48 Best Hostinger Website Examples For 2024

Updated Sep 11, 2023.

Building a beautiful website that attracts visitors and ranks high on search engines’ result pages doesn’t have to be expensive or a painstaking task.

Even if you want to redesign all your existing web pages for better conversions, you don’t have to hire web developers or learn coding.

Hostinger is one of the best dropshipping website builders that offers a user-friendly drag-and-drag editor, robust marketing tools, and AI designs. You probably know Hostinger for its free domain and affordable web hosting services. Now it has its own website builder.

This article explores the 48 best Hostinger website examples you can use as a creative spark to build your own site.

Open Bar Ghetto Gourmets helps people explore new culinary landscapes through its uniquely tasteful condiments. The first thing a visitor sees is an image of the Open Bar Ghetto community.

I love how this Hostinger website displays images of food and spices associated with Open Bar Ghetto Gourmets, especially its review section. 

The full-screen image displayed at the top of the homepage is replicated at the bottom of the homepage, with the image displayed in a darker theme.

2. Isla Solan - Hostinger Website Example
Source: Smartitss

Islan Solan uses Hostinger to create her business website. A professional wedding photographer with over ten years of experience, Isla displays one of her wedding images as the background for her hero section. 

Serving as the background for her site’s navigation links are images from Isla’s photography portfolio, treating visitors to excerpts from her project page. 

The Bone colored background adds a soft color scheme to Isla’s Hostinger website, making the images displayed more appealing.

3. Candid Class - Hostinger Website Example
Source: Candid class

Candid Class is a leading esthetician, facialist, and skincare expert offering personalized care services that care for its clients, from their skin to their souls. Blended in white into the bottom of the Candid Class website’s hero section are its social media icons.

Sticking to a universal web design, the Candid website showcases its services, core values, and client testimonials sections in a centralized three-column layout

The soft color scheme used for the background of its various sections makes this site’s design stand out among other Hostinger websites. 

Budding Reader is a team of professionals headed by Melinda Thompson, aiming to create eBooks that are easy to read and comprehend for younger ones. 

In trying to keep up with its intended target audience, Budding Reader adds bold colors and animated images to its site design. 

The green color from the Budding Reader logo is visible as the background color on the Budding Reader website, one of its more consistent design elements.

5. A Day Off - Hostinger Website Example
Source: A day off

A Day Off makes photo and video content that upgrades its clients’ businesses and campaigns, with a creative studio serving the tastiest films. This Hostinger website sticks to the Goldenrod and White colors from its logo as opening texts to welcome visitors to its site. 

Displayed beneath the bold opening text is a Vimeo-powered video, providing potential customers with an idea of what A Day Off is about. Beneath the video is a list of A Day Off awesome clients, displayed in a black-and-white color scheme. 

6. Gud Renders - Hostinger Website Example
Source: Gud renders

An architect passionate about visuals and all the aesthetics that come with it, Gud Renders takes a minimalistic approach to his site’s design. Gud displays his entire portfolio on its site’s homepage, with soft colors making the images more appealing. 

A full-width image of one of his designed apartments takes center stage on Gud Renders’ Hostinger website, attracting potential clients with his masterpiece. White font color is displayed as text over images, consistent with the font color of its View CTA buttons.

Juan Antonio Garcia Arquitectura's website is one of the best multilingual websites that offers English and Spanish translation options. A straightforward website and home to a talented architect, Juan’s Hostinger website displays minimal content.

I love how an image of one of Juan’s outstanding works oozes quality all around. Other than the image and short text introduction, Juan’s contact details are embedded in his site’s Contact CTA button in bold font. 

8. Baltic Blades - Hostinger Website Example
Source: Baltic blades

Paulius is a knife artist with a unique craft in creating exceptional knives that embody artistry and self-expression. Keen on self-expression, Baltic Blades devotes its home page to Pulius's expression in words. 

Displayed alongside an image of Paulius holding one of his priced knife pieces is a huge body of text announcing Baltic Blades to the world. Displayed are logos of brands that supply Baltic Blades with its various products, with each logo icon leading to its full range of products.

A Messenger-powered chat feature that aids communication is accessible and pinned to the homepage

Brewery Direct is from Traynor’s Bakery Wholesale, a business in the distribution of quality raw ingredients needed for businesses. 

The hero section is welcoming, displaying an image of a wheat farm with a large free shipping CTA button in Camel color displayed over it. Beneath the hero section is a showcase of the Brewery Directs catalog, displayed in an irregular three-column layout

Throughout the site, the CTA buttons are consistent with the Camel color background, the natural color of its top product, wheat.

10. Millaw Kids - Hostinger Website Example
Source: Millaw kids

Millaw is a strict kids' brand offering kids comfortable and free outfits that allow them to grow into fine adults. Created by a mom of two, the Millaw Kids brand is keen to detail, offering only the best on its Hostinger website.

Welcoming visitors to the Millaw Kids brand is an image of kids playing around chairs and smiling in Millaw wears. The Soft Mercury background helps bring out the beauty of the high-quality image, serving as its site’s hero image.

Displayed on the Millaw homepage is a four-column layout of items from the Millaw collection, with names and price tags attached.

11. Shelps - Hostinger Website Example
Source: Shleps

Shelps is a brand offering handmade hand-knitted products, comfortable as home wear and work outfits. 

Designed by some of the most impressive senior ladies, the Shelps website displays a foot image of its hand-made footwear on a colorful Orange background

Bold colors are this Hostinger website's top design element, giving a visually appealing look to visitors. Visible and pinned to the homepage is a feedback and messenger-powered chat feature, designed to make the Shelps website user-friendly.

12. Fantasy Farms - Hostinger Website Example
Source: Fantasy-farms

Fantasy Farms are top growers and distributors of flowers, growing over 50 million stems of flowers from its farms in Colombia, and South America. Welcoming visitors to its Hostinger website is a beautiful image taken from one of its farms, giving its site a pleasing look. 

The Contact call-to-action button on the Fantasy Farms Hostinger website sticks to the Green flowery color. 

Treating visitors to a colorful display are high-quality images of some of the Fantasy Farms’ flowers, with underlined bold texts serving as navigation links.

13. Get Hands Dirty - Hostinger Website Example
Source: Get hands dirty

The Get Hands Dirty web design is unique with a consistent black-and-white color scheme, This Hostinger website homepage features a centralized image of its founder, Chris Felguerias, with her black and white outfit sticking to the site’s design colors. 

I love the Supernova-colored background that displays its call-to-action buttons, adding color to the black-and-white dominated site. Visible beneath the centralized image of Chris are icons leading to the Get Hands Dirty social media accounts in white color.

14. Stounson - Hostinger Website Example
Source: Stounson

Steven Mollett is an artist, musician, and the name behind Stouson’s portfolio, where he combines neo-expressionism and pop art to create his artworks. A lover of all things art, the Stouson’s portfolio website displays Steven Mollett's best works. 

Displayed as the only set of images are two cover images of Steven’s latest works bordering a YouTube video, taking center stage between the artworks. 

Adding color to its main white background are header menu texts in a Persian Blue color and the header text in Bright Red.

Illuminated Goodies is a design platform offering aesthetic designs that illuminate businesses. The idea of IIlluminatedGoodies was born by an Island tech chic and digital designer based in Washington. 

As a brand that focuses on design, Illuminated Goodies displays rich design elements that make it one of the best Hostinger websites. 

I love how this Hostinger website displays a “Contact Us” CTA in a black-and-white color scheme between two examples of its web design.

16. I Am Rabbani - Hostinger Website Example
Source: I am rabbani

Ali Rabbani is a stylist from Vienna who works in advertisement movies, fashion, music videos, and many other aspects of the entertainment industry as a costume designer. 

This portfolio website is Ali’s means of putting his work out there, categorizing excerpts from his work in a three-column layout

Links to Ali’s online shop are embedded in bold text and easily recognizable from other texts. Scattered over the I am Rabbani website’s homepage are images, animations, and art illustrations all linked to Ali Rabbani.

17. Sofia Sundari - Hostinger Website Example
Source: Sofia sundari

Sofia Sundari invites people to embrace and fall in love with being human, offering helpful tips bordering on sexual purity and pure spirituality. Her Hostinger website hero section is artistic, displaying stylish typography over a Cathedral Stone-colored background

As her site’s navigation feature, a hamburger menu feature embedded in her More CTA button is visible in the header menu. There is a Scroll Here CTA button linking her site’s hero section to other sections on her homepage. 

Plenty of white spaces are visible on Sofia’s website brought about by the neat arrangement of her site’s content.

Victoria Larsen Stencils’ website is the go-to online store for stencils that bring top-quality designs to walls, furniture, and floors. A design-based brand, Victoria’s online store uses outstanding design elements in her site’s design. 

Top of the Victoria Larsen Stencils website’s design elements is the soft color scheme displayed throughout the site. I love how the Stencil pieces serve as background images for her navigation links. There is an Explore CTA button in White opening up other sections. 

19. Ink & Main - Hostinger Website Example
Source: Ink and main

Ink & Main is in the business of producing high-quality printed products for small businesses. As a brand offering quality, the Ink & Main Hostinger website displays high-quality images, giving it a professional look. 

Bold colors are visible everywhere in the Ink & Main site, defining its site as one of the more colorful Hostinger websites. 

Apart from the neatly arranged sections, the Ink & Main website displays articles from its blog in a centralized four-column layout on an Aero background.

Jared McCormack is a writer, teacher, and podcaster with a personal website that displays all aspects of his professional life. His entire site is designed on a consistent Snow Storm colored background, making this minimalistic web design unique. 

Other than the brief bio about himself, Jared’s Hostinger website features a framed-themed image of himself, the only image displayed on his homepage. Beneath the image is a Twitter icon linked to Jared’s Twitter page, also the only social media icon on display.

Monika Rimiene is an interior designer with a simple portfolio website displaying some of her best work. Using a consistent Tree Moss-colored background for her site’s homepage, Monika displays several eye-catching interiors that captivate visitors’ attention. 

Beside the image of Monika is a text in black detailing her journey to her new profession, giving users an idea of what inspires her. Icons leading to her Pinterest and Instagram pages are on display beneath her introductory text. 

Images linked to Monika's Instagram feed are visible in a horizontal layout, close to her site’s footer section.

22. VideoCamp - Hostinger Website Example
Source: Video camp

Vitalis Mika is a cinematographer, editor, video graphic designer, and founder of VideoCamp, a video production and creation brand offering high-quality video production services. 

Taking center stage on the VideoCamp website is a dark-themed image of an ongoing video production, with a large video icon displayed over it. 

You can’t miss out on the video reel feature and YouTube video, detailing what the brand is about. There is a section in a black-and-white color scheme, listing all the services VideoCamp offers.

Household Name is a business brand offering a wide range of services, including, promotions, advertisement, content creation, and sponsorship. 

One of the best website examples hosted on Hostinger, Household Name opts for a simple gallery layout, displaying full-screen images extensively on its site’s homepage. 

The catchy thing about each image is that they are linked to a unique service the Household Name offers, serving as the site’s navigation feature.

24. My Dream Malta - Hostinger Website Example
Source: My dreammalta

My Dream Malta is the best go-to option for private excursions, activities, and creating perfect memories in Malta, offering a variety of private tours. This tourism site uses an aerial view image of Malta to display its service offering in bold white colors

Displayed in a three-column layout are tours that My Dream Malta offers, displayed alongside high-quality images. Visible and pinned to the homepage is a Facebook Messenger icon and WhatsApp chat feature, serving as an effective communication channel.

The Columbia River Gorge is a world-class landscape and the largest national scenic area in the United States extending more than 100 miles east of Portland. 

Made with Hostinger, the Columbia River Gorge website serves as an informative blog, displaying a large body of text about the natural form. 

An image of the landscape is the first sight that greets visitors to the Columbia River Gorge site. Listed in the header menu is a long list of header links covering all areas associated with the Columbia River Gorge.

Tilly Rose Creative is the portfolio website for Tilly Rose, a professional photographer with an eye for creating memories that last forever. I love how this Hostinger website has an intuitive layout, making it one of the most attractive web page designs. 

The centralized three-column layout of images is designed for Tilly’s target audience, welcoming visitors to a rich display of her online portfolio. Her site features its own customized zoom cursor icon, enlarging images from her online gallery when clicked on.

27. Let’s Hair - Hostinger Website Example
Source: Lets hair

Let’s Har is designed to trap potential clients right from its homepage, welcoming them with a centralized image of a lady adorned in its hair product. Owned by Agnes, a freelance hairstylist, Let’s Hair offers unique beautiful hair to its ever-growing clients. 

Two sets of header menus are visible on the Let’s Hair Hostinger website, displaying similar navigation text headers. 

The Quill Grey background displayed extensively on its site makes the high-quality images displayed more appealing to potential clients.

28. Forrest - Hostinger Website Example
Source: Forrest

Forrest is an online boutique that celebrates the ritual beauty of everyday life with its select line of sensational deity candles. One of the best online stores, Forrest displays four irregularly framed images in its site’s hero section. 

I love how this Hostinger website displays excerpts from its Instagram page in a centralized four-column layout of images on a plain white background. A messenger-powered chat feature is pinned to the homepage, providing visitors with a direct communication channel.

Techie Marketing is your go-to partner for innovative digital marketing solutions tailored specifically to the tech industry. 

Colorful lines forming bright images take all the attention of the Techie Marketing website, visible as background images on its homepage. The color scheme for its CTA buttons is consistent, displaying White text on a Purple Heart background.

30. Nutreat - Hostinger Website Example
Source: Nutreat

Nutreat’s goal is to simplify eating healthily by offering delicious low-glycemic treats loaded with prebiotic fibers and antioxidants. An image of a hand scoping the Nutreat chocolate superfood snack draws visitors to the Nutreat website, leaving them wanting more. 

Further down its site’s homepage, visitors enjoy centralized sections detailing Nutreat's latest product offerings and pledge section. 

I love how this food website displays icons leading to the Nutreat socials and their contact information on a plain white background.

31. Kuva Media - Hostinger Website Example
Source: Kuva media

Kuva Media is a giving agency providing media solutions centering on ambitious design, data, and development visions. A solution provider, the Kuva Media Hostinger website treats visitors to a display of quality imagery, often serving as the background for its various sections. 

You can find the Sand Brown color from the Kuva Media logo throughout its site, visible as text and background color for CTA buttons. Cookie, scrolling, and chat icons are visible at the bottom of the hero section.

32. Outcoach - Hostinger Website Example
Source: Outcoach

Outcoach prides itself as the smartest club management platform for growing small businesses. Offering features for desktop and mobile devices, Outcoach displays an image of its app homepage on devices in its hero section.

 The predominant colors on Outreach are Surfle Green and Eastern Blue. You can’t miss out on wavy lines that add their artistic mark on the site. I love how the Outcoach website alternates between images and texts in bold fonts to pass its message across. 

ComputerFix is a computer, laptop, and phone repair specialist covering Redditch, Bromsgrove, and surrounding areas. Incorporating its logo colors into its Hostinger website design, ComputerFix displays the Bright Gold color extensively on its homepage. 

Pinned to the homepage is a WhatsApp and Messenger widget, serving as the ComputerFix communication channels. Visible on the homepage are quick links to other pages on the ComputerFix site with Bright Gold backgrounds.

34. Ontario Refrigeration - Hostinger Website Example
Source: Ontref

Ontario Refrigeration assists customers with all of their air conditioning and automation requirements, emphasizing controlling operating and energy costs. I love how the Ontario Refrigeration web design wears a professional look.

Slideshow images of some of Ontario Refrigeration staff at work on several different projects welcome visitors to its site. Beneath the hero section are navigation header texts and icons leading to other pages on Ontario Refrigeration.

35. Kipkay - Hostinger Website Example
Source: Kipkay

Kipkay is one of the original YouTube creators specializing in videos on gadgets, hacks, and various projects. An animated image of its owner Kip Kedersha appears centrally in a circular framed layout on a Blue background

Displayed in a centralized three-column layout are some of the popular videos from the Kipkay YouTube channel, with each linked to the Kipkay channel. A YouTube-themed CTA button is visible beneath the videos, prompting visitors to subscribe. 

36. Sherder’s Camp - Hostinger Website Example
Source: Sherder

Sherder’s Camp is an alternative punk band based in Amsterdam with a rich Scandinavian heritage. 

The hero section is unique in its dark-themed background, displaying a full-width image of a bonfire in the background. Visible over the image are social media icons centralized in White colors. 

You can find new releases from Sherder’s Camp displayed on a white background in a four-column layout, with the cover images linked to its Spotify account. 

37. IWantCheats - Hostinger Website Example
Source: I want cheats

IWantCheats is the go-to place for undetected cheats and hacks on some of the favorite first-person shooter PC games. This Hostinger website sticks to different shades of the Midnight color as its site’s background color.

Adding to the IWantCheats website's visually appealing look are Bright Red colors from its multiple CTA buttons. A Chat With Us feature is visible on the homepage, providing customer support via a messaging channel. 

Visit Big Bend is the website for Big Bend, a diverse region with endless possibilities for adventure and discovery, offering services, amenities, and entertainment. 

The header menu on Visit Big Bend has two sections, with the first displaying social media links, logos of countries, and a search feature. I love how the other section displays a navigation header using a drop-down menu feature to display hidden navigation texts. 

A large widget prompting users to plan their trip with Visit Big Bend is visible, pinned, and accessible from the homepage.

39. VanderHouwen - Hostinger Website Example
Source: Vander houwen

VanderHouwen is a premier staffing provider of technology, accounting, finance, and engineering professionals, helping people find their dream jobs. 

Sticking to a bold color scheme of Intergalactic Cowboy and Early Spring colors, the VanderHouwen website is designed to attract professionals. 

Arrow icons displayed in a consistent White and Early Spring color scheme serve as the site’s navigation feature. You will find a Featured Jobs section that displays available job listings in a four-column layout on an Intergalactic Cowboy-colored background.

40. Special Olympics Southern California - Hostinger Website Example
Source: Sosc

Special Olympics Southern California is the world’s largest sports organization for people with intellectual disabilities, transforming lives through the joy of sport. 

I love how Special Olympics Southern California uses the red color from its logo as the background color of its CTA buttons and footer section. 

The hero section serves as the Special Olympics Southern California events page, displaying slideshow images of upcoming sporting events. An accessibility icon is visible on the site’s header menu, allowing users to change the site’s layout.

41. iO Theater - Hostinger Website Example
Source: Ioimprov

Chicago’s iO Theater is committed to creating an inclusive incubator for performers and ensembles to explore and develop new and exciting works. This Hostinger website breeds art, combining design elements to create a visually appealing web design. 

Top of the list of features is the bold colors and colorful images on display on the iO Theater website, making the site pop in the eye of visitors. 

The Sponge Cake color is predominant on the iO Theater website, serving as the background for CTA buttons and the newsletter sign-up form.

Super Speciosa website is an eCommerce site that provides the highest quality Kratom products possible. This online store welcomes visitors with slideshow images of select products and their discount offers. 

Reviews on the Super Speciosa products fall into two segments, one for its products and the other for its site, maintaining a consistent two-column layout.

Beneath the extensive review section is the FAQ question section, providing helpful answers about the site and its product categories.

43. Seyco - Hostinger Website Example
Source: Seyco

Seyco is a scroll saw specialty company focused and specialized in quality scroll saws while being a top supplier. I love how the header menu for the Seyco Hostinger website appears beneath a 3D image of three different scroll saw products from Seyco. 

Further down the Seyco Hostinger website, visitors spot a slideshow display of its products, with a full description of each product displayed alongside. Logos of the different payment platforms Seyco accepts are visible in a centralized layout, beneath the slideshow images.

44. VectorMine - Hostinger Website Example
Source: Vector mine

VectorMine offers quality illustrations with a consistent style for bloggers and educators. In keeping up with its brand values, VectorMine uses a consistent style for its design, notable is its CTA buttons in a Megaman-colored background.

I love how this design website displays logos of top brands that trust VectorMine with their illustrations in a centralized layout, serving as social proof. Texts from past clients displayed in a three-column layout are visible on its site’s homepage. 

A shopping cart icon stands alone in the header menu section, a feature allowing users to keep count of their orders. 

Move America Forward is a charity organization supporting American troops on the frontline. An impactful initiative, the troops' testimonials displayed on this website’s homepage help tell the story. 

You can’t miss out on the bold logos of top supporters of the Move America Forward displayed, standing out over a Kitsilano-colored background. Displayed as bold icons of the Move America Forward social links, making them hard to miss. 

The footer section displays quick navigation links, Move America Forward contact details and logo, and a map feature, a loaded section.

Imperial, which started off producing broilers and griddles for steakhouses, has since grown into a full-line manufacturer of high-quality cooking equipment. 

A USA-based manufacturing company, the Imperial Hostinger website displays its product images neatly to attract potential clients. 

The content arrangement is one feature the Imperial Hostinger website got a spot on, making its product categories easily accessible from its homepage. Imperial uses a predominant black-and-white color scheme.

47. International Association for Suicide Prevention (IASP) - Hostinger Website Example
Source: Iasp.info

The International Association for Suicide Prevention (!ASP) aims to prevent suicide and suicidal behaviors and alleviate its effects. 

A top socio-psychological initiative, the International Association for Suicide Prevention website is straightforward, opting for Blue as its font color

Devoting a separate section to its social media page, the International Association for Suicide Prevention displays some of its Instagram feed in a four-column layout. Displayed alongside its Instagram feed in a vertical layout are tweet excerpts from its Twitter page.

48. Jisun Carbon - Hostinger Website Example
Source: Jinsun carbon

Jisun Carbon is a Chinese graphite electrode manufacturer providing high-quality carbon and graphite products for the global steel and other metal smelting industries. 

The Rainbow Bright and Badlands Orange colors are the predominant colors on Jisun Carbon’s Hostinger website, adding to its visual look. 

Jisun Carbon displays logos of its happy clients in a separate section on the homepage in a slideshow layout, serving as social proof. Visible close to the footer section is a three-column slideshow display of its blog post, with each article helpful to users.

Hostinger Website Builder FAQs

Which Websites Use Hostinger?

Hostinger is one of the best site builders with an affordable pricing plan and great compatibility with WordPress. Many online stores, personal websites, and online businesses use the Hostinger site builder as their website-building platform. Notable mentions are Shelps, Millaw Kids, Fantasy Farm, Move America Forward, Stounson, and Monika Rimienė

Is Hostinger Good for Website Building?

Hostinger is a great web host for creating personal and eCommerce sites, offering fast, cheap, and easy-to-use website-building solutions. Hostinger is an excellent choice because of its adaptability with mobile users while offering over 130 templates across several niches. If you already have a custom domain, you can use it on Hostinger instead of purchasing a new one.

Can I Create a Portfolio Website with Hostinger?

Users can create a portfolio website with Hostinger, regardless of their initial chosen platform, Hostinger offers hosting plans for many website types including portfolio websites. With the Hostinger hosting plans, users can create their own portfolio website without prior coding knowledge. 

Can I Build an Online Store with Hostinger?

Hostinger is one of the cheapest website builders for beginners wanting to build an eCommerce store, with as little as $2.99 per month. Its eCommerce features allow users to build a quality eCommerce platform for their business needs.

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