Restaurant Websites: 36 Inspiring Examples (2024)

Updated Jul 18, 2023.

Designing a good restaurant website is essential for running a modern restaurant business. Did you know 77% of diners visit a restaurant's website before deciding if they should dine or make online orders?

Smart restaurant owners know that their websites can boost or break their sales. They invest in building great restaurant websites with mouth-watering photos and the right design elements for a seamless user experience.

You don’t have to hire a web designer to design the perfect restaurant website to hold your website visitors’ attention. Use the best website builders like Squarespace and Wix to lower your cost and build a great website design quickly.

This article shows you the 36 best restaurant websites of 2023 to serve as design inspiration for your new website.

1. Mizlala - Restaurant Website Example
Source: Mizlala

Mizlala is one of the best restaurant website examples you can use as inspiration to design your own site. The first thing that catches your attention is the high-quality food picture that stirs up your appetite.

I love how the website is full of good-quality images of the different meals Mizlala offers. There is a lovely picture slideshow that displays different menus. The footer section is where you find the physical locations of Mizlala’s many restaurants.

Schaller’s Stube’s website has a simple yet intuitive design. I love its use of a dark color scheme that draws visitors’ attention to its text and rich pictures. You will love the parallax scrolling effect that helps you easily navigate to other sections.  

The first thing you will see on the home page is high-quality food photographs that change in a few seconds. There is a press section where Schaller’s Stube displays its recommendations from top publications like the New York Times.

3. Bibi Ji - Restaurant Website Example
Source: Bibijisb

Bibi Ji is a Santa Barbara-based restaurant business with a stunning website design. You can’t help but notice the eye-catching and creative font style used to design the “Bibi Ji” name on the website. 

I love how this restaurant site is full of high-quality food and drink photography that provides visitors with a glimpse of what it offers. The use of negative space and center alignment for its text helps prevent the site from looking overwhelming.

Red Bamboo is one of the best restaurant sites with a clean and charming design. You can’t miss out on the full-width photograph of delicious dishes with the Red Bamboo logo at the center. 

The use of a white background makes its beautiful images, text, and dark scarlet CTA buttons stand out. I love how Red Bamboo includes positive reviews from reputable reviewers and video testimonials. 

Red Bamboo embeds its Instagram feed to display its top posts and video backgrounds that start playing when you move the cursor on it.

Sweet Cheeks’ website uses ArtyClick crimson and black background colors that make its website content stand out. The navigation menu helps website visitors find the information they need easily. 

I love the dark raspberry-colored picture of a man sitting on a chair and relaxing with food and drinks in the restaurant. The use of ArtyClick crimson-colored CTA buttons is brilliant and shines on the dark background. 

Sweet Cheeks places clickable social media icons on its header and footer sections. You can’t miss out on the large clickable high-quality images that serve as menus as you scroll down the website.

6. Hai Hai - Restaurant Website Example
Source: Haihaimpls

Hai Hai is a Minneapolis-based restaurant with an impressive website design. Like many other restaurant websites, Hai Hai displays a high-quality picture of its cuisine right at the top part of its website. 

I love how this restaurant website shows its top recommendations and awards from reputable publications. You can’t help but admire the eye-catching 4×2 grid layout of Hai Hai’s delicacies.

7. Yantra - Restaurant Website Example
Source: Yantra

Yantra is the perfect restaurant website example for providing users with an amazing visual experience. The homepage greets you with a large high-quality photo reel of the restaurant’s interior designs. 

You will notice there is no single text on this homepage save the navigation menu. I love how Yantra designs its other pages with rich and conversational text and beautiful slideshows of high-quality images.

The Girl & the Goat’s website is more of a landing page for its two restaurant locations in Los Angeles and Chicago. I love the high-quality and interactive images of its restaurant locations that you first see on visiting the website. 

You will admire how each restaurant location has its own unique website design. Both restaurant sites display high-quality images of their building and food menus

The major difference is that the Los Angeles site uses a light color scheme while the Chicago site uses a dark color scheme.

9. FEZ - Restaurant Website Example
Source: Fezon central

FEZ has one of the most aesthetically-pleasing website designs on this list. You can’t help but love FEZ's use of complementary color schemes like punchy orange and Bondi blue that are pleasing to the eye.

I love how a picture box that displays different food images dominates the website. The FEZ logo takes a central location on the home page. There are transparent CTA buttons that show you different menu options.

10. Añejo - Restaurant Website Example

Añejo’s website combines white, aqua, and dark gray colors which gives it a modern and chic look. You can’t miss the large beautiful photograph of an outdoor restaurant setting and the aqua-colored CTA buttons.

I love how this Mexican food restaurant uses dynamic shapes to make the website more interactive for visitors. There are eye-catching pictures of Añejo’s indoor and outdoor seating spaces. 

Añejo cleverly embeds its Instagram account to its website so visitors can see some of its uploaded pictures. You can even like any of the pictures directly on its website.

11. Farmacy - Restaurant Website Example
Source: Farmacylondon

Farmacy is one of the best websites for restaurant owners to model to create their own site. The first thing that grabs your attention is the video background that shows you the restaurant's service delivery (from the farm to the dining room).

You can’t help but admire the fawn-colored CTA buttons that prompt visitors to take action. I love the private dining option with natural light and greenery for special events and social gatherings.

12. Gazzo - Restaurant Website Example
Source: Gazzo pizza

Gazzo’s website entices visitors with a high-quality photograph of its different pizzas. You can’t miss out on the pink CTA buttons that are easy to spot amid the web of design elements. This website has an easy and quick online ordering system. 

I love how Gazzo writes the About Us section in a friendly and engaging tone that makes visitors feel a part of something special. You will find Gazzo’s opening hours and physical address before the footer section.

Sawmill Brewery is one of the best restaurant websites you can use as design inspiration to create your own site. You will love the high-quality picture of the restaurant's rich interiors that give the website a mature and polished look.  

This mind-blowing restaurant website uses antique white and iridium background colors to draw your visitor’s attention to its content. There is a food menu section with a clear link that when you click download an online menu in PDF format.

14. Nour - Restaurant Website Example
Source: Nour sydney

Nour’s website uses a minimalist design that features plenty of white spaces that make the other site’s design elements pop out. I love how the first thing visitors find on this website is a cool restaurant image with furniture and flowers.

This perfect website builds an impressive reputation for good-quality food and service delivery. There is a section where Nour displays its awards, achievements, and endorsements from reputable food rating organizations.

Bull & Last is one of the best restaurant website examples with many amazing photos of its restaurant setting and menu items. You can’t miss out on the beautiful splash photo of a pub. I love how the modern restaurant website’s layout is calm and inviting to visitors. 

This great restaurant website offers food and drinks menus and a clear Reservations CTA button for easy online ordering. Bull & Last smartly integrates its online shop into its website to boost sales and revenue.

The Feather & Bone website makes a good first impression with the beautiful piece of steak image that stirs up the appetite. I like how when you move your cursor on any of the three bold white font text, the image changes to match your chosen option.  

This steakhouse uses green and white colors to get visitors to scroll through its site’s content. Feather & Bone offers a loyalty program where you earn points each time you dine or shop with the brand. This smart addition is great for boosting sales.

17. Eem - Restaurant Website Example
Source: Eempdx

Are you searching for the perfect website? Eem’s restaurant website is the perfect example of a simple and minimalist site design that you can use to create yours. You can’t miss out on the enticing picture of a perfect dish that covers half the website.

Eem’s logo features prominently on the website as a branding element. I love how the website’s color scheme matches the Eem logo. This restaurant’s website uses minimal text to show its physical address and opening hours.

18. Opa - Restaurant Website Example
Source: Opatlv

Opa is a Tel Aviv-based fine dining restaurant with a stunning website. I love how Opa welcomes visitors with an engaging and silent video that shows the restaurant process from farm to food.

There is an accessibility button that visitors can use to customize the website to suit their unique preferences. This fine dining restaurant website uses white as its dominant background color and lion color for its footer.

Bhuna has one of the best restaurant websites that makes you feel like eating each time you open its website. The first thing you see is an enticing picture of different tasty Indian dishes that stimulate your sense of taste, smell, and sight. 

This perfect Indian restaurant displays its food and drinks menus where visitors can easily spot them. There is an automatic slideshow showing pictures of Bhuna’s popular dishes. I love how Bhuna uses bright background colors to create a unified color scheme.

20. Ask for Luigi - Restaurant Website Example
Source: Ask for luigi

Ask for Luigi’s website is dominated by a Merino background color that helps bring the spark out of the images. You can’t miss the illustration of the physical structure of Ask for Luigi.

I love the use of coffee and black fonts that blend perfectly with the website’s Merino background. The stylish coffee and merino-colored CTA buttons help you take your desired action. There is a good review from the Michelin Guide that helps build trust and credibility.

House of Small Wonder has a great restaurant website that displays a photo gallery of different meals and drinks. There is a navigation bar with different menu options to help visitors explore other pages on the website. 

I love how this restaurant website uses glade green and pearl bush colors and flowery design patterns that match its branding colors. There is a newsletter section useful for collecting the emails of interested customers.

Fable Ice Cream’s website is a design inspiration for restaurant owners looking to create a simple and minimalist website. What stands out is the use of an attractive black-and-white color scheme that grabs your attention. 

You can’t help but love the beautiful illustrations of different animals and a forest setting. I love the use of a list format to mention its available ice cream flavors. The final section on the website is a photo gallery of colorful pictures and videos about Fable Ice Cream.

Meals by Genet is a Los Angeles-based Ethiopian restaurant that offers the best traditional cuisine of Ethiopia. This great restaurant site uses white rock background color that provides the perfect platform for different designs and fonts to shine. 

The use of black and pale taupe-colored fonts complements the website’s light color scheme. I love how Meals by Genet uses black and white CTA buttons and clear Ethiopian cuisine pictures to win over its target audience.

Taste Slovenia’s website is full of many mouth-watering images of Slovenian cuisine. I love how the first thing visitors see is a satisfying background video that shows the process of cooking a Slovenian meal from the farm to the final plate. 

The use of touches of green found in the site’s writeup, logo, and CTA buttons marks it as an eco-friendly restaurant. Taste Slovenia displays its multiple social media links as clickable icons in the website’s footer.

John Bateman uses a simple one-page website design that you can use as inspiration to create your own masterpiece. I love how the first thing that captures the attention is the slideshow of delicious-looking foods that will make you want to have a bite. 

The use of a lot of white spaces prevents the site from looking overwhelming. There is a navigation menu on the website’s left side that helps visitors easily locate the information they need.

26. Ribalta - Restaurant Website Example
Source: Ribalta

Ribalta’s beautiful website is the perfect example of a slick and responsive website design that you can use as inspiration to design something similar. The first thing that catches your attention is the stylishly-written Ribalta brand name that serves as its logo.

I love how the website uses responsive design elements like rolling text that move as you scroll down its home page. The use of warm pink hues and mixed typefaces makes this restaurant website worth visiting.

27. Fat Choy - Restaurant Website Example
Source: Fat choy nyc

Fat Choy is one of the best restaurant website design examples with a simple yet catchy design layout. The first thing you see when you visit the website are all kinds of illustrations and design elements that catch your attention.

I love how Fat Choy puts the kind of food menu (Chinese and Vegan) it offers at the center of the homepage. You don’t need to spend any time finding the restaurant location on the website, it’s one of the first things you can see at full load.

28. Zero Fox - Restaurant Website Example
Source: Zero fox bne

Zero Fox has an adventurous and intuitive website design that makes you want to scroll to the end. The first you will spot on the website is the high-quality beer label collage image that reflects the brand’s adventurous and fun-loving voice. 

You will love Zero Fox’s eye-catching photo gallery that paints a visual picture of what the eat-and-drink restaurant does. This beer, wine, and Asian cuisine restaurant provides visitors with a menu section containing detailed descriptions of its dishes.

King Restaurant’s website uses the Bianca background color that gives it a casual vibe. You can’t help but admire the rich blend of amazing images that changes automatically like a slideshow.

I love how it integrates eCommerce functionality so website visitors can easily order online from its Sunday lunch and dinner menus. 

There is a contact section that includes its opening hours and locations. King Restaurant leaves its email contact info for visitors to make inquiries.

Rare Bird Rooftop Bar has a user-friendly and unique website design that separates it from other popular restaurants on this list. When you visit this website’s homepage, you have to pick which of its two locations you want to check out. 

This restaurant website uses an eye-catching grid layout to display its top food and drink menus. I love how Rare Bird Rooftop Bar uses bright colors to present a welcoming atmosphere. You will find social media links on the footer page.

31. Raku - Restaurant Website Example
Source: Raku nyc

Raku’s site makes a good impression with its cool picture of its restaurant entrance. You will love the dark color scheme with white spaces that dominates the website. 

I love how the header and footer remain stagnant while you navigate to other pages and sections. The top left-hand side of the website displays the Raku logo while the bottom left-hand side shows a link for charity donation. 

The press section contains reviews from popular organizations that help build trust and credibility in its services.

Barra’s website uses a colorful color scheme that includes pale olive, salmon pink, blue stone, white, Hampton, and rose colors. You will love the eye-catching grid layout that makes navigation easy for visitors. 

This beautiful Mexican Food restaurant mixes custom illustrations and colorful images to create a masterpiece. You can request an online order delivery and purchase gift cards from Barra’s website.

33. Yang’s Place - Restaurant Website Example
Source: Yangs

Yang’s Place is a family-owned Chinese restaurant with a unique website design. You can’t miss out on the colorful image of food ingredients and meals and the Yang’s Place logo. 

I love how this restaurant uses a geometrical website layout that uses text and beautiful food image boxes to present a tidy and pleasing look. There are separate sections for online ordering and menus.

34. Bandits - Restaurant Website Example
Source: Bandits nyc

‘Bandits’ is the favorite restaurant and bar for many New Yorkians. This mobile-friendly website uses bright color schemes and high-quality food and bar images which draw visitors’ attention.

You can’t miss out on the notification bar that displays important information in a moving text design style. There is a black CTA button inviting you to book your visit at the top right-hand side of the website.  

I love how Bandits allows you to make small and large group reservations online for your upcoming events.

Two Locals Brewing Company is a smart brand that knows its selling point and uses it to the maximum. Unlike other restaurant websites that center their homepage around their food and drink menu, this Pennsylvania’s first Black-owned brewery takes an unconventional approach. 

This brewery company focuses on the inspiring story of its founders. The first thing that visitors see is a picture of the founders smiling and holding hands. 

I love how Two Locals Brewing Company integrates its Instagram account into its website to display a slideshow of high-quality images.

36. Abnormal Co. - Restaurant Website Example
Source: Abnormal

Abnormal Co’s website features impressive multimedia of its beer, wine, and food. You will notice the use of white spaces and a black block as you scroll through the website. 

I love how this restaurant divides its offering into four sections: beer, wine, food, and shape. The homepage wears a simple and minimalist design. You will find Abnormal Co’s opening hours, address, and newsletter sign-up form at the bottom of its website.

Restaurant Websites FAQs

How Do I Create a Website for My Restaurant?

Creating a website for your restaurant is a smooth walk with website builders like Squarespace and Wix. The steps involved include choosing a website builder, preparing your content, designing your website, making it go live, and updating content regularly.  

Does My Restaurant Need a Website?

Every restaurant needs a website to build an effective online presence, promote itself, and attract potential customers. See a restaurant website as a golden opportunity for you to tell your story and control your restaurant’s image.

Why Do You Need a Good Website for a Restaurant?

You need a good restaurant website to give you a marketing edge over your competitors with no website. A good website is a magnet for capturing potential customers. Your entire restaurant business will experience a noticeable growth in sales and revenue if you get the aesthetic and marketing aspects of your restaurant website right.  

What Are the Common Elements of the Best Restaurant Websites? 

The best restaurant websites have a clean and mobile-friendly design, clear social proof, high-quality food images, a beautiful and compelling online menu, and a seamless checkout process. Including vital information like opening hours, contact details, and physical addresses is essential. 


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