse locally-owned practice. This service website pays keen attention to details in its website design. 

A light blue color overshadows the hero image on Dental Care Seattle, giving room for visitors to focus on the bold white text over it. 

This service website is professional in how it showcases its professional services to visitors, sticking to a contemporary design and a mobile-friendly interface.

20. ProgressPlay - Service Website Example
Source: Progress play

ProgressPlay is an industry-leading provider of high-quality turnkey solutions and gaming platforms fully tailored to fit their customer’s needs.

A semi-circle in Golden Yellow on a Bright Fun Blue background takes center stage on the ProgressPlay service website, treating visitors to bold colors.

A listing of all its professional services in a centralized layout is visible beneath the hero section on a Fun Blue-colored background.  A news section is visible on the ProgressPlay homepage, displayed in a three-column layout.

21. NY Plumbing - Service Website Example
Source: Ny plumbing

New York Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling Corporation is the most extensive repair and maintenance, fully licensed master plumbing and fire suppression contractor. This service website design sticks to a one-page layout to display its professional services. 

Top of the home page are two colorful rows of circles, four each on a row, serving as the site’s navigation feature. Visible alongside are two social media icons serving as the brand’s social links. 

A slideshow of images of the professional services New York Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling Corporation offers takes center stage in the site’s hero section.

Northstar Plumbing provides expert plumbing services through its team of trained plumbing technicians to residents over Windsor. A good service website example, the Northstar Plumbing service website is uniquely crafted to attract prospective clients. 

Call-to-action buttons are one of the top design elements on the Northstar Plumbing website, placing two buttons side-by-side in Scarlet and Nice Blue background colors. You can’t miss the live chat feature that serves as the site’s customer support feature. 

The Mercedes Club is a destination health club and fitness community in Hell’s Kitchen, combining 45 weekly classes, professional staff, and upscale amenities. 

New York City’s all-inclusive health and fitness club, the Mercedes Club uses a tinted Blue color over the hero image of one of its amenities. 

The Orange color is visible on the Mercedes Club website and is used to distinguish CTA buttons. There is a chat feature and accessibility icon on the right-hand side of its service website, part of its user-friendly features.

24. Hallard Fit - Service Website Example
Source: Hallard fit

Hallard Fit offers transformational services with a mission to build the most driven results coaching program for career-driven professionals.

Welcoming visitors to its service website is a hands-up image of the Hallard Fit family, wearing customized t-shirts, adding a personal touch to its site.

The Ball Blue color from its logo serves as the background color for its call-to-action buttons, one of its consistent design elements. 

Visible on its web page are video testimonials from past clients, as well as before and after images, serving as social proof to potential customers.

25. Haides - Service Website Example
Source: Haides

Lesal Allan is the senior barber and manager at Haides, a world-class barbing salon offering quality haircuts to high-profile clients. This landing page is home to its two barbing salon locations, one at Surrey, and the other at Langley. 

The hero section of the Haides landing page is divided into two segments, each displaying an image view of its salon. Visible in a black-and-white color scheme are logos of top brands Haides partners with, beneath the hero section. 

26. Skylink - Service Website Example
Source: Skylink

Skylink is your total aircraft material partner, helping users eliminate the common supply chain frustrations by delivering custom aircraft maintenance material solutions. 

A Royal blue color is displayed over the Skylink service website’s hero section, giving users a personal feel of its website design. I love how you find the Royal Blue tint color feature over background images throughout the site.

You can’t miss out on the Messenger-powered feature that serves as a means for potential clients to keep in touch with this service brand.

27. Jeff Miller, Ph.D - Service Website Example
Source: Jeff miller

Jeff Miller is a licensed psychologist and health care provider practicing at the counseling center located in the business circle at 1924 Copper Oaks Circle. With one of the best custom website examples, Jeff personalizes his service website, adding his personal touch.

He opts for a half-width image for his service website hero section, prescribing calm to visitors on accessing his web page. With all of his professional services displayed on his website, Jeff’s subtle website design makes it easy to attract new customers.

28. Unit - Service Website Example
Source: Unit

Unit is a platform that helps leading tech companies store, move, and lend money, unlocking new revenue streams to attract new clients. 

This professional service website alternates between black and white color backgrounds to display high-quality images and bold typography as its website’s theme. 

Easily noticeable on the Unit service website is the unique arrangement of its site’s content, sticking to a centralized layout.

Ignition Consulting Group helps agencies and other professional service firms develop focused business strategies and transformative revenue models. I love how this service website is full of content, displaying large bodies of text in bold.

The Red color from the Ignition logo serves as the font color for header texts and CTA buttons just beneath the hero section. Articles from the Ignition blog are visible in a three-column layout on its service website.

30. Epic Teams - Service Website Example
Source: Epic teams

Epic Teams is on a mission to build high-performing organizations that get even better in times of change. One of the great service website examples, Epic Teams sticks to a consistent Mirage color as the background color.

I like how the Saffron Mango color distinguishes between CTA buttons and navigation arrows. The Epic Teams website is a good service website to imitate, displaying cool animations and quality images with a zoom effect for aesthetics.

The Total Beach Dental Care service website is welcoming, giving a welcoming feel from the loved-up image of the clinic and its experts. Beneath the site’s hero section is a centralized display of amazing images of the team and its care building.

The welcome note and header navigation texts stand out in White font and are subtle enough not to affect the image quality in the background. 

A great website with a minimalistic web design, the Total Beach Dental Care service website is straightforward with its web services.

32. Dr. Dale Prokupek - Service Website Example
Source: Dr dale

Dr. Dale Prokupek is a board-certified internist with a subspeciality in diseases of the GI tract. A soothing half-width image of the great outdoors welcomes visitors to Dr. Dale’s service website, prescribing a calm and soothing feel. 

Further down his website, Dr. Dale sticks to a centralized web design for his website content, leaving plenty of white spaces from his plain white background. 

Pinned and visible on the bottom left corner of the homepage is a review slideshow showcasing star ratings alongside texts of affirmation. 

33. Deakle-Johnson Law Firm, PLLC - Service Website Example
Source: Djlawms

Deakle-Johnson Law Firm upholds the values of honesty, zealous advocacy, and the belief that the justice system should be accessible to all persons, regardless of status. 

This law firm service website uses a Chatham Blue and Deep Saffron color scheme for its web design. 

Pinned to the hero section are logos of top associations Deakle-Johnson Law Firm is associated with, helping to build trust in the brand. Visible in a three-column layout are testimonials from past clients, with arrow icons at either side helping with navigation.

McMath Creative offers smart, inspired digital marketing and branding strategies that help businesses get the right messages to the right audiences. 

A service business poised to help brands stand out, the McMathCreative website digs deep into making one of the most creative service website examples. 

The Squash color from the McMath Creative logo serves as background colors for animated icons used as links to its services page. The footer section uses the Squash color, making the texts and icons in White more appealing to visitors. 

The Saltwater Massage Studio’s mission is to help people live happier and healthier lives through its massage therapy that makes a difference. 

Sticking to a minimalistic web design, the Saltwater Massage Studio website displays images and texts predominantly as its site’s main content. The soft color scheme visible on the Saltwater Massage Studio service website design adds up to give it its unique look. 

You will find image excerpts from the Saltwater Massage Studio’s Instagram accounts displayed in the footer section in a three-column layout.

Seattle Dental Co. puts its patient’s experiences at the heart of what they do, providing comprehensive and conservative care. A hamburger menu at the top of the homepage reveals other service pages on the site in a horizontal layout. 

The hero section of the Seattle Dental Co. service website has two sections, with the section on the right displaying colorful slideshow images. Visible on the homepage are centralized quality images embedded with links, serving as one of the site’s navigation features.

37. DKM Law Group - Service Website Example
Source: Dkm law group

DKM Law Group is a commercial litigation firm providing expert legal advice on complex legal matters. An example of a straightforward website design, DKM Law Group’s website displays a black-and-white image of the law firm as its hero image. 

I love that the DKM website uses a predominantly black-and-white color and adds touches of International Orange to give it a colorful look. 

A contact button is visible at the top right-hand corner of the DKM service website, revealing the DKM Law Group contact details.

Studio Bramble is an independent design studio and workshop focused on the design and production of interiors, millwork, and furniture. Founded by a professional designer, the Studio Bramble service website is a great service website example with a professional web design. 

This service website uses bold typography to capture visitors’ attention, dividing its professional services into three segments on its homepage. 

A consistent Rum Swizzle color background is visible throughout the Studio Bramble homepage, adding a subtle touch to its web design.

39. Illumin8 - Service Website Example
Source: Illumin8

Illumin8 is an accounting-based firm offering a range of professional services, including tax services, among other services it offers to small businesses.

 One of the creative website designs, the Illumin8 website displays colorful icons, adding a colorful touch to its plain white background

Pop-up images of its team are visible as users scroll through its site’s homepage, adding a personalized touch to its website design. Visible and pinned to the homepage is a revolving icon, prompting users to take the required action. 

40. Rod Moore - Service Website Example
Source: Rod moore

Rod Moore is an accomplished author and ghostwriter offering search engine optimization, copywriting, and content strategy direction to his clients. His service website sticks to a one-page web design for its service website, giving it a simple look. 

I love how this service website uses violet-blue color at the four corners, adding a colorful effect to its centralized landing page. You can’t help but notice the chat feature in a black-and-white color scheme ready to respond to visitors’ queries. 

Service Website Examples FAQs

What is a Service Website?

A service website is specially designed to showcase or promote professional services on behalf of an individual, small business, or large corporation. The main aim of a service website is to introduce more visitors to your web service.

What are Service-Based Business Websites?

Service-based business websites are platforms where customers have direct access to your service offerings. With a service-based business website, your target customers enjoy a direct means to acquire any of your professional services. 

What is the Difference Between a Service and a Business Website?

The main difference between a service and a business website is in their functionality. While a business website caters to a wide range of business portfolios, a service website is confined to the services the business offers to users.

What Makes a Good Service Web Design?

Every good service web design needs to fulfill two basic functions, conveying its intended message and engaging visitors. Properly adding these two functionalities into your service website design guarantees your business more customers.

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