41 Examples of Wonderful Artist Websites (2024 Inspiration)

Updated Oct 3, 2023.

Entering into the art business can be tasking. You are up against other artists that are either more or less talented than you. Creating a good artist website can be a difference maker. Most artists’ websites are poorly designed.

You can create a stunning artist website without hiring a web designer or learning coding with a good website builder. Many website builders can help you build your own website but Wix and Squarespace are our top picks.

Whether you are an aspiring or professional artist, this article has the best artist website examples you can use as inspiration when designing your own site.

Samantha’s art website is well-arranged and structured into two portfolio pages. The first portfolio page showcases her latest artwork, while the other, the less recent ones. 

She devotes her homepage features to displaying one of her most-priced paintings. The colorful art piece on display takes center stage on her landing page and arrests the attention of its visiting audience.

2. Amber Jean - Artist Websites Example
Source: Amberjean

Amber Jean puts her passion into creating vibrant art pieces that depict stories about her life experiences on her website display. This beautiful artist website example uses a simple design with extensive features.

On display is an image of the sculptor working on one of her pieces, and underneath is a personalized message that shows a personal touch. 

I love how this website design offers a view gallery feature that provides a detailed overview of the creative work involved in the wood sculpting process.

Benjamin Hardman’s art website uses pictures of harsh environments and weather conditions that will give you the chills by merely looking at them. The full-screen slideshow that changes automatically or by pressing the movement icons is brilliant 

I love how this artist designed his website with his potential clients in mind. He ensures that the visual hierarchy displayed on his site is specific to what potential clients are looking for in an art website.

4. Zaria Forman - Artist Websites Example
Source: Zaria for man

Zaria Forman’s art website is different from regular art websites. It displays an image of the artist working on an almost-finished piece. The addition of the artist in the artwork prevents the homepage painting from being mistaken as a real-life photograph.

There’s an extensive portfolio of various categories based on specific projects. Visitors can easily search for the projects they are interested in and browse through the artworks under them.

I love this art website because it provides information on various art exhibits and extensive press coverage on Zaria and her works.

Kate Vass Galerie is a community of artists that specializes in the field of photography and advanced technology. I love how the art online website uses moving large black text for headers and shows different stunning images on a fixed display box. 

The navigation bar provides visitors with access to links to various collections that make it easier to find what they need. There’s a KVM blog that contains many interesting art articles and a marketplace section that sells prints.

Matt Leblanc’s website, powered by Shopify, is one of many custom websites that doubles as an eCommerce platform. He offers original artwork, accessories, and clothing with featured products on display, making it easy for website visitors to make informed shopping decisions. 

This personal artist website example uses slideshow technology flashing through different pictures that displays Matt Leblanc’s best works.  

I love how the “Artist Bio” section is on the website’s first page that helps build his brand. You can’t help but read his fascinating story about how he became a self-taught artist based on a mystery teacher.

Edzerza Gallery is an online Canadian art gallery offering a wide range of Inuit art on display. The first thing that captures your attention when you visit the website is its changing pictures.

I love how Alano Edzerza, the face behind Edzerza Gallery, puts his bio at the center of the website. His bio is not just a source of inspiration for aspiring artists but a good social proof to build trust and credibility. 

There’s a detailed segment of some of his most recent works, with the colorful sculptures doing justice to what was once a plain white background.

8. Nedavius - Artist Websites Example
Source: Nedavius

Nedavius is a New York-based artist and graphic designer offering next-generation 3D, 2D, motion, web, sound design, and art direction. This website’s user-friendly aesthetics will leave you wanting more. 

The use of animations, especially the animated cursor, and menus, gives the website a playful and artistic feel. I love how he links to his projects and integrates his online store into his website for ease of shopping for visitors.

9. Sophie Kahn - Artist Websites Example
Source: Sophie kahn

Sophie Kahn is a great artist whose artistic expertise involves reproducing the human body via digital and sculpting techniques. What makes Sophie Kahn’s art website unique is the neat 3D image laser that is visible in both her displayed artworks. 

I love this amazing artist website example because it uses a splash page with rotating full-screen background images from her portfolio. Visitors can use the navigation menu to visit other aspects of her website.

10. Grand Deluxe - Artist Websites Example
Source: Grande deluxe

The Grand Deluxe homepage is all about the illustration portfolio of Sami Viljanto. Visitors will love the colorful illustrations and bold colors used on the art website. Clicking on any illustration will attract a bigger pop-up image with some text about the modern design.  

There are only three sections on the website. Users can easily navigate from one section to another thanks to the navigation bar. 

The contact or follow page is where the social media accounts of the illustrator exist while the About page contains brief information about the illustrator Sami.

Magnolia Visual Art is a fine art photography website with a distinctive homepage containing a slideshow of the most recent photography projects. 

This modern design site offers a loop at the homepage’s button that allows visitors to know which album category is currently showing on the slideshow. 

Positioning the navigation bar at the bottom of the homepage instead of the top leaves a memorable effect on web users.  I love how Magnolia Visual Art arranges its blog section chronologically, making it easy for users to sort through its blog posts.

12. Mel Volkman - Artist Websites Example
Source: Melvolkman

The Mel Volkman website is the online portfolio of the New England-based artist and photographer Mel Volkman. Her website has a clean and simple design on a white and dark background to give it a professional look.

Mel Volkman’s website focuses entirely on showcasing her best photography projects and selling prints of her works. I like how she adds a “Journal” section that shows different photo albums for her many voyages.

13. Jason Arkles - Artist Websites Example
Source: Jason arkles

Jason Arkles is an amazing artist that expresses his desire to fuse historical taste with a more modern and forward-thinking approach on his art website. His website is a great example of a simple and minimalist design. 

The dark background on Jason Arkles’ website perfectly blends with its white fonts. You will find the way the website presents different images of his artworks captivating. 

Jason’s works remind you of the famous 19th-century art. I love how he links to other resources like his works, instruction, podcast, biography, and contact.

Jessica Chou’s website displays her best works as a documentary rather than a slideshow. This artist’s website shows her willingness to take a raw approach to her practice, distinguishing her work from other art galleries online. 

There are only two pages on the website. A work page that displays all her past and present artworks. An about page that shows a list of top selected clients and publications that shines a light on her expertise.

I love its well-built Squarespace photography template that gives its art an overall beautiful look in the eye of visitors.

Emily Jeffords is an excellent example of why Squarespace is one of the best website builders for artists. You can’t help but admire its clean and beautiful layout and use of bold colors. 

The addition of Squarespace eCommerce functionality helps her integrate her portfolio website with her online store.

I love how Emily Jefford utilizes a light and neutral color palette to make it easier for the artworks on display to capture the attention of visitors. There’s a “Behind the Scenes” section that helps you understand how she came up with some of her best artworks.

16. Owen Gent - Artist Websites Example
Source: Owen gent

Owen Gent’s website’s layout and design are minimalistic. Its homepage consists of several distinct and colorful items from the artist’s illustration portfolio that catches the eye. 

The About page section of Owen Gent’s website consists of a detailed biography, personal photo, and contact info. There is an online shop where visitors can purchase books and prints. 

I love the website’s simple user interface and minimal use of text. He understands that his target audience is visiting to view artworks and not read text.

17. Livia Falcaru - Artist Websites Example
Source: Livia falcaru

Livia Falcaru’s illustration portfolio uses a floral white color background that perfectly compliments the illustrations showcased on the art website. I love how she turns her homepage into an online portfolio of her best works. 

The website’s About page offers a list of select clients alongside links to the press who featured Livia Falcaru for her past exhibitions.

Visitors can use the navigation menus to move between the online art shop, portfolio, blog, about, and contact pages.

18. Jon Burgerman - Artist Websites Example
Source: Jon burgerman

Your first contact with Jon Burgerman's art website will leave you with a stunning impression. The homepage uses parallax scrolling and animated doodles to make the site more engaging. 

I love the pink design of the navigation bar located at the bottom left side of your screen. Click on the three-dotted lines and more menu options will pop up. There is a subscription box for subscribing to its newsletters and clickable icons for its different social media accounts.

Michelle Carlos’s website has an impressive design with colorful and vibrant art on display. Her colorful and playful logo makes her site stand out from other artists. This art website is full of high-quality illustrations with varying sizes that make it more fun and engaging. 

I love how it positions and names its navigation menus to help visitors easily switch between sections. The footer is full of clickable icons that direct to Michelle Carlos’s social media accounts.

20. Steven Kozar - Artist Websites Example
Source: Steven kozar

Steven Kozar’s website uses a fascinating background image that draws your attention. On first contact with this artist's website, you might mistake this magnificent piece of art for a live photograph. It is an actual painting.

I love the “Featured Prints” section which is full of the best prints and paintings the artist has to offer with their corresponding prices.

21. Ashley Nicole DeLeon - Artist Websites Example
Source: Ashnicdel

Think of the most colorful art websites and Ashley Nicole DeLeon's website pops up. Her site is designed with no shortage of colors, giving it the most aesthetic look possible. 

I love how she divides her portfolio into three heading segments (illustration, narrative, and infographics). Visitors can easily navigate to key pages such as shop, about, and contact pages.

This artist’s website is full of colorful illustrations created by Ashley Nicole DeLeon. The use of social media icons on the site’s footer is brilliant.

Brooke’s art website has a personal and homely feel that makes it hard for visitors to forget. The white background highlights the different images on display, while the lilac banner serves as a background for the menu sections

I love how the first thing you see when visiting the website is a high-quality picture of Brooke Cormier sitting by a canvas. This background image shows that the website is for an artist. There is a search function that helps visitors easily find what they need.

23. Darren Booth - Artist Websites Example
Source: Darren booth

What is likely to catch your attention is the well-crafted logo that spells out the artist’s name. The logo is visible at the top left corner of every page on the website. 

I love how Darren displays his artist bio which provides visitors with an idea of what the artist and his works are all about. 

This website’s homepage features the best of Darren’s best designs and illustrations displayed in a two-column gallery view format for easy skimming. You can navigate to the website’s blog and an online shop to read or buy his works.

24. Charly Palmer - Artist Websites Example
Source: Charly palmer

Charly’s website displays a full-screen slideshow background video of some of his most astonishing pieces of art. This art site is home to colorful illustrations. Charly Palmer used more colors than most portfolios to create his paintings. 

You can’t help but think about Charly Palmer’s catchy quote “Art should change the temperature in the room.” The website has a well-arranged menu that covers what your ideal client wants.

25. Alia Bright - Artist Websites Example
Source: Alia bright

Alia Bright’s art website displays a simple and clean layout with a touch of customized animations and scrolling effects, providing the site with its unique touch. 

The homepage serves as a gallery for her work, the first of many beautiful things to come. Upon clicking on any of the images, the site opens another page with more details and additional images about that particular art piece. 

I love how Alia Bright introduced herself as a professional artist early on the homepage. You can’t miss her short bio on visiting the website.

Loe Lee’s site layout and design are unlike any other you will see from a design portfolio site. She went over and beyond in making it her art home

Her website’s design features an animated illustration but does not steal the shine from the call-to-action button on the homepage that spells “Let’s work together.”

I love how the website uses an automatic slideshow to display her different works. The website‘s footer has information about how to contact the artist through email and clickable social icons.

27. Jon Marchione - Artist Websites Example
Source: Jon marchione

Jon Marchione is an amazing art website example full of colorful illustrations and animations.  I love the cartoonish look of the online portfolio website. 

You can’t help but notice the unusual website design that puts the navigation bar and menus at the side. The sidebar is full of direct links to each portfolio. Clicking on any portfolio thumbnails provides visitors more details and images about a particular portfolio.

28. The Art of Irina - Artist Websites Example
Source: Irina pandeva

Irina Pandeva’s website features a large painting on the homepage, paying tribute to her artistic talent as an artist. Her portfolio is divided into three categories, paintings, available art, and her latest addition, her DREAM series

The navigation menu of Irina’s art website also includes direct links to an About page, a contact page, and a blog. 

What I love most about this particular art website is the messaging feature on the bottom right corner of the homepage. Visitors can chat online with the artist directly from the website.

Hannah’s art website uses a white background that serves as the portfolio for her amazing images. This website is full of high-quality pictures of Hannah’s best artworks that add beauty and show her unique style. 

The shorts icon just before the About icon page is where Hannah houses all her prestigious recognition on display to visitors. You can find her biography and contact details on the About page.

Personally, the hand-drawn logo of Isabelle’s art site is what makes this artist’s site one of the best artist websites. This artist makes simplicity feel quite sophisticated with the cleanest of layouts

I love how she neatly structures her portfolio items into three categories that serve as the primary navigation menu. There’s an about page that is home to Isabella’s bio, picture, and contact info.

31. Nicole Xu - Artist Websites Example
Source: Nicole-xu

Think of a simple and beautiful website to display your artwork, and Nicole Xu will pop up several times on your radar. 

The homepage showcases several different and colorful illustrations. I love how there are navigation menu options for white and black illustrations and picture books. Visitors can easily navigate to the specific artwork that catches their interest. 

Nicole Xu’s About page is simple but well-detailed. You will find the artist’s bio, a professional photo, a client list, and all the awards and recognition he got over the years.

32. Mathias Ball - Artist Websites Example
Source: Mathias ball

The colorful hand-drawn logo on Mathias’s site adds a personalized touch to the artistic site. Mathias Ball’s personal artist website does a great job of displaying her works straight away on the homepage to capture visitors’ attention.

I love how she uses white spaces to separate every artwork she displays on her website. There are clickable icons in the footer section that links to her email and social media accounts.

oana Neves's portfolio page, designed to get the most attention from online visitors, uses a clean design with colorful illustrations for maximum effect. 

Her portfolio page is divided into two categories (illustrations and character design) to help visitors navigate their way through the website. 

What I love most about this art website is its case study page which provides behind the scene coverage of her latest work.

34. Alex Weir - Artist Websites Example
Source: Smexart

Alex Weir’s logo comes with a baseball cap with the big and bold initials SMEX, which is sure to catch any visitor's attention. This artist smartly puts a short bio and clickable contact text to let visitors know what he does and reach out to him easily. 

I love the full-screen automatic slideshow of the artist’s best murals and illustrations. Weir’s About page is full of his many accomplishments which is great for his personal branding, building credibility, and winning the trust of potential customers.

Jessica’s site is designed to be as fun and colorful as possible. I love how she uses an interesting and colorful background image on her homepage that shows what she does in one picture.  

She uses navigation menus to help visitors easily find the page they want to view. Her work page is full of images and videos of her best works. There is a client page that lists all of her previous clients which is great for building credibility in her target audience’s eyes.

Emily Mercedes Art’s website, designed to be her online store, displays all her beautiful paintings available for sale. 

The idea of using her website as an online store is a great monetization strategy. I love how the website uses navigation menus to help visitors find their desired artwork. There is a search function that makes the process even faster.

Her choice of logo is also a fascinating part of her art site. She chooses an ostrich as the symbol of her logo. Her live chat feature is what I love most about this art site which provides users with ready answers to questions regarding activities on the site.

Alex Tran’s art website is full of high-quality portrait and headshot pictures. I love how the website arranges the pictures in a three-column layout in varying sizes providing the website with a more engaging feel.

The artist site is a hovering effect that displays the title of the photo when the cursor hovers around an image. I love how he designed his info section into more of a question-and-answer format, improving the user experience and boosting the site’s SEO.

38. Mario Radev - Artist Websites Example
Source: Mario radev

Mario Radev’s website features an animation page with a gallery layout of all his artworks arranged in a three-column layout feature. The site displays the title of a piece when the mouse cursor is on it with a hovering effect feature.

I find the performance page where Mario displays all his past exhibitions with video evidence of how exactly the showcase went attractive.

Dan Frantz's website houses a reel section of several short videos created by the artist in the past. I love how he puts the biggest film he has worked for at the center of the site and makes it large and visible on the site’s homepage.

This art website neatly arranges and categorizes each entry based on purpose and common themes making it easy for users to locate what they seek.

40. Philippa Rice - Artist Websites Example
Source: Philippa-rice

Philippa Rice’s homepage is an eye-catching display of her art illustrations. Her colorful and matching logo is incorporated into the top left corner of her page

What strikes me most about this artist’s site is her book section which spells out the whole process to the public. The About page contains the artist’s bio and glowing customer reviews that build trust and credibility.

Denisa Prochazka displays her award-winning sculptures with a brief biography and client testimonials on her website’s homepage. This tier-one advertising move boosted her credibility as a sculptor in the eyes of the general public. 

I love how the homepage contains a short bio about Denisa Prochazka. There is a testimonial section that highlights glowing reviews she got from top clients that boosts her credibility in the eyes of her target audience.

Artist Website FAQs

What Are the Best Website Builders for Artists?

The best website builders for artists are Squarespace and Wix. Squarespace is one of the best artist website builders because of its beautiful collection of templates designed for artists. Wix is an excellent website builder for high image quality and mobile-friendly viewing. 

How Much Does an Artist Website Cost?

The cost of an artist’s website varies from free to expensive. However, creating a free artist website comes with limitations. A basic artist website costs under $100 while a high-performance one can reach up to $10,000. This estimate doesn’t cover the cost of hosting the website. 

Can I Integrate My Online Store into My Artist Website?

Yes, you can integrate your online store into your artist’s website. Website builders like Wix and Squarespace have eCommerce functionality that lets you sell your artwork directly on your website. Visitors can easily navigate to your online store through your website. 

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