Lawyer Websites: 43 Inspiring Law Firm Examples (2023)

Updated Aug 13, 2023.

Every law firm needs a website to attract potential clients and display valuable information about their services. An outstanding law firm web design is a marketing asset to any firm. You can decide to employ a private web designer or use a website builder.

The best website builders like Squarespace and Wix help you create eye-catching and engaging law firm sites without breaking the bank.

This article covers 43 outstanding law firm websites you can use as inspiration to create your own website.

Let’s get started.

Tremain Artaza runs a workplace law firm across areas locations like Texas, Arizona, Michigan, and California, The nature-themed full-width image with the bold text caption “Honest, Clear, and Smart” are the first content you will see when you visit the law firm’s website.

Visitors interested in Tremain Artaza's legal practice can click the Verdigris-colored CTA button on the homepage image for more information.    

Tremain Artaza’s site displays logos of its achievements in the legal industry and encourages prospective clients to trust its ability to deliver on its promises.

2. Page Law - Lawyer Website Example

Alana Page specializes in criminal law. She is the brain behind the success of Page Law. With more than eighteen years of experience, Page has won various cases, and she features them on her website as a reliable source of social proof. 

I love how her high-quality homepage pictures help to put a face to the brand. Visitors can click the “Free Consultation” call to action button on the homepage images without having to scroll or visit the site’s contact page.

The high-resolution image of a bridge describes a positive transition and a form of assurance to the clients that will make them relax and trust the firm ability. I like the parallel scrolling feature that gives the website some degree of elegance and sophistication. 

She has a detailed yet insightful bio section where she expresses herself by using three headlines; “Experience, Integrity, and Compassion.” This section festers a stunning picture that displays professional branding techniques. 

4. Dave Lackey - Lawyer Website Example
Source: Dlackey

Dave Lackey’s one-page website is simple, concise, and straightforward. The page only features vital information relevant to the firm’s mission and client’s needs. Using straight and stylish fonts gives the website content a unique personality and makes it stand out.

I love how images represent the firm practice areas such as litigation law, construction law, and landlord and tenant-related cases. The dominant colors on the page include pearl bush and elephant which gives the site a business-focused vibe.

Kaufman Law's website features relevant content like the “How We Help” section in the middle of the page that helps to establish credibility and engagement. I like how she uses icons to represent various services so everyone visiting will understand.

This law website’s footer features a blue rectangle-shaped “Contact Us” CTA button. Other relevant attachments like her practice area address, email, and social media icons make it easy for prospective clients to contact the firm.

6. Ashby Firm - Lawyer Website Example
Source: Atllaw

I like how Ashby Firm makes its website feel homely with various details easily accessible to prospective clients. The homepage features the firm’s toll-free number at the top of the page for quick contact. 

You can’t help but love the background video that makes the Ashby Firm’s site stand out from many law firm websites. The dominant colors on the homepage include dull orange, gunmetal, and black which gives the site a top-notch and sophisticated outlook. 

Ashby Firm’s testimonial section features images of past clients which makes their responses more convincing. 

7. Roemer & Harnik - Lawyer Website Example
Source: Roemer harnik

Roemer & Harnik features various images of the firm's activities and achievements in an orderly fashion. I love how the site features a team section that captures the bio of the team uniquely. 

The “About” section has the details of the firm’s operations and specialties in bold, small, and engaging text to ensure visitors don't get bored while scrolling.

8. Eran Regev, Esg - Lawyer Website Example
Source: Regev law

Eran Regev, Esg is a Manhasset, New York-based law firm that specializes in family, immigration, and commercial litigation cases. I found every section of Eran Regev, Esg’s website elegant and sophisticated. 

The first element that got my attention are the high-resolution pictures of building roofs and monuments. I love how each of the images features bold text as labels and donkey brown-colored CTAs as a portal to other pages. 

The bullet navigation bar makes it easy for visitors to navigate seamlessly and stand out among great law firm websites.

Hamby & Hamby PA is a popular law firm known for its quality legal services in Bankruptcy and Real Estate. Its introductory Youtube video helps to prove its expertise in catchy ways, compelling visitors to glance further through their site.

This simplistic website design with little text is no less intriguing. The CTA buttons are perfectly placed above and below the website to address client needs as quickly as possible.

10. Modern Wills - Lawyer Website Example
Source: Modern wills

Britta is a lawyer and founder of Modern Wills, a law firm dedicated to modernizing the estate planning processes. I like how she puts a cute picture of herself in her bio section to help visitors get familiar with her. 

Modern Wills leverages a nature-themed website to effectively poetry the modern law concept. You will love the various pictures of mountains, valleys, and trees, in different sections of the homepage. 

She uses a unique slider to exhibit her services and resource materials available to help prospective clients make the right decision regarding getting a will.

11. IdeaLegal - Lawyer Website Example.jpeg
Source: Idea legal

IdeaLegal helps to manage trademark portfolios across all industries and offers proactive advice regarding legal issues. 

I like how the site features multiple display icons to communicate with prospective clients and give the website an engaging outlook. You can't help but love the high-quality photos of IdeaLegal’s team members which look like a superhero gang photograph. 

Social proof is a vital aspect of every law website, IdeaLegal uses this strategy by displaying logos of their past clients to help boost visitors’ confidence and attract more clients.

12. Nash Law Firm - Lawyer Website Example
Source: Maumelle law

Nash Law Firm is a lawyer website catered to meet demands in issues that are most important to them. The first catchy thing a visitor notices on the website is a slider reflecting its expertise in real estate transactions, probate, Elder Law, and Family Law. 

Instead of featuring client testimonials, their bottom slide reflects reasons you should choose their firm above others. This authority-building style is brilliant if you are a starting firm and lack testimonials.

13. Deakle-Johnson Law Firm, PLLC - Lawyer Website Example
Source: Dj lawms

Deakle-Johnson Law Firm features the logos of reputable organizations like the Mississippi Bar and the American Bar Association, as reliable sources of social proof. 

The site's practice area section features its content in an eye-catching pictorial format to get visitors glued to the site. I love the fact that the webpage displays the firm's working hours within the first few seconds of your visit.

14. Dressie Law Firm - Lawyer Website Example
Source: Dressielaw

This lawyer site is known for helping restore faith in the legal process. I love the placement of the practice areas sections and how they feature reputable institutions' logos like the Million Dollar Advocate Forum and the American Association for Justice. 

Dressie Law Firm’s case results are outstanding with its testimonial section showing its expertise. Like most great law firm websites, they offer a free consultation form at the bottom of their site.

15. DKM Law Group - Lawyer Website Example
Source: Dkm law group

DKM Law Group is a California-based commercial litigation firm with locations in regions like Washington and Oregon. This website is simple, classy, and professional looking.

The page features orange-colored CTA buttons which serve as portals to other aspects of the website. I like how the site features maps of their practice to make the home page more engaging and informative.

Mark Zamrij and Jason Zhong are the masterminds behind the success of Aaries Family Law. They handle family law and divorce cases and have practice areas in Toronto and Kingston. 

I like how this family law firm website features a newsletter column at the top of the page. The homepage uses a grid-like layout to arrange and structure contents, images, and CTAs to make navigation seamless. 

Young Injury Law’s website design stands out with its white, orange, and dark blue color schemes that represent optimism, enthusiasm, authenticity, and reliability. 

The award section helps to testify of the firm's competence. You can’t miss the CTA buttons that immediately pass a message to potential clients about their readiness to provide quick and quality legal services. 

I love how the site highlights the practice areas' power pages making them visible to potential clients. The bottom slides feature client testimonials in a neat stylish print. This law firm page features a free evaluation form to fill out at the bottom of their website.

18. DL Law Corporation - Lawyer Website Example
Source: Sme.dllclegal

One thing I love about DL Law Corporation is the CTA buttons rightly placed at the end of each practice area. They know what they are doing and they are bold enough to state who they are. 

This law firm’s website features some of the reviews from their 300+ clients. The free complimentary consultation offers an option for you to trim your legal costs and save hours of frustration.

19. Dadgostar Law - Lawyer Website Example
Source: Dadgostar law

The secret behind the success of Dadgostar Law is the expertise of Hirad Dadgostar and Azadeh Dadgostar Gilbert. This homepage design has a hint of fun and a friendly vibe, displaying full-width pictures of the beach with people having the time of their lives. 

You can discover more about their services by clicking the white-colored CTA button below the caption “ Real Justice For Real People.” I love how the homepage features logos of their achievement for credibility purposes.

Sean O'Brien is a Chicago-based lawyer that handles criminal law cases like narcotics, search and seizure cases, and more. 

The best law firm websites emphasize the importance of their client's interest above anything else. Sean O'Brien's law firm website features a content section where he expresses his concern for his clients and how loyalty is his driving force.

I like how he makes a natural-colored “Schedule an Appointment Now” CTA button available to prospective clients interested in hiring his services.

21. The Law Office of David J. McWilliam - Lawyer Website Example
Source: Mcwilliam law

I love how the homepage page slider has a photo of books in its background. The page's slider takes you on a journey into the world of The Law Office of David J. McWilliam's areas of practice. 

Visitors can check out the information on the gray-colored footer to access the firm contact details and office address. Similar to other law firm websites, the homage features a sticky header which makes navigating the site like playing in the park. 

The Guardian Law website design features various uncommon elements that make it stand out from other attorney websites. I love the picture of a lioness on the homepage which gives the firm the image of a protector and also symbolizes competence. 

Prospective clients can use the live chat icon to reach the firm seamlessly and get all the relevant information they require to win a case. The site's footer has three social media links and the firm phone number to help visitors content them seamlessly.

Carey Kirk Webster and Kihm Law website immediately state their intention to a prospective client “Helping Disabled Workers Receive their Desired Benefits.” This website content focuses on passing the message of their mission and vision to a prospective client. 

The first catchy thing a visitor will notice is the cheery face of a lawyer discussing with a client in need. This image immediately places the visitors at ease and will boost their courage to schedule a consultation.

Michelle Hult is passionate about the Law Hult Firm services. I love how she highlights the firm's practice areas in a rectangular-shaped pictorial format with fine print. 

This law firm's website design features their experience, results, and dedication in brown bold, and milky white colors. I love how the CTA buttons are arranged to the left, making it easier for you to contact them. 

The “About us” section right below their practice areas stands out with a beautiful slide highlighting concern for their client needs.

25. Margaret S. Burns, Esq. (MSB Law) - Lawyer Website Example

Margaret S. goes all out in duplicating her values in this simple, bold, and elegant law website design. The free consultation form next to an assertive portrait tells clients she is reliable and sends a message that they are in safe hands. 

Her practice areas on car accidents, personal injury, and criminal law are superbly highlighted for easy access. The firm's outstanding performance reflects in the beautiful reviews on the website.

One Law Group is known for its principles and motto; “The Power of One” written on the site. This lawyer website immediately draws potential clients into their space with its strong sense of unity and loyalty. 

I love their sample video placement because it is a fast way to state who they are and what they do. This law firm’s website clearly states its leadership principles of honesty and accountability as well as its vision and mission.

One Law Group's website shows prospective clients their excellent legal work, results, and reliability.

I love how the Family Health Law’s logo influences the website's color scheme, giving it a friendly and warm vibe syncing with the law firm’s brand. 

Using motion graphics and high-quality imagery helps bring life to the website and makes it more engaging and customer friendly. The site features a blog section that serves as a rich bank of educational resources to help potential clients easily navigate the legal processes. 

This attorney website is easy to navigate, and its dominant colors include white, deep saffron, and davy gray.

28. JLongtin Law - Lawyer Website Example
Source: Jlongtin law

JLongtin Law is a criminal defense law firm that focuses on mental health-related cases. This criminal defense website is simple and full of razor-sharp content that offers relevant answers and directions to visitors. 

I find the use of a mascot a smart, friendly, and fun way to make potential clients relax and build confidence in the firm’s efficiency. The black “Get in Touch” CTA button at the top of the pages encourages visitors to reach out without wasting time.

The first element you spot after visiting the Strategic Criminal Defence website is the documentary-like background video about the company’s efficiency. 

I like how this law firm's web design combines chatty colors like white, black, and red as its primary color scheme for a professional and sophisticated look. 

In a bid to get potential clients' trust, this criminal law firm displays a catalog of company logos they work with for credibility and social proof. New clients can use the law firm’s practice areas as a guide while requesting legal services.

Trey Porter Law has a good law firm website that portrays the firm's specialization in DUI-related incidents. The bright colors and engaging text help prospective clients feel confident about the firm's services. 

Website visitors can chat with the firm's official via the live chat option. I love how the site is video-rich. You will find DUI-related Youtube videos that provide visitors with an engaging and informative experience. 

The sticky “Schedule a Consultation” menu bar at the bottom of the pages makes it seamless for potential clients to request legal assistance. 

The first thing that jumps out at you when you click on this website is the captivating smile of John Cotton.  This law website stands out with its motto “Smart Enough to Win, Small Enough to Care”. 

Cotton Law Office uses a simple and easy-to-navigate web design for potential clients. The navigation menu is carefully crafted to display details of their services. You can’t help but notice the two-column layout with a blue CTA button on each column.

32. Burke Law Offices - Lawyer Website Example
Source: Tsburke law

Burke Law Offices uses a simplistic bluish lawyer website design that follows an easy-to-read and engaging format.

The first catchy element a visitor sees is the firm’s willingness to help out with any form of harassment issues they might be facing. Instead of a free consultation form, you will find the firm's phone number on display for confidential voice messaging. 

I love the content of the statement in the practice area section; It passes a signal that they know exactly how you are feeling and the help you need.

Dennis and King Law is a personal injury law firm with a well-designed website featuring vital information about helping potential and existing clients get justice. 

The one-on-one video call option is a major attention grabber and will help boost client confidence.  I love how the law firm capitalizes on testimonial videos as an effective marketing strategy to encourage prospective clients to do business with them. 

Visitors can use the educational resources at the button on the page to help them in making the right decision regarding hiring a personal injury lawyer.

This stunning attorney website welcomes visitors with an engaging background video featuring Halina Radchenko and Britton Brooks showing off their professionalism. You can’t ignore how the sticky menu bar makes navigating various aspects of the page an easy task. 

I like how the website features a special session about their achievement and the number of cases they have won to boost the firm’s credibility. The testimonial section helps to flame up the concept of social proof and to get visitors to click the dark tale-colored “Contact Us” CTA.

35. Stracci Law Group - Lawyer Website Example
Source: Stracci law

You can describe Stracci Law Group as jacks of all trades. This law firm specializes in personal injury, criminal defense, and civil law.

The first element that got my attention and compelled me to scroll around the pages of the Stracci Law Group website is the stunning team photos of the firm attorney. 

This image portrays them as professionals who know what they are doing and will always deliver on their promises. 

The caption “The Team that Stands Behind You” gives the law firm a confident and caring vibe that people who need their services can trust.

36. Carmen Roe - Lawyer Website Example
Source: Carmenroe

The first thing you see when visiting Carmen Roe’s website is a high-quality picture where she is on a rooftop and various skyscrapers in the background. I like how this picture makes her look like she is on top of the cases and gives off a professional vibe. 

Attaching pictures to every section of text is a brilliant way to keep visitors engaged and widen their imaginations. She uses this strategy to strengthen the voice of her text content and make visitors interested in the message.

The first element on the page that will get your attention is the sleek graphic design of Lady Justice with the American flag in the background. I love the parallel scrolling features that make the Pope Law Firm website designs and contents come to life. 

Check out the strategic layout of the customer review section which features an awesome city-themed background and the moss-colored CTA for more testimonials.

38. Vardags - Lawyer Website Example
Source: Vardags

Vardags is a top divorce and family law firm whose website text has a clean arrangement on white and black background. 

The first catchy thing a visitor notices on the website is the faint smile of Ayesha Vardag. The homepage picture features an engine red “Book Consultation” CTA button for seamless access to the firm's team.

Vardags law firm has outstanding publications in TIME magazine, BBC News, and The Telegraph. I love how Ayesha highlights her full range of service areas at the bottom of their website.

39. Paul E. Rupp Jr. - Lawyer Website Example
Source: Jbv law firm

Paul is a skilled lawyer that specializes in common law. The zig-zag layout in the “About Us” section helps to keep visitors engaged because it features a mixture of attention-grabbing content and high-quality images.  

I like how the Google Map in the site’s footer makes it easy for potential customers to seamlessly locate Paul E. Rupp Jr’s practice areas. The little newsletter section that portrays proper space management techniques is brilliant.

40. David M. Schlachter, LLC - Lawyer Website Example
Source: Lawdms

David is the principal of the firm, and he runs their major activities such as contract law and real estate matters. The sticky navigation bar makes the site user-friendly because it always allows visitors to visit any of the pages without having to scroll to the top of the homepage.

I love how the site uses minimal text in communication and not long text content that can be boring to read. Mixing text and images is a brilliant way to grab visitors' attention and keep them engaged.

41. Chorowski & Clary, P.A. - Lawyer Website Example
Source: Cclawpa

The purple-black and white color scheme gives Chorowski & Clary, P.A homepage website with a homely and friendly vibe. I love how the team’s pictures on the page help to get visitors acquainted with the people they will be working with and it's a strong confidence booster. 

Chorowski & Clary, P.A features a search function that makes navigating the site sweet, fun, and seamless. This page has a detailed Youtube video that will help in guiding prospective clients to make sound and informed decisions.

Jeffrey Berke and Jason Berke are New York-based lawyers that focus on family law and estate matters. I like how the “About Us” section uses text and imaging to define their value proposition and make visitors trust them. 

Berke & Berke features lady-liberty as their homepage picture in a page-like layout with the other page coated in black. As a bonus, the homepage features a detailed Google map that highlights the firm's locations.

McGuire Law Office is a Nebraska law firm that specializes in bankruptcy cases.

What I love about McGuire Law Offices’ website is the savior-themed homepage images displaying a drawing person getting help. This image flows perfectly with the headline “Are You Drowning In Debt? We Can Help You”

The parallel scrolling feature makes the website more engaging and fun to explore. The site’s color scheme is impressive, its dominant colors are rhino, dusty blue, and brownish red which gives the website a lively vibe.

Lawyer Websites FAQs

What Should Be on A Law Firm Website?

Your law firm website can contain various contents but the vital ones include, a stunning homepage image as an attention grabber, attorneys’ bio, contact page, practice area power pages, newsletter column, and engaging content.    

Do Lawyers Need Websites?

Yes! Lawyers need a well-built website for various reasons. A website allows law firms to perform functions like; establishing a strong online presence, building credibility, providing information to potential clients, and improving visibility in search engines. 

What Legal Software Do Lawyers Use?

Lawyers use various software tools to speed up and make their work more efficient. These legal software tools include Clio Manage, MyCase, Smokeball, LawPay, PracticePanther, Filevine, and Rocket Matter.

What are the Best Law Firm Websites?

Choosing the best law firm websites is like searching for a needle in a haystack, but we can make it easier with our list of eye-catching and informative Law firm websites. Some of the best law firm websites are West Coast Trial Lawyers, Levine Family Law Group, Bend Law Group, Groom Law Group, Zafiro Law's website, and Stanchieri Family Law.  

What are the Best Practices for a Law Firm Website Design?

Have clear CTAs, reduce constant pop-ups, cut back on stock photos and video, declutter your homepage, speed up slow pages, use client-first copy to connect with people, focus on accessibility features, and show social proof.

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