27 Examples of Inspiring Church Websites

Updated Nov 7, 2022.
Examples of Inspiring Church Websites

See examples of inspiring church websites that would encourage you to create an amazing website for your church. Learn what to do and how to do it when creating a stunning church website

A church website is more like a church's online presence. Due to the Covid-19 lockdown, most churches moved online to continue to fellowship with their members. This led to an increase in the number of church websites.

The church is more than just a building. It is home and peace to many. One of the greatest aims of any church is to grow its members and touch more lives. 

Fortunately, with digital evolution, the church can now reach more people without having to be there physically. Many churches have made this possible by creating church websites that carry their vision, mission, and message.

Research shows that about 80% of churches in the U.S have an active online presence. So you can have members and spread your message all over the world, even without having a church branch. 

Creating a website for your church increases visibility, grows your reach, grows your community, and allows people to download your messages and get acquainted with your vision.

There are many ideas for creating a great church website. For this article, I created a collection of the best church websites examples, made with the best website builders, that would encourage you to start your own and touch more lives. 

Let's see them!

 1. Union Church (Made with WordPress)

A church website example with a good call to action, encouraging visitors to do more.

Union Church ia A church website example with a good call to action, encouraging visitors to do more

The Union Church is a new church that was created as a merger of two churches – Destiny Church and i5 City Church. Currently based in Baltimore/Washington (with multiple branches), Union Church is one church with a really amazing website.

Right from the homepage, you already get the message of the church. With a bold but very short message, “Uniting people with purpose“, the website makes the visitor feel connected right away by letting them know what the church is about. Now, as you navigate your way through their website, that bold message still rings in your head. 

Another attractive feature about this website is that you can easily access the latest message right on the homepage. The title of the latest message is updated on the website (with a short snippet or background video), so you are invited to watch it. For any visitor, that is a sweet offer. Who wouldn't click to watch? That is a smart way to hook your visitors.

What to Learn From Union Church's Website

Union Church uses a call to action to encourage visitors to join in their program and community. If you want to increase your members or let your website visitors connect with you, Union Church is the perfect example to follow.

2. Grace Christian Church (Made with Reachright)

A church website with a simple headline that says so much

Grace Christian Church is A church website with a simple headline that says so much

Grace Christian Church takes connecting to a whole new level. Videos are more engaging and GCC knows that. At the homepage of the website, you see a heartwarming background video of love, togetherness, and compassion. The message is straightforward and very clear ‘Experience God. Experience Grace'. This is very understandable by any person. 

As a visitor, you can identify yourself immediately and book a seat for yourself and your family. If you don't feel the love and togetherness on this website, I wonder what you feel?

What to Learn From GCC's Website

On their website, GCC shows all it has to offer. Right on the website, you can feel what the church is about. 

Your church's website is an online representation of your church's brand image. Visitors would want to know more about your church from your website, so your website should give the best information and experience.

Your website should encourage visitors to participate in one way or another. That way, they become part of your community. GCC invites visitors to serve in different ways: locally, at church, or globally.

3. Grace Hills Church (Made with WordPress)

The perfect example of a church website that puts the visitors first

Grace Hills Church is the perfect example of a church website that puts the visitors first

Based in California, Grace Hills Church uses its website to send an emotional message that captivates you immediately when you visit it. Their message lets you know that you are welcome to join their community irrespective of who you are. 

While others may use simple words or send their message with a single sentence, GHC was intentional about making sure that website visitors understand their open hearts and become part of them. 

No one is perfect and GHC lets you know that you are not alone in your imperfection. In fact, they don't care about your flaws. Their message is deep and connects on an intimate level with any visitor. You want to go to a place where you are not judged. 

What to Learn From Grace Hills Church's Website

To optimize user experience, you should headline your website's homepage to be about your visitor and less about you. This lets them know that you care about them and you are there for them. 

GHS highlights this in its message. With their message, they spoke directly to the visitor. Unless you have a heart of stone, you would be in tears after reading their message (just kidding).

GHS also gives more information by letting you know about their latest information. This means that their website is always updated. By publishing their latest information, they want visitors to participate too.

All your latest information should be displayed on your website. That way, members who aren't present physically, and visitors too, can still participate in what you are doing.

4. Bay Area Christian Church (Made with WordPress)

A church website that shows special care to its new timers

BAAC is a church website that shows special care to its new timers

If your church has an interesting segment that everyone can benefit from, what better way to spread the good news than by doing so through your website? BACC, a global church with lots of branches around the world, uses its website to publicize its weekly vlog.

The website's headline is just two words that speak volumes. So visitors with a low attention span have nothing on this one.

Just like other amazing websites on the list (including those to be mentioned), BACC has an interesting but simple layout that makes it easy for visitors to navigate through.

It also includes a link to the church's weekly podcast so that you can join in the conversation. 

Now, BACC has a feature that only a few great church websites have: A blog. 

The church uses this blog to give more information about the church, answer deep questions on spirituality, and relate with the audience.

Having this would make your church more relatable, especially when the blog gives relatable content.

What to Learn From BACC's Church Website

The church showed that they care about new timers. On the website, BACC created a special section to guide new timers with the necessary information about the church and how to get started. 

For any new (or intending) member, this means a lot. Taking out time to guide them through the first steps and saving them the confusion of trying to get started. 

People who visit your website and have a great user experience are 5 times more likely to visit again (and probably become a member). 

Regardless of whether the visitor just wants to know more about the church, attend a service, volunteer, or attend an event, there is a huge possibility that your website would be the first place he would go to get help.

If he doesn't know what to do, he would just leave and probably never come back. Always make provision for guiding newcomers in the next steps to take.

5. Apostolic Church (Made with Squarespace)

A church great website that highlights the church's events

Apostolic Church is a church great website that highlights the church’s events

Apostolic Church, (a.k.a AC), is a popular non-denominational church that is currently headed by Pastor Paul and Pastor Brooke Pamer. 

Unlike the other church websites, the church's website displays the latest event coming up as a home page, with a link to register.

The headline for the event is enough to grab any visitor and prompt them to find out more information. 

Their vision and mission statements are creatively displayed on the homepage (you won't even know what they are). 

The website has a compelling call to action. From the moment you start scrolling on the website, you are encouraged to take certain actions. The goals are carefully explained so that visitors can have a better understanding of what it means.

What to Learn From AC's Church Website

Like Apostolic Church, have a clear call to action. Clearly and concisely explain the goal of the action taken so that your visitors would be carried along and encouraged to take the action.

The website design is simple, with just a few visuals to see and feel how the church is. 

Another thing to note about the website is the information given, especially in the “About” section. You can tell that every piece of information written was intentional in explaining the vision, mission, and driving force of the ministry. 

Let every word on your website communicate to your visitors. Do not beat around the bush with unnecessary things.

6. Faith Fellowship (Made with Squarespace)

The perfect example of a well-detailed and organized church website

Faith Fellowship is The perfect example of a well detailed and organized church website

Faith Fellowship is a church that holds strong to its beliefs. It is based in Wisconsin and headed by Pastor Larry Sheahan.

Since the church used every good visual for its website, it also includes an in-depth explanation of its belief system.

Visitors who visit a church website usually do so to know more about the church and see if they can attend or not. It is likely that most of them are not Christians or are looking for salvation and want to join a Christian community.

One of the pressing questions is what Faith Fellowship took their time to explain. The answer serves as an invitation to join in their faith. 

What to Learn From Faith Fellowship's Website

Faith Fellowship uses its website as an open invitation to join in the faith. Your church website should clearly communicate your faith to your visitors.

Another thing to note is that the website is very detailed, especially on the “About” page. Whatever information you are looking for, you can find it in the “About” section. 

They are one of the few churches to have an app and they did not hesitate to give steps to download their app. Everything on the church's website looks so organized and detailed that a visitor can know more about the church in a few minutes. 

No wonder it is a very good church website.

7. Rock Church (Made with Wix)

A church website with a clearly defined statement of faith

Rock Church is a church website with a clearly defined statement of faith

Rock Church is a popular church in Virginia Beach, Virginia, and is headed by Lead Pastors John and Robin Blanchard. The church has a very engaging website with beautiful pictures to make it lively. These pictures give the website a clear and unique design. Images are visually appealing to the audience and give them a feel of how the church service goes on a normal service day.

Images say a thousand words more than words do. Every image on your church's website should let the visitor have a grasp of the feel of service in your church. 

The mood of the images also says a lot. Do not include gloomy images. The best images for your website should show happiness, love, and so on.

What to Learn From Rock Church's Website 

Rock Church made its statement of faith very clear. Every aspect of what they believe in is clearly listed on their website and is very smart. Visitors would be able to take their time to learn about the values of the church. 

As mentioned earlier, your church website is a visitor's first contact he has with your church. Your website should contain valuable information that would help the visitor know what your church is all about, what it believes in, the service times, and so on. 

If your website is disorganized and includes mismatched information, it gives the visitor a negative impression of your church and he might just cancel that plan to visit.

8. Downtown Mission Church (Made with Weebly)

A church website that allows visitors to drop their various prayer requests

Downtown Mission Church is a church website that allows visitors to drop their various prayer requests

Based in Wausau, Wisconsin, Downtown Mission Church is a full-gospel church headed by Lead pastor Josh Holland. The church has other locations in America.

Downtown Mission Church's Website incorporates photos and texts in a very simple design. The layout is very simple and interesting to read. 

The homepage wasn't clouded with lots of distracting information. As a visitor, you get to know more information from the menu. All information is straight to the point, nothing unnecessary. 

The first thing visitors do when they visit your site is to skim through the website before deciding if your website deserves another look or not.

What to Learn From Downtown Mission Church's Website

Downtown Mission Church added a little personal feel to their website. Like a few amazing church websites, they included a prayer section that offers visitors a chance to get prayed for.

Although that may seem small, it shows that the church is thoughtful and open-hearted enough to want to join hands in prayer for visitors without even knowing them personally. You can imagine how heartwarming the visitor would feel just by looking at it, especially if he was going through a lot at the moment. 

It may not be the same thing you must include in your website but the idea is that your church website should make the visitor feel loved and cared for. 

You are making your visitor feel more confident and at peace with your church. This is a positive image your website creates for the church.

9. Grove Community Church (Made with Squarespace)

A perfect community church website that incorporates the use of storytelling to increase relatability and interest

Grove Community Church is a perfect community church website that incorporates the use of storytelling

Headed by pastors Josh and Katie Krehbiel, Grove Church is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The church started in 2014 and has grown to include lots of communities in its vision.

What to Learn From GCC's Church Website

The design of the church's website is very clean and minimal. It incorporates blank white spaces that allow the user to balance the visuals on his screen. The website is not clustered so it is easy to scan through and still have an idea of what the church is about.

Unlike the other church websites on the list, what is most compelling about them is how the staff were described. There is no doubt that a visitor would want to know about the pastor and the other leading ministers of the church. 

The narration about the pastors was very simple and relatable. The visitor was not bored with any unnecessary information like family history, educational level, career, and so on. Instead, emphasis was shed on the leaders' desires in alignment with that of the ministry.

Your church website should give clear, concise, yet relatable information about your pastors and leaders. Let people get to know something about them and this information should align with the vision and image of the church.

Storytelling communicates deeply with an audience. Grove Church uses storytelling to give information about them. Like other content on their website, they made sure the story was short, clear, and most importantly, interesting. 

Get creative with storytelling, it generates more engagement because it gives a clearer and intimate insight into your church's passion and drives as a family.

10. Elevation Church (Made with WordPress)

Elevation Church is A very popular church website with great design and content

You can't list amazing church websites without including Elevation. The church is headed by the popular Lead pastor, Steven Furtick, and his wife, Holly. Founded about 15 years ago, the church has many branches across the world, with its headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Right from the latest sermon displayed as the first thing you see on the website, to other interesting sections, the church website is designed purely for optimizing user experience.

A visitor can blend in immediately. There are enough features for him to get engaged.

An attractive design is what compels him to scan through a website but great content is what makes him stay interested. Every content on the website looks like it was carefully tailored out for the website's visitors to be carried along and feel as part of the ministry.

What to Learn From Elevation Church's Website

There are lots of lessons to learn from the church's website. From the design to the content, the intentionality of each information,  the way they encourage visitors to participate (even without saying it).

Content is king, even for church websites. If your content is not premium, then you stand a huge chance of losing visitors. 

Also, instead of the usual tiny social media icons at the very bottom of the page, Elevation church made sure the social media icons were visible and you can join them from different social media. 

Doing something similar would prompt your visitors to check you out on social media and possibly like, follow, or comment.

11. Four Winds Church (Made with GoDaddy)

The church website that uses a beautiful blend of colors to highlight the message of the church

Four Winds Church is The church website that uses a beautiful blend of colors to highlight the message

Four Winds Church is located in St Northville, Michigan, and is headed by Pastor Jeff Noble. With their website, Four Winds clearly communicates what makes the church unique.

No two churches are the same (except they are under the same administration), and Four Winds church shows this. The church updates the information on its website with current monthly information on events. 

The colors on the website are vibrant and attractive. Four Winds creatively uses a slideshow of images in one of its web pages to show visitors what the church is all about. The visitor gets to see what service is like in the church. This makes them feel like part of the church. Ever heard of the popular saying when it comes to creating engaging content “Show don't tell”?

What to Learn From Four Winds Church Website

Four Winds is all about spreading God's love to society. The slogan at the top of the website is a perfect reflection of that. This is to remind visitors that they are welcome as family and their flaws do not matter at all.

What message is your church sending out to society? Include this message where people can easily see it on your website. The more your visitors see the message, the more their hearts are opened to receive and reflect on the message.

Also, your website's visitors should be able to get answers to common questions on your faith. Your answers should be convincing (no lies or exaggerations) and easy to understand.

There is an invitation for visitors to get involved in the church or make a request for prayers to be made on their behalf. Showing you care for people, irrespective of who they are should be a highlighted content on your church website. 

Four Winds' website also includes complete information about their micro churches so visitors can visit if they are close by.

12. New Life Community Church (Made with Squarespace)

A church website example that boldly and clearly displays the vision and purpose of the church

New Life is a church website example that boldly and clearly displays the vision and purpose of the church

New Life Community Church is a popular church located in the city of Oxnard, headed by Pastors Steven and Tami. As a denominational church, it is part of a bigger organization – The International Church of the Foursquare Gospel. 

What to Learn From New Life Church's Website

On the church website, the vision statement of the church is clearly and boldly stated. Anyone can see it and know where the church is heading to. They didn't just stop there, they also stated why they exist as a church. 

A newcomer would want to know your purpose as a church. Why do you do what you do? What separates you from other churches? If the visitor can relate to your vision and purpose, he would want to find out more and be more involved in your church's activities.

13. Oasis Church (Made with Squarespace)

A perfect example of a church website that is easy to navigate through

Oasis Church is a perfect example of a church website that is easy to navigate through

Oasis Church is a new church that started in 2016. The church is based in Texas and led by  Alex and Hannah Suber. This popular Texas church has a very peculiar website.

Aside from how beautiful and simple the Oasis Church logo is, you would also notice that the page is very pleasing to look at.  The website uses a dimmed video background that shows a look inside the Oasis Church. 

The videos and images on the website create more engagement. You can tell the web designer wanted to include more information on the homepage but didn't want it to look clustered and unpleasant. 

The homepage is the first contact your website visitor has with your website. If it is disorganized or unpleasant to look at, they would not spend any extra seconds on it. This is very bad because it sends a negative signal about your church to visitors.

A church website is like an online church. You would wonder why there are almost no engagements on your church website

The images and texts were creatively arranged in sections, without distracting the viewer. Aside from using black and white backgrounds, it also used colorful images as a background to brighten up the look of the website. 

What to Learn From Oasis Church's Website

As a visitor to their church website, you can check out the latest sermon and a list of all the sermons. 

The sermons are divided into sections, so even if you are looking for a particular message, you have an idea where to look. The latest sermon is boldly displayed to make it more attractive and help users (who probably missed the sermon to easily watch it). 

There is also a little introduction besides the video. Giving your audience a little intro to the sermon to have an idea of what it is about is very amazing and thoughtful.

This amazing church website also includes a map that would help direct visitors to their church. An invitation to get involved in their vision and goal. This is a way of encouraging online visitors to visit offline and also participate in what the church stands for.

According to Reachright, 85% of people visit a church's website before visiting in person. This means that your website is the first impression people have of your church. A sneezy and disorganized website says a lot about your church, even if it is not true. Also, it gives people a mental image of how your church runs. 

Don't give a false impression, instead, give a very good one. You have just one chance to give that great first impression. Be intentional about what you put on your website.

14. Life Church (Made with Wix)

Life Church is a popular church in Pennsylvania

Life Church is a popular church in Pennsylvania. The church is headed by Pastors Randy and Maribel Landis and has multiple locations across Pennsylvania.

The church website is bilingual, which means you can view it in English and in Spanish too (for the Spanish brethren). By including two language versions on their website, they showed that no one is exempted. 

What to Learn From Life Church's Website

Life Church has multiple locations across Pennsylvania but unlike other churches with multiple branches, they dedicated separate pages to each location. This means that, as a visitor, you get to the “website page” of different locations all on the same website.

Each location was fully represented with engaging images, videos, and relevant information about each service. So online visitors interested in visiting any of the locations can easily get access to know more about each location.

This is a key lesson to learn for your church website. Every location should be duly represented on your church's website. Nothing bulky or unnecessary. All information should be straight to the point yet engaging.

15. Madison Baptist Church (Made with Weebly)

A great church website example for minimalist design

Madison Bapist Church is a great church website example for minimalist design

Madison Baptist Church is a growing church located in Madison, Alabama. The church took simplicity and minimalistic to a deeper level.

What to Learn From Madison Baptist Church's Website

The design, layout, details, and information are delivered minimally. The church website is a perfect example of a minimalist church website. They used fewer images than words. 

You can say that Weebly specially designed this template for minimalists.

During this period of the Covid-19 lockdown, the majority of churches are now online, Madison Baptist made sure to announce this on their website.

They also included the various online platforms they are available in.

For people with very low attention to detail or a preference for minimalist details on a web page, this is the perfect website to learn from especially if you are just designing your church website for the first time.

16. Northside Church (Made with Squarespace)

An example of a church website with well-detailed information about the church and other things to know

Northside Church is an example of a church website with well detailed information about the church

Northside Church is a church that believes in demonstrating God's love. It is currently based in Michigan and headed by Pastor Jason Buchan

With the effect of the Covid-19, many churches are still not having Sunday services. The church websites have become the center of information concerning churches. 

Any information must be uploaded in the. church website.  Always keep your website updated with current information so that those members at home would also be able to participate.

What to Learn From Northside Church's Website

The church arranged its information into chunks. This made their homepage (and other pages on the website) look clean. 

A very busy website does little to no good. In fact, it only has a negative effect because your visitor is fed lots of information at once.

If including videos on your website would make it look tacky and less appealing, then include a redirecting link that would take them to another site or your church's YouTube channel.

17. One Church (Made with Squarespace)

A church website that clearly explains what they believe in and what their faith is based on

One Church is a church website that clearly explains what they believe in and what their faith is based on

One Church is a church that holds strongly to its beliefs and values. The church has a branch in Columbus and also has multiple communities you can join in.

What to Learn From One Church's Website

The design and layout of this website are very unique, clean, and sleek. From large background images to smaller images, the website uses these images to tell a story or send a message.

But what to learn from One Church's website is how well their beliefs and values are arranged. They listed all they believed in and their values and briefly explained (with Bible passages) each one to give a visitor a clearer understanding.

The creativity is in the use of monochrome colors in a visually appealing way. 

Black is an elegant and classy color. Using a black and white theme sets a mood. All the images are so large that you can boldly see what is going on.

Another thing to learn from this amazing church website is that the website has a provision for past messages in an archive section. 

It is possible for visitors to get “consumed” on your website if they want to listen to previous messages or a church member wants to get access to some previous messages. Create an archive section on your website.

18. The Church of The Good Shepherd (Made with WordPress)

The church website that is deliberate about targeting their ideal audience

Good Shepherd is the church website that is deliberate about targeting their ideal audience

The Church of the Good Shepherd (CGS) is a very popular church with lots of branches around the world. The church at Durham, North Carolina, is headed by  Chuck Jacob. 

What to Learn From CGS's Church Website

The website used a unique church theme from WordPress. It briefly but thoroughly explains key details about the church. 

Because the church has a specific target audience, they tailored their web pages and information to appeal to the audience's understanding.

When tailoring your information on your website, keep in mind the audience your church is targeting. For example, if your church is a youth church, it is obvious you would present your information in a way they would understand, using lots of videos and images.

If your church caters to different audiences like kids, youths, and adults, then you can have different sections for each audience where the information is presented according to each audience.

So from CGS's website, you can tell that their primary target audience is adults with a passion for real worship.

19. Northbrook Church (Made with Wix)

The best church website with a simple and consistent layout

Northbook Church is the best church website with a simple and consistent layout

The Northbrook Church is located in Richfield, Wisconsin, and is currently headed by Lead Pastor Mike Bellanti. 

The church website is simple and has a wonderful outlook. They used both videos and images that perfectly show more information about 

Northbrook Church takes welcoming newcomers to a whole new level. You can feel the warm love they have for newcomers.

Everything you need to know about the church is on the website. It is like their online church bulletin. 

What to Learn From Northbrook's Church Website

Like other great church websites, Northbrook has a consistent layout on every page. On each page, you first see a video background before scrolling to see the information on the page. 

The pages on your website should be uniform and reflect the same thing. You are allowed to be creative and experiment with other layouts but they should be too different from each other. They should follow a consistent pattern. 

By doing this, you are preventing your page from looking tacky. If all the pages on your church website are different – with a different theme, completely different layout, and different design and colors – it would only make your website look very tacky and uninteresting.

20. Grace Church (Made with Squarespace)

The best example of an inspirational church website with all the best qualities of a top website

Grace Church is The best example of an inspirational church website with all the best qualities of a top website

Grace Church is a popular church in Minnesota. The church has multiple locations and is very heavy on their faith. This popular family church is headed by Pastor Troy Dobbs

The church made itself open to everyone on its website. A visitor can get to know every member of their key staff. 

Getting to know each staff member and their values gives visitors an idea of the kind of members the church has and the passion and goal for the church. They get to know the kind of people that are behind the leadership of the church.

What to Learn From from Grace Church's Website

The top three things that make an amazing website are great design, content, and easy navigation for visitors. 

Whether you are creating a church website or a website for an organization, these three things should be incorporated together. They should be balanced too. You don't want a beautiful but complex website design to make it difficult for visitors to navigate through web pages.

Grace Church uses all three of the important website must-haves. Not only do they design their homepage with a bold video background to capture attention, but when you scroll down, you see different information sections that make it easier for you to find what you are looking for faster.

On each section, different information pages show you the key things to know about the church's operations, from weddings to baptism ceremonies,  funerals, classes, support groups, events, and so much more.

21. Hope Church of Sparta (Made with Weebly)

A good description of staff members for visitors to learn more about the members of the church

Hope Church is a good description of staff members for visitors to learn more about the members of the church

Hope Church of Sparta (HCS) is a denominational church under Assemblies of God. The church is located in Sparta and headed by Pastor Michael Hamilton

The church didn't want to put too much information on its website. They only included the basic information. But they knew that visitors would want to know more about their church so they didn't just stop there, they included a direct way you can contact them by calling. 

So as a visitor, you can call the church to find out any information you might need and probably book a seat too for the next service.

What to Learn From HCS's Church Website

Imagine working in a church or an organization for the first time and you meet a member. The first thing he does is introduce himself, then he tells you a bit about the worship services of the church. After that, he takes you to go meet other members and introduces you to them. From meeting them, you get acquainted with the church.

That is what HCS does. But in this case, they do it with their website. From their homepage, they welcome you, tell you a bit about their worship services, and go straight to introducing you to members of their staff

From meeting members of the staff, there is an interest to know more about the church and what they are about.

22. Collegedale Church (Made with Wix)

A good description of the kids' ministry, with the goals and visions for the growth of the kids

Collegedale Church is a good description of the kids’ ministry, with the goals and visions

Collegedale is a denominational church under Seventh-day Adventist Church. The church is headed by Pastor David Ferguson.

Unlike other church websites that show the pastors and staff members of the church in a collage grid, Collegedale Church shows theirs in a slideshow. 

But just above the slideshow is information that tells the visitor that they can get in contact with a “pastor on call”, who would receive their messages and attend to them. This is very good information to show your visitors.

Most people visiting your church website are seeking help. Knowing they can contact a pastor is enough relief. Let your website give only valuable information. 

As mentioned earlier on the website, a great design attracts people to your website but great content is what makes them stay and possibly take action.

Another good thing to note about the church website is the consistency of images and the color green. You can notice the color green on every webpage. Being consistent in a particular color or feature gives a positive effect to your website.

What to Learn From Collegedale Church's Website

Aside from special churches, every family church has a kids ministry. This is one of the most important sections visitors go to. Let your kids' ministry page be engaging and informative. The information should be less about how great your church is and more about how you can help kids grow spiritually.

You can include an introduction, telling visitors about the vision, goals, and mission of the ministry for kids, just like Collegedale Church did.

23. Radiant Church (Made with Squarespace)

A good example of a church website with vibrant colors that brighten up the look of the website

Radiant Church is a good example of a church website with vibrant colors that brighten up the look of the website

Radiant Church is a full gospel church that has different branches in Michigan. This ever-growing church is headed by Pastor Lee Cummings.

What to Learn From Radiant Church's Website

The church's website is very clean and clear. The clean message of the church makes the headline stand out.  Also, one key thing to notice about the website is the use of vibrant color to brighten the page. A dull website hurts the website.

Colors have a very critical impact on your website. They determine the mood and whether visitors should invest their time on your website. 

Don't use too dark colors or too light colors. Use balanced colors to design all pages on your website. Some colors have certain psychological effects on people. 

The colors of Radiant Church's website are different but they complement each other. Website design is both logical and creative. The look of your website determines if visitors would give it any chance to be explored.

A great design makes your church website very attractive. The design gave room for other information to be represented.

Most church website designers make the mistake of wanting to display all the information at once. They end up including lots of images with different color schemes on them. 

Be intentional about anything you put on your website. From your website design to the content (texts, images, and videos), visitors get to know more about your church.

The message of your church website should be reflected in the design and content on the website. Different people from different walks of life would visit your website. If the message is not clear, they would have different opinions on what your church is about.

24. Pauma Valley Community Church (Made with Weebly)

The best website example for visitors convenience

Pauma Valley is the best website example for visitors convenience

Pauma Valley Community Church is a part of the North Coast Church Family. The church is now known as North Coast Church Pauma Valley. 

What to Learn From Pauma Valley's Church Website

Aside from the amazing features on the website, the great design, and the content incorporated, the best thing to notice is the fact that the church didn't limit some participation to offline. They also included them online. For example, the Homework for the week was also uploaded on the website to give visitors and those not present physically to join in. 

Giving visitors a chance to participate in intimate things of the church makes them feel welcomed and tells them you are glad to have them participate.

Whatever event, assignment, or project your church is doing and you include the information on your church website, also give visitors a chance to participate too. They might just be interested in being a part of your church community.

Then, there is also a chance to download sermons. Honestly, not everyone likes to stream every time. In Pauma Valley's church website, they designed their website in a way that it is possible to download the audio version of sermons.

Downloading sermons is more convenient for the visitor because he can listen to them whenever he wants to, even when there is no internet connection. 

Although visitors can watch the sermons on your website or via YouTube, also make provision for the sermons to be easily accessible and downloadable.

25. The City of Light Christian Church (Made with GoDaddy)

A great website that is accessible both on mobile phones and on computers

The City of Light Christian Church is a great website that is accessible both on mobile phones and on computers

The City of Life Christian Church, which is also known as “The City”, is a very fast-growing church based in Washington. The website opens up to a bold information that they are not having offline services due to Covid-19 restrictions. This information is a very important one, that's why it is boldly displayed. 

Always put the most important information first. While scrolling through, it is easy for visitors to miss these information. Boldly displaying vital information would help your visitors take note of them easily.

What to Learn From The City's Church Website

Made with one of the best website builders, GoDaddy, the church website incorporates all the qualities of a great church website – great yet simple design, great content, and easy navigation. 

The website of the church is well detailed and organized. Every section on the web pages is well represented. 

This website is more like a perfect example of an organized church website. Another thing to notice about the website is that it is accessible. The way it looks on the computer is very similar to the way it looks on a mobile phone.

People visit your website from different places and at different times. It's not necessary that everyone must use a computer to access websites. In fact, the majority of internet users use the internet with their mobile phones. 

Let all features on your website be easily accessible on both computers and mobile phones.

To make sure you are up to date about the events of the church, the website provides an opportunity to sign up for receiving weekly news updates.

Keep your members up to date about events and news of the church. Since you cannot send it to everyone's phone numbers, send a weekly email newsletter. The best way to get people to sign up for this is on your website.

26. Grace Walk Church (Made with Wix)

The best church website that creatively incorporates amazing visual elements like videos and images to captivate the visitor at first glance

Grace Walk Church is the best church website that creatively incorporates amazing visual elements

Grace Walk Church is a mega-growing non-denominational church headed by Senior Pastors Joe and Tammy Calloway. With its permanent residence in Phoenix, Arizona, the church is particular about leading its members in line with its vision.

This strategy is also visible on their website. By showing video backgrounds that reflect their message of love and unity, they can speak louder than words.

No need for long talks or explanations on the home page. Instead, it was decorated with colorful images that linked to different web pages. All you had to do was click on each one to get more information on it. 

What to Learn From Grace Walk Church's Website

The website is artistic and very appealing to look at. You could get lost just scrolling through. The video background is very captivating. 

On the previously mentioned church websites, I have emphasized the fact that your church website needs to be captivating right from the landing page. 

A captivating first impression is what would make visitors stay. The social media icons were replaced with beautiful images.

People are moved by videos, images, and colors. So creatively incorporating them in their website is a very smart move by the Church. Whatever you do or whatever design you make for your website, make sure it optimizes the user experience. 

When it comes to the internet, users see, smell, feel, hear, and taste with their eyes. Everything has to be appealing to the sight. Nothing dull, boring, or too bright. Instead of using boring social media icons, you could replace them with images or cool designs, just like how GWC did.

27. Declaration Church (Made with Squarespace)

Uses a great theme from one of the best website builders to create an amazing look and impression for visitors

Declaration Church Uses a great theme from one of the best website builders to create an amazing look

Pastor Blake Chilton is the head pastor of Celebration Church. The church is based in Texas and consists of mostly youths. 

From the message on the headline to the theme of the website, as well as the content, you can tell that their goal is to reach out to young people. That is their main audience

What to Learn From the Declaration Church's Website. 

Squarespace is an amazing website builder and one of the best church websites they can boldly brag about is that of Declaration Church's.

Using amazing website themes from Squarespace, the church beautifully designed its website and optimized user experience and user interface.

If you pay attention to detail, the headline is what would capture your interest first. A simple mission statement is boldly displayed on the homepage. By just looking at it, you already know what the goal of the church is and would want to participate in.

The website is simple. You do not need to keep scrolling and scrolling. 

Unless you are a master in software development, use one of the best website builders to build your church website. There are different amazing themes you can choose from on each website builder. By using the best of website builders, you can unlock your creativity.

FAQs On Creating A Church Website

What is the purpose of a church website?

The goal of a church is to share its vision and beliefs across the world. The best way to do that is to expand its reach. The Covid-19 lockdown has proven that being only an offline church is very limiting. The goal of a church website is to reach a wider audience.

With the growth of the internet culture, people can now choose the church they want to be a part of even if they are miles away. And people can find out more information about a church even if they aren't members yet.

With the world getting more digital every year, an online search is a very first thing people do whenever they want to know about a church. And the best way to get any information on any church is on their website. 

Your church website is the first contact a visitor would have with your church. Without an online presence, then your church doesn't exist. That is a popular belief. They go to your church website to find out information about location, service times, your vision, dress code, and so on. 

Another important purpose of a church website is to release new updated information (aside from the regular information). Uploading news on upcoming events, programs, and even sermons proves to be very convenient for the congregation. 

So the general purpose of a church website is to connect with a wide range of people, including new members, old members, and intending members.

What are the key qualities of a great church website?

A church website can have an amazing vision statement, it could be owned by one of the best churches in the city but if it doesn't appeal to visitors, then it would do poorly – very little to no engagement. 

The three key qualities every great church website must have are great design, amazing content, and easy navigation.

Great Design

Looks play a vital role in any website. It takes barely 5 milliseconds for internet users to form an opinion about a website they are visiting for the first time. 

It is the first impression of the landing page (usually the homepage) that determines if your website would be explored or ignored.

Your home page (as well as any page on your website) should have a captivating design. This is where you show your creativity by using the right color blends and designing an interesting layout.

Amazing Content

Just like I emphasized repeatedly in this article, content is king. For any website, a great design attracts but engaging content makes the visitor stay. 

Your content includes everything on the page you are using to send a message to the visitor. These include images, videos, texts, and colors. 

Boring content does not address important key information or is too complex to understand. Every message you want to communicate to your website's visitors must be clear and concise.

If your content is boring or ambiguous or disorganized, it would only drive visitors away.

Easy Accessibility (and Navigation)

This has to do with the technical aspect of your church website. For a website to be easily accessible means that it can be accessed both on a mobile phone and a laptop or a tablet. The data can carry any device.

If your website is only accessible on a laptop or computer, then you wouldn't have plenty of website visitors for your church, no new members, and no connection with the congregation.

What information do visitors want on a church website?

Newcomers (or intending new members) visit your church website to find out vital information that would help them identify clearly with the church and its values.

Instead of getting carried away and giving only unnecessary information, your church website should answer questions like:

Who you are – This refers to your vision statement and goal as a church
What you do – This refers to your mission, as well as your activities and events as a church. What do you participate in, what do you donate for, the culture of your church, and so on.
Where you are – This refers to your regular service locations, both offline and online
When do you gather – This refers to the regular service times, including midweek services on all locations

Also, let your website be designed in a way that those online can have a near experience of the service and the community, like those offline. 

Not having access to vital information can be very frustrating. Save your visitors the stress of calling a staff member to get information on the church.

As a beginner, what are the best website builders for creating a church website?

There are a few incredible website builders that have different church themes you can choose from to build your church website and explore your inner creativity. One of these amazing website builders is WordPress.

WordPress has multiple church themes you can choose from and create a great church website with. Because WordPress.org is a self-hosted website, it is more popular among web developers.

Aside from WordPress, other beginner-friendly website builders to use are:

Squarespace: Also offers great themes for your church website and different design templates.
Wix: Best website builder for offering great web designs.
Weebly: Offers features that help you build a relationship with your website visitors.
HostGator: The best website builder that offers all-in-one solutions for website needs. It has over 200 design templates to explore.
GoDaddy: The best website builder for building websites with minimalistic designs.

Each website builder is unique in its way, offering different features that would make the web developer's work less stressful. You are free to explore each one to its fullest and find out which best works for you.

How do I create a website for my church?

Creating a church website isn't difficult. With pre-designed templates from website builders, you can create an amazing website for your church.

– Choose any website builder of your choice and sign in to get access to the available themes
– Pick a theme and edit it to fit your goal for your church (start with using a basic layout)
– Design a menu
– Design each web page one-at-a-time
– Design the homepage and create content for the page. The content could include images, videos, and texts
– Design the footer, where you can add links, social media handles, contact info, address, and so on.

Launch Your Church Website

A church website is a must-have for every church, irrespective of size and location. Getting a website for your church helps spread the message to different people at different times and different places.

Having a website means you are granting access to a wider range of people, to know more about your church, the beliefs, and giving them access to sermons and messages.

It is also a way to relate with new visitors. But a poorly designed website cannot do any of that. You would only end up giving a negative impression of your church and draw the visitor away.

Take lessons from the inspiring church websites listed in this article and create a stunning website for your church, with all the key elements.

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