Best Church Websites: 39 Inspiring Examples (2024)

Updated Jul 18, 2023.

Creating a great church website helps you build a thriving online church community. A church website is the first contact line for many people in search of a place of worship or a resource center for existing members.

Not every interested person will make a visit to the physical location of a traditional church. Modern churches that want to reach out to more people create websites that give visitors access to the church’s communications and services.

Wix and Squarespace are the best church website builders to create a good church website without spending a fortune.

This article covers the 39 best church website templates that you can take inspiration from to create your own masterpiece.

Let's get started.

You can’t miss the high-quality picture displaying the senior pastor and the church members enjoying the service on the Declaration Church website.

There are five attention-grabbing headings to give you further information about the church at the top of the site.

I found the slideshow intriguing because it gives website visitors a sneak peek regarding exciting upcoming events. There’s a button that encourages visitors to have church online.

2. Rock Church - Best Church Websites
Source: Rock church

The Rock Church website is one of my favorites. This site gives that homely vibe where old and young families can come together and have a good time.

I love the mix of navy blue and white as its predominant colors. The use of infographics as a means to communicate with visitors to take actions like requesting prayer and joining the church is brilliant.  

You will love how it uses large and small text to pass vital information about the church and its activities while browsing through the website.

3. Holy Trinity Brompton  - Best Church Websites
Source: htb

Holy Trinity Brompton is an Anglican church in London. The website welcomes you with an interesting and fun background video that tells a story about the church and the city of London.

You will discover other mouth-watering content about the church that will make you feel warm and excited to be a part of them. This website theme is fun and filled with a splash of high-quality pictures of young people having fun.

The synergy of various pictures to create a masterpiece is something no visitor can ignore. If I want to drop a comment about my opinion of the site, big, bold, and beautiful are the words that will process from my mouth. 

I love how the content is mostly written with large fonts and bold text that makes it easier to read. However, the size does not prevent the creative arrangement from popping out. Lynwood Church’s website comes with a search function, unlike other church websites.

Moments of Hope Church has a good website with eye-catching content and quality pictures to give you that homely feel as you surf the site. 

You can't miss how effectively the site blends in colors and images to improve the church's communications with new visitors and ensure they exit excitedly.

I love the catalog of testimonies available for visitors to feast upon and get inspired by people's experiences with the church. 

6. Hill City Church  - Best Church Websites
Source: Hill city rva

You can't miss the various background videos on the website of Hill City Church. Each page has a fun theme that encourages the visitors to stop their search for a fun-filled worship center for their spiritual growth. 

The use of headlines in bold with easy-to-read fonts makes it impossible to ignore the content once you are on the page. You will find information at the bottom of the site about their unique ministry for kids and students excited about their faith.

The Northbrook Church put in much effort to ensure it has a great website. I love how the website is full of thrilling content and items that will grab your attention. The perfect mix of gray and tale gives the website the sophisticated vibe it deserves. 

You can’t help but love the well-put-together video that takes visitors on a journey of events in the church. There’s a clear indication of a church app that allows you to connect with the church activities irrespective of location.

The stylish fonts on the webpage are the first element that will get your attention. I love the blend of red, black, and white colors that gives the website a lively vibe. The Church on the Living Edge website is colorful with many high-quality images. 

You can't help but admire how the live stream description is written in bold text causing the information to pop up.

The high-quality picture showing people worshiping is among the heartwarming aspects of the Grove Community Church’s site. 

I love how there is a call to action button at the bottom of every section, with exciting facts and compelling offers you can't ignore. You will love the capitalized text format. This format makes it impossible to forget what you just read.

If you are a fan of smooth videos playing in the background of a website, then the Holy Trinity Parish website will get a five-star rating from you. 

The church's name is written in bold text with the unique logo to let you know you are on the right page. 

I love how the site has little content because it helps visitors focus on vital facts. You can't miss the high-quality images of events in the church which serves as a portal to hidden contents such as mass schedules and parish events. 

11. Life Church   - Best Church Websites
Source: Lifechurchlv

Everyone loves a slideshow with interesting and high-quality pictures to tell a story. The Life Church understands this principle that makes people curious and uses it to great effect.

The menu bar is always hanging on the page irrespective of how far you scroll to ensure you can quickly return to the homepage. 

This multisite church makes it easy for visitors to discover the different church locations and find the branch closest to them. Click on the find a location CTA button to get an instant result. 

You will love the colorful arrangement of past sermons during the Pathway Church meetings with a slideshow effect as the icing on the cake. The Pathway church website is full of various engaging content like different life groups which visitors can join. 

There is a cute CTA button prompting you to download the church app at the bottom of the website. The church’s social media icons are vertically arranged to aid quick access while navigating.

13. Apostolic Faith Church  - Best Church Websites
Source: Afcchicago

The Apostolic Faith Church has a unique website with high-quality images and a background video that will draw every visitor's attention. I love the strategic use of content templates that always mark out special activities visitors can enjoy.

You can find the church contact address and location at the end of the page. There is a newsletter sign-up form for building their mailing list for visitors to take the necessary actions regarding their commitment.

St. Thomas More’s church website theme is dedicated to mobilizing people to join the daily prayer. 

I love how the site does not spare details about the importance of prayer and provides materials for prayer guides. This site has a classic vibe due to the dominant number of saintly images that portray spirituality. 

You can choose your prayer schedule and donate by clicking a green CTA button at the end of the page.

The Pauma Valley Church is a traditional church with a simple website design. Unlike other church websites, its page has few pictures but a lot of written content about its activities.   

I love how the first thing you will see is vital information such as contact details, social media platforms links, and church services time.

Every aspect of the website is organized and well-structured to give that sophisticated vibe. You will encounter sections like the campus news, get connected, and upcoming events properly structured for easy navigation.

16. St. Nics Christian Church - Best Church Websites
Source: Stnics

The St. Nics church website is the perfect example of a good church website. There is a spacious menu bar that never leaves even when you scroll. You can’t help but admire the slideshow of high-quality images of the interior and exterior sides of the church. 

I love how the “Visit Us” and “Donate” CTA button follows you everywhere on the page, compelling you to click on them. The blend of white and tale colors gets visitors glued to the page because they make the text pop out appropriately.

The New Life Community Church has a catchy and great church website capable of grabbing visitors' attention in a breeze.   

What you will notice first on the website is the large welcome text that looks like a massive billboard. If this text does not catch your attention, you cannot escape the warm feeling you get from viewing the high-quality pictures of their church members having a great time.

This church site informs you that you can watch sermons online for convenience’s sake and offers an online giving option.

18. Lubbock District of the United Methodist Church - Best Church Websites
Source: Lubdistumc

When you visit the Lubbock District of the United Methodist Church, you will notice their mission statement written in bold and clear text for every visitor to feed on. 

If you navigate further, you will encounter a section with pictures of the church leaders and details about the creation of the church. 

My favorite part of the website is the follow-up option, where you can drop your email address and subscribe by signing up.

Hope Church of Sparta has an easy-to-navigate website for visitors to get the best during their visits.

The dominant color on the website is white and the homepage is full of pictures and the church leadership information and staff members. 

When visitors scroll further, they will find detailed information about the Sunday morning service schedule and other service times.

20. Grace Church - Best Church Websites
Source: Netgrace

The Grace Church has a unique message and approach to ministry. The first thing that got my attention is how inspirational and colorful the website is. The high-quality nature-themed pictures of sunflowers give a refreshing aura to visitors. 

I love how the website displays the church’s mission in bold white text.  After feeding on relevant facts about the church, you will find their contact information at the bottom of the site.

21. Knox Presbyterian Church - Best Church Websites
Source: Knoxtoronto

First-time site visitors will love the light colors on the Knox Presbyterian Church website. The bold and engaging blue CTA will be the first element to captivate and engage visitors. I love how their CTA buttons are strategically positioned so you can’t ignore them. 

You can’t help but admire the high-quality pictures displaying an ongoing service where members are excited about what they are doing. 

I love the section that allows visitors to watch testimonials and view content about the church via Youtube.

22. Riverside Baptist Church - Best Church Websites
Source: River side bc

The simplicity of the Riverside Baptist Church website is one of the reasons I adore it. The church site lacks any form of complicated or complex displays but it is full of simple and engaging content. 

You can't help but notice engaging pictures on the site that draws your mind to facts about the death of Jesus Christ. The stylish fonts the church website uses gives the site a fresh and sophisticated outlook. 

Vital details like the church’s contacts, social media links, and a detailed map of the church premises are displayed fashionably on the site.

The F.I.T. Community Church sees the congregation primarily as a family gathering where love and unity dominate. I love how straight to the point its website is. You will only find relevant information that will inspire you to take action. 

I love the beautiful background picture that displays the entrance of the church. The site uses bold and legible text to display its service times which is impossible for new visitors to miss.

24. Greek Orthodox Church of the Holy Trinity - Best Church Websites
Source: Gocharleston

The Greek Orthodox Church of the Holy Trinity’s website is loaded with tons of resources on the church and its doctrine.

You will find eight headings arranged on the right side of the website to encourage visitors to explore the site further. Visitors can submit their details in a column to make follow-up seamless.

25. Four Winds Church - Best Church Websites
Source: Four wind slove

The Four Winds Church website has a unique vibe that is different from most church websites. This church site has a black background with different stylish fonts for its texts. I love how the church’s logo is the first thing you will see once you visit the page. 

You can’t help but admire the website’s services' countdown timer. This timer gives details about the next service times and information about the church leader. You can explore its social media page via the links below the timer.

As a site visitor, the first image is the church building with the inscription of the church’s name at the top

I love how the heading on the pages are visible anywhere you scroll. You can access the church's contact information through the contact menu and online platforms to ensure you follow services online.

27. One Church - Best Church Websites
Source: Onechurch

One Church has a good church website with various attractive elements like high-quality images featuring nature, arts, and service moments.

I love how the website is concise and has vital information accessible in a breeze. You won’t have to scroll too far before seeing details about the weekdays and Sunday gatherings.

You can't miss its social media icons and links strategically positioned at the bottom of the page.

28. Mosaic Church - Best Church Websites
Source: Mosaicva

The mixture of colors like white, black, and merlin green are well put-together to give visitors a warm welcome to the Mosaic Church website. It's fascinating how the church’s name and mantra pop up the moment you arrive.

I love the slideshow that contains information about future events and testimonials in video format. There is a map that gives clear directions to the place of worship and the address is written in easy-to-read fonts to ensure you don't miss the information.

The Collegedale Church has a unique website with a lot of insightful and informative content. You can’t help but love the high-quality pictures that portray an atmosphere of joy and excitement.

I love how images are the main agents of communication rather than words. You will find many high-quality pictures at every corner and CTA buttons that lead to various sections of the site.

30. Centralia Community Church - Best Church Websites
Source: Cccog
31. Calvary New Testament Church - Best Church Websites
Source: Calvaryntcog

The first striking element of the website is the picture of the church building with a red CTA button urging you to watch their services online. You can't miss the picture of the church leader and pictures of the congregation during worship moments.

I love how big and bold the church’s map is with simple details designed to help visitors navigate seamlessly. The use of a white background makes every other element of the site pop out and easy to identify.

The Friendly Temple Church has a remarkable website that displays a high level of professionalism in its content and general arrangement. I love how they use big and legible fonts to communicate vital facts about the church to visitors.

This church website strategically positions its CTA buttons at the end of every section of the page. This design style ensures that visitors don't have to spend so much time on the page before taking action.

33. Oasis Church - Best Church Websites
Source: Oasis church

When you see the Oasis Church’s site, the first thought that will cross your mind is fun, fun, and fun. There is a video playing in the background that paints a perfect picture of a group of happy individuals doing fun things.

As you scroll, you will see CTA buttons like a life group option, access to the latest message, and a large map displaying the church’s location.

You cannot but gaze at the high-quality pictures you will find at various angles of the site designed to grab your attention.

34. King’s Church - Best Church Websites
Source: Kings-soton

The predominant colors the King’s Church website uses are light orange and gray which gives visitors a friendly and funky vibe rather than something too serious.

I love the transparent element that makes the background content pop out when scrolling around on the page. The arrangement of the content gives that unique coffee shop vibe which I find welcoming and warm.

The King’s Church About Us page displays vital information about staff biographies and highlights from their church missions. This page offers visitors relevant insight into how things happen in the church.

The first item of interest in the Fincastle Baptist Church is the eye-catching gradient-colored background and other high-quality images of various church members. I love how the text asks questions and gives you answers at the same time.

You can’t help but admire the arrangement of the mobile app center. Visitors don't have to read the content before they understand what the section stands for, the pictures are self-explanatory.

The Grace Walk Church website is among the most engaging sites out there because you are compelled to click the brightly colored CTA buttons.

I love the countdown timer that reminds visitors of the specific time the next event is scheduled to commence.

The social media icons are big and are laced with gradient-styled colors to ensure you don't just scroll through without taking a second look.

The Gospel Way Church website is full of great but short content about who they are and what they stand for. Its fonts of choice are warm, clear, and compelling to visitors. This church site uses high-quality images to communicate hidden messages.

As you scroll down, you will find details about the church’s location and service schedule. This information is displayed on a black background with white colored text to give it that perfect blend.

RockPointe Church has an amazing website with a sweet background video that calls your attention to the fun and spiritual activities in the church. The pop-up feature the church uses to get visitors' attention about vital information about service times and location is brilliant.

With the help of strong call-to-action messages at the bottom of their site, the church can boost site engagement and participation both online and onsite.

The Baker Creek Community Church has a unique website with a white background and few contents on the page, unlike other church websites. My initial reaction during my first visit to the site was “Where is the rest of the content?”

You can’t miss the image of the church’s logo and the welcome home text that gives visitors a warm feeling. I love how you can get all the information you need about the church and upcoming events in a split second when you visit the website.

Church Websites FAQs

What Is the Best Church Website Builder?

The best church website builders are Wix and Squarespace. You will find other capable website builders, but these site builders don't offer the same value as Wix and Squarespace. Wix is a storehouse of impressive website templates with Squarespace is great for advanced website functionality.   

What Churches Have the Best Websites?

Popular churches like Elevation Church, Faith Community Church, Lancaster County Bible Church, Passion City Church, Mercy Hill Church, Loft City Church, and Granger Community Church have the best church websites. 

How Often Do People Visit Church Websites?

Church websites are a hotspot for churchgoers and non-churchgoers. 17 million non-regular churchgoers check out church websites every year. In addition, an astonishing 80% of new visitors check out a church’s website before stepping into the building. 

What Answers Should Your Church Website Provide? 

Here are some questions that pop up in people's minds when they visit a church website. What is your service time? Who is the pastor? And who’s on staff? What do you offer for kids? Every church website should provide answers to these questions.

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