40 of the Best Website Designs to Inspire You in 2024

Updated Dec 6, 2023.

Designing a beautiful website design is not a mystery. Many great websites on the internet provide creative ideas and design inspirations to create your own site.

The best website designs provide a pleasurable customer experience for visitors that turns them into repeat visits and boosts sales conversions.

Luckily, you don't have to design your website from scratch or hire web designers. The best website builders like Squarespace and Wix help you build visually stunning web designs.

This article explores the 40 best award-winning website designs you can use as inspiration to design your own site.

Let’s get started.

1. Bath House - Best Website Design Example
Source: A bath house

Bath House presents itself as a home for people to look, feel, and perform at their best and optimal level, offering an outstanding indoor experience. 

This great website design is unique with its dark layout, sticking to a predominantly black-and-white color scheme for its website design.

The intuitive layout of the Bath House website, which alternates between text and photos from left to right, makes it so beautiful. 

I love how the header menu helps users navigate the website, displaying links to social network accounts, a book now CTA button, and a hamburger menu.

Coal and Canary's mission is to bring happiness and joy into people's lives while providing an incredible customer experience through its high-quality hand-poured products.

One of the most amazing website examples, the Coal and Canary website is unique, sticking to a consistent centralized layout for its web design.

The Raspberry Pink color stands out as the site’s predominant color, visible as the background color for multiple CTA buttons and unique sections.

A bold Contact feature is visible and pinned to the homepage, serving as the site’s online communication channel.

3. Jones Bar-B-Q - Best Website Design Example
Source: Jones bbq kc

The Jones Bar-B-Q is the barbecue and sauce center of the Jones sisters, two aspiring entrepreneurs spreading their love for the sauce in Kansas City.

A great example of an outstanding web design, the Jones Bar-B-Q website stands out with its distinct layout alongside high-quality images.

High-quality font and images of the restaurant's food options, sauce, and the Jones sisters are visible throughout the website to give it a polished appearance.

Adding a unique touch to the site’s natural sauce hue of Jasper are fiery icons and images, enhancing the site’s visual content.

Animal Music Studios is a creative company that offers original music compositions from its team of artists, songwriters, composers, and producers. 

One of the best website designs, the Animal Music Studios website is visually stunning with a split-page video feature entertaining visitors in its hero section. 

I love the presentation of several high-quality photographs and videos in a three-column structure, bringing color to the dark-themed site. A parallax scrolling feature is visible as visitors scroll through the homepage, adding to the site’s design aesthetics.

Supernatural takes great satisfaction in inspiring culinary innovation in the kitchen by providing vibrant ingredients that let chefs show off their skills.

One of the most amazing websites, the Supernatural website adheres to the brand's design aesthetic by featuring visually striking pictures of its ingredients.

The homepage design of the Supernatural website is visually appealing, displaying still and moving images to catch visitors' attention. 

Different backgrounds on the site serve as design inspiration to site visitors, keeping users engaged in their colorful display.

6. Karlie Kloss - Best Website Design Example
Source: Karlie kloss

Karlie Kloss is an American-based supermodel, businesswoman, and philanthropist on Project Runway, helping the next generation of designers.

An excellent example of a visually appealing website with a responsive design, Karlie’s website maintains a simple and centralized web design, giving it a distinct look.

Black icons pinned to the homepage's right side on a plain white background border the stylized image of Karlie. One of the unique aspects of her website's design is the black-and-white color scheme, which is present throughout the homepage.

7. Minna - Best Website Design Example
Source: Drink minna

Minna is a brand of refreshing tea that doesn't use any additional sugars or sweeteners to enhance the flavor of its tea. One of the best business websites, the Minna website is aesthetically pleasing, providing site visitors with valuable insights about its products.

Images of its branded tea can with glasses filled with its content take center stage in the site’s hero section. The colors of Minna's unique cans represent different backgrounds for its product sections, so there is no lack of vibrant hues on the site. 

8. Tobias Becs - Best Website Design Example
Source: Tobias becs

World and European champion, Guinness World Record holder, and content creator Tobias Becs put content creation at the center of the design of his website. One of the best website examples, Tobias’ website is unique, consistently displaying eye-catching design elements.

The recurrent themes of Tobias' website design are high-quality photos and videos which make it simple for users to access his content. His social media pages are linked at the side, conveniently located on the right side of his homepage. 

9. Soilboy - Best Website Design Example
Source: Soilboy

The sole purpose of Soliboy is to stimulate curiosity about the more environmentally friendly aspects of life. This beautiful website welcomes visitors to an image of a vibrant plant displayed against a soft amber backdrop.

High-quality photos of different plants, ceramic planters, and ready-to-mix soils are prominent on the site’s homepage alongside a Shop Now CTA button.

Visible are image excerpts from Soliboy’s Instagram page in a centralized four-column layout, each linked directly to the page.

10. Pep Guardiola - Best Website Design Example
Source: Pep guardiola

Pep Guardiola is a quick-thinking strategist who combines a common sense approach with his passion for football into his successful managerial career. One of the top football award winners, Pep's website is unique, sticking to a dark theme for his website design. 

I love the use of the bold White border lines, linking the hamburger menu with the social media icons on the left-hand side. 

An anchor menu feature serving as the site’s primary navigation feature is pinned to the right-hand side of the homepage, visible as bold White dots.

Tilly Von Tiki is a multi-faceted fashion house born from a passion for sewing and traditional production. One of the best website designs, the Tilly Von Tiki website is visually appealing, sticking to animated images and bold colors for its website design. 

The logo’s Elephant color stands out on the site, visible as the background color for the header menu and the multiple CTA buttons. Visible above the footer section are image excerpts from its Instagram page, displayed in a six-column layout.

12. Brick Canvas - Best Website Design Example
Source: Brick canvas

Brick Canvas is committed to bringing balance and joy, offering a broad range of classes focusing on yoga, meditation, and well-being for every level. One of the best website examples, the Brick Canvas website is unique with a minimalistic design built on a soft color scheme. 

A CTA button prompting visitors to access the new app on their mobile devices is visible at the right corner of the home page. Adding to the site’s design aesthetics are White lines used to distinguish between sections of the homepage. 

The Sorry Girls is a sustainable and empowering design brand founded by Becky Wright and Kelsey MacDermaid. One of the best-designed websites, the Sorry Girls website spells out the brand’s mission in White over its full-width hero image. 

This great website adds an artistic touch to its web design by using wavy lines to separate different sections on its home page. Visible is a slideshow video featuring the women, the team, and the workplace, keeping visitors captivated.

14. Sergio Aguero - Best Website Design Example
Source: Sergio aguero

Sergio Aguero is an accomplished footballer and serial award winner with a prestigious career for club and country. A great site for a great football icon, Sergio’s website is unique, displaying bold design elements as texts and colors consistently on his site.

I love how the anchor menu feature is visible on the right-hand side of the homepage, helping visitors easily navigate the different homepage sections.

Images of Sergio Aguero serve as background images for different sections, taking visitors on an unusual visual experience.

15. Omsom - Best Website Design Example
Source: Try.omsom

Vanessa and Kim Pham are Vietnamese sisters and the founders of Omsom, a brand that combines sauces, aromatics, and seasoning for a perfect Asian meal. 

One of the best websites, the Omsom website is aesthetically pleasing, treating visitors to a display of bold colors and typography. 

I love the display of reviews from reputable brands on an extensive Golden Fizz background, sticking to a three-column layout. The site alternates between images and texts on varying colored backgrounds, adding an artistic touch to the website design. 

16. Blue Dog - Best Website Design Example
Source: Blue dog nyc

Blue Dog is a bar and cookhouse that provides its patrons with food made with locally sourced ingredients, giving it its distinct taste. 

One of the best websites to draw inspiration from, the Blue Dog website features an attention-grabbing image of the interior view of its cookhouse and bar. 

Several interactive elements are visible on the site, giving visitors several website design ideas to incorporate into their site. The drink, eat, and visit CTA buttons show different images when the mouse hovers over them, boldly displayed over the hero image.

The band Randy Rogers is a special fraternity driven by a common love of creating amazing music. This dark-themed website welcomes visitors to a monochrome photo of the band as the homepage background image. 

One of the best examples of a well-designed landing page, a bold CTA button that invites visitors to listen from the site is visible. There are several social media and streaming icons sticking to a centralized layout on the landing page. 

18. Lin-Manuel Miranda - Best Website Design Example
Source: Lin manuel

Award-winning composer, lyricist, and actor Lin-Manuel Miranda actively supports programs that raise the representation of people of color in the arts and politics.

One of the best website designs, Manuel’s website welcomes visitors to a centralized image of himself against a Royal Blue background.

Miranda's sleek, contemporary website is filled with high-quality photos, videos, and animations, with well-thought-out sections enticing users to explore more.

I love the display of images of Miranda’s featured projects in a consistent two-column layout with little or no negative space.

The exquisite website design of Hair Comes the Bride, an online retailer of bridal hair accessories, is one of the site's more noticeable features. This beautiful website uses a parallax scrolling effect to give users an engaging experience. 

I love how this great website features high-quality images blending well with the site’s soft color scheme, giving the site a gentle and welcoming look. 

A chat feature that acts as the website's online communication channel is pinned to the homepage, aiding communication. 

Japan Mobility provides full-service relocation assistance for those looking to relocate and establish a new life in Japan. This visually appealing website is professionally looking, with a modern website design. 

I love the display of deep carmine as the site’s main color, visible as the backdrop for the bold navigation elements and CTA buttons. 

Taking center stage in the hero section are several images that speak a thousand words, combined in an interactive slideshow.

Medallion Foods is a food-based company that sells Welna's 3-minute spaghetti products, known for their superior pasta. One of the best-designed websites, the user interface on the Medallion Foods website is interactive in its predominantly black-and-white display. 

This food website gives Welna credit by placing Welna and Medallion Foods' logos on the left side of its fixed header menu. Visible and pinned to the bottom right corner of the hero section are social media icons, easily identifiable in their White color.

22. The Sofia Log - Best Website Design Example
Source: The sofia log

The creator of the Sofia Log brand, Sofia Hollingsworth, is an adventurer and foodie who takes her culinary skills outside. A great website with one of the best website designs, The Sofia Log website is sleek featuring animated graphics and illustrations against a Jasmine backdrop.

Her most recent from the field section takes visitors on a journey through a slideshow of her trip through high-quality photos. I love the display of image and video excerpts from its Instagram page above the site’s footer section in a four-column slideshow.

23. HERoines - Best Website Design Example
Source: Heroines inc

HERoines' mission is to provide women with a space to grow in community with one another while helping them develop essential life skills. 

This website's hero section immediately draws in visitors is the seated woman and the text “The Focus is on HER,” which blends in with the full-width image. 

HERoines consistently displays high-quality images and vibrant colors which are the essential elements of website design. A parallax scrolling effect is experienced as visitors scroll through the homepage, one of the site’s key elements. 

24. Legacy Homes of Idaho - Best Website Design Example
Source: Legacyh

Legacy Homes is a high-end home brand that offers a variety of opulent products to help customers achieve comfort and luxury. 

One of the best website designs, the Legacy Homes website exudes luxury as seen in its hero content video, which showcases contemporary home design options. 

Using striking and distinctive typefaces such as its CTA buttons, visitors can view the full process of creating a home at Legacy Homes. 

A beautiful three-column layout displaying images of its home design options is visible on this homepage, designed to encourage visitors to build their legacies. 

With the help of Evolved Habitat, installing robust home automation and intelligent security systems is easier. A great example of a user-friendly website, the Evolved Habitat website stands out with its display of digital design elements. 

The full-width hero image of one of Evolved Habitat's homes has a Lutron logo stamp over it, giving the website a more authentic feel. Another outstanding element that makes this website instantly identifiable is the CTA buttons, which have a Rose Madder background color.

26. Pipcorn Heirloom Snacks - Best Website Design Example
Source: Pip snacks

Pipcorn Heirloom Snacks is a minority-owned, women-owned business that offers treats made with heritage corn. One of the best website examples, the Pipcorn Heirloom Snacks website is aesthetically pleasing, using bold design elements as its primary digital promotion.

One of the main characteristics of this great website is the bold typography along with other components that offer the best possible viewing experience.

The site's user-friendliness is further enhanced by a chat and accessibility icon, visible and pinned to the homepage against a Macaw Blue Green background.

27. Team Ninja - Best Website Design Example
Source: Team ninja

Team Ninja is a fashion merchandise brand owned by Tyler Blevins, who puts his creativity into creating clothing pieces that are the talk of the fashion world. 

One of the best websites, the Team Ninja website is artistic, sticking to a predominantly black-and-white color scheme for its website design. 

Beneath the hero section is a three-column display of the brands' products, displaying images and attaching names and prices to each product. 

Visible in the site’s sticky header menu is a search and cart icon, helping visitors easily track items on the site. 

28. KLEVR - Best Website Design Example
Source: Klevr.events

KLEVR is a company that organizes events for its clients intending to bring life back to live events. This event website is aesthetically pleasing and cohesively designed using a variety of design elements.

The combination of several eye-catching colors in gradient and straight formats captivates users with its exquisite web design. There are several quality images taken from its past events scattered throughout the site, serving as social proof to potential clients.

29. 8 and 9 - Best Website Design Example
Source: 8and9

8 and 9 is an independent Miami-based streetwear brand aesthetically combining an aggressive anti-establishment attitude with quality design. One of the best website designs, the 8 and 9 website is unique with an artistic touch to its website design. 

Welcoming visitors to the site is a slideshow of the brands’ slash offerings, displayed in a colorful full-width display in the hero section. Icons in black are visible above the footer section, helping visitors keep track of the brands’ different clothing offerings.

30. Mermarche - Best Website Design Example
Source: Mermarche

Mermarche aims to bridge the gap between traditional beauty rituals and contemporary women by producing products that nourish bodies and maintain simple yet effective beauty regimens. 

The gentle background colors of the Mermarche website welcome visitors, giving users a calming and peaceful impression. 

I love how the soft shade of the images is consistent with the overall design of the website, adding a personal touch to the web design. 

Visible are slideshow photos from the Mermarche Instagram page, arranged in a centralized four-column format and linked directly to the page. 

31. Welly - Best Website Design Example
Source: Get welly

Welly is a Kiddies-based brand, offering flex fabric bandages designed to stay on through playtime. A top website with an astonishing website design, the Welly website is visually appealing in its colorful display. 

Bold colors are the consistent design elements on the site, beautifying the homepage and catching visitors’ attention as they scroll. I love the display of testimonials on a plain white background, using the logo’s Teal color as the font color.

The Tennessee Cider Company website uses an Almond background, drawing attention to the seven bottles serving as the hero image. 

Visitors can sign up to receive updates about the Tennessee hard cider by visiting the sign-up section pinned to the bottom of the homepage. 

A cart icon and accessibility icon intended to enhance the user experience on the website are visible and pinned to the homepage.

33. Unusual Ventures - Best Website Design Example
Source: Unusual.vc

Unusual Ventures leads pre-seed to Series A investments in software startups, supporting founders from ideas to IPO. One of the best website examples, the Unusual Ventures website is aesthetically pleasing, displaying animated images as the backbone of its graphic design. 

I love the display of the logo’s Royal color as the site’s prominent color, visible as the background color for different sections and multiple CTA buttons. 

Visitors enjoy access to exclusive company-building resources by filling in their email in the site’s subscription box.

34. Allbirds - Best Website Design Example
Source: Allbirds

Allbirds offers lightweight, bouncy, and wildly comfortable men's, women's, and kids' footwear that makes every outing feel effortless. This eCommerce website is well-arranged with white space visible between sections on the home page.

The CTA buttons on the site are in pairs, displayed side-by-side and prompting visitors to shop both the men’s and women’s collections.

I love the display of new arrivals in a separate section in an interactive carousel feature, sticking to a three-column slideshow display.

35. Hiut Denim Co - Best Website Design Example
Source: Hiut denim

Hiut Denim Co. is in the jeans-making business. One of the best-designed website examples, the Hiut Denim Co. website is modern, sticking to a clean layout for its web design. 

Welcoming visitors is a split hero image designed to accommodate both genders, with a CTA button visible over each split image. 

I love the display of image excerpts in an interactive moving slideshow of clients who shared their distinct looks on its Instagram page.

36. Oshii - Best Website Design Example
Source: Oishii

Oshii is a berry company offering its customers the distinct flavor of Koyo and Omakase berries. One of the outstanding website designs, the Oshii website sticks to the consistent display of its berries products, giving it a visually appealing web design.

Just above the footer section of the home page, visitors get a sneak peek at the brand’s Instagram page featuring linked images and videos. I love the display of logos of top brands featuring Oshii in Black, serving as social proof to potential customers.

Emily is a freelance copywriter and content strategist telling impactful stories about people, products, services, and the value they bring.

One of the best website design examples, EST Creative welcomes visitors to an attention-grabbing hero image alongside downward-pointing arrows that draw users in.

The Bean Red color of the EST Creative logo is visible as the background color for its call-to-action buttons, standing out on the home page. 

I love how prominent brands' logos are visible in White against a Cloud Burst backdrop, blending in with the site’s design.

A global movement called Water is a Human Right seeks to raise awareness of the human right to clean water on World Water Day. This beautiful charity website retains the water's original blue hue on its one-page website, sticking to the brand’s personality.

Water is a Human Right invites visitors on a customized journey, displaying outstanding design elements that guarantee a first-rate user experience. 

I love the arrangement of the content on the site, making it easy for screen readers to digest relevant information at a glance.

39. Zyrkle - Best Website Design Example
Source: Zyrkle

Zyrkle helps its customers connect their live productions with new levels of potential by applying conventional production logic to a new mode of operation. 

One of the best website examples, the Zyrlke website stands out with its amazing web design, overwhelming visitors. 

To establish confidence in the brand, the site shows visitors a vibrant compilation of some of Zyrkle's previous productions. Visible on its one-page website design is a hamburger navigation menu with header texts leading to different homepage sections.

L’ Oursin is a French restaurant and bar serving updated French bistro cuisine, natural wine, cocktails, and French spirits. One of the best websites, the L’ Oursin website is visually stunning with the hero section displaying several high-quality images of the restaurant.

Attached to the hero section is a pop-up announcement feature with a CTA button prompting visitors to explore the restaurant menu. The footer section is unique, displaying the restaurant location and opening hours in a black-and-white color scheme.

Best Websites FAQs

What are the Best Website Design Ideas to Attract Site Visitors? 

A good web design is key to attracting visitors to your website. Employing a responsive design, ensuring easy readability, optimizing visual elements, and incorporating social media buttons are excellent design ideas that attract site visitors.

What Makes a Good Web Design?

A good web design is characterized by how effective and appealing the design elements displayed on the site appear. Simplicity, clarity, emphasis, and distinctiveness are the key qualities associated with a good web design. 

What are the Most Searched Websites?

Google, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Wikipedia, Bing, and Twitter are the most searched websites in the world. These sites have amassed CSS design awards and have a content management system that makes every search worthwhile to visitors. 

Where Can I Find Website Design Inspiration?

Best Website Gallery, Awwwards, Behance, and Dribble are among the top sites to find more inspiration for your website design. Website builders and content management systems come with ready templates that can serve as inspiration for your website design. 

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