Spa Websites: 23 Inspiring Examples (2023)

Updated Aug 13, 2023.

Since most people conduct research online before making a purchase, it makes sense for spa owners to create websites for their businesses.

Considering that website builders give you customizable website templates, the only thing you need to build your spa website is some inspiration.

In this article, we show you 23 great spa websites with different designs to inspire you to create your own. We also reveal which of the best website builders were used to create these websites. Just click on the website builder’s name and start building your spa’s website in minutes.

La Belle Studio is a beauty and wellness boutique providing personalized self-care treatments. It’s located in Middletown and Wilmington, Delaware.

La Belle studio has a beautiful website that has a hero image showing the calm and welcoming reception area of one of its studios. This is followed by a “Book Now” button, a slideshow of their premises, images showing their services, another set of CTAs, and some social proof.

This spa website design is a great example of using minimal text and bold images. It also uses a color scheme that brings out the brand’s personality and creates a feel of what it’s like to be in the spa.

Gentleman's Barber Spa is a classic barber shop in Westchester, New York. Apart from haircuts and shaving services, it also provides spa services that include different facials and nanopore treatments.

Gentleman's Barber Spa’s website has a unique design that starts with the logo sitting alone at the top of the page. This is followed by the navigation bar, hero image, and buttons for allowing clients to book services and visit the online shop.

After these, you get the website’s main copy next to video content showing clients being attended to. This is followed by pictures of popular previous clients, images of sections of the barber shop, and ends with a final online booking button.

This spa website design is unique in that it leaves a lot of white space between one element and the next. Although it might seem like too much spacing, the effect is that it lets visitors focus on the message in each of the sections.

3. Brick Canvas - Spa Website Example
Source: Brick canvas

Brick Canvas is a luxury spa and one-stop shop for every wellness need.

Its premises are equipped for spa and beauty services, shopping, group training, and healthy eating at the gluten-free cafe.

This spa website design uses a conventional navigation bar at the top of the homepage with different services being listed in the drop-down menu.

The use of matching colors makes this one of the best spa websites. Throughout the website, different shades of brown are used to convey warmth.

There are lots of images used on the website to show group sessions, healthy meals, and spa services. Together with positive reviews from past clients, this is a great website for inspiration when building spa websites.

Jane Skincare Spa’s website has a feel of peace and calmness because of the use of varying shades of pink. With the logo and hero image featuring pink flowers, this spa website design communicates nature, freshness, and relaxation.

Apart from the testimonials, there is very little text on Jane Skincare Spa’s homepage. Scrolling down the page leads you to booking and gift card purchasing buttons, followed by clickable images showing the services offered.

Overall, even in its simplicity, this website manages to engage visitors while the multiple CTAs make it easy for potential clients to book appointments.

5. Verde Salon - Spa Website Example

Verde Salon is a wellness and beauty services spa with two locations in Winnipeg, Canada. The salon has been recognized by a top salon magazine with an award for its premium services.

Verde Salon’s website captures your attention with the hero slider located under a large menu bar.

Upon scrolling, you see a simple and clean design of images showing some beauty services with descriptive text slightly overlapping the images.

With its simple design, this website achieves effective communication using only a few images, some text, and only two call-to-action buttons.

Lemon Tree Spa is a boutique spa with two locations in Florida providing services ranging from facials, massage, waxing, and special body treatments.

With brown and sky blue backgrounds, Lemon Tree Spa uses parallax scrolling to transition from one section to another. The first set of text comes after a little scrolling and lets you know what the spa aims to achieve.

Scroll some more and you get a booking button, followed by pictures of their rooms and products, then descriptions of some of their services.

Overall, this website has a simple design that uses relaxing colors to give you a feel of relaxation, making you want to book an appointment.

7. La Rousse - Spa Website Example
Source: Laroussesalon

La Rousse is a beauty salon and spa located in Oxford, Mississippi. Opened in 2004, La Rousse has been growing and receiving recommendations, and it’s not difficult to see how its website has helped with that.

Just below the hero image, there are six illustrations linking to pages with detailed information about La Rousse’s services. From there, you have a short “About Us” section followed by a “Meet The Team” section.

Interestingly, the La Rousse website doesn’t include booking buttons. Instead, booking an appointment will require you to visit the contacts page. Although booking buttons would have been better, the approach here is to focus on providing information.

8. Waxology - Spa Website Example

Waxology is a specialty salon and spa located in Langley City, British Columbia, Canada that aims to provide clients with the best waxing experiences.

The top of the homepage has a traditional design of the logo, menus, copy, and buttons for booking appointments and visiting the online store. However, instead of following this with a list of services, Waxology briefly mentions their expertise and standards, then takes you straight to their store.

Although the website is quite simple in design, the approach of emphasizing ecommerce on the homepage is a great alternative design option.

The Clip Joint is a modern spa that seeks to add beauty and wellness to its clients’ lives.

The spa’s website uses a bold and contrasting color scheme. This includes black, white, yellow, light gray, and light pink. Additionally, it employs a scrolling effect to capture the attention of site visitors and keep them engaged.

Towards the bottom of the homepage, you get some social proof and a link to purchase premium beauty products from Bumble and Bumble.

This is one of the best spa websites due to its color scheme and how it incorporates links to its services on the homepage.

Infinity Aesthetics is a spa located in Vallejo, California, specializing in body treatments.

Its website takes a simplistic design that uses parallax scrolling effects to engage visitors.

Starting with the hero image, this website uses the picture of seawater to create a feel of calm. And instead of the main heading and button prioritizing bookings, the priority is describing the services offered.

This is followed by a short “About” section, a listing of its services, links to some blog articles, and an email sign-up form.

This website uses white color and images of the sea to communicate calmness and invite visitors to browse the services offered and book an appointment.

11. Glasskin - Spa Website Example
Source: Getglas skin

If you thought Shopify was only good for ecommerce websites, this beautiful spa website will prove you wrong.

Glasskin is a spa that is super-focused on skin treatments. Describing itself as an active skincare studio, its website shows the different skincare treatments available, followed by a highlight of some of its products.

The website uses sidebar navigation while including various buttons linking to different pages.

The mix of white and pink backgrounds and text colors do a good job of communicating what to expect once you visit the spa.

12. Bare Flyt - Spa Website Example

Bare Flyt is a Norwegian spa with a website that uses images extensively to showcase its services.

From the slideshow at the top of the page to the rest of the website images, Bare Flyt shows you the different stress relief services it offers.

With minimal text, this website is a good example of how images can be effectively used to communicate, even when the text is in a foreign language.

Located in British Columbia, Canada, Santosha Wellness & Beauty spa uses its website to highlight the products it sells.

With only one online booking button at the top of the page, this website takes a minimalist approach to its design.

There is also an Instagram feed that will come in handy for visitors who want to engage on the social platform. This is followed by a newsletter sign-up form.

The Santosha Wellness website is an inspiration because of its simple design and focus on ecommerce. Ecommerce is a big part of the website because as a green spa, every sale helps promote sustainability.

Serenity Esthetics & Body Contour is a spa in North Carolina that uses images to a good effect.

Starting with a hero image that communicates calmness and balance, the site follows this with text that comprises purple headings and gray descriptions.

After that, you get one more image, a brief “About Us”, followed by a slideshow of clients receiving spa services. The homepage design ends with a promotion of gift cards and a newsletter sign-up form.

Serenity Esthetics & Body Contour chose the right images for its website while using purple to convey luxury to match the service descriptions.

15. Cheeks + Co - Spa Website Example

Located in Pasadena, California, Cheeks + Co is a spa that shows it’s possible to sell both products and services on the same website.

The website’s hero image is about a skincare product and includes a link to the product page. Right below it is a video slider that shows different services being offered, giving the visitor an immersive experience.

This website is a design inspiration because of its creative distribution of visuals and call-to-action buttons.

Maximizing the opportunity to book services and sell products, the site highlights several products and encourages purchases by offering free shipping.

16. Me Spa - Spa Website Example
Source: Me-spas

Me Spa is aptly named to reflect the focus on the client. And in line with the name, its website uses images and copy that emphasizes this message.

This website has two booking buttons that are easily visible the moment you land on the site. Continuing with the strategy of increasing sales, the hero image is followed by a gift card section with a purchasing link.

Adding more creativity, Me Spa signs up new clients using SMS instead of email. The sign-up section takes up lots of space with a circular sign-up form located at the center.

Me Spa has one of the best spa website designs and shows that website builders provide enough customization options for design creativity.

Anisoptera Spa wants you to think about it whenever you think of serenity, bliss, and relaxation. And from the homepage, it’s clear that you can get those results from its spa in Everett, Washington.

The beautiful video slider on the website is the first thing that stands out. Instead of doing it the typical way, Anisoptera Spa covered the slider with a semi-transparent layer of blue color to create a feel of calm.

Another inspiring feature is the clean design that’s made possible by ‘hiding’ the navigation in a hamburger menu.

Combined with copy that emphasizes serenity and buttons for bookable services, this website shows that a simple design can still be unique and effective.

The Serenity Esthetics spa is located in South Glens Falls, NY, and focuses on simplicity and functionality.

This website uses considerable space at the top for its navigation menu and logo. These automatically draw visitors’ attention to the left-aligned hero image that shows some of the products used for spa treatments.

What follows is a services section with a booking button, an about us section, and finally, some client testimonials.

The simplicity of this website is a great example of how minimalism can result in a good user experience.

Visage Salon & Day Spa’s website welcomes you with a view of the front of the spa. The main copy does a good job of promising you a relaxing experience at this luxury spa.

To maximize booking opportunities, the top navigation bar includes a prominently displayed booking button employing a contrasting color scheme to increase visibility.

Right after the hero image, Visage shows off an award, tells you a little bit about the spa, and then adds a testimonial.

After this, you get the services section, a gift card section, another booking button, and a link to some blog posts.

What stands out most on this website is the creatively-designed services section. The section is well-spaced and has beautiful pictures of clients receiving treatments, descriptive copy, and links to pages providing service information.

Mahalo Massage is a therapeutic massage practice that focuses on helping clients recharge and re-energize. From its website’s hero image, you get the assurance that the practitioners are therapists who understand therapeutic massage.

This is essentially a single-page website that you scroll through different sections. You can however use the minimalist menu on the right side to quickly move to specific sections.

This website has a twist to its design. It uses a lot of text and very few images other than pictures of green leaves. Still, the formatting of the text and the intuitively-designed services section show the creativity behind the design.

CityTouch is a massage therapy spa located in New York that focuses on clients’ wellness and relaxation through therapeutic massage.

Its website takes a traditional approach to design with a logo and booking button being part of the top navigation menu.

The hero section contains an image slider with copy describing different services and an accompanying CTA that leads to more information.

Below this you get a brief intro to CityTouch that includes what clients love about the spa, followed by a sign-up form.

CityTouch opted to leave out the services section to keep the website lean and simple. Still, the image slider, color contrasts, and strategically positioned CTA buttons inspire a unique and straightforward design.

22. Body Tonic - Spa Website Example
Source: My body tonic

Body Tonic is a medical spa in Austin, Texas, that uses lots of images to show what services it offers.

Using a static hero image and copy to communicate the spa’s medical treatments, the website avoids traditional booking buttons and goes straight into the services section.

For services, Body Tonic uses two rows of images positioned next to each other.

Without using any copy or service description, the site uses service names on the images as links to service pages. This approach makes the website visually appealing and more engaging.

Below this, you get a short about us section followed by testimonials that include pictures of past clients. These pictures add authenticity to the testimonials and build more trust.

The whole site is a visual attraction that uses the power of images to communicate the benefits you’ll get after visiting the spa.

23. Spa Kingston - Spa Website Example
Source: Spa kingston

Located in San Diego, California, Spa Kingston is a luxury spa that promises you a royal experience no matter what treatment you book.

From the hero image, Spa Kingston provides buttons for purchasing gift cards, buying products, and buying memberships. Using parallax scrolling, the site takes you to a short intro about the spa followed by images showing spa services.

Maximizing revenue opportunities, the website adds another ecommerce section where you can either buy from the online store or Amazon. After this comes an Instagram feed and sign-up form.

The biggest inspiration here is the scrolling effect and the focus on selling products and memberships. This shows that even with a spa website, it’s easy to increase your revenue by adding an ecommerce option.

Spa Websites FAQs

Why do I need a spa website?

A spa website is important for marketing your spa online. Although you can use social media to promote your spa, a website is a necessary investment because it gives you control.

With a website, you can control every aspect of your branding, messaging, and customer journey. More importantly, your spa’s website enables you to have direct access to both current and potential customers. This is unlike social media platforms where you have to pay to reach prospects.

What makes a good spa website?

A good spa website is mobile-friendly and visually appealing. To achieve this, you’ll have to include images of your spa, clients receiving treatments, and also the team that provides the treatments.

These images, together with relevant website copy, will help convince your website visitors to book a session to experience your services.

What website builder should I use for my spa website?

There are many website builders that you can use to build your spa website. However, there are only a few that let you create a new website that’s easily accessible even through mobile devices.

We recommend Squarespace and Wix for the many design options they provide. With professionally-designed templates, these two website builders make it easy to design a spa website even if you don’t have design skills.

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